4 Best White Noise Machines For Sleeping In Loud Environments – Top 2021 Review

The best white noise machines for sleeping during the night are the ones that will run on continuous sound.

Today I have searched out the best white noise machines where looping does not occur. Looping is a sound that starts and then ends leading to it starting from the beginning again. This can get pretty annoying for some people who do not enjoy repetition.

I am one of those individuals who doesn’t enjoy repetition; I would much prefer to hear a continuous sound, which is uninterrupted.  This type of sound makes for a better, deeper, and restful sleep.

Who Needs The Best White Noise Machines For Sleeping?

The white noise machine helps those individuals who have a hard time falling asleep due to:

  • Ringing ears
  • Loud outside noises
  • Snoring partner
  • Quiet room
  • Anxiety

For those individuals who want to wake up after a great night of sleep while feeling refreshed for the day, the white noise machine is the perfect answer.

Many psychiatrists recommend using the white noise machine for sleep issues. David Neubauer, associate director of the John Hopkins Hospital Sleep Disorder Center, has stated he uses the white noise machine when he goes to bed.

Some people need a soothing sound when going to sleep. This helps them feel cocooned while still keeping their other senses alert.

Having sleep sound therapy via the white noise machine induces the nature sounds we hear outside every day. These nature sounds are exactly what we need when needing a deep sleep.

Benefits Of White Noise

  • Improved Sleep Onset

When a person is falling asleep, the white noise machine can be quite efficient, especially the ones which can be controlled by an app or decrease volume as a person falls into a deep slumber. The white noise machine can also be programmed to run until morning.

  • Noise Blocking Capabilities

White noise contains many audible frequencies. This allows the user to block noises that are coming from outside. It works much better than listening to music which may run on a loop. You hear everyday nature sounds continuously without interruption.

  • Newborns To Teens

Not only does the white noise machine help adults to get a good night’s sleep, but newborns to teens can also be helped to fall asleep. The white noise machine has a calming effect on newborns as well as infants, which can lead to better naps and falling asleep faster at bedtime. Young children who may have a fear of being in the dark can also benefit from listening to white noise as they go to bed. Teens who have a hard time falling asleep with constant thoughts running through their heads will also benefit from listening to the continuous sound.

Now let’s get onto our review of best white noise machines for sleeping in loud environments.

1. SNOOZ White Noise Sound Machine


  • Remote control
  • Nursery calibration
  • Auto on-off scheduler
  • Travel-friendly
  • Energy-efficient
  • One year warranty
  • Ten tone control setting
  • 10 Volume control settings
  • Over 500 positive review

Snooz white noise machine is peaceful with non-looping continuous sound. This machine is travel-friendly with a great portable design.

When you place it next to you on your nightstand, it doesn’t take up much space, yet the design is modern while being easy on the eye.

It has ten settings which are fully adjustable for tone and volume. The Snooz white noise machine helps fussy babies, kids, adults, and even your four-legged friends.

The machine can be used to mask noises such as:

  • Loud city noises
  • Neighbors who may get too loud
  • Snoring spouse
  • Dog barks
  • Ear ringing/tinnitus
  • Loud hotel rooms

The machine can be programmed to automatically go on or off. It also has a night late and nursery calibration to protect babies’ ears.

You can easily adjust the tone with a twist of the outer shell. It can be rotated from a light fan sound to a deep fan drone. It has 10 volume settings to produce ranges that will suit your environment.

My Final Opinion

There are times when you don’t want to roll over or for some reason the Snooz white noise machine is placed on the other side of the room. But do not worry this machine comes with an app you can download on your phone to control the sounds.

2. The Original White Noise Machine


  • Customized non-looping sounds
  • Completely risk-free
  • 101 night trial period
  • One year warranty
  • Aids fussy infants
  • Keeps outside disruptions outside
  • Can be used in bedroom or office
  • Over 10,000 positive reviews

The original White noise machine was developed in 1962. It has classic model features which are fan base producing noises such as soothing ambient sounds of rushing air, without actual air running through.

It has a two-speed option which helps to adjust the tone as well as volume. This makes it simple to create an environment in which you can sleep, study, work, or rest. It masks background noise allowing you to have more control over what you can hear.

Marpac has been around for over 50 years; these guys know exactly what they’re doing when creating a white noise machine.

It comes with an 8-inch 120 V AC plug. All you have to do is flip the switch to high or low, find the best sound. Once this is done, it will start you off into a deep slumber.

The people at Marpac believe in their product to the degree that they will let you try out the product for 101 nights.

The customized non-looping sound will ensure that you receive a continuous white noise without any distracting digital looping.

My Final Opinion

Since the makers of this product have been around for over 50 years, I would most likely guess that they know what they are talking about. 

3. LectroFan High Fidelity White Noise Sound Machine


  • Ten fan sounds
  • Ten ambient noise variation
  • White noise, pink noise, and brown noise choices
  • Precise volume control
  • 20 unique digital sounds
  • Great for sleep, work-study, and privacy
  • Helps both adults and children
  • Can travel with you
  • One year warranty
  • Over 4500 positive reviews

The LectroFan white noise machine has a large range of sound options, can reach a high volume range, and is easy to charge.

It can be left on continuous looping with excellent interval features if you are a light sleeper who suffers from tinnitus in your ears. This machine will help to minimize that sound coming from your ears.

This white noise machine does not have display light, which can keep people up at night. The buttons are easy to work at night; its design is easy for the user.

It comes with a 5-foot cable and can be charged via USC or with the included A/C adaptor. Due to its low-profile look, it will not be an eyesore on your night end table.

And it is ideal for relaxation, study, or any situation where you’d like good control of your sound environment.

LectroFan will ensure that the fan runs at a speed of your choosing so that you can get a good night sleep with peaceful rest. It offers 20 unique digital sounds to mask the noises. You can also choose from 10 different electric fans sound, which includes ten variations of pure white noise.

Each sound can be personalized with volume control to select across a wide range of sound levels – starting from a whisper too many times louder than the mechanical fan based conditioners.

My Final Opinion

This machine creates electronically generated sound which masks shrill voices while taking up minimal space on your night receives a big thumbs up from me.

4. Big Red Rooster 6 Sound White Noise Machine


  • 6 different sounds
  • Great for tinnitus sufferers
  • Masks out background noises
  • Auto on-off timer
  • Both battery and  plug-in powered

Big Red Rooster 6 sound white noise machine has 6 different sleep sounds, and they are:

  • Rain
  • Brook
  • Ocean
  • Thunder
  • White Noise
  • Summer Night

You will not run out of sound options to choose from. Each of the sounds will help to mask outside noises as well as tinnitus. Adults and kids can use this machine, both will get a night of good sleep when using the machine.

It has an optional auto-off timer. You can set it to go off whenever you want; most people set the timer for after they have fallen asleep. It’s portable so that you can take it on vacation or when you for a nap in your living room.

The noise machine is both battery and plug-in operated.

In Conclusion

By building good sleep habits, you set yourself up for some good night’s sleep. One of the things I recommend when developing sleep habits to combine with the white noise machine is to do the yoga poses that help you sleep.

Both of these combined create a nice peaceful, relaxed state.

For some, white noise may be a temporary solution to get back onto their regular sleeping schedule. While others may find it that they need the masking noise every night to mask out outside sounds that are unpleasant to their ears.

Let me know in the comments below what you think about these best white noise machines for sleeping.

34 thoughts on “4 Best White Noise Machines For Sleeping In Loud Environments – Top 2021 Review”

  1. We have been using a fan for white noise for quite some time now. My husband, snores sometimes and the fan usually works to block our the sound, but not always. I never knew that there was such a wide selection of white noise machines.

    I think Lectrofan would work best for me. Not only do I need white noise, but I also need a completely dark room too. Lacking a display light would be essential. Thanks for the tips!

    • My wife says I snore. Rather than sleep in get a separate rooms,  we bought the white noise machine to mask out my snoring noise, she sleeps so much better now. Thanks for sharing your experience. 

  2. Noise Machines are very effective in making one sleep due to some conditions like anxiety, loud noise and so on. I hardly get to sleep in loud environment before now but with the noise machine, I get to sleep and wake up refreshed. Its a really useful machine and it works for all ages different age group. So for those having issues with getting to sleep, I’ll recommend The Original White Noise Machine, its my favorite and its tested and trusted. Thanks for sharing this, it’ll be very helpful for those having problems with their sleep. Its a really nice article, I love it.

    • Thanks for sharing your experience with the white noise machine. As well thanks for stopping by.

  3. This cannot come at a more better time than this for me. My spouse snores loudly and often, it does disturbs my night sleep but as it was before, I could sleep later in the day but now that I work as a blogger, that’s not possible to do.  This white noise machines would be of great benefit to me and I’d be more than glad to get the SNOOZ machine. It seems very cool and i like the auto on and off with the remote too. Thats great. Thanks for this, you are a life saver with this post.

    • If you work in the morning but stay because of your spouse’s snoring, then these will help fo sure. Thanks for stopping by. 

  4. As a parent of two small children, I can assure you there is nothing worse, than when they wake up in the middle of the night because of a bad dream or some other nuance. Luckily, a white noise soothes them nicely and they get back to sleep. And so can I. 🙂

    • The white noise helps with sleep issues related to nightmares. Wishing you much more enjoyable sleep at night. 

  5. Wow, this machines can really help one fall asleep? That’s a big deal for me because I have to take pills and supplement just so I can fall asleep. Its great that it can also help with anxiety. How come I’ve not heard of the white noise machine in the past. Well, now that you’ve explained all about it, I think I need to try it out myself. Thank you for the help here.

    • Please return and let me know your experience. 

  6. We could have really done with one of these with our first born. As new parents, like many, nothing prepares you for a baby that won’t settle easily. Stress, anxiety, self doubt all come to the fore. We got there in the end but I know a friend used one with their second born (their first they let watch DVDs till he fell asleep, they are dealing with the fall out from that now).

    In an case, great to know there are some great options available. Do any of them have clocks or radios? It would be handy to have on the bedside table rather than this and a digital clock radio.

    • No these are strictly white noise machines, with no digital distraction. Thanks for stopping by 

  7. When my baby was a newborn, I would not have survived without white noise. It was the only thing that would help to settle her. This was for the first few months of her life. Now she is 14 months and thankfully can get to sleep without it. The only problem with the white noise was that it was on my phone, which meant I couldn’t use my phone. Next time I will definitely be getting one of these machines!

    • That’s great that your baby was able to fall asleep like that. My wife says its because of the all the sounds the baby hears in their Moms tummy, that the white noise machine works for them. We too used a white noise machine for our kids, but not on our phone. As an exhausted parent, the phone ringing during the nap would wake the baby which would lead to more grumpiness for us. 

  8. I like that you’ve explained the purpose and uses of using white noise at the beginning of your post. I have only ever heard of using white noise for babies and toddlers. I didn’t realise there were even machines for this, or that it helps teens and adults fall asleep. I also didn’t realise how effective they can be for those who experience anxiety. These are a great idea. In my counselling job when on night shifts, we get a lot of client’s calling because they can’t sleep due to anxiety and ruminating thoughts. This is a brilliant idea that I can share with them as an option for them. Thanks for sharing.

    • My wife has been using the white noise machine for many years due to tinnitus. Hope your clients benefit from this post.

  9. I haven’t tried it before but upon reading your article I knew that there’s such sound-producing machine that induces sleep. Whenever I go camping with my friends sometimes I couldn’t sleep because of the loud snore when they fall to sleep. Might buy one for my travels. There are some phone apps also that we can use for this purpose. Great post. Thanks.

    • Phones are great, but the interruption can be when they ring. I agree white noise machines would be great for camping.

  10. Whenever I visit family, I find it hard to fall asleep because the dogs next door are always barking. Also, there is loud music. The Snooz White Noise Sound Machine is exactly what I need. I didn’t even know about this machine until I came across your post. I will definitely consider purchasing this particular one. Thanks for sharing.

    • Let me know how it goes with your white noise machine.

  11. I have been suffering from sleeping problems for a long time. These days due to political unrest in my city. I have a lot of dreams at night. I am glad that I came across this useful article. I have never heard of white noise machines. Thanks for your useful information here. I may have a deeper look later on Amazon. Sleeping quality is so important for us.

    • You are right sleeping quality is very important. Wishing you all the best with your sleeping.

  12. I used to work as a passenger escort, taking special need children to school and then back home. On girl I used to take, it was a 50 minute drive and she could get very frustrated and stressed out. She had one of these white noise boxes and the difference in her was out of this world.

    I am one for my sleep, I love my sleep. I’ve always said I could sleep on a razors edge, but sometimes I found it difficult. After seeing my passenger, I decided to get one for those difficult nights. Worked a treat. 

    Thank you for this post.

    If everyone had a good sleep the world would be a happier place. 🙂

    • Sleep is so important. A person can become a changed individual once they full rest their body. Glad you are enjoying your white noise machine. 

  13. Hi

    I am so glad I found your article.  I suffer both from tinnitus (ringing in the ear) and from a noisy environment.  I live right next to train tracks, it sounds like the train is passing through my living room every 15 minutes.

    I have been using binaural meditation to help go to sleep.  A binaural beat is produced by two similar tones in each ear producing a third pulsating tone.  I find binaural beats at delta-frequency very relaxing.  Delta is the brain wave activity of deep-sleep.  How does the white-noise compare with binaural beats?



    • My wife also suffers from tinnitus. We’ve had a white noise machine for a long time. Binaural beats are great to get a good sleep when nothing else works, plus you meditate with it. Great! 

      Binaural beats take you into a relaxed state while white noise is used to mask outside sounds. 

  14. Very good product used it for a month.its very good cz I developed bad hearing problems from previous products I used. So I’d say and recommend it as a very healthy excellent product/ gadget. I’d recommend it to other people. It’s really helpful and enjoyable well as at the same time affordable. Really great to use. It’s user friendly too. Heads up and try it out.

    • I agree with you. Most who have sleeping problems should try one. 

  15. Due to anxiety I have a horrible time sleeping and staying asleep.  This last couple of months we have been hit with a heat wave so I moved a fan into the bedroom.  You wouldn’t believe how much better I have been sleeping with just the white noise that the fan makes!  I no longer want to snipe at birds waking me up at 5:00 AM – LOL!

    I can only imagine how much better a proper white noise machine would make.  If I don’t get a decent night’s sleep my concentration and work performance suffers a great deal the next day – not to mention increased anxiety.  I really like the clear descriptions of each of the machines that you give so that a person can make an informed decision as to which would be best in which situations.  I certainly know which one I want!

    Thank you so much for such a thoughtful and well written article.  Keep up the great work!

    • Hope you find a great one, so you can get a good sleep without worrying about anxiety. 

  16. Thank you for this post. I have insomnia and do struggle to go to sleep but for some reason, have never even thought of trying white noise machines.

    Mind you, someone did mention getting a white noise machine for my son when he was a baby but neglected to say that you could get white noise machines that would work for my baby and myself. 

    So I’m a total newbie here but can you tell me what the difference is between white, pink and brown noise?

    And which one would you recommend if you had to choose one?

    My husband hates the babbling brook kind of music by the way. I know most relaxation music files use waves and rain but my husband is a plumber and he says that kind of music makes him think there’s a burst pipe somewhere. lol


    • White noise comes in the frequencies as we naturally hear. Pink noise is every noise decreased by 3 decibels. Brown noise is the lowest of all noises and decreases by 6 decibels. 

      I would go with any of the three, they all have their great features. Too funny about your husband. I was a heli-logger and would never go with any that has a whirring sound. 

  17. It’s good to know that such technologies exist. I would prefer the SNOOZ white noise machine, it looks sleek and stylish for me. It’s good to know also that it has a remote control and an automatic scheduler. The 1 year warranty is a plus, it means they have a good quality product. I would consider buying one because I am having difficulty sleeping due to pregnancy. I would love to try one. Thanks for sharing

    • Wishing you all the best in your pregnancy. Not only will it help you, but it will be great for your newborn.


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