5 Best Brain Stress Balls Under 20 Dollars – Squeezing Away To Sleep

Brain stress balls are something we can all use at one or another, especially on nights when sleep seems non-existent.

This can happen, especially when we are worried or stressed about something which could have occurred during the day. Sometimes it can be that sleep brings on its own stress.

On days when sleep does not come as you think it should, you will glad you have your brain stress balls handy. 

What Exactly are Brain Stress Balls

Stress balls are usually made of polyurethane; they can also be composed of gel, rubber, phone, and sometimes even plastic. These balls fit into the palm for easy squeezing.

Sometimes these balls can be customized for businesses as giveaways. You might even see them in a cardiologist’s office as they believe stress is the leading cause of heart disease.

The brain stress balls come in a variety of sizes, shapes, and firmness.

What Are The Benefits Of Stress Balls

·       Sleep Better

Stress is a common factor that keeps many of us awake at night. Many of us toss and turn all night long, which can lead to more stress the next day. Stress balls can help eliminate stressful or anxious feelings by having our focus go elsewhere. This will have us resting on our comfortable pillow a little easier.

·       Stronger Hands

By squeezing stress balls regularly, you will end up developing the hand muscles. People who experience muscle atrophy often use the balls to wake up their muscles.

·       Healthy Heart

It is now a known factor that stress induces health issues. By learning to relax our body and mind with the stress balls, we relate to our heart muscle that we are doing; we need to do to keep it healthy.  Our heart rewards us by staying healthy.

·       Reset Our Brain

When we squeeze the balls, our brain has a momentary distraction, which leads to it being reset. This is useful when our brain feels tired or is lacking a focus on what to do because of stress.

By decreasing stress as well as tension, brain stress balls will help you to improve the quality of your sleep. Since sleep quality is improved, there can also be a considerable improvement in your daily living.

By promoting better sleep, you will also be able to ward off illnesses that come from carrying around the stress.

Some Random Facts About Stress Balls

  • Stress balls can fit into your palm
  • These balls can be found in the home or office
  • The balls come in different shapes and colors
  • Stress balls can be soft, squishy, or hard
  • The balls can be made of gel or polyurethane
  • Stress balls originated in China in 1368
  • The balls can trigger acupuncture points in the hand
  • Companies often use stress balls as promotional items
  • They are commonly recommended by Drs to reduce stress
  • The stress balls are 100% safe and non-toxic
  • You have hundreds of designs to choose from

Why Do Stress Balls Work

When we experience stress, tension is not far behind. Tightness in the muscles adds to the mental weight we are already carrying around.

Any time you squeeze a ball, you are contracting and releasing the muscles. But with each squeeze, you are inhaling and exhaling as you release, which leads to progressive relaxation.

It is this relaxation that helps to release the tension you are holding in your body. By squeezing the balls, you are allowing your mind to focus elsewhere then what is stressing you out.

How To Use The Stress Balls

You can use one or two balls; I would recommend using two. You don’t want to have developed muscles in one hand while the other stays weak.

Gently squeeze the balls. The squeezing action of a ball activates the muscles in your hand and grips. As you release the hold, the muscles relax as well.

With each repetition, a pattern is formed of grip and release, which in turn helps to alleviate tension or stress.

If you had a chance wouldn’t you want to squeeze your stress away so you can sleep!

You can use the stress balls anytime you wish to relieve stress; most people who use them for sleeping purposes usually use them right before bed.

1. Emoji Stress Balls


  • Made for all ages
  • Great for exercising hands
  • Comes in a pack of 24
  • Over 35 positive reviews
  • 30-day full refund policy

They are everywhere. Now you can have them at your fingertips. These little balls can quickly bring on a smile to anyone’s face.

Just the thought of squeezing an emoji is pretty enjoyable!

Don’t you want to squeeze one until you get the relief you need of overseeing them?

Of course, you would have one at home. But think, you can take it out anytime and squeeze the heck out it.

You can hand these out to your favorite people who seem stressed out. Imagine the gratitude coming your way of helping them beat stress by squeezing an emoji.

They are non-toxic and BPA free.

My Final Opinion

Knowing that anything emoji related is trendy right now, plus they put a smile on your face, in my view, these stress balls are great for you to have at home for yourself or for your kids.

2. Pure Origins Motivational Stress Ball


  • Small enough for a child’s hands, yet adults can use it as well
  • Firm, yet soft when squeezed
  • Each ball comes in a pack of 6
  • Over 85 positive reviews
  • 30-day return policy

Just the motivational words alone of these stress balls are encouraging. I think it’s a great idea, not only is one focused on being aware of the words they repeat, but it’s become repetitive. 

Repetition is great. The more something positive is affirmed, the easier the belief becomes ingrained in our system.  The affirmations here would be positive when releasing stress.

These are great for all ages. Children can take it with them to school to keep stress away while doing school work. Adults can take them to work, have them at their fingertips to release any tension which often pops up during the workday.

My Final Opinion

Each ball comes with its own motivational think. Every time you squeeze a ball you can repeat the affirmation which then will move down into your subconscious to activate the affirmation. This is pretty cool, in my opinion. Not only are you releasing stress, but you’re also motivating yourself to stay positive.

3. Fansteck Stress Squeeze Ball


  • Four different styles of balls
  • Great for autistic children
  • Over 40 positive reviews
  • 18-month warranty

These balls are durable and soft, yet pliant enough to keep squeezing till you can’t squeeze anymore. They are not sticky, so your hands will stay nice and clean.

Great for people who have autism as well as people who have stress or anxiety. Children can enjoy them as well.

Not only great for negative emotional feelings but also they can strengthen forearms, wrist, and ideal for arm therapy.

They are non-toxic, BPA, and latex-free.

My Final Opinion

These stress balls have an 18-month warranty for a full refund. I would say these manufacturers believe in what they have to help others release stress. A great buy if you are looking for something long-term.

4. Neliblu Therapeutic Fun Stress Balls


  • Safe for kids 3 and up
  • Each comes in its container
  • Knead, stretch, roll, or bounce them
  • Great stocking stuffer for little ones
  • Over 100 positive reviews
  • 100% money-back guarantee and manufacturer’s warranty

These may seem like something kids would play with. Don’t get me wrong they probably would. But adults will enjoy playing with these as well.

Remember those days when we used to pretend to knead, roll, or squish play-dough. These balls are very similar except they don’t leave the same mess behind.

Another great thing you can do is bounce them off a wall gently. Each time you bounce them off a wall, you make an affirmation, which is excellent.

As you know, we can’t stop at just one bounce!

Because there are so many things you can do with them, they will keep you busy for hours.  Teach your kids early on how to beat stress using these stress-releasing balls.

My Final Opinion

Letting your inner child come out and play is what these balls target. These are perfect for those who want to experience the fun they had when they were young.

  • Special Mention

5. Pivot Performance OmniGrip 2.0 Strength Trainer & Stress Ball


  • The shape hits trigger points in the hand for optimal stress release
  • Great for strengthening the wrist
  • Designed for rehabilitation therapy
  • Over 30 positive reviews
  • Perfect for people who have ADHD or fidgeters
  • 30-Day return policy

This stress release balls are a little different than the traditional balls. But I thought they deserved a spot, just because they are so different

Coming from my personal training background, I would say these are great as they remind me of the handgrips. Hand grips were something I often used with clients when they came for their workouts.

Many would say they were great stress relievers as well!

There stainless steel ergonomic quality puts them at the high-end quality. These are great for not only for stress release but also to strengthen the wrist. They will also help to release the tension on the wrist due to arthritis and carpal tunnel.

My Final Opinion

These are unconventional stress balls, but they make up for it by strengthening your forearms. For the person who needs to give an extra hard squeeze to remove the stress right away, these grips would be perfect for them.

Overall Conclusion About Brain Stress Balls Helping With Sleep

According to Harvard Medical School with the distance held small stress balls in one hand were asked to squeeze win in healing and release the ball when exhaling they noticed that the more the person squeeze, the more relaxed they became.

The participant’s own breathing acted as stimulation to be leading to progressive relaxation. But EEG readings of the participant brain waves showed that the sleep wave patterns increased.

I would say that stress balls do what they set out to do, which is to help a person to gain relaxation. Just before bed, we all need to be relaxed to have a good sleep. Otherwise, we wake up grumpy and not ready to tackle the next day.

Share in comments below how your techniques on how you beat stress to have a good sleep.

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  1. I never knew there were all those benefits to using stress balls. I had thought all along it was just to relieve stress. And to be honest, I did not feel it helped. Now, I understand more about stress ball, thanks to your article. And I am going to get some!

    They are also fun! I like all the different choices of stress balls. The motivational ones look really useful. Besides being a stress ball, it can be a daily inspirational message for anyone. Thank you very much! 🙂

    • Glad you found this article helpful. Thanks for stopping by.

  2. I have the stress balls but they are a little bit different than this one. They are heavy and they come in two and you just keep rolling them with your hand, yes they are the Chinese version and they chime as well. They are super heavy that is why I am on the look out for a new stress ball. I love the pure origin stress balls. The messages are inspiring. Thanks for the fun fact and the suggestions.


    • Let me how it goes with the pure origin stress balls. Thanks for stopping by. 

  3. Nothing can beat these indeed. I’m an architect and doing these calculations get me mentally tired alot. Previously I just walk around but now its not working ☹. I’d get these stress balls and I have hopes it will work the magic. I’m particularly interested in the emoji balls, I was laughing while reading through that part. 

    • Great that you are getting them, please let me know how it goes. 

  4. I’ve been finding it hard to sleep lately and it is mostly because of my work and so a friend has recommend stress balls for me. I used to think those things were weird though and they didn’t really work. Well, now I know they have more benefits than I could have ever imagined. I like the emoji stress balls and that is what I will be buying. Because I love the smiles and because I still watch some cartoons. Thanks

    • I know some of my friends watch cartoons as well. Brain stress balls are amazing in that you be anywhere, still, keep using them. 

  5. I thought stress balls simply relieved stress without any other benefit, but I’m clearly wrong in this pattern of thinking. Two of the benefits; resetting one’s brain as well as augmenting our heart health, should motivate anyone to invest in one of these awesome products. I have a few and now I’m definitely looking to keep them somewhere close, also thinking two are better than one. I liked the random facts, too. Never knew they originated back in 1368. 

    • They have been around for many years. Thanks for stopping by. 


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