Best Pillow For TMJ Sufferers – 7 Top Rated In 2021

The best pillow for TMJ sufferers is the one that helps to align the head and cervical spinal area, so there is less pressure and tension in your jaws. 

When someone has TMJ, it usually means that their lower and upper jaw is dysfunctional, which results in facial pain and heavy tension. This can cause strain on the face, head, jaw, and neck.

For people who suffer from TMJ, the most often recommended sleeping position is on their back. The reason this position is recommended is that it takes the pressure off the jaw while supporting the neck and shoulders. By getting the support, it will ensure that you won’t grind your teeth as much.

Although most times sleeping in the right position will work, sometimes it just is not enough. Before we start falling asleep, we need to start relaxing; if there is any pain, relaxation is the last thought on our minds.

TMJ continues to be on the rise; there are many people who are now complaining about this pain. There are so many pillows out there that people are recommending – choosing the best one can become time-consuming.

Get the right kind of pillow– A small pillow placed under the arch of the spine and/or under the knees can make back sleeping more comfortable and therefore easier to get in the habit of doing nightly. You’ll also want to make sure you have a TMJ-friendly pillow for your head.

Source: Med Centre TMJ

That’s where one of these recommended best pillow for TMJ sufferers comes in handy. We scoured Amazon to make sure that what we are bringing to you is tried and tested. Most of the pillows have over 200+ reviews, and most of them are positive.

Best Pillow For TMJ Sufferers

1.     Therapeutica Pillow

An excellent choice for those who experience TMJ pain. This orthopedic pillow will restore the natural curve of your neck. You might need to give the pillow some time to adjust to your sleeping pattern.

It is made from non-allergy and non-toxic foam. Keep in mind this is not a memory foam pillow; it will not mold to the shape of your neck. One of the main issues for TMJ sufferers is headaches; this pillow will help to alleviate that pain.

It provides excellent therapeutic benefits for your jaw, neck and shoulders, and upper back. It has over 400 positive reviews, making it a favorite for people who suffer from neck or jaw pain.

It might take a bit of getting used to as it is a pretty unique pillow due to its firm design, but it will support your spine in the way it should be supported. It will even help you relax, and you can roll onto your side without any issues.

People with arthritis, as well as bone spurs and shoulders and neck, have been known to use this pillow. The only thing to remember is that you will need to take time getting used to the pillow, once you’re used to it you can use it every night.

Even people with neck surgeries have been known to use this pillow. The manufacturer offers you a 90-day return policy.

2.     Mkicesky Pillow

If you’re looking for a hypoallergenic pillow, which provides relief from TMJ and upper neck pain, then this is the pillow you will want to purchase. It is ergonomically designed and will allow neck and shoulder muscles to relax without any issues.

Not only that, but it is made of memory foam, which means it will contour its shape to make sure that your neck and head fit into it nice and snug. It will also alleviate the pain pressure points.

It is CertiPUR certified. You can sleep in any desired position when using this pillow. It not only helps with TMJ pain, but it also provides support to the natural curve of your neck, which allows you to breathe without snoring.

A little tip to remember is that it may take your body a week or so to get used to using the pillow. Give yourself that time, and you’ll be a happy person

The hollow design reduces the pressure on the head and will stabilize your sleeping posture. You’ll be able to sleep quickly without experiencing headaches while eliminating neck, shoulder, and jaw fatigue.

The pillowcase is removable and easily washable. All you do is unzip it and open the button to remove it. To prolong the life of your pillow cover, it is recommended that you wash it by hand.

You will get a one-year warranty for this soft, breathable pillow.

3.     MARNUR Pillow

This 60% polyester and 40% bamboo pillow provides extra softness and is skin-friendly. It’s a slow rebound pillow meaning that it keeps its shape longer than other memory foam pillows.

When you lay down on this pillow, it’ll maintain the natural curve of the neck by contouring around the cervical spinal area. By cradling your head, it provides optimum support to the jaw area, which prevents headaches or stress on your jaw.

It is created for different sleeping positions. You don’t have to remain on your back necessarily; you can easily go on your side or stomach. The comfort that it provides due to its ergonomic design is not like the traditional pillows. This pillow is actually a perfect sleeping companion.

By giving you proper body alignment, it can help to ward off muscle pain as well as relieve muscle tension headaches each end of the pillow is of different heights; you can sleep on either side depending on how much thickness you prefer.

By removing the vivid leaf logos, you can comfortably sleep on your stomach. Just remember to keep this pillow out of the sun, or otherwise, you risk it going yellow.

Although it does not come with a pillow cover, the polyester thick protector on it is zippered, and you can remove it to wash it. You will have 30 days upon purchase to return this pillow if you are not happy.

4.     Royal Therapy Pillow

This is another CertiPur certified pillow. It is made from 100% rayon, which is derived from Bamboo. I like that this is an adjustable pillow. Meaning that you can remove or put in memory foam to suit your cervical spinal needs.

The pillow will provide even support to your neck, head, and jaw area. It will conform to all the areas around your head and neck. You can also remove the middle foam layer; this will allow you to sleep on your side, back, or stomach.

Many people toss and turn at night, but because this pillow induces muscle relaxation, you’ll find yourself maintaining a sleep position to get a good quality of sleep.

Another thing that I found really beneficial with this pillow is that if you are one of those people who have breathing issues, the pillow has great alignment; it will help to alleviate strain off your neck for easy breathing.

Because the pillow allows an excellent spinal alignment, it will also help to reduce leg jerking, an issue that affects many people at night. The pillow is hypoallergenic and prevents the growth of bacteria as well as mold, fungus, and dust mites.

You will not have to worry about overheating with this pillow as it has breathing capabilities that allow you to cool down quickly. It will wick away any sweat which hot sleepers tend to suffer from.

You have a 100-night money back policy.

5.     POLAR SLEEP Pillow

The Polar Sleep pillow will provide you with comfort as well as support for your neck and head. The common cause of TMJ is improper support to the head. Once you have the support in place, jaw pain is alleviated as well as any headaches or neck tensions that can be caused by TMJ.

Your spine will be supported appropriately; doesn’t matter if you are a back sleeper, stomach sleeper, or side sleeper. All your sleeping positions are covered

Its ergonomic shape will promote excellent alignment of your overall total body. The pillow will help you to relax your neck, back, and shoulder muscles so that you can get a good quality of sleep all night long.

The core of the pillow is 100% memory foam. The rebound time of this memory foam is 3 to 5 seconds; then, it goes back into a regular shaped pillow. It’s another pillow that will help you keep cool at night if you are a hot sleeper. I like that it is skin-friendly and chemical-free, meaning there are no toxic chemicals that you are inhaling when using the pillow.

You will get a five-year warranty with this pillow.

6.     Nature’s Guest Pillow

This pillow is chiropractor and orthopedic recommended. It has an excellent contoured design, which helps to reduce head and neck pain while providing optimal support to the cervical spinal area.

The pillow is best suited for people who are back sleepers as well as those individuals who shift from back to the side. Another great feature in this pillow is that it’s an adjustable pillow, meaning you can add or remove memory foam as desired to change the loft of the pillow.

With its hypoallergenic properties, you will not have to worry about allergies or dust mites bothering your sleep time at night. It has a premium cotton fabric cover, and the revolutionary microfibers stay cool no matter how hot it gets.

This pillow will fluff up quickly, no need for you to worry about having to wait for hours before using. You will receive instructions from the manufacturer on how to decompress the pillow as well for how to adjust the loft of the pillow.

The pillow comes with a zippered plastic bag that you can take with you on your travels; this will prevent the pillow from getting dirty.

You get a 30-day return policy.

7.     UTTU Pillow

This is another adjustable pillow. One of its features is that you can change the size of the contour by removing or adding memory foam. It is made from dynamic foam, which will contour to the shape of your neck and head to prevent TMJ pain.

Not only will pillow help TMJ sufferers, but it will also help to develop proper spinal alignment. The memory foam will never become hard; it will always remain contourable. It comes with a cover, which is 60% polyester and 40% bamboo.

The pillow wicks away sweat while providing cool sleeping properties to the user. You can remove the cover to wash it; this will extend the life of your pillow and cover.

You will get a 30-day return policy with this pillow.

One thing to remember when getting any of these pillows is to allow them to fluff up and air out for at least 10-12 hours. This will get rid of all odors as well as have your pillow fully fluffed and ready to use. 

Final Thoughts On Best Pillow For TMJ Sufferers

When selecting the best pillow for TMJ, getting the one that is perfect for you will depend on what your requirements are. Do you want a pillow that offers comfort, support, or will you get one that provides both of these?

With the pillows that have been reviewed above, it is a guarantee that you’ll find one that fills your needs. Are you looking for pillows with an incline, then check out our GERD pillow recommendations.

Share in the comments which pillow you would choose.

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  1. Hi, Eric.
    Thanks for sharing your review on the best pillows for Temporo Mandibular Joint sufferers.  The pillows you suggested seems to be of pleasant comfort. I liked the Royal Therapy Pillow as it can be adjusted as per the need of our body shape and requirements. Can two people use the same pillow on alternate nights or both should have a separate one?
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    • Royal Therapy Pillow is a great choice, it seems to be a preferred one. 

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    Thank you for your well researched thoroughly informative article about Best Pilllows for TMJ sufferers in 2020. I’m sorry my first question is what is TMJ? I have Fibromyalgia so I’m always looking for things to help make sleep work for me. 

    The first pillow looks like it would be a torturous experience for me but the next one looks a lot more up my street. What material is used for the cover of the second one? Are there any cotton or silk ones with memory foam? 

    I liked the ones that you could take some foam out to adjust it, I have bookmarked your site and I know where my next pillow is coming from, krs PurpleLioness 

    • TMJ is 

      Temporomandibular joint syndrome, it is pain in the jaw joint that can be caused by different medical issues. Most times when people grind their teeth or experience neck pain. Most pillows have used foam for their construction. Adjustable pillows are great if you want to change the loft of the pillow. 

  3. Hey, I enjoy while reading your article on best Pillow and found it very useful for everyone to buy best pillow. I like your each product review because you provide the review after using or testing the products. I checked many reviews on your site and  find all useful for me. Now it is the time to buy the best Pillow for TMJ sufferers. I selected two from your list MARNUR Pillow & Royal Therapy Pillow. Both are awesome for me.

    • You have made a wise choice, getting to sleep when pain is a culprit can be difficult. This pillow will help to alleviate the pain. 

  4. Wow. Thanks a lot for sharing with us this amazing pillows. In the last days I search for a pillow on the internet but I have found many non-qualitative products that do not help my cervical pain. My favorite is Royal Therapy Memory Foam Pillow. The doctor recommended that I use the memory pillow and the memory mattress because they are the best. My friend has a pillow like this and I want to say that he is very pleased. Another great advantage of this product is the price of only $ 39.99 considering that I found on other sites with a price over $ 100. At such a price I will definitely buy 2 pillows, one for my wife. Good luck! 

    • Great choice, here is to pain-free sleeping. 

  5. Your article on Best Pillow For TMJ Sufferers is awesome for everyone. While reading I know that best pillow for TMJ sufferers is the one that helps to align the head and cervical spinal area, so there is less pressure and tension in our jaws. Your details post help me to make a buying decision . Now I choose Therapeutica Pillow & Mkicesky Pillow for my family. Keep this awesome guide.

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