5 Best Sheets For People Who Sweat – Staying Cool On Hot Sweaty Nights In 2021

Have you found yourself searching for the best sheets for people who sweat?

Well then you don’t have to go any further, you’ve come to the right place.

Moisture-wicking bed sheets help people who sweat by absorbing the sweat faster than their body produces. These sheets are the ones that absorb our sweat throughout the night. Absorbing the sweat from your body helps it to remain cool as well relaxed to give you a good night’s sleep. The sheets are made from natural breathable fibers. Looking for silk sheets, read my review about the best silk bed sheets to see what they have to offer.

Reason You Could Use One Of Our Reviewed Best Sheets For People Who Sweat

  • Illness/Disease – if you’re battling any sort of disease, getting sleep is the only way that your body can fight. But sometimes the disease itself can make you sweat. To combat that, you need to sleep in a cool environment.
  • Perimenopause/Menopause – this affects women 40 and up to the age of 60. Night sweats are very common when women are experiencing this stage of their life. Although the overheating may disrupt a woman’s sleep, it will mostly be the sweating. The bedsheets which we recommend will help to deal with this by whisking the sweat away as soon as your body produces it.
  • Hot nights – although most of us love those hot summer days, not so much when they are disturbing our sleep. Even though the sun may go down, it’s not enough to regulate the temperature of the night. Sometimes cooling down with an AC or a fan is not enough, that’s where the sheets will come in handy.
  • Our natural body temperature may be high – this is especially true for women who are going through menopause. Currently, my wife is not only going through menopause, but she is also on chemo, which makes her really sweat at night. This hampers our sleep at night, which then goes on to affect our life. Having an even body temperature with cooling bed sheets makes bedtime perfect.
  • Hot climate – living in a warm area means you will sweat that much more. Having Cool bedsheets means having a great sleep
  • Sharing a bed – as you know, two bodies create that much more heat. Being thermally incompatible with your partner – not a good thing – especially when you’re trying to get a good night’s sleep. The right kind of sheets will keep you both cool.
  • Your memory foam could be causing heat – these types of mattresses retain heat. So you’re caught in a catch 22, you need the memory foam for your back or whatever sleeping comfort you get from it, but then you overheat. Cooling sheets help you find a way out of that. They will dissipate the heat.

Now Onto Best Sheets For People Who Sweat

1. Molecule Bed Sheets with Cooling Cotton


  • Long-lasting
  • We’ll keep you cool all night
  • Wrinkle resistant
  • Perfect fit
  • Cozy
  • Soft
  • Risk-free purchase

These sheets are air engineered, which feature advanced material that is optimized to provide the best recovery-focused sleep.

They are soft, silky durable as well as wrinkle-resistant. The fibers are made of the Eucalyptus tree. Their water-absorbing nature means that they will draw your sweat away from your body faster than cotton alone would.

They help to regulate your body’s natural temperature, which means leaving your skin feeling dry as well as staying cool all night long.

Due to their hydrophilic nature of being able to absorb all your sweat, there is less chance of surface bacteria to grow, which happens in more conventional fabrics.

The fabrics are soft to the touch, which offers long-lasting comfort. The lyocell fabric comes from sustainable wood sources that have been harvested from controlled and certified sources.

Each sheet consists of 48% Lyocell and 52% cotton. Every sheet also has a 300 thread count and four over, one under sateen weave.

They are designed in the USA while being spun woven and someone in Bahrain.

When you order the sheets, make sure that they are fitted to your bed. You’ll notice that they do fit the mattress really well. Due to their deep pockets, they stay in place, unlike the typical sheet, which sometimes ends up having bubbles in them, we are always trying to straighten them out.

The sizing for the sheets is twin, twin XL, full, king, and queen.

These sheets come in four different colors:

  • White
  • Ivory
  • Cloud grey
  • Powder blue

What’s included:

  • One flat sheet
  • One fitted sheet
  • Two pillowcases

My Final Opinion

What we really liked about the sheets is that they can be put through the wash as much as needed, yet they will still come out wrinkle-free. They are definitely an investment worth making to get that good night’s sleep that you so desire without having to worry about sweats.  

2. Eucalyptus Lyocell Sheet Set


  • Soft & Cool
  • Breathable fabric
  • Long-Lasting
  • Moisture-wicking
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Zero static
  • Excellent for sensitive skin
  • Eco-friendly
  • Risk-free purchase

These are super cool, as well as being comfortable at a fairly reasonable price. I would say the price isn’t bad at all for the comfort that one would receive at night, where their sleep isn’t affected as much.

The site is that they come in our King, Queen, Twin, Twin XL, Full, and California King. So this means that you will find the perfect one that will work for your bed.

They are made from trees that are sustainably managed on biodiverse farms. The material is soft, breathable, and more cooling. Exactly what we need for our night sweats.

These bedsheets are hypoallergenic. Excellent for those users who suffer from allergies. They are machine washable as well you can tumble dry them on low heat.

The fitted sheets come with extra deep pockets to fit up to 20” thick mattresses securely and comfortably. This means covering your memory foam as well as your regular mattress.

When you purchase this product it is risk-free, you can return the product if it doesn’t work for you. This is great because only when a brand trusts in their product do they offer this type of guaranty.

These sheets come in five different colors:

  • White
  • Navy
  • Ocean Blue
  • Purple
  • Gray

What’s included:

  • One flat sheet
  • One fitted sheet
  • Two pillowcases

My Final Opinion

One thing that stands out for me is that the fitted sheets all have an elastic running all the way around. And attached to a corner is a non-intrusive tag, which is helpful to identify the lower-left corner to help you fit sheet properly.

3. Hyaline Home Viscose Bamboo Sheets


  • Hypoallergenic
  • Naturally breathable
  • Moisture-wicking
  • Thermal regulating
  • Great for summer or winter
  • Organic
  • Pesticide-free

These sheets are bamboo-based. Bamboo is a great fabric that is exceptionally soft as well as hypoallergenic. It is breathable yet thermal regulating. Which means it will keep you cool on those sweaty nights. You can even use these in hot summer days.

The bamboo sheets are made from 55% bamboo/45% cotton and have a 300 thread count. They provide excellent durability as well as being luxuriously soft.

They are a unique product that has a slightly textured linen look. These sheets also have a deep pocket to ensure a proper fit around the corners of your mattress. This prevents slippage issues. They are fully elasticized, and this helps to make sure that they stay in place.

You are guaranteed satisfaction with these sheets. The makers of this product trust and believe in their products so much that they will give you a full refund upon return if you find any problems with the product.

Bamboo is an organic plant that requires no fertilizer or pesticides. So you can rest easy knowing that your sheets are pesticide-free. Because of this, you don’t have to worry about any allergy issues.

Even the packaging they come in is eco-friendly.

These sheets come in seven different colors:

  • White
  • Charcoal
  • Light grey
  • Blush pink
  • Dark grey
  • Silver grey
  • Stark white

What’s included:

  • One flat sheet
  • One fitted sheet
  • Two pillowcases

My Final Opinion

What I really like about these sheets is not only do they keep you cool in the summertime, but they will also help you keep you warm in the wintertime. So it’s almost like you get a two for one.

4. DK Luxe Linens 400 Thread Count 100% Premium Cotton Sheets


  • Stay cool all night long
  • 100% satisfaction guarantee
  • Deep pockets
  • 400 TC count for breathability
  • Long-lasting color

DK Luxe Linens 400 thread count 100% premium cotton sheets will have you indulging in luxury and comfort. They are 100% premium cotton yarn with a satin lead. The sheet reprocessed with strict quality control the provision, meaning you’re getting the best of the best.

Due to the way they are processed and the way the fabric is woven, the color of the sheet, as well as the bright, will last a long time. They are ethically prepared with a focus on comfort, softness, hypoallergenic property as well as breeding capability. All these qualities combined will help keep you cool at night.

The sheets have been pockets, meaning that they will want to slip off. You will find yourself climbing into bed to enjoy the smooth, silky feel of satin next to your skin.

The sheets have been tested for harmful substances. They come in three different colors and for different sizes — something for everyone.

The cotton is 100% Long-staple premium cotton, which is handpicked to give the best quality to the sheets.

Your satisfaction is guaranteed; if any time you not happy with the sheet, you can return them within 30 days.

5. SLEEP ZONE Temperature Regulation Bed Sheets


  • Moisture-wicking
  • Temperature regulation
  • 16″ deep pockets
  • Classic colors to choose from

SLEEP ZONE temperature regulation bed sheets have excellent temperature regulation quality. The fabric that the sheets are made from is treated with an advanced moisture-wicking system, which helps them to drive faster than cotton.

It’s the moisture-wicking system that regulates the temperature. Sometimes when you sleep at night, sweat forms. The sheet will easily remove the sweat from your body, yet the sheets will leave no odor of any sort behind.

The beauty of the sheets is that they will keep you cool in the summer, yet warm you up in the winter. So they are great for all year round use.

They are made of premium microfibre or yarn, which has been double brushed on both sides for maximum comfort and softness. The sheets were designed with Nanotex coolest comfort technology. If this technology that helps them to maintain their temperature regulating properties.

Deep pockets will ensure that your sheet fits snugly around your mattress. By fitting this way, it will prevent them from flipping or sliding. You get four different sheets.

  • 1 flat sheet
  • 1 fitted sheet new line
  • 2 pillow can

Your satisfaction is guaranteed. You can return the sheets within 30 days if you are not happy with them.

What to Look For In Cooling Sheets

When choosing your cooling bed sheets, make sure to pay attention to the three things below.


  • Tencel – fiber made from plants and wood. Although they have a silky, their durability compared to cotton is low
  • Polyester – non-wrinkle fabric. Stays dry, but has breathability issues
  • Bamboo – organic is a plus for fabric made from this plant. Bamboo has a long-lasting life than cotton. Material is durable, as well as breathability.
  • Pima cotton – this cotton is grown in the USA. It is high quality, durable, and is easy to clean.
  • Egyptian cotton – has a high thread count, which allows for breathable fabric. The only thing which may be the downside is it wrinkles.


  • Sateen – this weave has a unique pattern that allows the fabric to breathe. The only downside here is, it may snag and catch on sharp objects.
  • Satin – radiant material, but breathability depends on how it was constructed.
  • Jersey – loose material and like sateen has a unique constructing pattern. It may be breathable but really will depend on the fibers used to make it.
  • Percale – this is a tight weave. Very durable, but may breathe as easily.

Thread Count

For the thread count, if you want a product that will last a long time, then pick one which is higher, but the only issue here it will not be as breathable material.

A tightly woven bed sheet will allow less air to circulate, which can increase heat retention.

The best thread count for cool sheets is between 200 and 400, and this is directly from National Sleep Foundation.

Buying cooling sheets for a good night’s sleep is great, but cooling weighted blankets will also help you stay cool.

How to care for your cooling bed sheets

When washing your bed sheets, make sure to wash them separately from other fabrics. The sheets we recommend are sheets that are bacteria resistant. So you want to make sure that you don’t wash them with other materials where bacteria may be involved.

By washing them separately from other fabrics, you will also prevent zippers or other fasteners from damaging your sheets. Avoid using bleach on your bed linen as it can damage the fabric.

If, for any reason, you need to brighten your fabric up, use a quarter cup of lemon juice. Detergent wise, use mild detergent, also don’t forget to read the label on the bed sheets for their care.

Remove the sheet from the dryer soon as the cycle is over so that you prevent wrinkles. If possible dry bed sheets on a clothesline out in the direct sun.

My wife has a few friends who like to iron their bedsheets before fitting them to their beds. My suggestion is, don’t iron your sheets. This will damage the delicate fabric.

To keep your sheets from getting ruined as well to prevent a weekly wash, make sure you have a nice long shower before getting into bed.

This will prevent you from having to wash your sheets weekly. Although they are bacteria resistant, you still don’t want to get body oils, skin cells, or fluids into them, which attract microscopic mites.

As a matter of fact, the fabrics for the sheets are very fragile. So you want to keep any oil-based products away from your bedsheets.

Let’s say you’ve decided to order two of the bedsheets. Make sure that when you are storing one away that it is in a nice dry place where it won’t collect any unwanted moisture.

Remember, these are moisture-wicking sheets so that they will collect all the moisture that comes their way. You don’t want bacteria-filled moisture sheets.

Before we go any further, if you want, you can try some home remedies by reading our post on how to sleep with hot flashes.

Final Words On Best Sheets For People Who Sweat

Before purchasing, make sure you do have the option to return your cooling sheets if you aren’t fully satisfied with the product you get. Although I’ve already let you know that each of the bed sheets is a risk-free purchase. But check for yourself to make sure that is the case.

If you’re one of those people who are really serious about their sleep at night, then you need to consider purchasing one of the sheets seriously.

Is heartburn or acid reflux keeping you awake, then check out our post on best natural cures for acid reflux.

Remember your room is your haven where you go to rest. Ensure that that rest is complete so you’re ready to deal with the next day. Having a non-restful night can lead to making not such significant decisions.

Sleep is when your body repairs, but if you’re constantly waking up due to night sweats, those repairs get lost in the shuffle of sleep.

Hopefully, I have provided you with enough information to help you make the right decision today to find the best sheets for people who sweat. 

Please share below any types of sheets you use to stay cool on hot nights.

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  1. Hi Eric – Very informative article on cooling sheets.  Honestly, there is a science to everything!  I’ve always just purchased cotton sheets, not giving much thought to it.  But the sheets you described has made me give more thought to this particular purchase.  I’m really interested in the bamboo sheets.

    I have a question though: if the sheets are bacteria resistant, why is there a concern about bacteria from other fabrics?

    Thanks for the opportunity!

    • Not al the sheets are bacteria resistant, that is why I have included that when caring for sheets for people who sweat. 

  2. Hi! I believe my natural body temperature is higher than average and that’s the reason why I sweat at night. But I didn’t know there was this type of solution. I read all three options you mentioned here and came to the conclusion that the one that suits me best is Eucalyptus Lyocell Sheet Set. Thank you!

    • Great choice! Wishing you cooler sleep.

  3. Wow what great information for those who sweat while sleeping! Sheets are an underrated piece of bedding sometimes and it’s important to bring awareness to that fact as you’ve done very well here. I never really thought of how memory foam could be a heat-generator and this really gets me thinking. I like your material choices especially in bamboo, pima cotton and Egyptian cotton. I remember a time when silk was a well-sought after fabric for sheets. The Hyaline Home Viscose Bamboo Sheets really have me intrigued. I like that they can be used for both summer and winter and that they are naturally breathable and organic. I’m definitely going to check them out further through your link. Thank you for such a thorough post on this underrated nighttime accessory and great recommendations!

    • You are so right that’s bedsheets are underrated, paying attention could make a huge difference in sleep for sure — Thanks for stopping by.

  4. A very interesting read. I’m someone who sweats a lot when I sleep and never thought of changing my sheets. I also like the buyers guide on choosing the right bed sheet. I will definitely give careful thought to picking the best sheets next time.

    I live in Fiji and the weather is hot almost all year round so this is a must read. 

    • I can relate to hot weather issues for sure. My wife is from a hot country and we always make sure we take some cooling sheets on our travels. Thanks for the comment. 

  5. This is exactly what I was looking for. My hubby sweats like crazy at night regardless of how hot or cold the temperature is in our house. It seems like I am constantly changing out sheet sets. I have a thick mattress, so I need a fitted sheet that has deep pockets. I checked out the Amazon page and it looks like it may work for us. Now I just gotta discuss with the hubby. Thanks for the review.

    • Great that you found this post helpful. Thanks for stopping by.

  6. Thus is a great review I must confess… I have been having hard time washing my sheets because of the hard nature of the sheets. Its an old one tho and I think I need to change it ad soon as I can because I sweat sometimes while sleeping and it would definitely no be hygienic to not care for it. This is a really nice recommendation of sheets and I can’t wait to get one of the 3 listed here. Thanks for taking your time to engage In this research.

    • Sleep is essential, more than a pleasure to do this research as my wife is often in need of right sleeping products due to being on chemo. Thanks for stopping by. 

  7. my body temperature Is always warm so most times I find myself sweating during my sleep especially during hot weather. I always look up for sheets that can fit this condition but all I’ve been able to get have done nothing as a change, tried different products , most times, the sweat rub me of my sleep. Stumbling on this post makes me happy and it’ll really serve as help for me. I’ll get one as soon as possible, please which one will you recommend as the best? Thanks for sharing this its really helpful and educating.

    • They all are great. You could pick whichever one, they all provide the cooling effect. 

  8. This really is a very interesting post and I’m so pleased I came across it because even though I don’t sweat excessively during the daytime, I do sweat heavily during the night, I wake up most nights soaking wet of sweat, I have mentioned this problem to my doctor but he told me of some possible causes but he didn’t prescribe anything, so these sheets could be just the think for me, well I’m certainly going to be giving them a try anyway, thank you for sharing.  

    • The sheets are amazing for sleeping through the night. Wicking away sweat is their specialty. Thanks for your comment.

  9. Thanks for your post. I always sweat a lot while sleeping. I seek help from doctor, but get no answer. Doctor says it is better not to using any medicine before the the cause of it. For now, purchasing a cooling sheets may help me relieving some of my un-comfort.

    You provide nice guidance on what to look for in cooling sheets, materials, weaves, and thread count. I bookmarked your webpage and will use it for my reference for my purchase.

    It is kind of sharing this information. I have never think about the cooling sheet to prevent sweating in the sleeping time. Your thought should help me to relieve my stress during night sleep.

    • Hope you have found a way to stay cool, these sheets will help for sure. Thanks for stopping by.

  10. I have spent quite some time trying out different types of sheets for my wife’s night sweating problem. The doctor believes it to be down to his diabetes. I just wanted to say that I highly recommend anyone reading this to use Eucalyptus Lyocell Sheet Set. There is a reason the material made the list, they are fantastic for keeping your body cool.

    Nice writeup.

    • Glad the dr was able to discover what was causing the sweats. Hope she feels better now. Thanks for your comment.

  11. It’s obvious that nothing is more important and pleasant than deep-sleeping in unusual situation. I remember when I was serving in army for many years ago, once we were in camp we were given a sleeping bag.at the time, I’ve had a most deepest sleep in my life.

    Now, I have big problem about sleep. Thanks to your informative review I could get good Idea for solve my issues regarding of lack of sleeping. from now on I will put these 2 important things in consideration in terms of buying bed sheets

    1) Moisture-wicking

    2) Pesticide-free

    Wow! I didn’t aware of this crucial instruction of washing sheets separately from other fabric to prevent bacteria being able involved to bed sheets. Thank you so much

    Warm regard

    • Glad you enjoyed the review. Wishing you great sleep in the future.

  12. When I started having hotflashes and night sweats when I went throught the change I started looking into sheets like this. I have tried several over the years and the best one I have found for me are the bamboo sheets.You mentioned that they will also keep you warm in the winter? I have not tried them in the winter months but love the softness. Which one would be your favorite?

    • Cooling bed sheets are pretty amazing. My wife uses them herself. Glad you found the one that works for you. My wife likes the Bamboo one as well. She is doing both chemo as well as going through menopause, they both cause night sweats. The sheets are helping her get the sleep she needs.

  13. I am a person that sweats a lot while sleeping, so the sheets I look for and use have to be ones that will be able to handle this and still provide the comfort that I need to have. The environment is quite hot in Dubai, and even with airconditioning, the bedroom can be quite warm.

    The information that you included has certainly educated me greatly on the options to look for and also gives me an idea of the best materials to look for to get some cooling sheets that will be most effective. The reviews of the cooling sheets are also helpful.

    The sheets that I will try are the Eucalyptus Lyocell Sheet Set. These have the materials I am looking for and seem to offer all the comfort that I need too. The reviews are really good (I looked) and the prices are such that I will likely get a couple of sets. Thanks for this article and review, you have helped me a lot to get the right cooling sheets for my needs.

    • Great that you found sheets which will help you sleep. Thanks for stopping by.

  14. Sleep is so important to everyone.  But having a condition or illness can really affect your normal patterns.  This is really interesting about sheets, I never realized about the thread count contributing to a sheet that breaths and lets air in and one that doesn’t and keeps someone with a condition hot and sweating.

    Also, the different types of material used is interesting, I just thought the best type was just generally the best like Egyptian cotton but you mentioned high thread count won’t breathe as well.

    Caring for your sheets is something we all overlook also.  Most people forget that if you don’t take care of certain materials they won’t last for very long.

    I am going to take care of my sheets a lot better after reading this, thank you.  Thanks for the insight into bed linen for people who have temperature issues, it helps a lot.

    • Glad you enjoyed the article. Thanks for your comment.


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