5 Best Cool Mist Humidifiers For Babies – Soothing Your Little One To Sleep

Best cool mist humidifiers for babies are the ones that are ultra-quiet to help your baby sleep soundly. 

The five I have reviewed for you today provide that silence when your baby or child is taking a nap. Not only are these humidifiers suitable for babies, but the whole family can also use them. I also reviewed humidifiers for adults, you can learn more at 3 Best Humidifiers For Sleeping.

Why Should You Have A Humidifier In Your Baby’s Room

I wish I had had access to this type of air producing product when my children were young. Although my younger son uses one now, it would’ve benefited him even more if he had started using it as a baby.

As new parents, we carefully pick out each item that will go into the nursery where the baby will sleep. We even ask for advice from people who specialize in such products to help us make the best choice. But sometimes we overlook what will be best for the health of our baby.

When my brother became a new parent which was very recently, we recommended he start with a humidifier right away. He asked, “Why?’”

My response was, “it would be one of the wisest decisions you would make because it would protect your child from allergies, germs, colds, coughs, dry skin, drying out of the nose (which our son suffers from), and congestion.” Of course, us using one for our son helped him to make his decision.

Benefits Of A Humidifier For A Baby

One of the essential benefits of having a humidifier in the baby’s room is that it will provide humidity to the room which will work against the dry air. This feature is crucial when it comes to dry winter months or even any seasonal change, which can cause a reaction in the environment.

Babies more than adults are prone to congestion as well as sore throats, and stuffy noses. Since babies are more prone to this, they are more likely to fall victim to infections and sicknesses that come around during cold winter months.

The humidifier will add much-needed moisture to your baby or child’s to room to ensure that their breathing in the most optimized conditions. This will allow your baby to sleep comfortably as well loosen up any mucus which may be accumulating in their lungs or nose.

When the air is dry, and skin is not moisturized, skin conditions or rashes start to develop. My three younger children have eczema, which is made worse when the winter months roll around. The humidifier will counteract that to naturally moisturize the skin, which will prevent the rash from developing.

Another great benefit my brother has noticed after purchasing the humidifier is that it creates a white noise which helps his baby to sleep. The humidifier when running creates a gurgling, dripping, or some other rhythmic sound that helps to soothe the baby. It especially helps when they are feeling upset, scared, or wake up due to unforeseen reasons. It helps the baby fall back asleep quickly without being too fussy.

1.    Honeywell HCM350W Germ-Free Cool Mist Humidifier 

The Honeywell HCM 350w germ-free cool humidifier will add moisture into the air where your precious little one is sleeping.  The air is distributed in such a way that the furniture in your baby’s room will not get water damaged.

The tank holds one gallon of water; if you keep the Honeywell at it’s the lowest setting, you will be able to run it for 24 hours straight.  Just remember to refill the water, but you will not have to refill it daily if you are using it only when your baby sleeps.

Buttons on this humidifier are very basic and user-friendly. You will have no confusion as to when and how to start or turn off the humidifier.  

To ensure the safety of your baby, the humidifier filters have been treated with antimicrobial; this helps to stop 99.9% of mold growth inside the unit. This will help to keep the air clean in your baby’s room. It will also prevent germs from floating around which may get caught in young lungs or an immune system which is still developing.

The water filter in this humidifier should be changed every six months so that you can get the most benefits out of the Honeywell. It also includes UV technology designed to destroy 99% of bacteria, fungus, viruses which exist in normal tap water.

The cool mist humidifier offers benefits that relate to seasonal changes such as colds, flu, or allergies. Honeywell humidifier covers up to 250 ft.² room. But germ-fighting technology ensures that the water disbursed into the air as the mist is free of dust mites and other allergens that may exist.

This humidifier is very quiet, which is perfect for sleeping babies. If you put it on low or medium, it is very silent. What’s really neat about this humidifier is if you were to place it beside your baby’s crib or bed,  and run the humidifier at full speed, it would create a white noise which may encourage even deeper sleep in your baby.

It is a little heavier than most but is designed to prevent breakage. The plastic body is dishwasher safe. You can easily tell by strip on the side to see how much water is remaining. It does not have an automatic shut-off feature; for this reason, the strip works really well. You will need to watch it a little more closely to make sure the humidifier does not overheat.

It comes with a 3-year limited warranty

2.    Crane Ultrasonic Cool Mist Humidifier

The Crane Ultrasonic Cool Mist Humidifier comes with the 1-gallon tank which is removable, yet very easy to refill under the bathroom sink. It can run for up to 24 hours silently with a gentle whisper.

Once you turn on the humidifier, the motor will run gently and is very soothing to the baby or child it is being used for. You can expect your baby or your child to have an excellent sleep. The noise will blend into the background noise, yet lull your child into dreamland.

The cool mist will come at full blast directly out of the spout. The material is made out of antimicrobial material, which reduces 99.6% of mold and bacteria growth.

To clean the tank, all you would need is two tablespoons of distilled white vinegar. You pour the vinegar into the water tank, swish it around and leave it for 30 minutes unplugged, then rinse it with water. Your water tank is refreshed and ready to be used again.

The humidifier does not require a filter, which is very convenient. All you have to do is take it out of the box, plug it in, and you’re ready to go.

This humidifier comes with its own auto-shutoff sensor. When the water gets down to a certain level, the humidifier will turn itself off, which works as a safety feature if the water runs out during nighttime.

Due to seasonal changes, congestion can become a pretty common occurrence among newborns and toddlers. By using this energy-efficient humidifier, you will likely stop congestion before it even starts in your baby or newborn.

The benefits of using the Crane cool mist humidifier are relief from coughs, colds, itchy or dry skin, dry throat, and of course congestion. You can adjust the variable of the mist output with the controls which are very easy to use.

It can run for 24 hours straight, or you can fill it once and use it according to your baby’s sleeping time. The humidifier covers and provides moisture for up to 250 ft.² room size.

There is a 30-day full refund, and a one year limited warranty.

3.    BONECO Cool Mist Ultrasonic Humidifier 

The BONECO Cool Mist Ultrasonic Humidifier comes with an excellent output which can last up to 24 hours. You can take this humidifier anywhere your baby or child needs a nap. Let’s say you are going out for the day to visit family/friends; you can easily pack this humidifier with the case it comes with.

The plug it comes with is interchangeable, which makes a great asset to take along when you are traveling overseas.

It can be used in hotel rooms, and it is light enough to be carried around easily. The humidifier comes with a blue Led light with an easy to use vapor mist control.

The benefits of using this humidifier are you can travel with your little one. In doing so allergens, pet dander, dry lips/skin, or irritation in the nose in a foreign environment could all be minimized.  The humidifier acts against a hard, dry environment.

This humidifier is pretty neat in that it uses external water bottles to create humidity in the air. It will be compatible with most water bottles, but the suggestion is to use .5 liter. This means you can use coke bottles refilled with water or you can purchase distilled or fresh spring water bottles. Totally your choice.

Because you are using a water bottle, you will not worry about cleaning a water tank. It uses ultrasonic technology to produce droplets in the form of a gentle mist. Due to this humidifier having higher output then normal it should be placed 3 ft. off the floor to ensure that the water does not accumulate.

Its noise capability is very low. The sounds it produces are gentle water sounds when the water bottle is being emptied. These sounds are great for newborns as they are used to hearing sounds like this, it creates a white noise which helps to mask other external sounds

You can easily place it beside a crib or a bed. The red and blue lights will let you know that it is functioning properly or is low on water. These lights may be too bright for some, while others will find them quite soothing.

Once there is no more water left, the humidifier will shut itself off, so you will not have to worry about any overheating. It’s an elegantly designed product that can be folded down for easy traveling.  

It comes with a 1-year limited warranty.

4.    Crane Filter-Free Cool Mist Humidifiers for Kids, Pig

The Crane USA filter-free cool mist humidifiers for kids pig is a fun addition to your little one’s nursery or your child’s room. Although it is cute, the mist it produces to create humidity is enough to have your baby stay comfy and cozy, yet cold, cough, allergy, or itch-free.

This humidifier can cover space of up to 500 ft.². Enough coverage if your children are sharing a room, or you can put it in your living room to ensure the whole family is covered.

It comes with a 1-gallon tank which you can run at low levels to last for 24 hours before you have to refill the tank. Or you can use it on an hourly basis for up to three days. You can control the humidity level with the knobs which are in front of the unit; they will make it easy for you to choose how much mist is released.

If your baby or child needs to have a nightlight in the room, then this humidifier provides that. It is simple to operate while being relatively quiet. Meaning you will not disturb your children when they sleep. It is easy to refill, so you don’t have to worry about spilling water anywhere.

Once the water tank is empty, the humidifier will turn itself off. You will not have to worry about it overheating. It’ll save you power as well as potential damage to the motor.

If you’re not satisfied with your purchase, you can return it within 30 days of the original purchase, and you get a full refund. 

5.    TaoTronics Cool Mist Humidifiers for Babies 

The TaoTronics Cool mist humidifiers for babies has three different speed settings. The setting, when set to lowest, is ultraquiet, while medium and high are like a whisper. The humidifier tank is a 4 L tank. When set at low, you can run if for up to 30 hours.

This humidifier creates just the right amount of moisture to help your baby get a good sleep. It has several advanced features such as the LED screen which allows you to set the functions of the humidifier easily.

I really like that it has an in-built humidity meter which tells you what the current conditions in your room are. This can help you create long-lasting comfort for your baby to enjoy. You can set the sleep timer at night, so you don’t have to worry about getting up to turn it off.

Refilling this humidifier takes a little bit more work than the others will, but the overall benefits outweigh that little hindrance. It is easy to clean. Combined with the extra-large tank you can use it at night without any problems.

The reusable filters will prevent any microorganisms from developing as well they will keep bad odors away. The best thing to do when using this humidifier is rather than use hard tap water, for the most benefit to your baby use distilled water.

This humidifier comes with a one-year warranty.

My Overall Conclusion On Best Cool Mist Humidifiers For Babies

I am a great fan of humidifiers. It has helped my son much with his nosebleeds, which were quite common before we got him his own humidifier. He’s a teenager now, yet he still benefits from breathing easy as well his nose isn’t so irritated anymore.

The humidifiers that I reviewed for you today are not made for essential oils. If you’re looking for humidifiers with the capability of holding essential oils, then you will benefit from checking out the LEVOIT Humidifiers for Babies Room.

Let me know in the comments below what you do to help your baby breathe easier.

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  1. Hi Eric, thank you so much for the baby humidifier recommendation. I am planning to buy one as a gift for my cousin at her two-year birthday party for her son. I personally will go with the Honeywell and will check the price. It’s good because the humidifier is quiet. Just a bit curious, is there a significant difference between baby humidifier and normal humidifier, aside from the sound? Thanks. 

    • The difference is the quiet and the white noise many children need when falling asleep.

  2. Dear Eric,

    Thanks a lot for the thorough and informative review post.

    My wife gave birth to a boy baby on 2nd of March 2019. While doing some research online for childcare I came across your helpful review post. Sound sleep is a must for everyone and making our baby sleep is the biggest challenge for us. So your post means a lot to me.

    Our baby sometimes gets the allergy, and it’s great to know humidifiers protect the baby from allergies and other benefits are amazing. 

    After reading the benefits of Humidifier I realized its importance and Humidifier is a must-have one. TaoTronics Cool Mist Humidifiers for Babies sounds interesting.

    May I ask…

    Using humidifiers will become an addiction? (Without it will baby struggle to sleep?)

    • No it will not be addictive. Your baby will still be able to fall asleep. The humidifier will keep your babies lungs clean, just better for baby’s health.

  3. Thank you for your post. Humidifier is not only good for baby, but also benefit anyone in the dry conditions, such in the winter of Eastern of USA.

    I live in New York and always have nose bleeding during the winter. The reason is that the air is so dry. The humidifier is essential to relieve my bleeding.

    It is the first time that I heard there are humidifiers with the capability of holding essential oils. I use essential oils daily. It would be perfect for me to use the humidifiers combining with essential oils.

    • I agree essential oils are great, but these humidifiers do not have a component for that. The one recommended at the bottom would be better for that. Thanks for commenting.


  4. Thanks! Great article. I didn’t know that humidifiers could be so important for babies but it makes sense! I like how they can be anti-microbial because humidifiers sometimes have stagnant water which could develop mold. I also like how it is super quiet because I like it as quiet as possible at night. Although I see what you’re saying about a steady rhythmic sound being nice for the baby. 

    I like the one where you can use something like a poland spring bottle. That’s pretty nifty. Thanks for these great ideas. 

    • I agree it is nifty to use a water bottle. Thanks for your comment.


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