4 Best Travel Pillows For Airplane Journeys For 2021

Why get the best travel pillows for airplane journeys?

Most of us enjoy going on trips. Visiting new places can be pretty exciting and rejuvenating. The only kickback when going on a trip is when you try to sleep, but can’t because of the uncomfortable positioning of the seats, especially during a plane ride. This is where the best travel pillows for airplane journeys will help. 

At least when we’re traveling by vehicle, we have the luxury of laying the seat into a reclining position. Even so, the discomfort is still there.

But in an airplane, it’s even more limiting. Considering that there are people sitting behind us, it gets pretty tricky to lean back.

One thing we really can’t control when we’re traveling is the way our head bops from side to side.

Have you ever woken up feeling kinks in your neck?

I know that the first time I went on a plane, not so good for my neck or back. It was like a free fall for my neck to excruciating neck pain.

Being well prepared when we’re going out for a trip, especially one that’s going to involve hours and hours of travel means having the proper comfort for our neck.

For your utmost comfort, travel pillows should be an acquired sleep accessory you should take with you any time you go on a trip.

What Are Travel Pillows For Airplane Journeys

Travel pillows are usually smaller then the standard pillows we use on our bed. Due to their size, they can be easily placed between a person and the headrest. They are usually light in weight, so storing them while you travel is easy.

The fabrics that they are made out of is usually plush, which provides a cushioning to your neck. Most travel pillows come in U-shaped varieties. There are even some with more innovative designs.

What Will A Travel Pillow do For you

  • Support your head and neck while you sleep
  • Provide a comfortable deep sleep experience
  • Improved comfort and safety
  • Make your travel experience less stressful/painful
  • Will ease the anxiety of neck pain

Best Travel Pillows For Airplane Travel



  • Hypoallergenic
  • Super Comfortable
  • Washable sleeve
  • Ensures proper fit on all neck proportions
  • One year warranty

Ostrich pillow is the ultimate travel pillow providing total neck support as well as absolute comfort thanks to its ergonomic design and exclusive viscoelastic core.

The super-compact travel-friendly format is unique to each individual’s neck. It has magnetic buttons that guarantee a perfect fit for one’s neck regardless of the proportions.

The convenience and elegance of this pillow provide a safe, comfortable travel experience. Your chin will rest on the closure of the pillow without having your neck fall forward.

The material used in the ostrich pillow go is has been carefully chosen and is able to reduce in 60% volume, which is extremely convenient when traveling.

The outer layer of the pillow is removable and is made out of skin-friendly hypoallergenic stretchable fabric. By removing the outer layer, it is easy to wash and care for.

Recommendation: Leave it outside of packaging for a minimum of 72 hours. This will help the pillow to fully expand for best use.

My Final Opinion

With the support being in just the right places, I feel your neck will receive the perfect firmness in all the right spots.


2. Huzi Infinity Pillow


  • Hypoallergenic
  • Cool to touch
  • Versatile to create different shapes
  • Ships Worldwide
  • 30-day guarantee

This travel pillow looks like an infinity scarf.  The pillow is very versatile due to the fact the way it wraps around your neck.

The outer fabric has a cool sleeping bag feel to it. The material is 55% bamboo and 45% polyester. It’s breathable while feeling crisp to the touch. Check out cooling blankets which will go with this pillow to help you stay cool on hot nights.

It’s filling is very malleable, which allows you to twist and wrap into a shape you desire. For example, you can twist to get the excellent tight shape, or you can make a little ball out it.

It comes six different colors

  • Pink
  • Navy
  • Burgundy
  • Gray
  • Tan
  • Shamrock

Since you are dealing with recycled germy air of the airplane, you can easily wash the pillow to remove all germs.

When not needing it for your neck to sleep, you can easily tuck it behind your back for back support.

My Final Opinion

Because you can twist this pillow however you want,  you will find much versatility with it.

3. Vishyna Travel Pillow


  • Hypoallergenic
  • Earplug compatible
  • Eye mask and earplugs included
  • Lifetime Warranty

This memory foam travel pillow has solved problems for people who fall forward when sleeping on plane travel.

The pillow has is easy to spin it around your neck to give you more support towards the way you are leaning forward.

Not only that you can also adjust the tightness so that it is a relaxed fit. This will help you get the best sleeping experience possible.

The cover is removable for easy washing to remove germs which may have been captured by recycled airplane air.

The memory foam is covered with reasonable yet super soft magnetic therapy cloth. The tiny premium microbeads inside the pillow whisk away sweat to provide the maximum comfort on your journey.

The pillow is created to provide a release to painful pressure points in the neck. This will help you to relax on your long trip.

It comes with a carrying bag, reduces in volume quickly, and is easily stored away. You can clip to your backpack or suitcase for easy transport.

My Final Opinion

This pillow meets all requirements, plus it won’t break the bank. It has the most positive reviews of all the pillows.

4. MLVOC Travel Pillow 


  • 100% Memory Foam
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Affordable
  • Able to use it anywhere
  • Relieves painful pressure points

MLVOC travel pillow has rounded perfect curves. Because it is made of 100% memory foam, it will contour to the shape of your neck. It will also help to relieve pressure points. When you wake up, you will feel no pain or kinks in your neck.

Due to its memory foam construction, it’s a breathable pillow. No need to overheat when you can’t crack open a window to cool down, the pillow itself will help keep your head cool so you can get a good sleep and be ready to explore when you land.

It comes with a pillowcase that is easy to remove and wash, making your pillow remain fresh at all times. You can use it on an airplane, car, bus, train and even when you are at home watching TV. It’s light, portable, and comfortable.

One customer has gladly shared that when he travels (he’s tried many neck pillows), this pillow is the only one he uses. The pillow helps make his business trips with ease. He’s ready to get into work as soon as he lands. It is affordable, yet does what it is supposed to do really well

My Final Opinion

This pillow is affordable yet provides the necessary neck care. You will enjoy using this pillow due to its contouring properties. 

What Should You Should You Look For A Travel Pillow

Memory foam in the pillows should conform to your neck to provide the ultimate travel experience.

Besides the tip mentioned above, if you’re going to be spending a bit of money to have great travel experience, you need to focus on four different points when purchasing a travel pillow:

  1. Lasting durability

While some travel pillows may look great at the beginning, it’s when they start sagging or losing their firmness; they become a problem.

This is often hard to tell when purchasing a pillow, which makes excellent sense if you read the review before you make your decision.

In the past, as a traveler, I’ve had both inexpensive and high-cost pillows which have not served me well during my travels.

Remember you may pay lots of money for a travel pillow, with that pillow fall apart as soon as you use it? Don’t just read the reviews that I’m posting here,  read reviews others have posted.

  1. Can transport with ease

One of the most significant issues with travel pillows is that they can get pretty bulky to carry around.

Most often, this happens because the more comfortable the pillow, the larger it is. This can make travel pillow purchasing time-consuming as you want to find the most transportable pillow for your travels.

I find that the best travel pillow is the one that comes with its own bag and clip.

It’s usually better to have one that comes with the bag as this will protect your pillow from getting dirty. The clip will make it easier to clip onto your backpack or suitcase.

  1. Comfort

Obviously, when we’re looking at travel pillows, it is to make sure that we have a comfortable experience. Since comfort is critical, we want to make sure that the pillow we are resting her head on is ergonomically designed.

When a travel pillow is ergonomically designed, it means that you can rest your head in it in all sorts of places and positions, all depending upon what your preferences and how you sleep.

Most times, when you are traveling in an airplane, the seat is usually upright. This can be especially demanding on the neck when the flight is more than a couple of hours. Keep this in mind when choosing your travel pillow.

  1. Price

Considering that travel pillows are going to save your neck from injury means saving money due to medical issues that may arise.

This saving could arise from not having to:

  • Visit medical doctors
  • Seeing a physiotherapist
  • Going to a chiropractor
  • Purchasing over-the-counter medicine

Although I’m not suggesting you break the bank for your neck. I am saying if you’re going to spend money, spend enough to make sure that the quality of the pillow will last.

Like any other purchases that you want to last. Don’t go too cheap or otherwise; you’ll end up replacing it in a couple of months for the price that you can by one good one.

Where Can You Use Travel Pillows

  • Airplane
  • Train
  • Bus
  • Car
  • Even a rocket

Now onto what you are here for, the reviews.

In Conclusion

The best travel pillows for airplane journey are the ones which will give the most comfort. As well as keep your neck supported at all times. These pillows I have reviewed for you seem to fit that capability.

Never let your neck be without support, especially since it can be easily remedied with a pillow which is convenient, easy to store as well provides a safe haven for your neck during sleep.

Which one of these travel pillows for airplane journeys do you find most useful?

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  1. Hi Eric

    It’s been awhile since I’ve been on an airplane, but I remember that last flight I took it was very uncomfortable. One of those pillows would have been a welcome relief from the pain.

    The next time I take a plane ride I definitely have to have one. Thank for the great info.

    All the best


    • Here hoping for painless plane rides. Thanks for stopping by. 

  2. These pillows are actually very useful when traveling. I once got in a plane without it and since then its an experience I wouldn’t want to have a dream about. I actually appreciate the suggestions you have given on this pillow but I’m particularly interested in Vishyna Travel Pillow with a face mask. It seem too complete to ignore. 

    • Great selection. Thanks for your comment.

  3. The last time I went on a long journey through the air, my neck became so painful and stiffened after several hours tussling between maintaining my neck to get the proper positioning for sleeping and I’ve decided against committing such mistakes against my next journey, that is the reason I want to buy a travel pillow. Anything generally would do but I would prefer better quality for my money. The ostrich pillow that has been suggested seems very okay and grapoing well. Thanks, I will check that out

    • Plane trips can stressful enough without having to add pain. Thanks for stopping by. 

  4. Thanks for sharing the info on the best pillows for airline journey. I love this features of Hypoallergenic, Super Comfortable, Washable sleeve, One year warranty and to ensures proper fit on all neck proportions. Also like what airline pillow will do in respect to head and neck support, comfortable deep sleep experience. Thanks for the info because with this info I know what to buy now.

  5. Of all the years I’ve travelled, I see people using the neck travel pillow but I never really take notice of what it’s meant for, now I know better. I think I should get one and of all the review you written on all this pillows, I think old go for the Vishyna Travel Pillow since it comes with a earphone and face mast and it’s also considerably cheaper. Thanks for putting this up.

  6. Hi, your post on best travel pillows for airplane journey is very unique I have never heard about it so its educating also, thank you for the information in your post, I face challenges of neck pain when I had a journey but am happy that I find a solution to it, this is very helpful, information is power for awareness about the important of pillow during journey I will be sharing your post on my social media account for most of my friends to also benefit from the information, I will be getting one through your affiliate link

    • Neck pain after plane travel can derail a fun trip. To ensure that doesn’t happen, one of these pillows would be great.

  7. This post has opened my mind! For work I am forced to travel often and I have always found it difficult to sleep whatever the means of transport. The description of the pillows reviewed is well done and I will certainly choose my new travel companion among those described. Thank you Eric for sharing your knowledge.

    • Hope you find the perfect travel pillow. Thanks for stopping by.

  8. This is a problem that I have, and I thank you for solving it! That was a very detailed explanation about fixing neck pain while traveling, and I will remember these when I consider investing in a more comfortable ride on trips!

  9. What a great review. Coming from a Chiropractic family, I understand the cervical support needed to prevent stiffness, pains and discomfort that may lead to migranes and other tupes of headaches. These type of pillows have been becoming the best friend to travelers in all the varieties of travel. Great piece! Thanks a bunch!

    • Ever since my wife had cervical spinal surgery to fix her c5, she uses these pillows for flying as well when we go on long car rides. Thanks for your comment.

  10. Hello,
    This is a great article, I hadn’t thought about getting a pillow for travel. I am currently planning my honeymoon for next year, we will be flying and driving quite a bit. Knowing me I will likely fall asleep for these trips, I have my eye on a few that you’ve recommended!

    • Congrats on your upcoming wedding. These pillows will definitely help to stabilize the neck on long travels. Which means having fun while you are honeymooning, instead of having to worry kinks in your neck.

  11. I am so happy I came across this site. My family and I do a lot traveling, particularly road trips, and my wife and I are always on the look out for the best travel pillows for our kids. They always tend to fall asleep and bend their necks in positions that I cannot even imagine being in! Then they complain that their necks hurt which puts a damper on the vacation. We have purchased travel pillows in the past, but they never seem to work out. At least now, I have some other options to explore. Thanks for this informative post!!! 

    • Traveling is so much fun. Now that I don’t have neck pain to deal with, it is even more fun. My family and I are going to Hawaii next year, our pillows are packed and ready to go. Thanks for stopping by. 

  12. Thank you for this post.  I try to go on a big vaca5ion at least once, if not twice, a year.  Many times this means very long flights, like from California to China.  I try to get a window seat so I can lean on the wall to sleep.  Still, I find myself trying to lean back or fold forward and rest on my tray.

    I’ve tried the $20 inflatable pillows that you get at the airport and they’re ok but not great.  The options you’ve offered here look intriguing.  I kind of like the one with the cool fabric as I tend to get warm when I try to sleep on a plane.

    I have a rather large set of headphones and wonder how they would fit with one of these options.

    Thanks again.  Now I have some research to do to see which of these is best for me.


    • Happy researching. There are so many options out there, but these seem like the tops ones. Thanks for stopping by. 

  13. So agree with you. Buying a good travel pillow is one of the best thing you can invest for your body. Neck and shoulder pain aren’t fun to deal with, considering that most of us lead a sedentary lifestyle staring in front of the PC all day long. I’ve been using the inflated version for sometime now and with its coming wear and tear, I am looking to get something more ergonomic. 

    The reviews for Ostrich Pillow has been raving and I am interested to get that. Never mind the lack of headphones. I just want something comfortable to rest my head throughout the journey.

    • Sounds like you know exactly what you need. Thank you for your comment.

  14. This is pretty good info.  I actually use a travel pillow all the time.  I’m using one right now as I sit on my couch as a matter of fact.  I’ve gotten so used to using my neck pillow, that it’s become difficult for me to use any other kind.   It surrounds my next and gives me all the comfort I need.  I’m glad you mentioned the OSTRICHPILLOW because I might be looking to replace my old one, thanks!

    • My wife uses them as well. She had cervical spinal surgery. the pillows were a great help to her. Thanks for your comment. 

  15. I used to have one of these neck pillows, but it was just a simple one that I would fill with air. It worked really well and I would always make a point not to forget it. These pillows look that pillow, only better. Of your fine choices I think I like the Ostrichpillow the best. It simply looks comfy as a cloud. I’ll definitely save your post for when it’s time to soon travel again, thank you!

    • Happy future travels. Thanks for stopping by. 


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