Best Mattress For Hip Bursitis – Top 3 In 2021

By choosing the best mattress for hip bursitis means finding pain relief night after night.

What Is Hip Bursitis?

Hip bursitis is when there is inflammation happening in the bursa. This is a fluid-filled sac near the hip joint. When the bursa becomes irritated or inflamed, this causes the pain to take place in the hip. It’s actually a prevalent cause of hip pain.

Different events can take place to cause hip pain, and they are:

  • Hip Injury – this can happen from falling on the hip or bumping into an object with your hip.
  • Diseases Or Conditions – people who have rheumatoid arthritis, gout, psoriasis, or thyroid disease may also get bursitis in the hips.
  • Soft Tissue Stress – some people who have a difference in their leg size will also experience hip pain.
  • Overuse Of Hip Joint Area – activities, like running upstairs, climbing, or even standing for long periods where pressure is placed on the hip, will also lead to bursitis.

Bursitis is usually more common in women who are middle-aged or the elderly. The symptoms of bursitis are hip, thigh, and buttock pain. This pain is often relieved when a person is lying in an aligned position while having adequate pressure applied to their hips.

Why Get A Mattress For Hip Bursitis?

Sleep is one of the more critical functions we need to help our body rest, recover, and recuperate from the daily physical demands we put on it. But for our body to achieve this way of healing, we need a mattress that will handle as well as provide relief to pain pressures points in our body.

To get a good quality of sleep means having a mattress that provides the quality and support to prevent pain from taking place. The mattress will help you restore your sleep cycle as well you will experience fewer disruptions, which will enhance the therapeutic effect of your sleep.

If you’re one of those people who experience hip pain, then it would make sense for you to put some definitive thought into purchasing a mattress that will help to reduce this pain as much as possible.

The following are three mattresses that help to provide the sleep you need as well as receive proper pressure on hip joints.

1.    Purple Queen Mattress

The purple queen mattress has equalized pressure points which will support your spine as well as provide support to your hips to keep them in perfect alignment when lying on your side.

If you are a person who shares the bed with someone else, then you know often the springs will cause the whole bed to move. But not with this mattress. If someone were to lay down while you’re sleeping, you would feel no motion at all.

The mattress has temperature regulating property. It is breathable and allows airflow to take place. It does not keep heat trapped inside the mattress.

The foam has been certified by CertiPUR – US. There are no toxic chemicals used to make the mattress. The Hyper-elastic polymer used in the mattress has been approved by the FDA and is safe for use by everyone.

Hyper-elastic polymer does not feel like foam. It almost has a gel-like feeling. It is bouncy, responsive, but still retains its softness. Although it is soft, yet it is firm, perfect for people who have a hip problem. When we are lying on our side, the last thing we want is for our hips to sink down to the bed as this takes our body out of alignment. Because this mattress is firm, this won’t happen.

When you’re lying on this mattress, you will get pressure relief where you need it the most, which is the hips. The bonus here is it will even apply pressure point relief to your shoulders and support your lower back.

By providing the cradling to your hips, you will notice you wake up pain-free. Because of the responsiveness of the mattress, it makes it easy for you to switch sides without any bother.

Hyper-elastic polymer bounces back into its original form quite quickly. So once you turn over, you will not feel the other side pulling you back. You might need to give the mattress a few days to off-gas to make sure there is no odor when you sleep at night.

You will be given a 100-night trial, and your return will be free.

2.    Tuft & Needle Queen Mattress

This mattress is great for applying pressure to the hips to help you wake up pain-free. It does have temperature regulating properties, plus this mattress is medium-firm, which will help your hips to stay in alignment when you are sleeping on your site. There is no motion transfer; you will not feel movement when sharing your mattress.

The mattress has significant pain handling capabilities and is affordable. There are no frills, fancy foams that come with the mattress. Just a simple pain relief sleeping product. It is designed to provide excellent support, cooling comfort as well as pressure relief for all types of sleepers.

Adaptive foam is designed to help you stay comfortable, receive relief without it feeling like you’re sinking down. There is a comfort layer, and underneath that support is the base high-density foam layer. It comes with a polyester cover, which is relatively thin and has good airflow in it to keep you cool at night. Polyester is known to be soft, but keep its shape and can last a long time.

The comfort providing layer on the mattress is made of 3 inches of propriety polyfoam. The comfort layer is responsive to pressure; it provides excellent mobility as well bounce to make sure that you do not feel like you’re getting stuck into the bed. It also has a cooling gel inside to help the mattress stay cool.

Under the comfort layer, it has 7 inches of high-density polyfoam. This will give the mattress the support to retain its shape. Even if you were pressed down into the upper layer, the bottom layer will help bring back its original form.

You can be a sleeper of any position type; this mattress will work to support you to keep you pain-free as well as help your body retain its alignment.

The manufacturer the mattress offers you a 100-night sleep trial as well as a ten-year warranty.

3.    Sweetnight 10 Inch Gel Memory Foam Mattress

The Sweetnight mattress comes to you compressed. Due to its compressed form, you can easily navigate it through narrow doors, hallways, and doors. The mattress is gel-infused memory foam, which will help you to sleep at an ideal temperature.

What I really like about this mattress is that it has two sides. One side is soft while the other side is firm. This means that you could switch sides for whatever type of pain relief you are looking for. Not everyone needs firmness; sometimes, people need to sleep soft to keep the pressure at a minimum.

If you are a person who moves around a lot and changes your sleeping position, you will be happy with this mattress. The firm side of the mattress will help to align your hips to help you wake up pain-free in the morning.

You’ll need to give this mattress at least 72 hours to regain its shape after you open it from its compression form. The mattress has 2 inches of gel-infused memory foam on the top, which is followed by 5 inches of comfort foam and then 3 inches of high-density support foam, which will help to keep its sturdy shape.

The mattress foam is Certipur-US certified. There are no harmful substances such as formaldehyde, mercury, or other heavy materials used to construct the mattress. As with any new compressed product, you might notice a slight smell, which will go away after a few hours.

What you’re going to be paying for this mattress is little compared to the benefits you are going to receive. It has a durable quality, which means it will last you a long time. It has a hypoallergenic mattress cover. This cover is removable, yet it has breathable properties that can resist dust mites, bacteria growth or other germs that may be floating around in the air.

The foam is made for cool sleeping as well; it will not sag, and self adjusts to body weight to help provide the right solution for pain as well as a limiting movement when partners who move around in bed.

The manufacturer will provide ten years warranty as well as a 30-night sleep trial.

How To Choose The Best Mattress For Hip Bursitis

Knowing that hip pain may be a common issue for adult sleepers. It makes perfect sense to choose the best mattress for hip bursitis, as this is the most factoring element in causing hip pain. Your mattress choice will play a crucial role in how your pain is relieved.

Some mattresses conform closely to the body to help align the shoulders spine and pelvis. These types of mattresses can quickly help to reduce discomfort as well as provide relief from pressure points in the hip area.

Remember that when you’re choosing a mattress, it will be essential to take your body weight as well as sleep position into consideration. People who are of heavier weight will find it more comfortable to sleep on a firmer mattress while people who are on the lighter side will find it better to sleep on a soft or thick foam mattress. The reason people who are heavier weight find it comfortable sleeping on a firmer mattress is that it prevents the mattress from sagging, which can actually end up causing more pain.

Final Words About Mattress For Hip Bursitis

Finding the right mattress which will help to relieve your pain is easily achievable. It might involve you doing some research as well as reading reviews. But remember that when you find the right mattress, it will help to resolve years of pain and anxiety of discomfort during sleep.

Share in comments below how you prevent hip pain from disrupting your sleep at night.

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  1. Hello Eric,

    Thanks so much for sharing great information that I’m sure will help me to find the right mattress to get a better sleep at night.

    I’ve been dealing with poor sleep lately and talking to my doctor, he told me this could be the problem, hip bursitis, and he told me getting a good mattress will help me to sleep better at night.

    Shopping to find one mattress for me this is how I found your website and your article helped me great, I’ll talk with my husband about the Purple Queen Mattress, I think it will help us both to sleep better 🙂

    • Great choice, you will not regret it. 

  2. This is an excellent article! Very informative. I have been looking for a mattress like these ones for my mom. She had a hip operation earlier in the year and has struggled to get comfortable. She gets very little sleep and is always in pain. At 74 she  also struggles with rheumatoid arthritis which her whole body is riddled with.

    After visiting several Doctors to try and resolve the problems one finally suggested that she change her mattress. Light bulb moment!!

    Now, she just has to choose the best one for her.

    Thanks for highlighting the importance of getting the right mattress.


    • Mattresses make all the difference in pain. 

  3. I have recently been looking into getting a new bed because what I have now, though good for just me, isn’t as good for those nights where my girlfriend doesn’t drive home and stays the night. Though I do not have hip bursitis, I do sometimes get stiff hip flexors from long hours sitting while driving.

    I liked the explanation you gave about the Purple Mattress where you said that when someone else lays down on the bed the other person cannot feel movement on their side. However I really like the concept of the compression with the Sweetnight 10 and the two sides of comfort. Can you feel a definite difference when rolling from one side to the other?

    • The difference takes place when it is flipped, not something any us want to do at night. But there is a remarkable difference in how the body aligns itself when using the firm side. The soft side is more for people who don’t want to have too much pressure pressing into their pain points. 

  4. I literally had no idea what to look out for when purchasing a mattress for hip bursitis and had to check it out.

    Your article has been really very informative and helpful, it is great to learn I can actually get a quality mattress that can help relief bursitis.

    Your recommendations all look very great and I picked more interest in this Tuft & Needle Queen Mattress, given that it can be shared by two people without causing any disruptions. I also love the incentive of a 100-night sleep incentive, at least that way I know I can always send it back if it doesn’t perform to expectation.

    Thanks for sharing this.


    • Great choice, a night of uninterrupted sleep is great for all us. This mattress makes it so. 

  5. Hello Eric, this is a very good one. Thank you for another round of educative post on hip bursitis. The pains can be very unbearable I can tell you and especially when one goes to bed. I was using a hard bed before and it didn’t help the situation at all for me. Luckily, ideas able to learn that the kind of ved slept on will also determine how quick this pain reduces. I am very happy to read this top 3 beds. I would very much like to grab one. You have also given details on how to shop for a good bed. Thanks!

    • Hope you find the one right for you.

  6. Hip bursitis is not usually rampant but I was once a victim of it and I cannot describe how much a matrresss was helpful for me in maintaining a proper balance to ensuring I got healed. Though some argue that getting only proper sleep might help get through the pain but then, the place of a good matrresss cannot be undermined too. The Tuft & Needle Queen Mattress was really helpful to me and it is the matreess in my home even till date.

    • Great choice. Thanks for stopping by.

  7. Oh this is very good. Nice that you can share with us some very good mattress that will help with bursitis issues. I believe that this is a really good thing because I have seen a couple of people who complain about pains from bursitis when sleeping.

    As you have rightly said, sleep Isa very sensitive part for anyone who has those type of pains. This are great mattresses. I will share it with those I know have bursitis pains.

  8. I had never heard of bursitis before reading your article. Thank you for your detailed description of bursitis and of the beds to choose when having hip pain. I have gone for years of knowing what type of bed is right for me. I have had everything from Tempurpedic to regular spring mattresses yet I still am never comfortable. I will definitely try out your suggestions next time I decide to purchase a mattress.

  9. Hello, I must say that this article is very helpful and informative. My wife has a problem with her hips and we never thought it would be because of the low-quality mattresses. Purple Queen mattress looks very promising and what I like the most about it are its price and quality, it’s not expensive at all, after all, it is a long-term investment.

  10. Hi Eric. I have to admit that I have never heard of hip bursitis before. However I have suffered from chronic hip pain for a number of years and getting to sleep at night has become a difficult experience. I tend to toss and turn for hours. My doctor diagnosed it as being from osteoarthritis,. Something I have through out my body. But I am going to look into hip bursitis and I’ll mention this to my doctor on my next visit. I the meantime I believe that I definitely need a new mattress. The problem I have is that my wife loves a firm one and I prefer a soft one. Do you think any of those three you mentioned my suit the both of us?  Jim 

    • None of these mattresses would provide that, but you can get an two mattresses that will fit on a bed. One for your side and one for hers.

  11. This was really interesting to read. I didn’t know there were mattresses that focused on these type of things. I, myself have psoriasis and it has gotten worse and worse over time. Luckily, I started a new treatment that has helped so much but my psoriatic arthritis hasn’t really have had any improvement. I get so much pain over night and early in the morning but I’m so grateful I still haven’t gotten any hips pain. But just in case, I will have this article in hand if I ever need it

  12. Hallo there Eric, 

    My wife had been having this issue with her hips that really got me concerned. We went and visited a doctor about it and after a few questions he recommended that we get a good mattress for her, and that is pretty much how I landed here. I think I am going to go with the Sweetnight 10 inch Gel Memory Foam Matress and see how it works out for her. I haven’t told her anything about it yet because I want to surprise her. I am confident she’s going to love it. Thanks heaps for helping me pick a good mattress for her. Cheers.

    • Great choice, will help the hip pain for sure. 


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