3 Best Mattresses For A Bad Back – Top 2021 Review

Our review of the best mattresses for a bad back will provide an in-depth solution in helping you sleep away back pain.

Millions of people worldwide are plagued by ongoing back pain. But sleeping on an uncomfortable mattress makes the back pain that much worse.

Most people buying mattresses, which will help them to have a good sleep at night, will be different. But the three that I have reviewed down below are the top ones which help to deal with uncomfortable discomfort in the back.

Each one of the mattresses which I have reviewed contours and conforms to one’s body and helps to alleviate pain. But each one also has its unique feature which may be what you’re looking for; this can help you decide which one to get.

Cause Of Back Pain

There are many types of causes of back pain. What I have listed below are some of the common reasons, there are many more:

  • Lifting Heavy Objects – lifting heavy objects will not cause the pain; it’s when people don’t use their knees, which brings on discomfort to the back.
  • Pregnant Women – the reason this brings on back pain is that pregnancy usually puts weight towards the front of a woman’s body. The back goes out of alignment, which then causes pain.
  • Poor Posture – when we have poor posture, it causes a strain on our back. This can cause us to sit in a slouched position, which places excessive pressure on our joints, muscles, and discs, thus causing back pain.
  • Muscle Overuse – overusing of back muscles causes muscle strain, tightness as well as irritation. The repetitive use leads to a sore back
  • Injury – traumatic injury such as car accident, slipping and falling work-related accident, or working out too hard can also place undue pressure on the back leading to uncomfortable pain.

What Back Pain Does To Your Sleep

When a person is suffering back pain, it leads to a night of disrupted sleep. Studies have revealed that back pain interferes with getting to sleep, staying asleep through the night, which then prevents restorative sleep.

People who suffer from back pain report that back muscle aches and pain worsens when there are no distractions around. Coincidently when we are trying to fall asleep, there are usually no distractions which leads to the constant thought of the pain in the back.

Most times, our sleeping positions can be out of alignment on the type depending upon the type of mattress we are using. Not all mattresses will support a person who moves around all night.

The bottom line is pain will disrupt your sleep to such an extent where you may find yourself getting a few hours of sleep and nothing more. This can increase anxiety to an all-time high.

Why Memory Foam Is Better For A Bad Back

Memory foams are probably rated highest among customers who are dealing with back pain. High-quality mattresses which are hybrid also receive great reviews, because they combined pressure-relieving foam layers which are pocketed with coils to create a gentle cushion.

Memory foam has a certain quality of contouring and conforming to the person’s body who sleeps on that type of mattress. When memory foam conforms around a person’s body, it allows the broader parts of your body to sink, while the narrow parts of your body lay atop the mattress.

Traditional spring mattresses don’t offer this type of support; rather they are uneven. The springs that are in the conventional mattress are stiff and will not allow the mattress to conform to your body.

Although there is a concern with memory foam retaining heat, the three mattresses that I have reviewed today all have heat removing capability. Meaning they will remain cool throughout the night, for the hot sleepers this is excellent news.

1. Layla

Features: best mattresses for a bad back - layla

  • Can use both sides of the mattress for firmness
  • Well-suited to sleepers of all types
  • Foam is copper infused to keep you supported
  • Cool temperature
  • 120 Night Trial
  • No Return or Shipping Fees
  • Over 60 positive reviews

This mattress relieves pressure points in your back via the cradling memory foam. It supports the sleepers of all weight or body types.

Layla mattress offers a motionless drop for the one getting into to prevent the rest of the bed from being disturbed, which makes it an excellent foundation for people who share a bed.

The mattress has the capability of heat control; it releases heat due to the temperature neutralizing component maintained within the foam.  Keeping cool is another great thing for people who sweat when they sleep.

It has two sides to it, one being firm while the other side is soft. Simply flip over the mattress to adjust to the comfort of your back. The memory foam in the Layla mattress offers pretty good support to those who want to release pressure and joint pain in their back.

The memory foam consists of an infusion of copper, which itself has sleep-inducing benefits. Copper offers excellent support to the overall body when you lay down on this mattress.

It will go down to compress under your weight, applying pressure as well as support to where you need it most.  The mattress does not sink but instead will align with your spine for best healing. This is one of its best qualities, meaning it will reinforce this over and over to help align your spine back into place.

As soon as you leave your bed, it will spring right back into place.

This mattress comes in six sizes:

  • Twin
  • Twin XL
  • Full
  • Queen
  • Kind
  • California King

My Final Opinion

It doesn’t matter what position you sleep in or which side of the mattress you want to use for any given day; your back pain will be relieved.

2. Purple Queen Mattress


  • Hyper-elastic Polymer is FDA certified
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Germicide free
  • Certipur-US certified
  • 10-year warranty with original proof of purchase
  • Will not trap heat
  • Over 500 positive reviews

The mattress is 9.5 inches thick and consists of three layers of foam and hyper-elastic polymer materials. Its top layer is 2 inches thick, which is Hyper-elastic Polymer. The middle layer is 3.5 inches thick, which is made of polyurethane foam. The third layer, which is 4 inches thick, is made of denser polyurethane foam and is created to give a solid foundation to the mattress.

The purple mattress like other foam mattresses absorbs movement easily. This absorption of movement means it causes minimal disruption to the person sharing a bed. As soon as you get off the bed, it bounces right back into shape.

This mattress offers you an affordable, handcrafted mattress with the best up-to-date features. The sleeping surface is cool, which helps hot sleepers to have a good nights sleep.

Due to its innovative design, the pressure is equally distributed for proper alignment of the spine. The mattress will give way under your weight, which helps to release tension in your back joints.

Because it contours to the sleeper’s body, those who suffer back pain will find it curving to release the tension from the whole body.

The mattress itself is breathable, which helps to keep the temperature at an even flow, this will keep your body at a cool temperature while you sleep.

This mattress comes in five sizes:

  • Twin XL
  • California King
  • Full
  • King
  • Queen

My Final Opinion

Considering that your partner remains undisturbed if you’re climbing into bed later than they are is a benefit to those who share a bed.

3. Leesa


  • Has 4 different layers for pain recovery
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Plant-based foam material
  • 100-night trial
  • Breathable material to maintain coolness
  • 10-year warranty
  • Over 350 positive reviews

Leesa mattress is made from a blend of memory foam, high-density polyfoam, and proprietary foam. It offers a well-balanced mattress, which is excellent for all types of sleepers.

The mattress itself is 10” thick, which is firm and offers great back support to those dealing with back pain.

There are four layers to this mattress

  • Cover – It is soft to the touch while having a comfortably pleasant feeling.
  • Comfort Layer – This material is dense with a little bounce to it. It keeps the sleeper supported at all times, as well promotes a cooling effect.
  • Transition Layer – This 2-inch memory foam responds slowly to weight, meaning it will gently contour and conform to your body, allowing for best spine alignment.
  • Foundation Layer – Here, there is high-density polyfoam, which helps to give the mattress stability and shape.

The mattress is eco-friendly as well as hypoallergenic. The memory foam is made from plant-based products, which ensures your health will remain optimized. The LSA 200 foam which Leesa uses for its mattress is excellent for people who suffer back pain or joint aches.

Being that is a breathable material, it helps to reduce the heat to help the sleeper optimize their sleeping time.

This mattress comes in six sizes:

  • Twin
  • Twin XL
  • Full
  • Queen
  • King
  • California King

My Final Opinion

The Leesa mattress provides a gentle hug to the body to hit all the pain points in the back. You can sleep in any position yet still gain pain relief.


Overall Conclusion

Since you’re going to be spending nearly a third of your life sleeping, it’s essential you pay special attention to this part of your life. Now that you have read my review of best mattresses for a bad back, you may be more aware of which mattress will help you stay comfortable. 

Anyone of these mattresses will help you have a deeper sleep, even when you move around or change positions. The mattress will adjust, and contour to the shape of your body, allowing your back the alignment and recovery it deserves. Another item that can help with pain all over the body are mattress toppers

You can even add some cooling sheets to your mattress to have an even better sleep.

Please drop your thoughts below on how your mattress affects your sleep.

18 thoughts on “3 Best Mattresses For A Bad Back – Top 2021 Review”

  1. Some great advice here on mattresses that could help with back pain. Eric, thank you for being so thorough. I can struggle with back pain as I have a kinky spine. There is a proper word for that but quite frankly I don’t like to say its name. I guess I will get right through my life in denial! 

    Anyway, it used to cripple me in my 20s but now I am nearly 50 I have learned wee strategies that mean I remain strong and upright a lot of the time now. The one place I have little control is indeed when I sleep.  If I end up sleeping on my back it will lockout and it means it is very very difficult for me to move. I don’t think a memory foam mattress would help me especially in that respect BUT I am sure it would help my partner who sometimes nearly gets shot out of bed as I have to reposition myself disgracefully! (You need to picture Orca flipping in the sea and then cancel the graceful elements you have just thought of) 

    I also couldn’t help nipping swiftly over to your article on cooling sheets – I’m that age it was too hard to resist! Great tips.

    • Haha..thanks for sharing your bedtime funny story. My wife is the same, she would rather I get slowly into bed so as not disturb her sleep, but our memory foam makes it so. 

  2. Thanks for this informative post, mattresses made out of memory foam have become the top choice for many people suffering from back pain. They provide adaptive and even support, especially when used with an adjustable bed frame. Together they help evenly distribute your body weight, which eliminates pressure points and other discomfort, this is definitely going to be a best buy for me.

    • Thank you for sharing your experience. 

  3. Hello Eric, I must say that this article is very helpful and informative. this is exactly what I was looking for. I have a problem with back pain since 2017 and it is primarily because of the low-quality mattress. I think Layla would suit me the best, it is not that expensive compared to its features. Thank you a lot for sharing, I will come back here to tell my experience.

    • Please do share your experience with us. Thanks for stopping by. 

  4. Wow, I had no idea that mattresses offered such a long trial period. Thank you for the detailed comparison of these models. I have suffered from back pain for 12 years, and know that hard beds are a nightmare for me. I want to try the Layla now – especially because of its cooling features which my husband would appreciate!

    • Things are always changing. Companies that create such products understand their industry. Wishing you much luck in getting what you need for your back pain.

  5. Yes, memory foam is the best for back pain and I can testify to that. I suffered from sciatica for months, going for expensive chiro treatments before realizing that I could be sleeping on the wrong type of surface all these while. My previous was a spring mattress (an expensive one) that’s really hard on my buttocks. That may have impinged my nerve even during my recovery period. 

    I ordered the bed-in-a-box service and was excited to sleep on it the first night. The first week was transformative and soon after, the lower back pain and sciatica disappear altogether. It’s worth the investment.

    • That’s great. We have a memory foam which is great for my back as well. Couldn’t do without it. Once you get used to the mattress it’s tough to go back to the old way of sleeping. 

  6. Thanks for some great information about the mattresses. I have a bad back and sleeping can be a nightmare especially because of the mattress I sleep on. I haven’t tried the memory foam mattress but I have friends who swear by it. I might actually go to a retail store to lie on one in the store and just see if it does what I think it will do for me before ordering through your link. 

    • Memory foam with hybrid features are the best one which will help with back, they have great conforming abilities. 

      • Yep, I know from personal experience what it is to wake up in the middle of the night due to back pain.
        Fortunately, I changed my mattress not so long ago. It might sound a little bit too cliche but it is life-changing. Waking up with more energy after a healthy sleep gets you ready for the whole day ahead. You suddenly stop feeling drained out and tired from… SLEEPING…

        • Great that you changed your mattress. You saw the need and did what was needed to fix it. Many people will not do that because it may bring too much change into their life.

  7. Oh, I really wish I’d come across your post before we splurged on an almost £1,000 bed. 

    We didn’t go with memory foam because all the other mattresses we’d viewed were heat-retentive and one of us sweat buckets whilst asleep but if we’d known about these mattresses that you reviewed, we’d definitely have chosen one of them.

    My husband has a really bad back (probably from posture but we’re not actually sure) and needs all the help he can get to sleep well. Perhaps we can return our current mattress and get this one.

    Which one is your favourite anyway? 🙂

    • I like all three and they all have their unique features. Hope you find the right mattress for your husband. 

  8. One thing I truly struggle with is back pain. I have a pars defect and disc degenerative disease and I hurt so bad and I know it’s because my bed doesn’t support my back properly. I great bed ain’t going to take away my illnesses but it may relief my back pain. Thanks for sharing this article with me. 

    • You are right it won’t take away illness but will help with symptoms. 


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