Best Night Light For Seniors – 7 Top Rated In 2021

Best night light for seniors would be one that focuses not only on fall prevention but also prevents eye glare. The light should be easily accessible as well within reach if so desired.

There are even special lights people can use to enhance their mood, but in this post, we are going to discuss best night light for seniors.

Why Get A Night Light For Seniors

One of the best ways to prevent falls in older adults is to make sure that their sleeping area is always well lit. It’s better to focus on a sensor night light; once the motion stops, than the light will turn itself off, which makes it more comfortable sleeping.

If it’s not motion detected, then it would be better if the senior has a light close by, such as sitting on their end table. This will empower the elderly to know that they have control of the light and can turn it on whenever they want.

Not everyone remembers to turn on the lights. By removing the need to turn on the light, it’s a great way to make sure that a bedroom is always bright enough for the seniors to get around. 

Falls and fractures increase 200 percent in people over age 60 and that can be a complication of age-related vision loss,” Noell-Waggoner stated. There is a loss of contrast sensitivity and a reduced ability to see fine detail. Therefore, you must give them an even light level. (Source: Enlightenment)

The one thing about the night light for seniors that we have reviewed is that there is no need to worry about cords. This will prevent stumbling or tripping at night.

Different Styles Of Night Lights

Touch Lights

Considering that some seniors may have arthritis or loss of finger flexibility, the touch light is perfect for them. Older adults are more likely to use better lighting if it is easier for them to turn on.

These lights usually have a flat design, with a down pressing option. These types of lights are highly recommended for people who suffer from Alzheimer’s or seniors who want to have the option of dimming the light to their preference.

Automatic Night Lights

These types of lights are motion-detecting lights. Once they sense movement, they will turn on; after 30 to 60 seconds, if no motion is detected, they will turn off.

This is an excellent option for those who don’t want to go searching for the switch at night. The convenience of this light saves them the hassle and lets a senior go about their nightly routine

Best Night Light For Seniors

1.     AUKEY Bedside Light

This light is simple yet clean. Seniors will appreciate this light because of the lighting simplicity it provides. It’s easy on eyes due to its even diffused lighting emission.

What’s more appreciative of this light is that you can set the brightness level with the responsive touch-sensitive top surface. Just a light, gentle touch will do. A senior can have this sitting on their end table by their bed for ease of use.

It has a long-lasting LED technology. The bulbs are energy-efficient and only use six watts to generate 300 lumens of light. The bulbs are created for longevity.

What’s great about this light – A senior will not have to worry about stumbling around in the dark to turn on the light.

The convenience of this light makes it a very desirable accessory when sleeping at night. It provides a warm, vibrant color that will not cause any glare to the eyes. Another plus for this light is that it even enhances the mood of the user.

The manufacturer offers you a 45-day moneyback guarantee as well 24-month product replacement warranty.

2.     Mr. Beams Motion Sensing Nightlight

You will get three motion-sensing LED night lights. Not only that, but you can attach these nightlights anywhere you want. No need to call an electrician when installing these lights as they are simple to do yourself.

The nightlight has excellent water-resistant material, which will allow them to work regardless of what the weather condition is like. As soon as motion is detected, the lights will turn on.

You can mount them on your wall, which is actually the perfect place for them to detect motion. They also have a light sensor that will prevent them from activating during daylight.

Best quality of this light – This light takes less than five minutes to set up and can sense motion from 15 feet away and when motion is not detected; the light will shut off after 30 seconds.

You have the option of mounting them on your wall in different ways. You can either use the two-sided sticky tape, or you can install a backplate on your wall with screws to hold the light in place.

This light has an excellent output; there is no glare on the eyes. Seniors will feel safe walking around in the room even if they are half-asleep.

3.     Sycees Plug-in LED Night Light

This is another light that has a built-in smart light sensor. No need to fumble around in the dark looking to turn on the light, all you have to do is plug it in and it will sense your movement.

It’s bright enough for a person to make their way around in the dark. But not too bright that it will hurt your eyes, especially if you are getting up from sleep.

The nightlight will automatically light up, but only when the room is dark. Otherwise, during daylight, the light stays off. This light will cost you less than $.20 per year to operate.

A top feature of this light – The light is very slim and will take up no extra room other than the plug it is intended for. Meaning the night light will not block the second outlet.

Because it uses LED technology, there are no bulbs you will need to replace. It’s perfect for any room in your home. Most of us require the most guidance in the dark, the best place to have this light would be in the bedroom

4.     Rechargeable Touch Light

This light is touch activated and rechargeable. You can even, by pressing on the light, change the brightness. This is excellent to have on an end table by the bed.

You’ll receive a USB charging cord. All you need to do is charge it for 1.5 hours. Considering that the light is used mainly at night, the charge will have it lasting for a few months at a time.

It’s easier for seniors who don’t want to have to get up to turn on the light. It saves them having to stumble or fumble around in the dark. It’s also great for a baby’s nursery.

Highlight of this light – The highlight of this light is that it is a wireless light. It comes with an adhesive two-sided tape and back pad hanging clip, which is ideal for dark corners where you need extra light.

It has a built-in polymer lithium battery, so no need to worry about replacing the battery. Your eyes will not have to feel the glare of this light, because it has a translucent sheet covering.

The only thing that’s recommended by the manufacturer is not to stick it on a painted surface where you would not want the paint to tear off. Another thing worth mentioning is that if you don’t want to use the two-sided sticky tape, you can use Velcro tape instead.

5.     GE Plug-in Night Light

Do you want to save energy, yet have a nightlight to help you get around in the dark? If so, then the GE automatic LED night light will provide that to you.

This is a convenient plug-in night light that complements any decor. It’s a neutral color and will blend in with any design or style of your room.

It’s a soft glowing light, will not cause any glare to hurt your eyes. You’ll never have to worry about replacing bulbs. Because it is equipped with light-sensing technology, the light will turn on itself automatically as night starts to fall, it will turn itself off when the daylight breaks.

Why this light made it into this review – The LED light will adjust its brightness based on the light that is surrounding your area of sleep. But it will never overpower your sleeping time.

You have the benefit of having your second outlet free for other outlet using products. It will not block the outlet, but if for any reason you do want to cover up the second outlet, you can do so.

6.     AMIR Motion Sensor Night Light

An easy to install AMIR upgrade has now become a motion sensor light. It is battery operated, so you don’t have to worry about cords. The super bright LED bulb is created for longevity.

It has an auto-on feature within 10 feet but will turn off after 15 seconds when no motion is detected. This light is simple to install; no hardwiring is required. As a matter of fact, it comes with a backside that is sticky double-sided, as well as a built-in magnet.

The light will only turn on when there is a dark environment, if it detects any light it will stay off. Make sure to install this light in a cool place in your room; otherwise, the adhesive may weaken and have it slip off the wall.

What you will like – The light is battery-operated, and you’ll never have to worry about energy usage.

The lights are about the size of your palm; the sensors are sensitive enough to pick up movement. Just make sure to place them high enough to prevent children or your pets, knocking them off.

7.     Sensky Motion Sensor Night Light

This I friendly motion-detecting nightlight is perfect for seniors who want to get around in the dark. A warm white color emits from the night light. So you can also say its a mood-lifting light.

It is a back eye protection light, which means that the light comes on against the wall to help you see around, but avoids direct lighting into your eyes.

There are two modes to this light, on and auto. But turning it on or off, it works like a normal light, but if you use auto, then it works as a sensor light, which means it senses movement.

Why it’s worth buying – There are two reasons to buy this light. One, it is elegant and will enhance the decor of your room and it is eco-friendly.

Its motion-sensing capability is 8.2 feet range. And it will auto shut itself off after 60 seconds of inactivity. You will save energy with this light.

Where To Place The Night Light

If a touch light is being used, then the best place to place that night light would be close to the senior as possible. Quite possibly on an end table, where the senior will not have to go looking for the light. It’s right at their fingertips.

Now, if the motion light is being used, it’s better to have these close to the floor as possible. That is the area that you want to illuminate the most when walking around in the dark. With this type of light, seniors won’t have to worry about turning it on or off. It will light up as soon as it senses movement and turns off as soon as the movement has stopped.

My Final Thoughts On The Best Night Light For Seniors

Although night lights prevent falls, they are not a foolproof method to prevent injury. The lights will definitely lower the anxiety as well as the risk of falling, but you should still look at what else can make seniors sleeping life easier.

Some seniors suffer from insomnia, cooling comforters can help them get the sleep that they need. Other seniors suffer from pain and need proper spinal alignment, this is where wedge pillows can come in handy.

Let me know in the comments below how you feel about night lights for seniors.

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  1. I’m not yet a senior but because of my abuse of my eyes, that I worked so hard night and day in front of my computer my eyes were damaged, I am now searching for lights like these listed here. Normally, I find it hard to fall asleep when the bulb light isn’t turned on, and that hardship led to insomnia and is affecting my immune system. But the problem is, my eyes ache with the bright light coming from the LED bulb that I am using in my room. So, I think I should replace the bulb in my room with one of these night light bulbs for seniors that are listed here. Perhaps, the GE Plug-in Night Light will do the job.

    • That’s a nice choice of a night light. Sorry to hear about your immune system. Take care and thanks for stopping by. 

  2. What a great selection of night lights. My dad is getting quite elderly and does get up a lot during the night. I personally like the lights that don’t require a plugin. Part of the reason for that is many of my plugins are behind dressers and things. As far as the motion sensor lights, I think those would be good for Alzheimer’s or dementia patients since they might not remember how to turn on lights. My personal favorite is the first one you featured, the bedside light with a touch switch on the top. Thanks for showing all the possibilities in nightlights for seniors. 

    • Great choice. Thanks for stopping by. 


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