Best Senior Adjustable Bed Mattress – 5 Top Rated In 2021

The best senior adjustable bed mattress will ensure that you will sleep and wake up without disturbance. It will also fit on an adjustable bed frame so that you can get in and out of bed with ease.

What Is An Adjustable Bed Mattresses

An adjustable bed mattress is one that will bend and curve to the adjustable bed frame. The mattress will keep its support as well as the construction base. There are three different types of adjustable mattresses, which can be made from memory foam, latex foam, and hybrid. These three different types of mattresses are made for durability and will be flexible enough to go with the curve of the base while maintaining their form 

Adjustable bed frames have been around for many years. These beds are often used in the hospital for patients’ ease of getting in and out of bed. In the last few years, many people have started paying attention to getting a good sleep at home. Adjustable beds help an individual fall asleep and stay asleep with fewer wakefulness moments; being a senior, this can be a boon to sleeping nights.

Best Senior Adjustable Bed Mattress

1.      Idle Hybrid

best senior adjustable bed mattress - Idle Hybrid

Are you a person who is looking to use both sides of your mattress? If so, the Idle Hybrid is one that you want to check out. The mattress comes in two different firmness levels. Seniors will appreciate this mattress because they can flip it to the other side if they don’t like the side they are sleeping on.

The hybrid mattress has pocketed coils and layers of foam. For people who sleep hot at night, you’ll notice that it will regulate your body temperature once you sleep on this mattress. Another quality this mattress has is that the top layer has a fire barrier and is toxic chemicals free. It is CertiPUR-US certified.

Something else you will like is that there is very little motion transfer, meaning that if you have a partner who climbs late into bed, you will not be disturbed. The mattress conforms to your body to provide pressure point relief; you will wake up in the morning pain-free.

The pocketed coils will help to provide for support regardless of your body type. The mattress also offers excellent edge support, which will help seniors have a secure sleep without worrying about falling off the bed.

The comfort layer of the mattress is 2″ thick. It is made of custom-blended memory foam. There is also a transition layer that is 1″ thick, and it helps add support to the mattress for extra contouring. The pocketed coils layer is 6″ thick, which is where motion prevention takes place. In total, the mattress is 14″ thick.

With the Idle Hybrid mattress purchase, you will also receive two free standard memory foam pillows. The mattress also has carry handles, which make it easy to flip the mattress over. You can try the mattress risk-free for 18 months. If, after the first 30 days, you are not happy with your purchase, you can simply let Idle know, and they will pick it up for free. You will get a lifetime warranty, which also covers body impressions.

2.      PlushBeds Luxury Memory Foam Mattress: The Cool Bliss®

best senior adjustable bed mattress -PlushBeds Cool Bliss

The PlushBeds mattress is 12” thick. It’s a revolutionary style of mattress. It has cooling technology designed right into the layers. It will satisfy even the most challenging sleepers. The mattress is made of non-toxic, high-quality material.

Being called Cool Bliss is a very fitting name for this mattress. The mattress helps keep you cool as you sleep throughout the night. It has five comfort layers that work together to provide you the best quality of sleep without disturbances.

The layer that you sleep on is the gel memory foam with a slipcover. This layer helps keep you cool because it will draw moisture away from your body as you sleep. PlushBeds have patented this layer. It is breathable yet offers relief from pain by removing pressure from pain points.

When you sleep on this that you’ll feel like you’re floating, and that’s all due to premium memory foam being combined with natural latex. The latex is organic and is GOLS – certified. And it will mold to your body to provide the ultimate comfort and a gentle hug.

Cotton is also used throughout the mattress and is GOTS – certified. It’s this material that will help to keep you comfortable and dry as you get your proper sleep. The 12” are broken into 5” of memory foam core, 2” airflow, 2” organic latex, 3” of cool gel memory foam. With all these combined, a senior will enjoy their rest time.

Another thing that you’ll enjoy is that there are no chemical odors or off-gassing. The mattress is GreenGuard Gold certified. This means that you can sleep peacefully without worrying about any funky smell coming from your mattress.

PlushBeds gives you 100-night money-back guarantee. Plus, you also get a 25-year warranty. Not only that, if you’re not happy with the mattress, but they will also cover the return shipping fee, which is completely risk-free for you.

3.      Haven Boutique Mattress

best senior adjustable bed mattress - Haven boutique mattress

When it comes to getting the proper rest, getting the right mattress just makes excellent sense. The Haven Boutique mattress is 14” thick. Four different layers plus a cooling gel cover make up the mattress. The first layer is a 1” cooling buoyancy foam; this layer is breathable and will help to regulate your body temperature.

The next layer is 2” gel-infused buoyancy foam. This layer is made for supporting you as you sleep. It reacts fast as you change sleeping positions to keep providing adequate pressure relief. Then comes the 3” Haven memory foam layer. Haven has gone the extra mile to provide a foam layer, which is better than traditional memory foam.

Then comes the 8” solid base foam. This is a sturdy layer that is meant for durability and provides core support so that you can sleep comfortably, knowing you are supported all night long. The mattress also comes with a cover that is removable and washable for ease of use. Also, built into the bed is a natural fire-resistant barrier; it comprises 100% natural cotton while containing no toxic chemicals.

The mattress is not firm; you will receive a medium plush comfort that will appeal to different sleepers. Each of the layers offered contouring ability, but still are responsive so that you don’t feel like you’re stuck in your bed.

If your person who shares a bed with the partner, then you know that motion can wake a person from a profound sleep. The mattress offers motion isolation; the foam will absorb the vibration without waking the sleeping person.

Another thing that you will appreciate is that it offers edge support. Most of us sleep closer to the edge when sleeping at night, but if there is no edge support, some people end up rolling off the bed. But this mattress ensures that you are supported at all times in the edge, making it easier to climb in and out of bed.

You will receive a lifetime warranty as well as an 18-month trial. If you are unsatisfied with the mattress, you can return it for free without having to worry about spending any extra money.

4.      Diamond Rally Hybrid Mattress

best senior adjustable bed mattress - Diamond Rally Hyrbid

Imagine you can get the sleep you need, but it happens with luxurious comfort with a sleeping plush pillow. That’s what the Diamond Rally Foam mattress is all about. This mattress is made for people who sleep hot at night and find themselves frequently drenched in their sweat. The mattress drops body keep to directed away due to the gel infused foam and airflow promoting coils.

The mattress is 12” thick. It has a cover that is soft yet breathable and is quilted with memory foam. Then comes the supercharge layer which will keep you snuggled up, underneath it is copper infused memory foam for extra comfort. Under that, you’ll find a layer of gel-infused memory foam, which helps you to stay cool all night. Next comes the high-density foam. These layers all rest on a supportive layer that has center zoned nested wrapped coils. 

The quilted layer is very responsive, so you won’t find yourself sinking into the mattress. The mattress also offers motion isolation. With the motion, isolation comes less sleep disturbance, which can help keep nights less disturbed and remove tension in relationships.

Another benefit of this mattress is the edge support; having the proper edge support will allow you to get more space to move around and stay comfortable all night long. The mattress is crafted with premium material. It’s a medium-firm mattress, which means it will work for all sleepers.

You will receive a 365-night trial, lifetime warranty. If, for any reason, you not happy with the mattress, know that you are covered, and DreamCloud picks up the mattress for free without any cost to you.

5. Eco TerraHybrid Latex Mattress

best senior adjustable bed mattress - Eco Terra Hybrid Latex Mattress

Seniors who are looking to get a comfortable sleep should definitely take a look at the Eco Terra mattress. Waking up exhausted and turning can sometimes leave a person tired, unable to focus. This mattress offers you you sleep without compromising your health. It is a natural latex mattress and is available in two firmness options to ensure that your sleeping preferences are met.

The mattress also will allow contouring to the curve of your body. It offers pressure relief, and the small fabric encased coils offer a good push back. You’ll also be happy to know; this is another mattress that offers motion isolation. With its gentle contouring properties, you’ll feel like you are surrounded by a gentle hug all night.

There is no off-gassing in the mattress. It actually has quite a pleasant smell, but within a few days, that smell also dissipates. The mattress offers good edge support, which means you will not find yourself sinking into the mattress’s middle.

Latex tends to regulate temperature, meaning that it doesn’t matter if you’re a hot or cold sleeper; your temperature will remain neutral. The organic cotton cover will also regulate the airflow, which helps to release the extra trapped body heat.

You will receive a 15-year warranty, 90-day sleep trial, and a 30-day mandatory break-in period before you can request a refund or replacement. The mattress is CertPUR-US certified. This ensures and will provide security of knowing no toxic chemicals were used to construct the mattress.

Things To Consider Before Buying An Adjustable Mattress

Since demand is always increasing for people to get better sleep at night, adjustable beds and mattresses are becoming very popular. Not only do you get therapeutic relief and health benefits from sleeping on a mattress that will contour to the curves of your body, but also you’ll have peace of mind knowing that the mattress is made for durability without compromising the construction.

People who experience insomnia, sleep apnea, acid reflux, or heartburn will enjoy getting an adjustable bed with the proper mattress to lessen their symptoms. An adjustable bed with the right mattress is also great for people who experience back pain, arthritis, or have difficulty getting in and out of bed.

Three Main Adjustable Mattresses

  • Memory Foam – This is one of the preferred options for adjustable that frames. Memory foam is very flexible as well responds well to pressure. A mattress is made out of memory foam can easily bend and return to its original shape without any hardships on the mattress.
  • Latex –If you are one of those people who is looking for an eco-friendly adjustable mattress, then the latex mattress will fit that need. Latex mattresses will last longer than memory foam and are made of natural organic material. Due to their breathing capabilities, they also help remove trapped heat quickly to ensure sound sleep.
  • Hybrid – This mattress usually is constructed with encased coils. But the coils flow along with the different shapes or movement of an adjustable base. Weight gets spread out evenly on the mattress, and it is made for durability.


When buying an adjustable mattress, pay attention to the measurement so that your adjustable bed base doesn’t end up being a different size. Because adjustable beds vary in different sizes, if your mattress is too big or too small, changing bed positions will definitely be affected. Your quality of sleep will also be lessened.


Paying attention to the thickness of your mattress should be considering point when purchasing an adjustable mattress. If your mattress is too thick, it might not bend as easily, and if it’s too thin, it will not last too long. You’ll need to find the right balance; an adequate thickness is from 8 to 14 inches.

Final Thoughts About Best Senior Adjustable Bed Mattress

Getting an adjustable mattress doesn’t have to be too tricky; hopefully, this review has helped give you some ideas on what to look for. Sleeping should be a priority, no matter what your age. As we get older getting in and out of bed can be difficult, and that’s where the best senior adjustable bed mattress will come in handy.

Share in the comments below which mattress would suit your need.

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  1. I have been looking for a new mattress for my parents since they have been complaining about their pain. The adjustable bed frame should give them more comfort. Thanks for the review on all of them. I am going to check Plushbeds. I love the fact that they are thick and use a good material. The cool bliss function is also a nice touch. Will talk to my parents. 

    • Hope you find one they like. 

  2. Hello Eric, thank you so much for this information on the best senior adjustable bed mattress for me to try and I think that it would be very good for me to give the latex hybrid one you put at the number five of your list. What makes me attracted to it is that the bed is eco friendly which is something that I stand for strongly.

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