Best Tinnitus Pillow Speaker For Masking Inner Ear Noise

Buying the best tinnitus pillow speaker can be a daunting experience, especially when there are so many different types available. When doing this review, we kept in mind the quality, durability, sound, and privacy.

Why get Tinnitus Pillow Speaker

For many people going to bed at night can be challenging, especially if they have ringing or buzzing in their ears. This ringing or buzzing is referred to as tinnitus.

The reason some people find it challenging to sleep is that for some people, the noise is a constant disruption throughout the night. For others, it can happen suddenly, and the harsh ring tone can jar them out of their sleep, which can cause anxiety.

Tinnitus pillow speakers can help by masking out internal your noise. The pillow speakers will emit a sound of nature or your choice, which can lead to quality sleep. Although pillow speakers will not cure tinnitus, they can make life much more comfortable.

Following are some advantages of having a tinnitus pillow speaker:

Tinnitus pillow speaker therapy can help you train yourself to avoid internal noise which can lead to better sleep quality.

Best Tinnitus Pillow Speaker Review

1.      Sound Oasis Amplified Pillow Speaker

Best Tinnitus Pillow Speaker - Sound Oasis Pillow SpeakerThe Sound Oasis PA-100 is for individuals who want to develop better sleeping habits, which are affected by tinnitus. It’s a sound therapy machine which can be connected to your cell phone or any other device you use to listen to music.

It comes with two high fidelity, ultra-thin speakers which can be placed under your pillow for privacy. The speakers can be placed at each end of your pillow to surround your head with music to mask internal/external noises.

Sound Oasis  Bluetooth therapy system is also beneficial to those suffering insomnia, at the click of a button you can hear gentle sounds which will help you fall asleep. Even babies and children can benefit from this technology.

Downloading sounds from the Sound Oasis site is easy if you are looking to add new sounds. The sound quality is top level. You can customize the sounds which deliver the most value to you as you fall asleep.

Your mobile device can be 30 feet, but yet the Sound Oasis speakers will work with efficiency. If you are looking at restorative sleep without tinnitus getting in the way, the PA-100 will deliver that and much more.

2.      Pyle PPSP18 Bluetooth Pillow Speaker

Best Tinnitus Pillow Speaker - Pyle Bluetooth Pillow SpeakerPyle PPSP18 Bluetooth pillow speaker will help to recharge your sleep so you can keep up with your daily schedule. The portable speakers can be tucked into your pillow for privacy. They are small enough to fit into a bag if you were going away.

These speakers deliver excellent sound and have dual built-in speakers, which amplify your sound experience. The pillow speaker will drown out outside noises so that you can sleep anywhere at any time.

You’re provided with many listening options. You can use the 1 GB music cushion to loop your own playlist or listen to one that’s already pre-installed filled with nature sounds. Once you are listening to top-quality sounds, your tinnitus will fade away into the background.

The Bluetooth ability allows you to sync without needing to plug your speakers. Listening to comfortable soft, gentle music without having to worry about tangled wires makes it that much more comfortable.

It also comes with a 3.5 mm input audio jack, which is perfect when you need it for privacy purposes. You even get a mini remote control; this will help you adjust volume, shuffle, and positive play.

3.      PillowSonic FM15 Under-Pillow Speaker

Best Tinnitus Pillow Speaker - PillowSonic Pillow SpeakerPillowSonic FM15 under-pillow speakers have excellent sound and are quite comfortable even under your pillow. If you’re looking for superior sound quality, which can come from flat speakers, then the PillowSonic FM15 will provide.

They come with a washable cover. The cover comes with a pocket where you can place your smartphone to have easy access. It has excellent standard features, and you can control the volume as well as a universal audio jack for headphones.

It also comes with an extra-long extension cord and a two-speaker design for left and right ear. The speakers are side-by-side and relatively flat; you will not feel them when they are in your pillow. They are covered in a slip-resistant foam material which will prevent them from slipping or sliding.

Getting tinnitus relief can be comfortable with the speakers. What’s nice is that you can enjoy the audio to the dense pillows without disturbing your partner. You will also get a one-year warranty.

4.      C. Crane Co SSV SoftSpeaker-2 Pillow Speaker

Best Tinnitus Pillow Speaker - SoftSpeaker Pillow SpeakerAre you looking to fall asleep listening to soothing nature sounds? Or would you rather have your own music, even an audiobook? Then don’t look any further because that’s what C Crane Company PS2 SoftSpeaker pillow speaker offers. They’re great for anyone who wants to listen to music to help them fall asleep without disturbing your partner.

They come with a durable, high flex cord, as well as a cover that is removable as well is washable. The cover will help to extend the life of the speakers. They are ultra-slim and fit under the pillow to an extent where you will not even feel them.

Quick volume control is that the tip of your fingers. They come with a 6.5-foot long cord and a 3.5mm jack, which you can connect to any of your devices. The volume control wheel is easy to adjust.

The speakers are built with durability in mind. You can even pack them in your bag when traveling and use them accordingly during your trips. The sound is excellent quality and will provide tinnitus relief no matter where you are.

5.      Sangean PS-300 Pillow Speaker

Best Tinnitus Pillow Speaker - Sangean PS Pillow SpeakerSangean PS-300 pillow speaker is compatible with any device which is fitted with a 3.5 mm headphone output. You can amplify the sound to suit your needs. The volume is enhanced so that you will get the best quality possible that will mask tinnitus as well as external sounds.

Volume control is quick and straightforward. The extra flat unique design will help to reduce noise so that you can listen to your music as you fall asleep without disturbing others.

The speaker will fit comfortably under your pillow; you won’t even notice that it there, yet it will enrich your sleeping experience so that you wake up refreshed in the morning.

The speaker comes with a 6.5 foot integrated cable as well as use one AAA alkaline battery. It is an excellent option for people who are looking at a lower budget. This device is built for durability; although it may look fragile, you’ll find that it lasts a long time.

What To Look For In A Tinnitus Pillow Speaker

To find the best tinnitus pillow speaker, you’re going to need to make sure that you do your research correctly; otherwise, you’re not going to be a happy purchaser. I say this is because there are many pillow speakers out there that fall apart as soon as they arrive. You want to make sure the pillow speaker that you get is one that will last as well you have control over the functions.

When looking for a tinnitus pillow speaker, there are five things you should be aware of:

Eliminate Internal Sound – This is the ultimate purpose of the speakers. By eliminating internal sound, you’re guaranteed a good sleep at night. When inner noise is eliminated, your brain starts to function as though tinnitus is something to be ignored. A tinnitus pillow speaker that offers the function of you being able to control the sound will be best suited to your needs.

Material – There are several different types of tinnitus pillow speakers available. The one that you want to focus on is the one that doesn’t slip or slide when inserted inside your pillow. Each of the pillow speakers that I reviewed today comes with an outer cover, which will prevent them from slipping or sliding.

Another thing when focusing on the material is to observe if they are hypoallergenic. The softer the material, the more comfortable and relaxing your sleep will be.

Power – Some tinnitus pillow speakers use batteries; then, other ones use wiring. It depends on your personal preference as to what you would prefer. For many batteries is the better solution as it would prevent them from getting tangled up in wires, but for others, they prefer wires because they would not have to worry about replacing batteries.

Design – Most tinnitus pillow speakers are usually flat and easy to insert into a pillow. This way, you’ll be able to sleep without feeling the speaker in there yet enjoy the sound it emits.

Nature Sounds – Each one of the pillow speakers that we’ve reviewed come with their own nature sounds, but you also want to focus on being able to hook up the device to any of your music devices to listen to your own sounds. 

Types Of Tinnitus People Suffer From

There are two types of tinnitus that people will experience. Most times, tinnitus is a perception of ringing in the ears; sometimes, it’s like a constant hum. Yet other people will hear loud drum sounds.

Tinnitus is a common problem and affects about 15 to 20% of the world population. Most times, tinnitus is age-related hearing loss or inner ear damage. It can be a bothersome experience but usually is not serious.

For some people, it can even worsen with age; there are few treatments available that can help improve sleep quality for people who experience ongoing daily tinnitus. Once you are able to treat the underlying cause, tinnitus will often go away. But that’s not the case for everyone.

The two types of tinnitus are:

Subjective Tinnitus

Subjective tinnitus is a sound only limited to the person who is hearing them in their ears. This tinnitus is the most common. It can be caused by hearing loss, or your brain interprets signals as though the sound is there. People who have outer, middle, or inner ear issues will often experience subjective tinnitus.

Objective Tinnitus

Objective tinnitus is a sound that can be heard by others listening to your ears. This type of tinnitus is caused by blood vessel problems, which is often a middle ear bone condition or muscle contractions taking place.

Symptoms Of Tinnitus

  • Ringing In Your Ears
  • Roaring Ocean Sound
  • Constant Hum

These are usually phantom noises which can change in pitch or tone. Sometimes they are loud other times they’re very quiet. Some people will hear them only in one ear, while others will hear them in both ears.

Final Words About The Best Tinnitus Pillow Speaker

Some people would prefer to sleep with a tinnitus pillow speaker in their pillow, rather than headphones are headbands. Pillow speakers are devices that can improve your sleep quality so that you can live a better quality of life during the day.

Some models are designed to lay directly beneath your ear while others you can place under a cushion. The ones that we reviewed today go straight into your pillow; this makes them private as well available for you to fine-tune.

Share in comments below which one of these tinnitus pillow speakers will you be buying.

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  1. My father suffers from tinnitus and can really affect his sleep. This looks like a great product to give him as a gift in hopes that it helps him gain that all important sleep each night. It is amazing how much it can impact someone, but I am so glad to come across a product that may help him out!

    • Glad that you found this post helpful. 

  2. First of all i wanto to thank you for this informative review. Ear sound problem could be fastidious and hurting and getting the right information is very essential. I have not come across this solution before. I sometimes fall into this category of non sleeping persons as the result of beeping ear sound, especially after driving or travelling on train. I find it difficult to sleep without putting on music with ordinary earpiece. But reading through your article about tinnitus pillow speaker has given me a clue to solve this problem. I think the Oasis PA-100 will be great for me, especially being that it does not have to be inserted into the ear. I have to try this and hoping it will work as you presented. Thanks so much for the help!


    • Ear problems can be a real hindrance when trying to get sleep, but these pillow speakers work wonders for most. 


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