3 Best Bed Sheets For Sensitive Skin – Waking Up Itch And Wrinkle Free

Will your skin benefit from sleeping on bed sheets for sensitive skin? In my opinion, yes, they will. My daughter has eczema, and one thing recommended to us was changing her bed sheets—the best decision we ever made.

Most bed sheets are made of a material that can cause allergens to stick to them, but bed sheets for sensitive skin are specially made with a keen eye to keep skin fresh and supple and itch-free.

Bed Sheets For Sensitive Skin

1.     Threadmill Home Linen Bed Sheet Set

These sheets are a 600 thread count. They are all ultra-luxurious. As soon as you lie on them, you feel the cooling, comfortable sensation.

They are sustainable and are free of harmful chemicals. No plastic has been used in the creation of the sheets. The craftsmanship is meticulous and expertly woven. They are breathable, meaning hot days are covered.

The sheets have a unique finish to them, which helps to accentuate the luster and the softness of the fabric that is being used to construct the sheet. They are 100% cotton. What you will get with the package is one flat sheet, one fitted sheet, and two pillowcases.

Pockets in the fitted sheet are 16 inches deep, lots of room to make sure the sheet stays in place. You’ll sleep comfortably, knowing that extra fine yarn has been used in the sheets to make them sleepable. They are excellent for the most sensitive of skins. By far a very superior product which is ethically and are accessibly priced without any compromise on quality, comfort, or style.

The sheets are not thick, nor starchy or rough. You’ll wake up in the morning itch-free. One suggestion is, do not put them in the dryer, or they will shrink.

One customer commented that she loves the feel of 100% cotton next to her skin. The stitching won her over because she can tell that they are meant to last.

2.     Royal Hotel Bed Sheet Set

You will feel lucky to have these sheets to sleep on. They are a 300 thread count and have 18 inch deep pockets. Excellent for those whose mattress is a little bit thicker than usual.

They are hypoallergenic and have a sateen weave. With this purchase, you will get one fitted sheet, one flat sheet, and two standard pillowcases.

Having the sheets on your bed will help to keep the sweats away as they have moisture-wicking capability. They are super soft, and you will feel like you’re surrounded in luxury when using the bed sheets.

They are elegant yet durable. Their softness will be enhanced with each washing. You won’t have to worry about pilling on these sheets. Another thing you’ll be happy about is that they are pet hair, dust mite, and stain-resistant.

One customer commented that he is a firm believer in good thread count. The sheets provided the exact thread count he needed to stay cool on hot nights.

3.     Cosy House Collection Bed Sheet Set

The Cozy House Collection features hypoallergenic bedding blend sheets. They are wrinkle-resistant and are excellent for sensitive skin. The sheets are made from 60% bamboo and 40% microfibre blend.

Because the sheets are breathable, you will not find yourself overheating in the coming summer months. They have excellent temperature regulating properties, which will keep your body’s temperature at a level even as you sleep.

Any allergens that may exist in the environment of your room will not cling to the sheet. The corner straps are paired with deep pockets and a strong, durable elastic, which will help the fitted sheet to stay in place.

The remain pill-free, no matter how many times you wash and dry them. But they will get softer with each wash. You can even fit them on a memory foam mattress. The sheets themselves are designed with 16 inch deep pockets.

With over 5000 reviews, the sheets are obviously customer favored. One customer said that she was more focused on the thread count, but bought the sheet knowing thread count was not displayed. But then she noticed the sheets are made of bamboo and derived rayon and are meant to remain cool. So she ordered them and was amazed at how cool she was able to sleep. Her skin feels soft, no itching whatsoever when she wakes up.

Who Should Get Bed Sheets For Sensitive Skin

  • Those who want to sleep without itching
  • People with allergies
  • Eczema sufferers
  • Those who wish to remain wrinkle
  • People who are continuously exposed to the sun
  • Individuals who overheat at night

What Are the Benefits of These Sheets

  • Prevent Overheating

Many times eczema is caused by sweating, but sheets that are specially made for skin issues are also cooling. They wick away moisture, which is especially helpful as it removes all of the wetness from your face. The poly fibers used to make the bed sheets will naturally repel liquids or other bodily fluids. They will not absorb moisture but instead will keep you cool all night long.

  • Luxuriously Soft

Dry, irritated skin can be made worse when the sheets are starchy, or the material is rough.  The bed sheets we have reviewed are neither. They feel silky next to the skin as well; you will not have to anxiety about washing them to break them in; instead, they will already arrive silky smooth.

People with sensitive skin should avoid sheets which attract allergens. It is the allergens in our sleeping environment that cause itchy skin. The allergens could be pet hair, dust mites, or pollen in the air. Bed sheets for sensitive skin are made to repel these allergens.

How To Select Proper Bed Sheets For Sensitive Skin

Non-Stretchy Material

Usually, when it comes to skin feeling rough or developing wrinkles after sleep comes from the stretchy material contained in the fabric of the sheet. By staying to gentle soft material, you will give your skin the best chance to stay itch and wrinkle-free.

Resist Pilling

Those little pill balls can cause the skin to break out. They can cause itching sensation all over the body. Considering that you are going to be sleeping on the bed sheets at least 1/3 of your life, it would be better to relax on sheets which prevent that from happening. Even after many washes, these sheets will remain pill-free.


A bed sheets weave will have an impact on how your skin reacts. The tighter the weave, the better is it for your skin. As well, you will sleep cooler at night.

Bed Sheet Pattern

Since bed sheets also have an element of décor in your room. You will want to ensure that you go with one which will suit your preference as well as the style of your room. Having a Zen place to sleep where you feel comfortable is vital to your sleep. If you are a solid person, then don’t go for prints and vise versa.

Resistant To Stains

Sheets that are resistant to stain usually are better as they will wash easily and last a long time. They won’t start looking used or old for some time. These bed sheets generally dry fast and will be ready to use reasonably fast. But you will need to air dry the sheets to keep them and prevent shrinkage.


The worse thing that can happen to bed sheets that after a few washes is that they start fading, which then makes your sleeping area look unclean. Having your sheets look new will also make it more inviting for you to want to sleep on them.

How To Care For Special Bed Sheets

You can wash the sheets in cold water, but remember to dry them naturally or at low temperatures. This will prevent them from shrinking as well each time you wash the sheets; they will get softer.

Final Thoughts On Bed Sheets For Sensitive Skin

Having the right bed sheets for sensitive skin can make all the difference in how you sleep as well how your night is spent without tossing and turning. Many people can develop insomnia when the thought of going to bed makes them itch.

Please share in the comments below what type of bed sheets your prefer. 

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