Best Pillow For Sleeping In A Recliner – Top 5 You Can Trust To Keep You Comfortable

Since Zenful Sleep is committed to finding and recommending the best products, today, we’re going to look at the best pillow for sleeping in a recliner.

Are you looking for a recliner that you can sleep in a while recovering from surgery, then have a read of our post recliners to sleep in after surgery. Maybe you’re looking for a recliner for sleep apnea, then have a read of our post recliners for sleep apnea.

Anyways, back to our review of the best pillow for sleeping in a recliner. The pillows that we have reviewed today not only work for recliners but they also work for office chairs as well as vehicle seats. Having to sit in a chair for a long time can leave a person with neck pain, back pain, and even restless leg syndrome.

By adding the proper pillow to your recliner, you’ll be able to give yourself the appropriate support you need to maintain proper alignment of your spine, as well as have good blood circulation, and prevent your muscles from getting tired. People who are recovering from surgery are often recommended to sleep in a recliner; these are the people who will benefit from having a pillow that is meant for recliners.

What Is A Recliner Pillow

Since recliners are constructed to relieve pressure from certain parts of your body, some are too soft, and your head may not stay in alignment with the rest of your body due to sinkage. A recliner pillow will keep your head elevated while at the same time, provide the support you need when going to sleep.

There are many different types of recliner pillows; the most popular ones provide head or lumbar support. These cushions are there to relieve pressure from hips and spines, so you wake up pain-free. The pillows will allow you to change sleeping angles that are best suited for your needs.

Who May Need A Recliner Pillow

  • Pregnant women
  • Elderly
  • Office workers
  • Gamers
  • People who sleep in a recliner

Best Pillow For Sleeping In A Recliner

1.     Wishcush Seat Pillowbest pillow for sleeping in a recliner - wishcush seat pillow

This cushion pillow is excellent for people who have back or tailbone issues when sleeping in a recliner. It is ergonomically designed and will help to support your upper, middle, and lower back while offering numbness relief.

The cushion pillow also encourages spinal alignment. You can even use this pillow when driving or sitting in an office chair. By using a pillow, your reducing pressure on the coccyx and your lumbar vertebrae. It also promotes healthy posture as well as helps to improve herniated discs, sciatica nerve, and tailbone injury.

You’ll notice that after sitting in this, you’ll experience less pain. Even if you sit on it for long periods, because it is cooling gel memory infused, you will not sweat. Another great benefit of this cushion pillow is that it is made from memory foam, which contours to your body to provide relief of pain pressure points effectively.

The memory foam is breathable and hypoallergenic. It is also designed to handle hips and thigh pain. The U shape tailbone area will help to relieve tailbone pain well while providing enough cushioning for the sensitive tailbone area.

Even people with back injuries or severe scoliosis have benefited by using this. You could comfortably recline on your chair and work from home while having this pillow to keep your tailbone and back free of discomfort.

You will get a 60-day risk-free guarantee and 100% customer satisfaction. If you’re not satisfied with this cushion pillow, you can return it within the 60-day window and get a full refund.

2.     Milliard Foam Leg Elevator Pillow

The Millard foam leg elevator cushion pillow is designed to support the leg, knee, and ankle. This pillow will help to elevate the leg as well as prevent the leg jerking or movement.. It is excellent to use on a recliner when sleeping.

The pillow will help to reduce swelling as well as decrease pain by reducing blood flow to the injury or surgery area. Knowing that tossing and turning can reinjure a leg, this pillow will help to keep your leg in place.

It is made from memory foam and consists of a sculpted leg channel with a 45° angle thigh ramp. It will also help to reduce pain and swelling when in recovery mode on a recliner. It comes with a machine washable cover.

Even people who have a sprained ankle or swollen knee joints can use this pillow to prevent further damage. By immobilizing injured joints, bone, and elevating your leg, you’ll be back on your feet faster than you think.

You can use it for either leg. Many people who have ACL tear have been known to use this on their recliner so that they can sleep, watch TV or read without having to worry about reinjuring their leg.

The product dimensions are 32 x 13 x 9.5,” and it weighs 4.3 pounds. It is relatively deep, but will still hold your foot up higher. Since its fairly long, you know that your leg will not be left hanging the air.

It’s quite comfortable and supportive. The wedge portion will be seated under your side while supporting your leg, and you will not feel any discomfort as well healing is promoted.

3.     LoveHome Memory Foam Lumbar Support Back Pillow

Even though your personal preference will be a deciding factor in how you feel about the lumbar support pillow, the LoveHome memory foam pillow is an excellent pillow that will provide a gentle curve around your body angles.

It comes with a strap that keeps this securely in place. It offers the best combination of support over long periods. The pillow is easy to secure, adjust, and wash. The features that help it stand out are the memory foam, which is breathable and allows it to cushion or mold itself to your back. The pillow provides support evenly, which allows for maximized relaxation. It also helps to relieve stress off of your muscles.

The ergonomic design is simple, yet will help you sleep in your recliner without pain. The fabric is also breathable, which will help to wick away sweat if you are a hot sleeper. If you are one of those people who feels tightness in your back, this cushion pillow will help to relieve that pressure as well promote better spinal alignment.

It is a chiropractor recommended orthopedic lumbar support cushion, which will help you recover from surgery. The cushion pillow will never flatten out and is firm enough to take the shape of your back as well as provide comfort and relief of numbness.

It comes with two adjustable straps, which will help to keep the cushion pillow in place while preventing it from sliding down. You can use it in any office chair, armchair, car seat and recliner.

The 3-D mesh cover will help to keep the air circulating, so you don’t sweat, and it will keep you cool while you sleep in your recliner. It’s an excellent idea for people who have sleep apnea issues or are recovering from surgeries.

You have 60 days to try it out, return it within the 60-day window; you’ll be fully refunded.

4.     Neck Headrest Support Pillow

This neck headrest pillow is a simple solution for neck and head pain relief. It is made of clinical-grade memory foam. The pillow is designed to fit into a reclining chair. Once you use this pillow, you’ll notice that stiffness will be gone, and you’ll regain full movement of your neck without limitations.

The cushion design is made with the user in mind. It will help to eliminate neck pain by keeping your ears, shoulders, and your spine in perfect alignment. Another benefit of this neck headrest support pillow is that it will never go flat. Instead, it will conform to the contours of your neck. By adapting to the contours of your neck, pain pressure points will receive relief.

It can be safely used in a reclining chair because of the ergonomic design. It comes with straps that help to keep it in place. Not only is it great for people who want to sleep in a reclining chair, but it’s also great for people who want to read or play video games.

It comes with a carrying bag that will keep it clean while not in use; you can also machine wash it to keep it fresh. 100% premium therapeutic grade memory foam has been used to create this neck headrest pillow. You are offered a 2-year warranty and a 60-day satisfaction guarantee.

5.     Adjustable Back Support Pillow

The adjustable back support pillow by Viteps is versatile as well as portable. It is the natural ergonomic shape which helps to quickly relieve your back pain as well as tension when you’re sleeping in a recliner.

It has a flat back with the curve design in the front and is excellent for pregnant women, elderly, anyone recovering from surgery, and gamers. The fabric of this back cushion pillow is breathable mesh, and you can remove it to wash it by machine.

You can use it on your recliner safely without having to worry about injuring your back. But it is also portable, which means you can take it to any part of your house or out to the games to sit on the bleachers as well as use it on a rocking chair.

It is hypoallergenic, making it an excellent asset for those people who suffer from sleep time allergies. Since poor posture is a common cause of back and neck pain, this lumbar pillow promotes spinal alignment as well as healthy posture.

The lumbar pillow is therapist and chiropractor recommended. It’s firm enough to support a weight of up to 200 pounds, meaning that it will not flatten down. The adjustable elastic straps will help to ensure it stays in the right place on your chair. It is a bit on the firm’s side, which is what many of us need when trying to sleep to keep pressure off of pain points.

The pillow is filled with premium memory foam, which will help to align your hips, back, and spine. The material is very durable and high quality. It fits many different types of chairs, including recliners.

Reasons To Get A Pillow For Your Recliner

If you plan on sleeping in your recliner, then that is the perfect reason to get a pillow. But there are other reasons to do so as well, such as when you are recovering from knee surgery and need to keep your leg elevated.

Or when you are recovering from spinal surgeries, then having a pillow in the right place will help to keep circulation moving. Recliner pillows are ideal for spinal alignment.

Recliner pillows will also help to keep you comfortable in your recliner for many hours. They are functional and can be used not only for the recliner; you can use them on outdoor chairs and car seats as well.

What To Consider When Buying A Pillow For Your Recliner

Before you buy a recliner pillow, you need to keep some points in mind:

  • Type Of Fill The Pillow Has

The reason you want to pay attention to the fill is that this is what will determine how the pillow will contour to the curve of your body. Most times, it is recommended that you get a memory foam pillow; not only does it contour, but it also helps to keep the temperature regulated. Since you’re going to be using the pillow for a few hours at a time, you want to ensure that you don’t overheat while you’re pain points are receiving pressure relief.

  • Size

To avoid the strain of any kind, make sure you pay attention to the size. Some pillows may be too wide or too long for a person’s torso. Before you get a recliner pillow, take some measurements which will help you choose the right pillow for your size. Although when getting a pillow for your recliner, going with a larger size is usually recommended.

  • Is The Pillow Adjustable

This is so that you can adjust the pillow as per your need. The adjustability includes pillow attachments to keep the pillow in place. You don’t want the pillow sliding down when it’s tucked in behind your neck. An adjustable pillow will provide the proper support for your neck, lumbar, and legs.

  • Durability

By paying attention to the material used to create the pillow, you’ll be ensured that your pillow will last a long time. This also means that the cover is removable so that you can wash it to keep it fresh.

Best Pillow For Sleeping In A Recliner Conclusion

If you are one of those people who prefers to sleep in a recliner, then you’ll benefit from any one of the pillows we have reviewed. Just make sure to pay attention to where you need comfort the most before choosing your pillow.

Share in the comments below which pillow would help you the most when sleeping in a recliner.

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    • Hope she recovers quickly, but the pillow you are looking at is a great choice. 

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    We have bought for her a few pillows to see if she feels better, but it seems we haven’t been luck to find the best pillow for her.

    I think the LoveHome Memory Foam Lumbar Support Back Pillow will help her to get more rest during the day.


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    • Memory foam with gel would work well for your mother. She could benefit from the lumbar pillow. 


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