Best Goose Down Pillow – 11 Top-Rated For 2021

The best goose down pillow is the one that can provide support as well as hypoallergenic properties.

What Is Fill Power

Down fill power is measured by the volume in cubic inches. Higher fill power is generally lighter softer and moldable while lower fill power is dense, which creates a very firm pillow.

Generally, when buying a pillow, people tend to go to the lower end of fill power as it provides softness yet is firm enough for all sleeping positions. Higher fill power has large down clusters, which trap air as well as have good insulation with less weight.

There are generally five types of fill power:

  • 500 fill power
  • 600 fill power
  • 700 fill power
  • 800 fill power
  • 900 fill power

Although visually, you may not notice a difference, sleeping wise, you will see the difference. The higher fill power allows for the sinking of the head, where the less fill will keep it level. Some would prefer memory foam pillow, read my review on adjustable memory foam pillows where you can change the loft of the pillow yourself. 

Advantages Of The Down Pillow

  • A down pillow will hold its shape while offering excellent support for your neck and head. They are also easily molded around your head for extra comfortable sleeping.
  • Down pillows are light yet cozy.
  • Down pillows can last a long time when they are cared for properly.
  • Down pillows are a renewable resource, meaning they can be recycled via degrading into the soil.

How To Care For And Wash A Goose Down Pillow

Down pillows require daily care to ensure that they last a long time. Upon wakening, you can fluff your pillow every morning to help it recover its full loft. Next, give your pillow a good side to side shake.

Get a pillow protector for your down pillow; make sure you wash it at least once a week on reasonably hot water. By doing this, you will help wash away oil, sweat, and other things that may not be good for the pillow.

Down pillows should remain dry at all times but can get ruined in humid climates. Make sure to keep them in cool, dry areas.

To get your pillow back to a firm shape, run it in the dryer for about 10 minutes.

When you need to wash your down pillow, a suggestion is to get them professionally cleaned. If that is not accessible to you, then you can wash them in a large machine where the pillow has enough water to spread out.

You can use your regular clothing detergent, but do not use bleach as this will ruin your pillow. Repeat the second cycle of washing without soap. Do not be alarmed about the smell; it will go away when the pillow is dry.

To dry your pillow, throw it in your dryer for about 2-3 hours. Make sure to check the pillow every 20 minutes or so for overheating. Another thing to remember is to pull apart the clusters in the pillow; this will make for easier drying.

Now onto the review of the best goose down pillow for 2019

1.    East Coast Bedding Down Pillows – Set of 2

These set of two pillows have 550 fill power. It can support both stomach and back sleepers, not to forget but also the side sleepers will get a great sleep as well. Due to the fill power, it is lofty and fluffy.

The filling in these pillows weighs 22 ounces. It has been sterilized to create hypoallergenic properties, meaning people with allergies will be able to use them without sneezing or sniffling. Their cover is 100% cotton; it’s is durable with long-lasting abilities.

It is also fully protected from dust mites. As well you will not feel any irritation to your skin. Another thing you may enjoy is that it will help you become and remain pain-free. The white down is excellent for those who appreciate comfort and support. It will create for a night of great sleep.

It is 100% white down filled. Although the pillow with the cover is meant to last, but to make it more durable, it would be great to get the pillow protector.

The thread count on this pillow is 300 while the fabric is soft and comfortable, yet has long-lasting properties. Each pillow comes in at a weight of 3.9 lbs.

The set of pillow comes with a 30-night comfort guarantee. It has a limited warranty for you to return it within 30 days.

2.    Continental Bedding Goose Down Pillow

The Continental bedding goose down pillow is a luxurious pillow; you may have to pay a little more than the other pillows. Its quality is excellent, with extra attention being paid to how soft and fluffy it is. This comes from the 550 fill power.

Not only is it soft and fluffy, but it is also hypoallergenic. Keeping away dust mites and allergies always make for a great sleep at night. You have a choice of ordering in different sizes, as well as how firm you want the pillow to be.

The pillow is durable with long-lasting abilities; it’s great for side sleepers who like to use pillows between their legs. It helps align the body for optimum benefits.

The cotton cover has a 233 thread count. This thread count ensures it is tightly stitched, yet breathable to keep you cool at night.

It’s a great pillow, but the distributor has not declared what the warranty is on this pillow.

3.    PALAWRAN Goose Down Pillow

The Palawran goose down pillow is firm with 700 fill power. It is comfortable, and you can mold it for a perfect sleep. It will reshape itself while you sleep, but bounce back as soon as you lift your head for the day. It’s an imported pillow and cover is 100% cotton.

Material wise, it’s unique has a blend of softness as well comfort. It’s hypoallergenic, making it an excellent pillow for people who may have allergy issues. The filling is goose feathers as well as microfiber to ensue it is fluffy and offers full support to your head. 

This pillow is excellent for those who experience neck or head issues. It will mold itself around your head to make sure all pressure points are covered for easy release of pressure. 

Because the outer shell is made for hypoallergenic purposes, the durability of the fabric is meant for the long term. If this is going to be your go-to pillow, make sure to get additional pillowcases for storage purposes.

This pillow is excellent for all types of sleepers, but it mainly best supports those who are back sleepers. Palawarn does have great down pillows that are better at supporting other sleeping needs.

It has a 1200 thread count. The cotton is pure Egyptian, meaning it is cool, breathable, and static-free.

The pillow will arrive flat vacuum sealed, but after opening within 24 hours it will become fully fluffed. It comes with a 30-day guarantee.

4.    WENERSI Premium Goose Down Pillows

Wenersi goose down pillow is an excellent choice for those who are looking at design and construction. The pillows come in a pack of two. The pillow has a good quality of stuffing as well stitching, which helps it to last long term.

The pillow has medium density making it a preferred pillow for those who have neck or back alignment issues. It is soft and is double layered, which means it will not fall apart, unlike the standard pillows, which sometimes end up being clumped.

This pillow is excellent for those who suffer allergies, as it is hypoallergenic and chemical-free. You will be able to use this pillow to sleep in any position; it supports you in every which way possible.

It is filled with 85% goose feathers, while the other 15% is white goose down. The cover is 100% cotton with great breathable qualities; it will keep you cool even on hot nights.

Since these pillows are only sold through distributors, they are subject to company return policies. Most distributors allow a 30-day return policy, but make sure to check before you order.

5.    Downlite Soft White Goose Down Pillow

This pillow is 100% down filled. It is excellent for stomach sleepers. Standard pillows get squished up when using them to lie down on, but not the Downlite pillow. This pillow is made specifically for sleepers who will be using the pillow as an anchor for their body.

The pillow can be easily shaped or folded for extra support. Yet it will spring back into shape as soon as you stop using it. It is also great for pressure point reduction. You will be able to apply pressure to pain points to relieve pain.

You will receive a cotton sateen protector 300 thread count cover with the pillow. The pillow cover is easily removable for you to wash. Since you don’t have to wash the pillow itself, you are guaranteed a pillow, which will last a long time.

The distributor offers a 30-day return policy.

6.    Downluxe Goose Down Pillow

If you want head and neck support, then the Downluxe will not let you down. Downluxe has been in business for 20+ years, so they know how to construct products that offer the most comfort.

This pillow has a 90% feather, while the other 10% is down. This is a great balance to create a nice plush pillow, which you can adjust or ply to suit your needs. The pillow is constructed to all sleeper types.

It comes with a 300 thread count cotton cover, which is breathable to allow you to sleep cooler at night. It is double stitched to ensure that no leakage takes place.

The pillow itself is highly responsive to any state you wish to use it in. It comes with a 30-day distributor warranty.

7.    Puredown Goose Down Pillows 

The Puredown goose down pillow is a mix of down and feathers. You get two pillows for the price of one at a reasonably budgeted cost. What’s nice about these pillows although they are high on the feather end, you can have your choice of 10-30% down.

There are 36 ounces of feathers in each pillow. The cover is 100% cotton with a 233 thread count. This helps the cover to have proper breathing properties. Not only will it keep you cool, but it is also irritation-free.

The stitching is done well to prevent leakage from the pillow. To ensure that your pillow has a long life, you can throw the cover into the wash.

According to reviewers, using the pillow, it helps to alleviate migraines and neck pain, making sleeping at night peaceful and relaxing. The pillow delivers a delicate softness that has been appreciated by those who have bought the pillow.

With over 1700 reviews, this pillow set seems like a great buy. The pillows will come vacuum sealed; the only thing you need to bring them back to their full loft is to shake them up. They may have an odor that will be gone within 24 hours.

Puredown offers a 30-day satisfaction money-back guarantee.

8.    Acrafsman Luxury Goose Down Pillow

What if you could get a sizeable fluffy pillow which offers not only lofting support but also you can mold it to suit your sleeping needs. The cotton sateen cover, which has a 1200 thread count, will leave you feeling relaxed as well; it will remain cool all night due to it’s breathing capability.

The pillow is comfortable and fluffs back to the original size; even if it has been squished under your head, stomach, or between your legs. It’s a good quality pillow that has a filling split between feathers and down.  It has 800 fill power.

It has gold piping around the outside, which ensures that it is stitched to keep the down/feathers in. To ensure a good long life for your pillow, you can easily remove the cover to wash it; the cover protects the pillow.

The pillow will arrive tightly packed. But once you open, it will fluff back up quickly. It may take a few hours for it to reach its full loft. At the same, you can air it out to remove any smell or odors.

You have 90 days to try the pillow; if it doesn’t satisfy your need, you can return for a refund without questions asked.

9.    Egyptian Bedding Goose Down Pillow

The Egyptian down pillow is 90% goose down, with the other 10% being a feather. It is a luxury pillow with a cover that is 100% cotton with a 1200 thread count. This means it is highly breathable and will suit hot sleepers very cool at night.

It is gentle and soft, yet provides the support you would need when falling into a deep sleep. It has hypoallergenic properties to help those who have allergy issues as well; it prevents dust mites from sneaking into your sleeping space to cause unnecessary discomfort during sleep.

Due to the fill power of goose down, this pillow is considered high end, yet in the affordability range. Even when you touch it with your hands, it will feel smooth.

The pillow can be used by all sleepers but may support stomach sleepers a little bit more than others. To get this pillow to recover its full loft, you will need to pat it as well give it a little shake.

You will get a 30-day return policy.

10.  L LOVSOUL Goose Down Pillow

The L Lovsoul goose pillow is constructed with comfort in mind. It is ultra-plush, yet is firm enough to handle all types of sleepers. The blend of feather and down is balanced out to give support to people who have neck or back issues.

This pillow is put together really well to suit any décor you may have in your room. Not only is decorative, but it is also comfy and cozy. The double-needle stitching provides a secure closing to make sure the down and feathers stay inside.

The pillow cover is 100% Egyptian cotton with 1000 thread count, made for cool sleeping at night. This means you won’t have to turn your pillow over to feel the cool side. The total pillow will remain cool.

It will arrive vacuum sealed; you will need to air it out for a few hours. The pillow will go to its original loft within 30 minutes.

The pillow comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee.

11.  JA COMFORTS Goose Down Pillows

The JA Comforts pillow is 95% goose feather with 5% goose down. The pillow has 100% cotton cover, which is breathable, dry, and comfortable for all sleeper types and positions.  This pillow can help with backaches as well as insomnia.

The pillow cover has a   233 thread count and is durable enough to prevent the feather tip from poking out. You can wash this pillow in the washer as well as throw it into the dryer without damaging it.

You get two for the price of one. You can store one away, or if you have a partner, they can also enjoy a goose down pillow. The pillows are easily molded to your head or body.

Once you remove the pillows from the vacuum-sealed package they come in, you can easily fluff them back to their original shape by shaking them up. Let them sit for a couple of hours to remove the odor that happens once they are opened.

You will get a 90-day trial and a 3-year warranty for the pillows. If for any reason you are not happy with your purchase, you can return them for a full refund.

Overall thoughts of the best goose down pillow

We have listed several down pillows which we feel are the best right now. Hopefully, you found this guide in down pillow selection helpful. If you think memory foam pillow may be better suited for you, then have a glance at our review of memory foam pillows.

Let me know in the comments below which down pillow you like.

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  1. This has been an eye opener. I had no idea there was this much that went into pillows. I have been an insomniac for years and completely missed the boat on the whole pillow aspect. You have broken it “down” very well. And kudos to you for wanting to help people get a good night sleep. Nice job sir.

    • Thanks for the comment. Hope you find the right pillow for sleep.

  2. I don’t like my pillows too dense, neither too soft. I’m ashame to say I didn’t know pillows could be washed. I do only wash the pillow case. I dry them in the sun occasionally though. Another thing is, I sleep on all positions: back, belly, and sides so, I think any of these Goose down pillows would just be fine for me. Thanks.

    • Great, happy buying. Please return and let me know which one you go with. 

  3. Hello Eric,

    This is my long-life struggle. To find the best pillow for me. Due to my job and because I sit on my computer after work for hours, I always have neck and back pain. Because I am a physician I know that a good pillow can help me with all this struggle. I am searching for a good pillow to help me overcome this problem.

    That’s why I find these choices great. I will for sure pick one and try it!

    Thank you for this great article.

    • Thanks for stopping by Dr. Alkhawaldeh. It’s great to have your opinion on these pillows. Wishing you much success with your choice.

  4. This is really a helpful article. Among all of these I have been very pleased with the East Coast Bedding Down Pillows. The fact that these pillows are Ideal to the people with allergies has made me very happy. I have a friend who suffers from allergic problems and has been unable to use many types of Pillows. This article will be helpful to her.Thank you very much.


    • I think we all can do with easy breathing at night when it’s time to sleep. Anti-allergy pillows definitely help. Thanks for the comment. 

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    We are looking for a good goose down pillows for our double bed. 

    I can see different types of pillows of different characteristics. My wife especially has sleep problems she always chooses the mattress and pillows. 

    I like the first brand that showed East Coast Bedding with a guarantee of return within 30 days

    We are both sleeping on your side which would you recommend? 

    Thank you!

    • I would recommend the Downlite as it is a great side sleeping pillow. Thanks for stopping by. 

  6. I’m totally blown away with your review.  The detail is spot on and I didn’t know there was so much I needed to know in order to find the right pillow.  When it comes down to getting my head down at night , I’m a hot and multi position sleeper.  Reading your review I would say the best pillow for me would be the Downluxe Goose Down Pillow.  It seems to offer support to all types of sleepers.  The price also seems quite fair, I’d also add it’s a small price to pay for a good nights sleep.

    • Great choice in pillow selection. Full body support is often a winner. 

  7. I enjoyed your website.  I have always wondered how to find the best pillows.  I love feather, always have.  I honestly loved the way you could jump to a section when interested.  I had no idea that there was air in the pockets and clusters of material.  Thank you for the information and the travel from page to page feature.  Was very easy to use and review.

    • Navigation is made for easy reading. Glad you enjoyed the review. 

  8. Loved this article about the best goose down pillows.  I love giving high-quality pillows as a wedding gift, and have been doing so for years but your post has increased my awareness about my favorite gift. I feel like in the future I can customize my gift more depending on how the recipient sleeps or to help ease any ailments I may know about.  I also miv=ght include some of this  information and tips about how to care for them, because really nobody ever knows how to really care for a good pillow (me included).  Thank you for this information as well as in-depth reviews of eleven different pillows that I would be proud to give as a gift, especially the Egyptian Bedding Goose Down Pillow and an easy link to purchase all these pillows on-line.  I am bookmarking your post because I am sure I will be referencing it again and again. 

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    • The pillows are meant to last 10+ years. All they require is maintenance. Hope you find one you like. 

  10. I think I have been struggling with finding a good pillow my entire life. Most of them seem to be to thick for my liking and then become extremely flat in no time at all. You have a lot of great pillows listed here but what really caught my attention was how to take care of your pillow. I thought you took care of your pillow by putting it back where it belonged and making the bed. No one has ever explained all of the things you just did that a person should do to take care of their pillow. Now I just have to pick the right pillow. Great article.

    • Pillow care is important if we want them to last. Thanks for commenting. 


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