4 Best Quality Nap Mats For Extreme Napping Relaxation For 2021

Can one of these best quality nap mats help you get the perfect nap?

I’ve gotten a few emails to write about the best quality nap mats which I would prefer if napping was on my mind. I think it has something to do with our last blog on are afternoon naps healthy.

Nap mats when thought about, conjure up a picture of a child. But I have to tell you these mattresses aren’t only limited to children. Many adults use them, as well.

These mats are so versatile that you could literally use them anywhere. I’ve even heard of people using them in their treehouses. They are great for those on a budget as well as for those who travel. These sleeping mats are usually a bit wider than the traditional sleeping bags people use.

Before these mats existed, people used to use sleeping bags. However, sleeping bags do not provide thermal insulation or protect from bumps and lumps in the ground. Plus they are hard to use on a hard surface.

Of course, sleeping bags would be perfect on a mattress used as a blanket. The types of mattresses that we are recommending are lightweight yet retain durability over long-term use.

Whether it is you who needs the nap or your child who needs a daytime nap, any one of these fantastic mattresses that we are recommending will make napping a breeze.

Hey, sometimes we just don’t have enough beds for guests or kids’ sleepovers. That’s when you’ll be glad to be an owner of one of these mats and be happy that you don’t have to put your guests on the floor.

Of course, it is during the daytime when we really need a nap. The naps help to chase away and conquer nasty critical thoughts we have at night.

What Is An Adult Nap Mat?

An adult nap mat is a material that provides an adult with a gentle place to sleep. The mats are usually light in weight and can be moved around. They come in a variety of different styles. Adults will remain fairly comfortable when using a nap mat as they offer a germ-free divider from the ground. You can easily wash the nap mat so they are always clean and ready to use.

Types of Floor Mattresses

  1. Roll-up Mats

This mat usually comes without bedding. They are generally easy to roll up to store away for later use. They can range in thickness, which means that you can get one which will provide you the most comfort. They usually can be closed up by Velcro, hook, and latch or a ribbon. Most roll-up mats have handles for ease of carrying.

  1. Stackable Mats

Stackable mats are usually made of vinyl and are easy to clean. To save space, they can be stacked one atop another to provide extra thickness when going down for a nap.

  1. Fold-up Cushions

They can fold into three or four sections. They’re not as easy to transport from place to place. Most time fold-up cushions provide the luxury of folding up into a couch.

One thing I want to address before you read our reviews on our four best quality nap mats is that never nap in your bedroom. Keep that space as your sacred space of relaxation. Another thing that happens when people sleep in their room is they end up oversleeping, which then disturbs their sleep at night.

Naps are meant to be short in duration. So now let’s discuss which mats we recommend for you have the ultimate power nap.

Best Quality Nap Mats Review

1. Better-Habitat Sleep Ready Mattress

best quality nap matsFeatures

  • Hypoallergenic cover
  • Set-up in minutes
  • Vinyl free
  • 12-month warranty
  • Machine washable
  • Very supportive memory foam
  • Water-resistant cover
  • Easy to store way

This has the durability to last. The great thing about this mattress is all you have to do is roll it out, have a nap, then roll it back up to put it away.

The mattress is created in an effortless backpack style for ease of carrying anywhere you may want to go down for a nap. Not only that, but it also comes with pockets to store your nap needing requirements.

Such as:

  • iPad
  • Toiletries
  • Book
  • Phone

Dimensions of the mattress are 75 x 36 x 3 inches; it supports weight up to 230 pounds. You’ll save yourself the hassle of having to inflate or deflate a mattress. It has convenient straps for rolling to put away for the next day’s use.

Not only will you be able to use it for your own naps, but it’s perfect for overnight guests or camping. The cover is non-slip, which means you could probably put it on your hardwood floor and not worry about it slipping all over the place like some mattresses too.

If you were to take it on a camping trip, the 3 inches of padding would prevent any bumpy spots from digging into your back. The high-quality material used to make this mattress consists of a combination of cotton and polyester.

It could be useful in preventing back pain and other health issues. Many times when people are suffering back pain, they are usually told to sleep on a hard surface.

The design of it it’s really sturdy. It is water-resistant on the bottom, but it’s not waterproof so it wouldn’t be something that you’d want to sleep on in standing water.

Rather than sleep directly on the ground, this mattress will keep you 3 inches off the hard floor.

This mattress comes in one color, which is gray.

It comes in two different sizes:

  • Kids
  • Twin

My Final Opinion

It’s a mattress which you can take to your office, pull out for a quick, and then pack it away back under your desk. No one will be the wiser. Remember, naps are great for those who want to perform at full capacity. Or those who see their energy dwindle.

2. Leewadee Thai Massage Mattress

quality nap matsFeatures

  • Handmade
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Double-stitched for extra strength
  • Back massage as you nap
  • High quality and authentic
  • No chemicals
  • Easy to repair
  • 30-day return policy

If you want a massage while you’re sleeping, then the Leewadee Thai mat may be perfect for you. As some may know, back issues are one of the biggest complaints when sitting in a chair while working.

This mattress is made with separate tubes that are sewn together. These tubes are filled with kapok. Kapok is a natural cotton-like fiber that comes from the giant pods of the kapok tree.

The kapok filling in each tube helps it to maintain its form, which prevents it from bunching up. The more you use this mat, the more relaxing it will be for your back.

Although it’s not like the memory foam where it will conform to your back, each tube is designed to massage your back for the most relief.

The outer cover of the mat is made of traditional fabric with Thai design. The mat itself is double-stitched for extra strength and durability.

You can even roll a quarter of the mattress up, put it back up against the wall and lean back to read, watch TV, or have some daytime tea.

Not only is this mat a great back massager, but it is also comfortable and breathable. It can be easily rolled up for storage for later use, or you can take it with you when traveling.

It is handmade with attention paid to the stitching as well as the design — the mattress thickness is 2 inches.

This mattress comes in 9 different shades:

  • White
  • Orange
  • Violet/Green
  • Red/Black
  • Blue
  • Green
  • Red/Brown
  • Light blue
  • Auburn/pink

The dimensions of this mattress are 79x30x2”.

My Final Opinion

If you’re looking for a nap mat that will give you a nice quick massage, so you are powered up and ready to get back at your day, then this mat exactly what you need. Just the fact that it gives a great back massage is enough to own it.

3. Millard Tri-Fold Mattress


  • Assembled easily
  • Lightweight
  • Versatility in using it anywhere
  • 3-D mesh cover is removable and washable
  • Foldaway for easy storage
  • 30-day return policy

The foldable mattress by Millard, I would say is probably one of the better one’s available today. This mattress is made with pure high-density memory foam which provides an optimized level of comfort for the daytime napper.

The memory foam is topped with a hundred percent polyester cover, which ensures that the folding mattress has the durability over long-term use. This mattress gives you the perfect balance of comfort and is easily portable, which stands the test of time.

The 4.5-inch foam thickness ensures that when you lay down for your daytime nap, you’ll be able to snooze without any bumps or lumps. The mattress is well ventilated to allow airflow to regulate the temperature for your maximized comfort.

The cover that it comes in like I said before it is made of hundred percent polyester 3-D mesh, this fiber will protect your tri-fold mattress from any damages. The same cover also has an anti-slip bottom to help keep your mattress firmly planted on a smooth floor. The cover has a zipper, which makes it easy to remove and is machine washable; this makes it a breeze to clean.

This simple yet elegant design for this mattress allows it to easily become a small couch. Once you’re done with your nap, you can easily fold up into a comfortable couch or store it away.

Where and when you can use this mat is:

  • For unexpected guests
  • College Dorm
  • Camping
  • Den
  • Loft
  • Spare room
  • Kids room

The mattress, when opened fluffs to its full size quickly – takes less than five minutes. It is lightweight, so it is easy to maneuver around.

The mattress comes in one color which is blue.

Dimensions of this mattress are 40.2×12 x11.8”. When is it assembled into a couch it is 9 inches off the ground.

My Final Opinion

The cushions of this mattress are nice and thick. Fabric is of sturdy quality, which means when taken care of right, this mat will last you a long time.

4. Tri-Fold Folding Mattress w/Storage & Carry Case 


  • Trifold nap mat
  • Storage case included
  • Generously -sized and velvety soft
  • Relieves pressure points
  • Breathable density foam
  • Can be used as a makeshift sofa
  • Ergonomically designed to support your neck and head
  • Enhance spinal alignment

Tri-Fold folding mattress w/storage & carry case is convenient to carry around. It is a trifold mattress 75” x 31” x 4”. It provides great comfort as well as a good alternative to an air mattress. I have to worry about hassling with it; it unfolds as well fold easily.

You can conveniently use this when traveling, camping, sleeping out, or when you have guests, even if you want to have a nap in your living room during the daytime. What’s another unique feature about this mat is that you can fold it into a makeshift sofa.

It is comfortable and plush, yet has great reading capabilities due to the high-density foam that’s been used to construct the mat. The phone is known to provide therapeutic benefits, which will guide you to better sleep.

You also get a carry and storage case with the. So you can conveniently pack it up to take away on outdoor adventures and travel. When you’re not using it, you can put it away into your closet, but you will not have to worry about it collecting dust due to the storage case.

If at any time you not happy with the mattress, you can return it for a full refund. Your hundred percent money-back guarantee is provided by the manufacturer.

What To Do When Putting Your Mattress On The Floor

When putting down your mattress on the floor, make sure that you vacuum and dust the area well. This will protect you from dust particles, dust mites as well as any other allergens which may rest upon the floor.

Remember the times when you’re not using your mattress, store it away. That’s why the four I have recommended are perfect. You want to allow the moisture that may get trapped under the mat to escape. By putting away after every use, your mattress will last a long time as well it won’t affect your health.

The best place to use your mattress is on a hard surface. The carpet can collect mildew and moisture which you want to stay away from. I would recommend the floor as the ideal spot to use your mattress.

If you do want to use on the carpet, then laying something in between to buffer the mat.

Are you having a hard time getting your nap, then read our last post on sleep tricks that work. It may help you get into a nap mode.

Positives Of Sleeping On The Floor

  • Improve circulation – your body is in total alignment which helps the blood to circulate
  • Less risk of scoliosis – because of the alignment of your body, it will prevent curvature of your spine
  • Alleviates back pain – if you’re back sleeper, then laying flat on your back is exactly what your back may need
  • Access to cooler air – getting lower to the floor means cooler air flowing up, may be perfect for hot sleepers

Negatives Of Sleeping On The Floor

  • Dust may accumulate – make sure to keep the area clean of all dust
  • Moisture can get trapped in a mattress – use a good cover which is removable and washable
  • Depending upon foam may not work for side sleepers – get a mattress which is over 3 inches thick

Final Word On Best Quality Nap Mats

In conclusion, the best quality nap mats are perfect for those times where you need a power nap. All you do is roll out your mat, give yourself a break so that you can get back to working with 100% efficiency.

Another great thing about napping is you can beat anxiety before it gets a handle on you.

Have you ever tried nap mats to get sleep? Share your thoughts below on what you think about our best quality nap mats review. 

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  1. Taking naps is something I do most of the time because of the kind of head burning thoughts I engage in as I work online, after cracking my brain, I just take my  sleeping bag and go under the tree outside my house for a nap. I’ve been used to sleeping bag but getting a new option and a better one is always a good idea to accommodate and I think that’s exactly what I’ll do here, I’ll get myself one of these nap mats and feel the real comfort of relaxation as soon as possible. 

    Thanks for sharing this article, its really useful and interesting, I enjoyed reading through. 

    • Naps are important, good for you for recognizing the need. Glad you enjoyed the article and thanks for visiting.

  2. Hi! I need a nap mat! And I’m grateful I found your post. In my book, my best choice is the BetterHabitat mat. There are a bunch of things I like about it:

    1. I can take it on my backpack.

    2. Solid memory foam.

    3. It has pockets to store stuff.

    Thanks for this post!

    • That’s a great choice, especially since you have found what works for you. Thanks for commenting. 

  3. Hello Eric, thanks for sharing sucj wonderful post. I haven’t seen someone who doesn’t like to take a nap, even in the middle of a serious event, if I’m given a chance I’ll nap. Napping rejuvenates me a lot and after a nap, I have come to notice my brain works smarter and faster. But napping isn’t a problem at all, having a good place to don’t is the main point.
    Now I’ll love to commend the wonderful suggestions you have given here. So far, I don’t really know there are specific mats for naps. However I would love to buy the leewadee Thai Massage Mattress because of its message feature. It will be of great importance. Best regards

    • You are so right. I love naps, but hate going to my room and don’t want to turn my couch into a place of sleep. Nap mats are great. The one you are looking at is great. Let me know how it goes for you. 

  4. Thanks for your sharing here. I enjoy sleeping on the floor in summer. It’s really comfortable and cool. It’s a good idea to get a nice floor mat. Leewadee Thai Massage Mattress seems a very nice option. When I take a nap on the floor, I can enjoy massage as well. And I sometimes have a back pain. Do you think this one is suitable for children as well?

    • All the mats are great for children and adults. I sleep on the floor for my back as well, it definitely helps the spine align itself again.

  5. Thank you for your post. I usually take a short nap during the work break, but just sit in my desk. The results are ok, but apparently not perfect.

    I think it is good idea to have a quality nap mat for a good rest during the work break. I have low back pain for a while now. I like the Leewadee Thai Massage Mattress. The size is small and fit for office. It also give me a back massage. It is true that it is two birds with one stone.

    It is kind of you spending your time finding such valuable information. Many audience will benefit from this.

    • I agree having a mat close to where you work may also emphasize working harder because then your mind knows a break is coming up where you will be able to lie down. Plus cleaning it is a breeze. 

  6. Thank you for writing this article.

    I have to admit, I never considered a nap mat for myself.  I always thought they were something you’d get your kid for nap time.

    Now that I think about it, I can totally use one of these.  I might even take it to the office!

    I’m actually liking the Better-Habitat Sleep Ready Mattress because I can roll it up, store it out of the way and it has pockets for my devices (I’m actually writing this comment on my iPad right now, LOL).

    Thanks again,


    • Great storage space is why it’s a top-selling mat. I never considered mats for adults until I went on a retreat where we were told to used mats for meditating as well as sleeping. The wonders it did for my back were amazing. 

  7. I’ve always been okay with nap mats, as for me sleeping on the floor has never bothered me and at times I even prefer it to sleeping in beds. All I need are simple roll-out mats and I could honestly sleep in my own living room if need be! It’s kind of unusual, but something I’ve always preferred over traditional sleeping methods.

    • For back issues sleeping on the floor is great. Thanks for stopping by.

  8. Hello, this was a very informative article. I especially liked the better habitat sleep ready and also the leewadee Thai massage, because of my back. I sometimes have a little back pain. I also liked the last one for visitors. These are really great options. Sometimes I take afternoon naps in my hammock, but I think that those nap mattrasses will work even better 🙂

    • The hammock sounds great for sleeping as well. Thanks for stopping by.

  9. Thank you for writing this article. You have given me a fantastic idea. I did not know that there were nap mats for adults. I have been looking for a solution for when I travel. Having a nap mat, I could use it when I was visiting people or staying in a motel. I am a little bit of a germaphobe and hate the thought of sleeping in a hotel bed.

    I am not sure I would like the massaging mat, but the one that rolled up would be great. Do you think they roll up small enough to fit in a suitcase or a duffel bag?

    • They do come in their carry bags, but no they won’t roll up to fit in suitcase or duffel bag.

  10. Hello, Eric and thanks for sharing this info about Nap Mats. I’m thinking I need a nap right now. Brought back some memories of early camping days with my wife and granddaughter.

    We used a huge tent that had enough room for our mats and a dog. The mats were tri-fold mats that we bought from an outfit called Jysk and they served us very well. They actually still sell them but they only come in the one width as I recall. I can definitely see the benefits of using them in that instance. They were much more comfortable than trying to sleep on an air mattress, especially those ones with the fake pillows :).

    We’ve gotten past that now as we are retired and have a trailer with a very nice mattress (that we had to purchase). You would have cringed had you seen the one that came with the trailer.

    I can also see how one of these would be great for those “Unexpected Guests”, especially the fold up ones you mention. Having one of these mats hidden in a corner for those “Just in case” moments would be perfect.

    Thanks again for these great suggestions.


    • I used to go camping as a child as well. Not so much, the wife and kids are more city people. My parents had an RV, the way those mats were made, not meant for napping. But thanks for sharing your story.

  11. Wow! This is really an informative post. I realized that I have learnt something new , that is, there is a tendency to oversleep when sleeping on the usual bed. I think this is true. There are times when I have the intention to just take a short nap but end up sleeping for hours. I will definitely try to sleep in an alternative room when I am taking naps. Hopefully, I can keep my naps shorter, hee..

    I like the Tri-Fold Mattress. I think it is space saving. It can be folded and act as a casual couch when it is not used as a mattress. Moreover I am definitely a side sleeper as well as someone who tosses around a lot when sleeping. This mattress should be thick enough for me.

    • Yes, I agree with the thickness, but I also like Thai one just because of the massage capacity. Have a great day.

  12. Hi, What a great idea these nap-mats are. I have recently had a visitor stay over and she brought one along with her and I am grateful to say she left it with me. Now I don’t have to worry whenever I get one of my grandchildren over for a sleepover or any other visitor.
    I keep mine set up in the spare room and have set up an exercise area and use the nap-mat to exercise on as it gives me good support.
    Thanks for this great article on the nap-mats.

    • Do you make sure to pick it up once you’re done with it? Otherwise, it will collect mildew and dust. Not a good thing for anyone. But having nat mats is a great thing when we have guests.

  13. Hey

    These are great! I had never seen them before! I really enjoyed reading your page, I think I have just found the perfect solution for my mini cottage! I don’t always like pulling out the sofa bed when I am in there working so I wind up napping on the sofa instead. I always wake up sore and feeling like I haven’t really rested.

    Would you recommend these for kids as well?

    • Yes, children can use them as well. Thanks for your comment.

  14. You’ve given a lot of vital information about nap mats from types to benefits. I never knew that sleeping on floors with it can be good to one’s health especially on body circulation and prevention of scoliosis. I rarely do it, simply because I thought that napping on the couch is just plain easier. It’s nice to know that even mats are leveling up its features to further provide comfort improve usability. 

    The Leewadee thai mat is what I wanted to try the most because of the massage feel texture it provides. I feel that it can help a lot to relieve stress brought by too much working or studying. It even has a wide array of colors to choose from which is great because you can opt for something that can compliment a room. Overall, i think it’s a must to consider buying a hypo allergenic mat especially for people suffering from allergies. 

    Getting a nap is important so we can get away from stress amd be rejuvenated so we can maintain a positive vibe within ourselves. thanks for the suggestions. I think it’s all great!

    • Getting a nap is very important, but then so is the nap mat which will meet the needs of napping. Have a great day. 

  15. I’m glad you pointed out the part of not napping in your bedroom. It most likely would mess up one’s regular circadian rhythm and possibly make it harder to get to sleep at night. I love the idea of napping and am glad to have come across this site that justifies my preference to nap! It’s also really handy to have mattresses like these handy for overnight visitors too. We often go camping and think the first one could be the one to go with for when we need to get organised and get one. Thanks for sharing your mattress picks in the range for napping on.

    • My children nap in their rooms, then they wonder why they can’t sleep at night. Hope you find a good mattress for camping. 


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