Best Recliners For Sleeping After Surgery In 2020? 5 Chairs and 7 Surgeries Covered

best recliners for sleeping after surgery

Why should you get one of these best recliners for sleeping after surgery?

Because getting a good recliner can make all the difference in how long your recovery time will be. Not only that, but you can place it in your room for more privacy or have it out in your living room where you can nap intermittently while enjoying family time.

Why did I do a review of the best recliners for sleeping after surgery?

My wife had two back to back cervical spinal surgeries back about eight years ago. Buying a recliner was probably the best thing we did. She didn’t have to leave the room as well she could recline as much as she needed without injuring her surgical site.

The recliner was used until it wore out, then we bought another recliner for her. This time it was when she had a colon resection. There was a considerable incision going down the center of her tummy. The bed was not the most optimal place of sleep, as moving from a lying to sitting to standing position was not so easy for her.

Each time she moved from one to the next position, the pain was unbearable. We bought a recliner that quickly moved into all three positions where she didn’t have to use her muscles, but the electrically powered recliner did all the work.

Both times her recovery was enhanced because of the use of a recliner. She did not have anxiety about having to experience pain. 

She was able to sleep in the recliner for long periods, as well most of her sleeping positions were supported. But we made sure to use a weighted blanket, so her body temperature was regulated at all times.  Having both of these made her recovery time much shorter than what it could have been. 

According to a study done by the Journal of PeriAnethesia Nursing, people who used adjustable recliners rather than traditional hospital beds reached home readiness faster as well they experienced greater levels of comfort during their stay in the hospital. Not only that they had fewer symptoms such as nausea and severe pain.

Best Recliners For Sleeping After Surgery Recommendation

1.    ComHoma Leather Recliner Chair Modern Rocker 

best recliner for sleeping after surgery

ComHoma leather recliner chair modern rocker has extra padding on the chair’s seats as well as the headrest. This chair is made for sitting for long periods at a time.  It also has a 360 degrees swivel, so you don’t miss any action during your recovery, as well it has 152 degrees reclined feature.

Sleeping in this recliner is easy as it has an excellent quality push back mechanism. Once you are ready for sleep, no need to mess around by trying to push the recliner up with your body force, but rather it will simply happen once the mechanism is released.

Since you are going to spend a fair bit of time in this chair, of course, you will need a drink holder, which this recliner offers with ease. It also has an 8-point massage system with four modes of vibrations.

The width of the recliner is 20 inches. The full length of the chair in a reclined position is 63 inches, covers most heights.

Your back will get great support as the seat isn’t overly soft that you will find yourself sinking into. The armrests are wide and extended so that your arms will get the support they need without slippage.

What I really like is that the chair gives you the option of stopping your footrest where you need it most. It also heats up, so you stay warm even when you are sleeping. 

You will find this as the best recliner for:

  • Back Surgery
  • Shoulder Surgery
  • Hip Surgery
  • Spinal Fusion

As per one reviewer, the recliner is very easy to assemble and works really well for her elderly parent.

2.    Signature Design by Ashley Yandel Power Lift Recliner Saddle

recliner for sleeping after surgery

Signature Design by Ashley Yandel power lift recliner saddle comes with faux leather upholstery, it will feel soft under your skin, so sleeping during recovery will not be a problem. Plus, the high back design backs up the quality you need when resting.

This chair one of the larger ones, coming in at 35 inches width, while the depth is 40 inches. In full reclined position it is 69 inches. You will be able to watch TV or take intermittent naps without any issues.

Because it’s faux leather, you will not have to worry about leather wear and tear. The fabric is polyester, which can last a long time while still maintaining its softness. The construction of the chair is supported by an excellent quality of wood, which is corner-blocked to prevent wooden planks from falling apart, which is noteworthy.

The style and vibrant classic brown leather color of this recliner will go with any décor. What’s really exceptional here is the motor lift. You can, with a touch of the button, smoothly recline your feet to give your whole body a nice relaxed rest.

What’s great is that assembly is simple; it will take you about 20 minutes to set-up. All the essentials to put this recliner together are included.

One reviewer bought it for her 6’2 husband, who was having double knee surgery. Her husband has found it to be perfect as it sits a little higher, which makes it easy for him to get in and out of. It has made her husband’s recovery much faster.

You will find this as the best recliner for:

  • Hip Surgery
  • Knee Replacement
  • Spinal Fusion

The manufacturer offers you a one-year limited warranty.

3.    Irene House Power Modern Transitional Lift Recliner

Irene House power modern transitional lift recliner construction is pretty sturdy. It has a removable headrest, and the arms also come off. This will make cleaning this chair a breeze.

It has foam filling, which offers excellent support to people of all weight or height. It even has side pockets for remote keeping as well as storing a book for reading.

This chair is designed with people who have a hard time getting out of standard recliners. It quickly moves from sitting into a standing position, which makes it much easier for people who have a hard time bending or using their knees to move from sitting to standing. 

The extension of the footrest is a great boon for those who want to stretch out fully. You will able to sleep comfortably in this chair, not only your back, but you can lay on it sideways as well.

One reviewer bought it for her Grandma, who has limited mobility. She stated, her Grandma can sit in the chair all day doing puzzles and napping. All she has to do is push the button to get into a standing position.

The assembly of the chair is easy, takes only about 30 minutes to put together. You will need someone to help you bring it in.

You will find this as the best recliner for:

  • Hip Surgery
  • Knee Replacement
  • Spinal Fusion

It has a 2-year warranty for the reclining mechanism and three years for the wood frame.

4.    CANMOV Electric Power Lift Recliner

CANMOV electric power lift recliner is comfortable for long time use. Cost-wise it’s on the less expensive side than other recliners. Not only that, but it’s also beneficial when sleeping or recovering from surgeries or injuries. It comes with lots of features and functions.

The recliner is remarkably comfortable, will suit most any height and weight of up to 300lbs. The upholstery is very unique, which cannot be found on other chairs. It has a very modern look to it, which will have it fit well in with your bedroom or living room décor.

It is overstuffed, so you gain all the benefits of being at ease when using it. When moving into a reclining position, you will not notice any bumps; rather, it will be one smooth move.

Because it’s electrically powdered, you will not need to worry about having to use your legs or stomach to get in lie-down position. You can even move the chair into an upright standing position, which will make it easier to go from sitting to standing.

There are many functions of this recliner; it will be up to you to decide which functions you need at the moment. When in recovery mode, many people use this recliner to sleep in, play video games, or read. There is a pocket on the side for storing items such as the tv remote or books and magazines.

The instructions the video that comes with it are there to guide you in putting the chair together quickly. Takes at most 20 minutes.

The suede-like surface will have it feeling luxurious next to your skin. The high-density sponge stuffing will have you relaxing and sleeping with ease. No odors are emitting from it. As soon it is assembled, you can begin using it right away.

You will find this as the best recliner for:

  • Cervical spinal surgery
  • Shoulder surgery
  • C-section surgery
  • Knee Replacement
  • Spinal Fusion

You will get a 1-year warranty for materials defects and workmanship.

5.    Magic Union Power Lift Massage Recliner

Best Recliners For Sleeping After Surgery

Magic Union power lift massage recliner reclines so far back that you are warned to keep it 17.7” away from the wall. It has a power lift function, which quickly moves you from sitting to standing position.

The robust frame of the recliner will ensure that the weight of up to 300lbs has full support. A remote is included to recline the chair as well as get the footrest out to where you need it most. There is a pocket on the side which can hold remotes, books, magazines and other such things.

The areas covered for massage are:

  • Legs
  • Lumbar
  • Back
  • Neck

The massage modes are:

  • Pulse
  • Press
  • Wave
  • Auto
  • Normal

Each of function of massage can be set for 15-60 minutes.

The chair is easy to assemble, but you may need an extra pair of hands to bring it and help you assemble it. The back and footrest have a 3 point system that works well together to give you the most benefits. It even provides heat function to the lumbar for total relaxation.

It has two cup holders. On one side, you can place your coffee or tea, and on the other side, you can place a water bottle. The headrest padding is quite thick, which will help to rest your head and neck quite nicely.

One reviewer commented they have had multiple surgeries, this recliner has made their recovery easy via the lift function, which moves from sitting to standing. There is no pain or hassle for them.

You will find this as the best recliner for:

  • Cervical spinal surgery
  • Knee Replacement
  • Spinal Fusion

You will receive a one year warranty from the manufacturer.

Conclusion For The Best Recliners For Sleeping After Surgery

Sleeping is a necessity for all us, but when we have a particular need such as surgery or immovability issues with not being able to stand up easily, sleep can become non-existent. Learning from what my wife went through, getting all the help we can get can make a huge difference. 

Having a recliner will not only speed up your recovery by saving muscle work, but it will also provide a safe sleeping space to ensure that you sleep without disturbance.

The only thing I feel that will further enhance your sleep on the recliner is by getting a recliner blanket to maximize your total comfort. 

Share in comments below which of the best recliners for sleeping after surgery catches your eye.


The majority of my time is spent making sure my dog is happy by taking him on long walks. Other times we hike trails. Over the past six years of my wife's cancer battle, we have had to find different products to help her get a good sleep at night. Believe me, we have gone through many different buys to make sure her sleep is comfortable as can be. But I also need a good sleep, which makes me a better person to be around. She doesn't need a resentful sleepless person around, so some of the purchases have also been for me. So other than walking my dog or helping my wife, the rest of my time is spent finding or discovering good sleeping aids which are not only good for us but from which you may benefit as well.

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10 thoughts on “Best Recliners For Sleeping After Surgery In 2020? 5 Chairs and 7 Surgeries Covered

  1. Sleep is vital for life. All of us: A person with the disease and the people to help out need good rest. I have seen people taking care of a diseased person get more restlessness and suffer after the diseased person is cured.

    This is a brilliant review describing the features and functions of different recliners. 

    For seniors with limited movements, these recliners can be beneficial. Getting a massage automatically will circulate your blood circulation and make you feel active.

    Just curious if there are any manufacturer warranties for these recliners? 

    I pray for your wife for a swift recovery and for both of you good rest.

    1. Thanks for sharing your words. All the recliners have at least a one year warranty.

  2. Hi Eric, Thank you very much for your recliner recommendations for post surgery. I never thought that there was a special product for this. To be honest, I feel I have to buy 1 for my father-in-law who just had spinal surgery. Because I feel he is very tormented in his daily life.

    However, I feel confused by some items that can be used for my father-in-law’s case. If I may ask for your advice, which product is most appropriate?

    He has a body that tends to be thin and short with cases of spinal surgery on C3 and C4.

    Please guide me

    1. The Comhoma is good one.

  3. Christine says:

    It had never even crossed my mind that a recliner would be needed after surgery. Of course, it makes perfect sense. I like the second one by Ashley Yandel. I also prefer faux leather, and although I have not had surgery and I hope I never need it, I could use that chair for my knee. Besides, these chairs are great to have anyway. They are so incredibly comfortable. Once you lean back in them you are not getting up any time soon 😉

    I also didn’t know that you can put those recliners in an upright position to help you stand up, that’s pretty amazing. I love that the last one has a massage option. That’s essential to have for relaxation. The fact that they provide a better sleeping place after surgery is really great! I learned something new today and I got to see some recliners of which one could go into my house.

  4. Hey Eric, Thanks for writing on best Recliners For Sleeping After Surgery In 2020? 5 Chairs and 7 Surgeries Covered are very awesome and beautiful as well as comfortable. Last year I bought recliner for my grand father and found it is very useful doing surgery. He feels very comfortable while using recliner for sleeping. Now I hope we must have one at least over home. They are really very comfortable. Thank you for listing useful recliners.


  5. Oh wow, these would really help for back pains. It would help for posture as well. I believe my father wanted to buy one for his home since he hurt his back. This looks promising. Thank you for your informative article! I am getting a better understanding of what he meant by all this now. 

    1. Awesome! Thanks for stopping by.

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