3 Best Mummy Sleeping Bags For the Hiker Who Wants To Travel Light In 2021

Nowadays, backpackers are considering looking at the best mummy sleeping bags for the ultimate hiking experience.

Since most people who hike are very concerned with the warmth to weight ratio of a sleeping bag, they should be given some leeway to their obsession.

It’s a tough go when you can’t sleep in the cold due to not being able to carry bulky sleeping bags around. These new mummy sleeping bags have taken sleeping out in the rough to a whole new level.

They are comfortable, cozy yet leave room for the user to toss and turn in. Not only that, but the differing system is such that hot sleeping hikers can open the bottom of the bag to let their feet out as well draw airflow into the bag.

Having worked in the logging industry, I’ve had my fair share of sleeping bags. But sadly, by the time my days in the forest were over, the mummy sleeping bags were just making an appearance.

I enjoy camping with my family and friends. One of my friends brought along a mummy sleeping bag; the sleep was unparalleled to the regular sleeping bag. I was sold the first time I tried it.

When deciding on a sleeping bag, there are certain features to consider:

  • Temperature – always chooses a sleeping bag that is lower than the intended temperature where your hiking.
  • Weight – depending upon how far you’re walking or hiking, take into consideration the weight you’ll be carrying around. 

Now onto the review of best mummy sleeping bags:

1. Therm-a-Rest Questar Mummy Sleeping Bag


  • Weighs in at 3 ½ pounds
  • Offers warm without the bulk
  • Great for backcountry adventures
  • Packs down to 9 x 14”
  • Works for all three seasons
  • Two-year limited warranty

This mummy sleeping bag is great for backpacking or camping for all three seasons. It’s lightweight and warm which all outdoor enthusiasts look for.

It uses the 600+ fill which is made of ultralight shell materials and has several other features that will impress any person who goes hiking, backpacking, or camping.

The features are made for the long haul. Thermarest has zoned the insulation so that when you get inside, it will not compress underneath your weight. The compression usually renders the sleeping bag useless, not the case with this mummy sleeping bag.

You’ll find the warmth in this bag as you so desire, minus the weight and the bulkiness most sleeping bags usually come with.

The coating at the seams found in the sleeping bag is going to reflect heat back towards the user and prevent the warmth from escaping the insulation.

The intended temperature for this sleeping bag is between 20 and 31°F. The zippers are snag-free, yet the bag itself is comfortable with room for you to move around in.

You can carry this sleeping bag in the pouch that it comes with which easily attaches to your backpack or you can store it in your bag conveniently in the bottom with a minimal amount of room being taken up.

You can also slide in a sleeping pad to make your sleep even more comfortable when you’re out in the wilderness.

This sleeping bag comes in three different sizes:

  • Long
  • Regular
  • Small

My Final Opinion

Due to it being warm and light, it would be the perfect sleeping bag for the hikers who want to have a great sleep to be ready for the next day.

2. Hyke & Byke Mummy Sleeping Bag


  • Weighs 3 ½ pounds
  • Extremely compact
  • Lofty equivalent to 625 Fill Power
  • Compressed down to 8 x 11”
  • Lifetime warranty

The Hyke & Byke mummy sleeping bag is an ultralight sleeping bag weighing in only at 3 pounds. Light enough for you to pack in your bag to carry on your journey of hiking or biking.

Due to its size, it’s very nicely closed off at the bottom for distance travel. The outer part of it is all ripstop nylon with extra durability added in.

It comes with his own little pouch as well as a clip that you can unsnap easily without having it twist on you.

It’s a warm cozy bag with some good features on it, one of them being the zipper which is pretty good quality and wraps around the sleeping bag.

It will keep your head nice and warm at night without pinching off and making it uncomfortable to breathe. By bringing the zippers around your shoulder area, the bag stays nice and warm and repels water, which means minimal moisture will get trapped inside.

The Velcro’s are pretty high quality; it’s this velcro that helps to keep the heat trapped in to keep you nice and warm at night so you can get a good sleep. This ensures that you get back to hiking with a fresh mind on enjoying the trails you create.

My Final Opinion

Considering that it packs small, it fits right into a hiker’s backpack. Which makes it a dream to carry without having to worry about clipping it onto your backpack.

3. Kelty Tuck Mummy Sleeping Bag


  • Superior packability
  • Comfort –tuck zipper system
  • Offset quilt construction
  • Weighs 3 pounds
  • Compresses down to 9 x 15
  • 30-day return policy

The Kelty Tuck mummy sleeping bag is designed for the person who goes on backpacking trips but also has a tendency to toss and turn when they are sleeping.

This is a really neat sleeping bag considering its inexpensive price tag. You’ll get a soft but durable fabric that includes warm synthetic insulation.

The shell and liner material is 75 denier polyester taffeta which is going to be very soft compared to the typical ripstop nylon materials.

It provides superb skin comfort while being a bit thicker than other ultralight shell fabrics. It also has synthetic insulation, which is lofty and warm and will continue to perform even when you’re exposed to wet conditions.

The construction of this quilt style sleeping bag eliminates cold spots and provides coverage over your total body.

It has a large two-way wraparound zipper which doesn’t extend just from top to bottom, but the zipper actually wraps around and over the top, while letting you unzip portions as kind of a vent. You can even pop out your feet if it’s too hot inside the sleeping bag.

Even though you pop your feet out of the sleeping bag, the insulation at the foot box of this is naturally shaped, so you get an anatomical design down low, there will be plenty of space for your toes.

The hood of the sleeping bag provides a thermal comfort that ensures a snug fit around the top of your head. This bag is rated for 20°F, but may extend to another 10°.

It is lightweight, comes with a compression style stuff sack which will help to reduce the size significantly so you can put it in your backpack to carry along with the rest of your stuff.

This sleeping bag comes in two sizes:

  • Long
  • Regular

My Final Opinion

Since the insulation is designed to retain warmth, this bag which is made of synthetic fiber blend has a whole new level to it.

EMONIA Mummy Sleeping Bag


  • Lightweight
  • Two-way zipper
  • Affordable
  • Carrying Case

EMONIA mummy sleeping bag is lightweight, weighing in a total of 4lbs. This sleeping bag can be easily packed into your hiking backpack for your hiking or camping trip. Kids can even use it for camping on the living floor.

It is waterproof, but don’t drop it into a  puddle of water for testing. The sleeping bag is comfortable with a two-way zipper going all the way around from one side to the other. The outer material is nylon combined with polyester; this helps the bag to maintain breathing capabilities. On the inside, the bag is filled with a hollow down alternative microfiber. This bag will keep you sleeping warm.

When packed well, it can be compressed, making it easy to pack and unpack during trips. It has hood pockets for convenience of placing your phone, compass, or other such small items.

You can even unzip the bottom, so your feet can get nice cool airflow coming in. For another convenience, ti comes with its own carry bag.

Types of Sleeping Bags

There are four types of sleeping bags. In this post, the mummy sleeping bags are featured. But I will let you know about all four types.

  • Rectangular – this sleeping bag allows a lot of room for both legs and arms to stretch out. It can be completely unzipped to be used as a comforter.
  • Double bags – these types of sleeping bags are best for couples who plan to sleep together.
  • Semi rectangular – This sleeping bag is barrel-shaped and is designed to cover a wide variety of shapes. With this bag, you will either compromise warmth or roominess.
  • Mummy – this sleeping bag is cut in a way to boost the warmth. The mummy sleeping bag is a snug fit. It is narrow at the head and feet, which helps to keep the heat in. But it also opens at the bottom to allow airflow when people who have a hard time falling asleep when they are hot or sweaty. It is a three-season bag.

Insulation Type

As a hiker or camper, you’ll be faced with the decision of purchasing down or synthetic. Below you’ll find the differences as well as the pros and cons of both:

  • Down 

This is a lightweight material while being the most efficient insulation. It is compressible, which means you can carry it on long hiking journeys without being weighed down. Down usually retain their loft longer than synthetics.

It is generally more expensive than synthetic as well. Fill-power ratings range from about 600 to 900. More warmth you want in your sleeping bag the more you pay.

  • Synthetic 

Although there are many different types of synthetic insulation, the most often used is fluffy polyester material which will not absorb water. This makes it a very wise choice to go with synthetic insulation.

Although synthetic sleeping bags may be bulkier or heavier, they are much less expensive than the ones filled with down.

Storage and Care

Since you’re going to be spending a bit of money on a sleeping bag – make sure that you store and care for it properly to ensure that it has a long-lasting life.

Both synthetic and down-filled sleeping bags are designed to trap warm air in to keep you cozy while you sleep.

Because of this reason, it’s important that you air out your bag by uncompressing it which will prevent the insulation from getting crushed or lose its ability to loft back out when you want to sleep in it.

While not in use, you can store your sleeping bag in a bag made of mesh for long term periods.

One of the best ways to air out your sleeping bag is to place it in a dry place out of direct sunlight. This will allow the insulation to be fully uncompressed, which will ensure a long life for your mummy sleeping bag.

Another thing you want to be sure of is to keep your bag clean from abrasion. Be careful not to step on your bag with dirty boots.

Your bag can get wet from rain, dew, frost, condensation, or even your own perspiration, make sure to dry your bag out. The best way to dry it out to keep it away from sunlight – UV rays may damage the material, although when you’re camping in the snow, sunlight may be the only way you can dry it out.

Never compress your sleeping bag when it’s wet, you’ll likely damage it.

The truth of the matter is your bag is going to get dirty, despite whatever you may do to prevent that from happening.

There are days you are not going to be able to have a body wash. You will crawl into your bag to sleep, which will make it dirty and stinky requiring a wash.

Both down and synthetic bags can be washed in the washing machine using special soap intended for sleeping bags. When you’re drying your bag, set your dryer on the lowest setting.

If your bag is filled with down, be sure to throw a tennis ball or two in there to help break up the clumps. Your dryer might be loud, but it will save your sleeping bag.

Overall Conclusion

My take on choosing one of the best mummy sleeping bags is that they are a great fit if you are an enthusiast hiker/camper/backpacker who wants to travel light.

Carrying extra bulky weight can turn off even the strongest of people. It’s when you want to hike into the wilderness that these bags will be exactly what you need.

Share your thoughts below on which sleeping bag you would choose when going hiking or camping.

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  1. Excellent article you have written up here and I must commend you for a job well done. My wife and I will be going camping in two weeks time and I decided to get her a mummy sleeping bag since she craved to sleep on one to have such an experience and what better place to do that than at a campsite. I will love to say that I prefer the Hyke & Byke Mummy Sleeping Bag, though you have given excellent options but I think I will stick with just that especially with the lifetime warranty.

    • Great that you found this article helpful. Wishing you a great camping trip. 

  2. You certainly made a nice collection of mummy sleeping bags. I am a beginner in using sleeping bags so I am glad to get so much information from your post. I really want something roomy and comfy.

    But I did not understand why we should pick a sleeping bag at a lower temperature than where we are going? And I can see that with some model the temperature can change, is that safe?


    • Yes, it’s okay if temperature changes. 

  3. Hello admin, this is a good post. I was really excited by the idea of hiking with my girlfriend when she brought it up, my friends thinks it’ll be nice if we got a sleeping bag to keep us warm and all. Now I see on your post about couple bags but you didn’t have any review on any of the double sleeping bag. I am hoping you can give a little time to tell us about that or do you think we should both get two of any of te

    • Will be looking at reviewing more sleeping bags in the near future. 

  4. I’m not really a real backpacker, I’ve always wanted to have an experience like that. I have two children who are pushing to go camping and therefore, thanks also to this excellent post, I will be happy with them shortly. The description is well made as are the mummy bag reviews. I just have to choose one and decide the destination of the next vacation. Thanks Eric for sharing your knowledge again.

    • Wishing you all the best in your purchase. 

  5. Thanx for The Great info on Options and How To care for Mummy Bags.
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  6. Thanks for providing a very helpful sleeping back guide for hikers.   It is kind of amazing how many improvements have been made with sleeping bags over the years.     Most of the camping that I do does not involve extended hikes, so I am thinking about getting two sleeping bags.    Yet, I have been looking for a smaller, lightweight bag for hiking.   

    The mummy bags are certainly appealing.   Although I like the fun lime green color of the Therm-a-Rest mummy bag; I am thinking the Hyke & Byke Mummy Sleeping Bag will be my preference.   As you mentioned, it can be compressed down to 8 x 11″.     That fact that it is 3 – 4 ” smaller,  can make a big difference when choosing backpacks.    Granted, I am just small enough that I want to minimize the amount of weight that I am carrying.   Added weight tires me out.       

    Thanks again! 

    • Yes, improvements have definitely been made. Happy camping. Thanks for stopping by.

  7. Wow!!! this article is accurate and timely,have not come across of such,best mummy sleeping bag,very durable and good to pack other thing going out with,This product will definitely be good for maximum satisfaction, enjoying home away from homeThanks

    • The product is pretty good I have to say. Thanks for your comment.

  8. I am getting ready for vacation and we are going hiking a lot during that time… I am looking a high-quality sleeping bag (I actually had one but it broke after a few uses).

    Anyway, I’ll probably go for the Hyke & Byke Mummy Sleeping Bag since it repels moisture. Is it waterproof as well?

    • It is not waterproof but is water repellant. Advice would be not use it in standing water.

  9. Hello and thanks for the great information on mummy sleeping bags.  I am not a hiker, but I live in the Colorado high country where you need a cold weather bag even in summer.  I have had the same sleeping bag for 30 years, and though it’s not a mummy, I think it has retained its use because I take care of it using the instructions you provided.  The best place to air out sleeping bags is on the close line outdoors!  Also, I have taken my sleeping bags to the dry cleaners since I feel like my washer isn’t big enough to handle them, and they clean up pretty well there.  Usually do that once, after the camping season is over.  Anyway thanks for the great info!  RhondaLeigh

    • Cold weather doesn’t like too much fun. Wishing you warmth over there. Thanks for stopping by.

  10. First off, thank you for this post.  Before I begin, I should tell you that I’m more of a glamper and tend to run around the country in my 5th wheel.  That said, we do hike from time to time and even raft as well.  Sometimes those treks end up as multi-day events.

    In such cases, I do need a quality sleeping bag that’s easy to transport and doesn’t take up a lot of room.

    I’m leaning toward the Hyke & Byke Mummy Sleeping Bag as my top choice, based on your reviews.  Do you think this is a good option for my use case?

    Again, thank you.  I look forward to your reply.


    • Hyke and Byke is a great sleeping bag. Let me know hiow it goes. Thanks for your comment.

  11. No questions on the overall topic as you are very detailed, as well as your tips are very useful. My experience with the topic is my wife and I travelers and being close to the mountains and BC we are always looking to travel light especially with kids. This is god information and very helpful. You get what you pay for for sure. If you want to stay warm and travel light you’ll need to spend a little more money for sure but it will be worth it! Thank you for the pros and cons this website is very helpful and to the point. 

    • I live in BC and enjoy camping trips here and there. Defintley need a good sleeping bag to make the most of the tirp.

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    Checking out these 3 options you mentioned here, I think the one that suits me most is Kelty Tuck Mummy Sleeping Bag. I really love the color, it will match with many of my other items. And I’m impressed it only weighs 3 pounds! This is the one for me! Thanks for this review!

    • Being lightweight definitely makes these sleeping bags a great option for any camping trip. As you say the color is nice.


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