What Is The Best Mattress For A Sore Back? 3 Top Rated That Will Keep Your Back Pain-Free

Since you’re here looking for the best mattress for a sore back, you know that sleeping on the wrong mattress can make back pain worse. Previous to the work I do now, my back was always painful. Logging or bucking trees was pretty hard on the back.

One thing that I paid attention to was having the right mattress to sleep on. In camp, we were not really given much choice on the type of mattress that was used. In my bed, at home, I made sure that the mattress I used would help to relieve back pain so that I could go back to work.    

Back then, there wasn’t a vast selection on mattresses that that would reduce or prevent a sore back.

Nowadays, the sleeping industry has improved quite a bit. You have much more available to you so that you can get a good quality of sleep and wake up refreshed.

Why Should You Get A Mattress For A Sore Back

Considering that our back performs a wide variety of functions for us, we must pay attention to the type of relaxation we are getting. You need to learn how to achieve a balance between back support and comfort. This is what helps us wake up refreshed without feeling like we have kinks in our back.

If you are waking up with back pain and notice that you stretch and the back pain is gone within 15 to 30 minutes, then that’s a high warning sign that your mattress is causing you back harm. Another sign to look for when deciding on a new mattress is if you are waking up frequently or tossing and turning.

The three things that you need to be aware of when shopping or looking for a good mattress quality is:

  • Mattress Should Be Supportive Of Your Entire Body
  • Relieves Pain Pressure Points In Your Spine
  • Contours To The Natural Curve Of Your Body

Best Mattress For A Sore Back

1.     Rally Foam By Diamond Mattressbest mattress for a sore back - rally foam mattress

This mattress has different layers to ensure that you wake up in the morning without a sore back. Each layer has a different function.

The top layer is a cooling cover and is designed so that it is breathable as well as keep you cool. It is enhanced with a removable zipper so that you can remove it and wash the cover.

Next comes the supercharge layer; it’s just another cooling component that regulates the temperature of the mattress to help you stay cozy and snug.

Then you move on to the hyper conductive copper foam layer. This will dynamically regulate the overall core temperature in your environment so that you receive a good sleep while actively releasing pressure points.

Now we move onto the gel memory foam layer. This is where healing takes place. This layer is designed in such a format that it will absorb all pressure and will help the mattress to conform to your body, which will improve blood flow as well allow your muscles to recover fully.

Next comes the high-density comfort layer. This layer is designed to support you while you sleep and ensure that you can get comfortable in the mattress without feeling like you’re sinking.

The last layer is the foam layer. The foam layer will help the mattress to adjust to your body’s natural curve so that even if you are a person who changes sleeping position, the mattress has excellent response time; it will change contouring as you change sleeping positions.

The mattress also has excellent edge support, which is encased. This will help to increase your sleep quality without feeling like you’re going to slide off the mattress. The mattress also helps to reduce motion transfer. If you share a bed with the partner, and they climb into bed late, your sleep will not be disturbed as well movement will be limited.

Because it’s a hybrid design that is created for comfort, you can sleep in any sleeping position, and yet your back will remain pain-free as well as relieve pressure points over the rest of your body. Not only that, but you have three different firmness options being plush, medium, and firm. For people who suffer from a sore back, the firm mattress is the ideal mattress as it would help to enhance spinal alignment in the back and is excellent for stomach sleepers.

It is an eco-friendly mattress and is CertiPUR-US certified. You can try the mattress for 120 days, and if you’re not completely happy with it, the manufacturer will take away the mattress at no extra charge to you. Diamond believes in the mattress so much that they offer you a forever warranty.

2.     Gel Memory Foam Mattress By eLuxurybest mattress for a sore back - gel memory foam mattress

The gel memory foam mattress by eLuxury is 10 inches thick. The mattress has excellent airflow and is breathable. This means that if you sweat at night, the mattress will keep you cool as it will wick away moisture. It comes with a cover that you can remove for easy washing.

It has two layers. The top layer is made of 3 inches and 3 lbs of density gel memory foam. You’ll notice that as soon as you lie down on the bed, you’ll instantly start to relieve pressure points in your back. The gel memory foam makes it an excellent mattress that contours to the different curves of your body. The foam will also help to regulate your body temperature.

The bottom layer helps to give the mattress its shape as well as makes it durable. It is 7” thick and consists of 1.8 lbs of high-density polyfoam. This layer provides excellent compassion support and has a quick response to different sleeping positions, meaning it bounces back so that you will not feel like you’re getting sucked down into the mattress.

There is also a motion transfer reduction. This is especially handy if you share a bed with a partner. The littlest movement can be a cause for waking up with a sore back. But because this mattress reduces motion transfer, so if you have a partner who climbs later into bed and your sleep, you won’t even notice.

If you are a hot sleeper or person who sweats at night, you’ll enjoy this mattress as it prevents heat transfer. The mattress is created for durability. Because it uses premium gel memory foam, you’re also getting a mattress that will not wear and tear. So long as you take care of your mattress, it will take care of you.

It has excellent edge support, so if you are one of those sleepers who tend to start pushing yourself out to the edge as you sleep, don’t worry, you won’t fall off.

The only downside you might find is the off-gassing smell. This could take a few days to disperse. The mattress is highly recommended for people who have a sore back, carry extra weight, or sleep hot.

You will get to try the mattress out for 30 days, and if you’re not happy with the product, you can return it for a full refund. This mattress comes with a 10-year warranty. The mattress is CertiPUR-US certified.

3.     Sunkiss By Sweetnightbest mattress for a sore back - sunkiss by sweetnight

This mattress is 10 inches and comes with two-sided firmness. So you are basically getting a two in one mattress. The firmness level on each side of the mattress is different.

One side is a medium-firm as well; it is cool and helps to relieve pressure points. The other side is high-density support foam and is more towards the end of being quite firm. This side is for people who don’t want to get a feeling of sinking down but would rather sleep on a flat mattress.

Overall there are four different layers to the mattress. The first layer is the gel-infused memory foam, which is designed to keep you cool. Next comes the ventilation material, and this is ventilated comfort foam so that the mattress is breathable. Then comes the partition design, a unique three-zone airflow open-cell comfort foam. The last is the high-density support foam; this helps the mattress to be durable as well as strengthen edge to edge support.

It is CertiPUR-US certified. Because the top layer is gel-infused memory foam, it will help to regulate your body temperature and as well adjust to the different and unique curves of your body. The mattress is breathable due to the different ventilation foam that has been used. This is done to provide the ultimate comfort to you. The open-cell foam is excellent for overall pain reduction.

It has excellent support layers which will prevent you from sinking down into the mattress. As well, the support layers will prevent sagging. The high-density foam will help to align your spine to prevent a sore back. It is also a hypoallergenic mattress, meaning people who have nighttime allergies will be able to sleep without a stuffy nose or wake up with a sore throat.

Another great benefit I found of this mattress is that you can use it in different bed frames like with a box spring, platform bed, or even an adjustable bed.

The mattress is suitable for all sleeping positions. If you are a back, stomach, or side sleeper, this mattress has you covered. It has an excellent edge to edge support, security many need, which makes it easier to get the sleep as well have an overall better quality sleep.

You will get free shipping and a 30-day return period with a 10-year warranty, and 24/7 hours of customer service.

How To Choose The Best Mattress For A Sore Back

When choosing a mattress for a sore back, there are several things that you need to keep in mind. Remember, the lack of support from your mattress will reinforce poor sleeping posture. As well it creates painful back muscles, keeps your back out of spinal alignment. All this does is keep your back sorer than ever.

There are some straightforward course of actions you can follow to ensure that you’re getting the right mattress for your back:

  • What Do You Prefer

No single mattress will work for everyone. People have different types of back pain, some of us have it in the lower back, for others, it will be mid-back, and yet others will experience back pain in the upper back. Each of the mattresses that we’ve reviewed helps to cover each area.

  • Test Your Mattress

When you order your mattress, make sure that it comes with a trial or return period. You don’t want to get a mattress and try out for a couple of minutes. You actually want to give it a few weeks to see if it works for your back or not.

  • Keep Body Temperature In Mind

Some people need to have their body temperature regulated at night. It’s been a known fact that most of us need to sleep in a cooler environment. You will need to find a mattress that has excellent breathing capabilities; it is this quality of the mattress that helps to wick away moisture as well as keep you cool as you sleep. This helps to strengthen sleep quality, which means less back pain.

 Overall Conclusion Of The Best Mattress For A Sore Back

Waking up with a sore back can be a buzz kill. It affects your whole day as well creates problems later on in life. Why be a victim of back pain when it’s a quick fix as simple as replacing your mattress.

Hopefully,  the mattresses we reviewed will help you make an informed decision on the type of mattress you need to prevent a sore back.

Share in comments below what you do to relieve mattress back pain.

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  1. Hello there thanks for the review, it was really helpful I must say. There no worst feeling than having to wake up with a back pain due to the nature of your mattress. These are really nice set of mattresses us have on this article and from the look of things it seems they are pretty expensive. Nothing is too expensive if it is actually worth though 

    • You are right, our health should always be a top priority. They may be expensive, but a one-time investment that will last for years to come and save our back from longterm health repercussions, the mattresses are worth it. 

  2. Hello there! I like Gel foam mattress for the fact that they provide support and comfort without the use of springs. Many people don’t find spring to be very comfortable while they sleep and at such this is a great option for those like me who is tired of the same old thing with spring.
    Thanks for sharing.

    • Many prefer Gel foam mattresses, great selection. 

  3. Mattresses!  

    Who doesn’t love a good mattress?

    I know I’m a BIG fan of the mattress.

    This post was fantastic on giving some insights on some of the best mattresses available on the market.  

    I’m also interested in pillows that are designed to support the neck and ensure that one is getting proper airflow during the night.  

    Do you have any recommendations on good pillows?

  4. As I had lower back surgery twice in my life, I definitely know how important a good mattress is ! I am happy to have stumbled upon your site for all kinds of mattresses, makes the choice of a good one much easier. About this one though, I have one question : doesn’t the memory foam make it hard in the summer when you sweat a lot ? I am asking the question for my husband, who always has problems with that when it gets too hot outside. Thanks !

    • Thank you for your comment. As per your question, no memory doesn’t get hot because it is breathable and allows for ventilation. 


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