What Is The Best Hybrid Mattress For Heavy People? 3 Top Rated With Buyers Guide (2021)

What is the best hybrid mattress for heavy people? Considering we all deserve great sleep, let this review guide you to getting the best mattress for yourself.

What Is A Hybrid Mattress?

Hybrid mattresses have just made their entrance into the world of sleep. The mattresses are taking two different elements from separate mattresses and combining them to make one unique hybrid mattress. It could either be taking memory foam or latex and combining them with pocketed coils to create an exceptional mattress for individual sleeping needs.

These mattresses usually have a certain feel to them. They are excellent at isolating motion, something most sleepers can use when sleeping with a partner who likes to climb later into bed.

Best Hybrid Mattresses For Heavy People

1.     Hybrid Slumber System By Luma Sleepbest hybrid mattresses for heavy people - luma hybrid slumber system

The Hybrid Slumber System is available in three firmness levels. They are plush, medium-firm, and firm. The interchangeable comfort layers will let you change the firmness feel of your bed at any time; this feature is available free for the first year. All you really will need to do is let the manufacturer know, and they will ship out whatever layer you request.

The mattress is cool and has excellent breathable capabilities. The open cell latex provides pressure relief to pain points. You’ll also notice that there is very little motion transfer. Nothing can be worse than when you’re in a deep sleep, and someone else climbs into bed and jolts you awake. This mattress prevents that from happening. It is excellent for people who have back/spinal issues.

The combined layers of the 8″ zoned pocketed coils with the latex make this a perfect hybrid mattress, which will allow you to have a luxurious sleep you deserve. It has a super soft Tencel cover, which is also breathable and will gently wick away sweat.

Because it is made from natural latex material, you’ll notice that there is very little smell coming it. Latex provides excellent contouring; it will keep it to the curve of your body without you feeling like your sinking down. This will help you wake up in the morning without worrying about back pain or other natural pains we sometimes experience throughout the night.

Even when changing sleeping positions at night, you’ll notice that the mattress has excellent recovery. This is great for people who don’t want to feel like they are being sucked back into the middle of the bed.

You will also get two free classic Talalay latex pillows, one free hypoallergenic Tencel mattress protector.

It will arrive in two separate boxes. Luma knows that if they were to put them in one box, it would be too heavy. This is done for your convenience so that each box is manageable. But considering that latex is a little bit on the heavier side, you might want someone to help you bring it. The mattress is OEKO-TEX Certified.

Shipping is free, and you get a 100-night trial period. You can also return it for free within 100 days of purchase. For the first year, you can exchange the pillow top comfort for one that will be suited to your liking. And you will get a 15-year warranty for the mattress.

2.     Layla Hybrid Mattressbest hybrid mattresses for heavy people - layla hybrid mattress

The Layla hybrid mattress is flippable. People who will like this mattress are the ones who enjoy memory foam. It is made for different types of sleepers being back, stomach, side, and combo sleepers.

It is a two-sided hybrid. One side is slightly softer while the other side is a bit more firm. The memory foam is copper infused. It acts as a comfort layer for the soft side of the bed and is 2.5 inches thick.

There is good airflow throughout the mattress. The pocketed coils are 6 inches in height; they come together to provide primary support for the entire mattress. The memory foam used in this mattress is lighter and feels airier, which you will find quite comfortable.

It’s an excellent choice for people who are on the heavier side. Because the coils are there as support for the entire mattress, you’ll find that are supported in the way you deserve to be. This will ensure that you get a night of good sleep.

Because memory foam has excellent breathing capabilities, this mattress will help you sleep on the cooler side. As a person who can’t sleep in the, I myself prefer a mattress which will help me wake up feeling refreshed and rejuvenated.

It has excellent edge support as well as good motion isolation. Meaning that the mattress is excellent at keeping motion away from a person who is asleep; this will help to create undisturbed sleep. The mattress is CertiPUR-US certified.

You will get free shipping, and it will arrive compressed and rolled up in a cardboard box. You will also receive a 120-night trial period, and if you don’t find that it works for you, you can return it for free. Plus, you get a 10-year warranty.

3.     Tea Leaf Dream® By Keetsa

best hybrid mattresses for heavy people - keetsa tea leaf dream

The Tea Leaf Dream By Keetsa is a mattress that will offer you luxurious comfort. We all deserve to be comfortable during their sleep, no matter what our weight. This hybrid mattress is excellent for people who are 230 pounds plus.

The comfortable mattress is designed for people who have a hard time going to sleep where very little support is offered. You’ll find that as you lay down on it, you’ll feel relaxed as well; it will adapt to your sleeping positions.

In the core of the mattress is a combination of independent coils as well as soft memory foam. Both of these together create a mattress that offers support to every one of your curves. You’ll be able to find that your pain points will be relieved.

The top of the mattress is made up of soft memory foam and comes with a unique pressure relief system. At no time are you left sinking down into the mattress; instead, you’ll find that you receive maximum beneficial support from the mattress.

It’s an innovative design. Instead of using petroleum oil, 12% Castor oil has been used in the manufacturing process. Due to this, it makes it eco-friendly for the environment. It also emits low VOCs. The mattress is also CertiPUR-US certified.

Natural green tea extract has been embedded into the foam of the mattress, which will help to keep it fresh over the long-term. The overall hemp blend fabric creates a luxurious feeling and is quilted onto the top of the mattress. This will help it to be durable as well as absorb humidity.

It also has excellent edge support. It does not matter if your sleeping or sitting on the mattress; the foam-covered encasing is stable and can alert you if you are getting too close to the edge.

You will receive free shipping of this mattress. You will receive a 12-year warranty. The warranty will begin from the day it is delivered to your door.

How To Choose The Best Hybrid Mattress For Heavy People

There are a few things that you want to pay attention to when looking for a hybrid mattress for heavy people:

  • Ability To Customize

When purchasing a mattress, you want to be able to customize it to a level of comfort which will support your sleeping needs. Not only that, but you also want to be able to change the firmness level if needed.

  • Durability

Since this is going to be an expensive investment, you’ll want to know that the mattress will last you a long time. Each of the mattresses that I reviewed up above all has a 10+ year warranty. Most of them even offer a sleeping trial to ensure that the mattress works for you. Hybrid mattresses that use memory foam or latex are durable and will last a long time. You may get tired of sleeping on the same mattress every night, but your mattress will not wear out.

  • Size

Before purchasing a hybrid mattress, consider the size and the space available in your room. But remember size is not related to width than the length, it is also the height or thickness of the mattress. How high do you want to be off the ground?

  • Density And Firmness

The reason you want to pay attention to density and firmness is that this will determine the type of sleep you get. Too soft and the mattress will have you sinking down, to firm a mattress may have you waking up in pain. For a person of larger frame or weight, the ILD (indentation load deflection) you want to focus on is 36 and 44. 

  • Material

While there may be many manufacturers who say they used high-quality hybrid materials, you want to make sure that the material used will suit your needs. Hybrid mattresses that are made from latex or memory foam offer the best product for your money. Look for CertiPUR-US certified or OEK-TEX certification. Both of these certifications will ensure that the mattress you’re buying is made from natural materials; no chemicals have been used in the making of the mattress. Mattresses that do not have either of these certifications are usually petroleum-based and contain toxic contents or have off-gassing problems, which will be uncomfortable for you, the user of the mattress.

  • How Much Do You Want To Spend

This is an important aspect when making a purchase online. Make sure to read the review thoroughly before you spend your money. With that being said, people will spend thousands of dollars on a mattress. Why? Because they know that they spent at least 1/3 of their life sleeping. While there are affordable mattresses with good quality, hybrid mattresses have better qualities compared to standard mattresses, and for this reason, they will be a bit more expensive.

Benefits Of Having A Hybrid Mattress

  • Last longer than the standard mattress
  • Motion isolation
  • Body contouring
  • Excellent value for your money
  • Breathable and breezy
  • Versatile
  • Good edge support
  • Will help with pain relief
  • No springs poking into your back

Final Words On The Best Hybrid Mattress For Heavy People

Considering that hybrid mattresses provide excellent comfort through its top layers being either memory foam or latex, you can rest assured that your sleep will be ultra-luxurious. If you want a mattress that will last you a long time, then the hybrid mattress is one that you want to invest in. Most legit manufacturers will offer no less than 10+ year warranty.

If you’re looking at getting a mattress that doesn’t consist of memory foam, have a look at our review of latex mattresses, which are highly regarded by people looking to get better sleep.

Share in comments below which one of these mattresses would be your pick. 

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  1. Hi Eric !
    It is the first time that I hear of hybrid mattress. Very interesting topic ! Choosing a mattress may be the most important serious purchase for active people. You can’t spend a nice and relaxed day if you had a terrible night. But, it can be hard sometimes to find THE mattress that will answer your needs and your partner ones. Those mattress seems to fit perfectly for heavy people. How about for non-heavy people, is it possible to share those type of mattresses between a heavy and a non-heavy person, will they both feel the same comfort ? 

    • Yes, the mattresses can be shared as they isolate motion which then lets partners get their sleep without movement.

  2. This article came very timely. My friend just got a new $4000 bed and I thought it was a huge rip off. He told me to lay in it and try it out and awww my god. It felt like I was floating. I’m just wondering do these mattresses have that same feeling. I see the prices are around $1000 but I’m not sure what the comfort is like. Thanks in advance.

    • The reason I reviewed and recommend these 3 are because of their comfort level. But you will ultimately need to decide how comfortable you want to be. 


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