9 Best Advantages Of Sleeping Naked

Learning the advantages of sleeping naked can lead to a better quality of life. Many people simply prefer this way of sleeping as it gives them a sense of freedom.

Sleeping naked is not everyone’s cup of tea. But for having better health benefits, it’s something you may want to think about. Wearing pajamas at night can hinder your sleep quality and put you at risk of developing unwanted illness or disease.

According to sleep experts, we all need at least 7-9 hours of sleep, but if our body overheats, this doesn’t happen, especially if you are a hot sleeper. Knowing getting shuteye is vital to our bodily functions, sleeping naked may be just what you need.

Not only will you sleep better at night, but you can also save money by not having to buy sleepwear. In a survey done in 2018, 58% of people prefer to sleep in their birthday suits. Read on to find out the top 9 advantages of sleeping naked.

What Does It Mean to Sleep Naked

Sleeping naked means having nothing on at night when going to bed. This way of sleeping will increase health benefits to your mind and body. The quality of your sleep will improve, leading to making better decisions during the day. Most people who sleep naked report that their REM sleep, a state of sleep where dreams and memories are filed to enhance brain development, improves their daily living. 

9 Advantages Of Sleeping Naked

1.     Stop Weight Gain In Its Tracks

Sleeping cool at night is the right way to stop weight gain in its tracks. When we sleep cool, our body cools down, and the energy in our body has to work harder to stay warm, which means metabolism is increased. This is when brown fat is created, which keeps us warm.

When brown fat creates heat, our metabolism boosts up during our daily living; we even keep burning calories during the day. Sleeping naked will also increase blood circulation, which is great for muscle recovery and keeps our heart healthy.

After a month of exposure to mild cold, the participants had a 42% increase in brown fat volume and a 10% increase in fat metabolic activity. (Source: National Institute Of Health)

2.     Sleep Comes Faster

Since we know the right temperature leads to a night of good sleep, experts say it should be about 60 to 67 degrees Fahrenheit in our bedroom for optimal sleep; being naked can bring that temperature down.

By having the right sleeping environment in our sleeping area, the quality of our sleep improves. Our circadian rhythm gets a reset because our body temperature acts as a starting point for the brain to know it’s time to sleep. Sleeping warm interrupts REM sleep, which is what we need at night to wake up refreshed.

3.     Increases Confidence And Self-Esteem

Being confident and having high self-esteem pushes a person to explore new avenues. Without this, most stay inside the box rather than stepping out. Sleeping naked is one way to get your full sleep. Having a well-rested body and mind guides you to make better decisions.

Sleeping naked removes the inhibitions that many have of being naked. When these types of hang-ups are removed, it helps us become more confident with how we view our body; hence the increase in confidence and self-esteem also shows up in our day-to-day living.

4.     Can Improve Relationship With Your Partner

advantages of sleeping naked -can increase intimacy

Being intimate with your partner can be a marvelous part of your relationship; sleeping naked can boost a relationship to higher levels. When there are no guards up in bed, it can help partners be more intimate with each other, and it removes a level of shyness some experience.

Since 93% part of couple communication is non-verbal, having skin-to-skin contact helps couples develop deeper silent communication. When a couple cuddles naked at night, it releases the hormone oxytocin, which is the feel-good hormone, leading to an overall better relationship.

Sleeping in the buff with your partner less than an inch apart from each other turns up the heat in between the sheets and leads to great sex as the touch of each other’s skin boosts oxytocin which is also known as the love hormone. (Source: Medium)

5.     Reduce Stress

It’s pretty well known that when you sleep less, you are more likely to be irritated with poor decision-making skills. This type of mentality leads to stress which can wreck a person’s day. Lack of sleep is also often linked to depression, which can throw a person into a cycle of unending stress.

When you sleep nude, you get a better quality of sleep. Your sleeping patterns also improve because your body and mind learn when it’s time to tuck in for the night.

Choosing to destress by getting good sleep is most often the best way to deal with it. You get good sleep and wake up with a refreshed mind. By destressing, you are also improving your immune system. All you really have to do is sleep with no clothes on, not too hard to do, right?

6.     Prevents Diseases

Sleeping better helps us make better food choices. Often making the wrong food choice is usually what leads to disease. Getting proper sleep also revs up our immune system, preventing diseases that could otherwise cause harm.

Sleeping in your birthday suit means giving our body a better chance of fighting off susceptible illnesses. This way of sleeping can also help to prevent unwanted illnesses and disease which take place internally.

Obesity, heart disease, and type 2 diabetes can occur when you lack sleep. Sleeping naked increases your chances of falling asleep faster and staying asleep, leading to deep REM sleep.

7.     Supports Male Fertility

According to a study where 500 men were followed for 12 months, it was discovered that those who slept nude compared to those who wore tight underwear were at 25% lower risk of DNA fragmentation leading to better overall sperm count.

Not only was their sperm count high, but it was also noted that the quality of sperm was improved. Heat and tight underwear can have a negative impact on male fertility; that’s why sleeping naked is a great way to keep testicles cool.

Among men in the general population attempting pregnancy, type of underwear worn during the day and to bed is associated with semen quality. (Source: NCBI)

8.     Regulates Body Temperature

advantages of sleeping naked - regulates body temperature

Some people are hot sleepers; they have internal furnaces that turn up at night and become more noticeable. Sleep experts have one thing they all agree on: the cooler you sleep, the better it is for you.

When you sleep buck naked, it can have a positive effect on your internal temperature. Body temperature usually starts to drop as the evening time kicks in; sleeping nude helps your body temperature stay cool all night long.

Sleeping without clothes on will help sweat or moisture to evaporate quicker, thus allowing trapped heat to escape. When sleeping with pajamas on, the heat can become trapped and warming you up to a temperature that can overheat you, causing you to wake-up.

9.     Prevent Yeast Infection In Women

Women and their private bits need to breathe at night, and the best way for that to happen is to sleep nude. Yeast infections that thrive in moist environments can become a thing of the past since no undergarment is causing extra moisture to collect.

Bedding Tips For Sleeping Naked

People who want to sleep naked need to have good bedding before they start; otherwise, a great experience can become cumbersome. This can happen if your bedding is rough or not made for sleeping naked.

Your choice of bedding can make all the difference in how well you sleep at night; here are a few bedding tips you should be aware of:

  • Invest In Good Sheets – Sleeping naked means nothing to protect you from the material of your bedding. Having good soft bedsheets can making this sleeping experience much more luxurious and favorable. 
  • Get A Weighted BlanketWeighted blankets are great for those who want to sleep naked but prefer to have a gentle hug at night. These blankets provide security and stress relief. This way, your destressing your body double time. 
  • Have A Breathable ComforterBreathable comforters help release heat that gets trapped yet still keep you warm. You will benefit because moisture is wicked away from your body.

Final Comments On Advantages Of Sleeping Naked

Sleeping naked poses no real risk or threat to someone who wants to implement this method in their life. Rather it promotes healing and wellbeing while getting a better quality of sleep. Knowing the benefits are many, maybe you want to give this way of sleeping a try?

Share in the comments below you what you think about sleeping naked.

6 thoughts on “9 Best Advantages Of Sleeping Naked”

  1. That is a very good article.  I have slept naked for the last 30 years, so I would never think of putting on pajamas or underwear.  I particularly find underwear uncomfortable, so I certainly wouldn’t wear them.

    I’m not so sure about the weight one, as I have had big problems with weight in my day lol.  But that was down to the amount of food I was eating and not the sleeping.

    It is interesting to read of all the benefits, as I was totally unaware of all of them.  I am now a lot more informed.  Maybe that is why I’m always so healthy.

    Thanks for sharing this information and all the best with your website.

    • Thanks for sharing your experience. It sounds like you already have a great sleep strategy in place.

  2. Hello Jagi, I really enjoyed reading your article about sleeping naked. I have been sleeping naked for as long as I can remember and I couldn’t possibly ever wear clothes to bed! I was very interested in your 9 advantages of doing this. I certainly had no idea of the benefits that you write about. I have always slept this way because it is comfortable. I now know that I am also taking care of my health. Thank you.

    • Our sleeping health has many effects on our life. The better we sleep, the healthier for us.

  3. I have never been comfortable sleeping naked but you make a great case for the benefits of doing so.  I don’t have a partner but I do find that it’s harder to get a good night’s sleep as I get older. Perhaps I’ll try it and see if it helps!  Thank you for posting.

    • I used to be uncomfortable as well, but having cancer and sweating was a reason I incorporated this way of sleeping into my life. 


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