Top 7 Best Wool Blankets In 2021

Today our review is of the top 7 best wool blankets available for purchasing. These blanket wick away moisture for overheaters and keep heat trapped for people who sleep cold. After many hours of searching, we feel the blankets we bring today will have all your needs covered.

Why Use Wool Blankets

Wool blankets offer a luxurious sleep because they are soft and wick away moisture and sweat as it develops on the body. Not only that, but the blanket itself also remains dry throughout the night. They’re flexible enough that you can use them as insulation on your bed, cover yourself, or take them to a different part of your house, their versatility is unlimited.

Many people use these blankets as accents or just to get comfortable and cozy while watching a movie or TV. The wool blanket is decorative enough that it will go with any décor in your home. Just the shine and the blanket feel will help them fit in easily into your bedroom or wherever else you may want to use them.

If you ever decide to go on a car trip, having a wool blanket will make it perfect. If you get stuck anywhere where there are cold temperatures, having one of these warm blankets could save your life. This blanket also reduces motion sickness due to the wool absorbing VOCs, thereby improving air quality.

Another fun way to use a wool blanket is when going on a picnic. They have excellent insulation, which will keep you safe from the ground and stop sand from collecting on the blanket. The blankets are easy to spot clean, you’ll be amazed at how easy it is to wipe away moisture from this blanket.

These blankets are very safe as they usually are fire retardant, making them usable for the whole family. Even your baby or pets could use this blanket, and they will remain snuggly warm all night long.

Best Wool Blankets

1.     Biddy Murphy Lambs Wool Blanket

 best wool blankets - biddy murphy wool blanketThis authentic Irish wool blanket is made in Ireland. It comes into different sizes and is made with 100% Irish wool. This means that you can use this blanket all year round without having to worry about overheating or getting too cold.

The blanket’s measurements are 90 x 108″. It comes from lambswool and is perfect for adults or children. The blanket has a tight weave, meaning that its breathable yet will keep your body temperature regulated all night long.

Because it’s made of 100% wool, natural active fibers, you won’t have to worry about getting cold, because it traps heat to keep you warm and cozy. It will also wick away any moisture that collects around your body, so that you wake up refreshed and ready to deal with the day.

The quality of the blanket is excellent. It’s not too thin or too thick, making it just right when you need to sleep at night. The beautiful thing about this blanket is that you can take it to any room, as it’s not very weighted down. You can even throw it on your couch to watch TV or get comfortable while reading a book.

2.     Poyet Motte Aubisque Wool Blanket

 best wool blankets - poyet motte wool blanketThe Poyet Motte has been around since 1839. They create top quality products which many people have enjoyed throughout the years. The blanket they offer is 100% virgin wool with double stitched satin binding.

It’s a luxurious blanket, and since it comes from Poyet Motte, it is considered one of the more luxurious blankets. The blanket will help you stay cozy and warm during the cold winter months. Because of the stitching and the tight weave, it’s a durable blanket meant to last you a long time. The blanket is reversible.

This blanket will to wick away moisture as you sleep at night, meaning that it will keep sweat away from you so that you feel more dryer and comfortable when sleeping during the cold nights. You can even take this blanket when you go camping as it acts as an excellent insulator.

Considering that the blanket was designed with comfort in mind, you’ll be happy to know that it delivers precisely that. You’ll find that when using the blanket in the winter months, you might even be able to save on the cost of heating.

Even while you sleep, the blanket will not slip off, so you’ll be snug in your blanket all night long. The workmanship on the blanket is excellent and is backed by the manufacturer. Not only will you be able to use it as a blanket on top, but you can also even insulate your bed by putting it underneath you to stay warm and cozy.

3.     Desert Breeze Distributing Wool Blanket

This wool blanket comes from both sheep and alpaca wool. Considering that alpaca wool is famous for being so luxurious, it’s a wonder that this is one of the best sellers at Amazon right now. It is a highly breathable blanket; because of this quality, the blanket remains dry and fresh and will wick away sweat and moisture from the user’s body.

The two wools used in the blanket are blended quite nicely to create a top-quality blanket that you can use any time of the year. Both sides of this top quality wool blanket are brushed, which gives it a very soft feeling on both sides. The blanket is easy to maintain; the edges are bound well and double stitched to add quality and durability.

It’s a heavy-duty blanket and weighs 5.5 pounds, making it an excellent blanket for you to use during any weather and anywhere in your home. The colors of the blanket are neutral and will complement any décor in your room.

The animals the wool comes from are being raised in extreme elevations and climate conditions of the Andes Mountains. The blanket is made in Peru and is 72 x 88″. It might arrive with a bit of a smell, but the smell will dissipate within 48 hours after it has been left open.

4.     Pendleton Wool Blanket

 best wool blankets - pendleton wool blanketIf you are one of those people who gets really cold at, then the Pendleton wool blanket will be perfect for you. It is an Eco-Wise blanket, meaning that it’s great for our environment as well as safe to use with no toxic chemicals.

It is breathable, which helps to keep moisture away from your body, as well keep you dry all night long. Waking up in a sweat can be such a wet experience, but this blanket will help you wake up dry and moisture-free.

It’s heavier than the regular blankets, almost like a weighted blanket, but to a lesser degree. The only downside of this blanket is that because it’s 100% wool, it may irritate your skin. But rather than wrapping yourself up in this blanket, you can opt to throw it on your bedding to insulate for more warmth during the cold winter months.

It comes in many different colors, so you not limited to just one. It’s made in the USA and has native American tribe prints that are authentic to their culture. The manufacturers of this blanket have been around for over 150 years. Pendleton is authentic and will remain dedicated to its heritage and provide excellent craftsmanship with its pure virgin wool blankets.

The beauty of this blanket is that the more you wash it, the softer it will become.

5.     Alpaca Warehouse Wool Blanket

 best wool blankets - alpaca warehouse wool blanketThis Alpaca throw blanket will keep you warm during the cold night, not only that you can take it anywhere you wish because it is lightweight and portable. The throw blanket comes in many different sizes.

Many people have been known to take this blanket when going camping. It is cozy, luxurious, and is itch-free. It is a 97 x 92″ blanket and can be used by adults and children. Alpaca Warehouse stands behind their product; if you’re not happy with the product you received, you can return it without questions asked.

The blanket is made in Peru and is stitched for durability as well; the weave is tight, making the blanket breathable. This way, you won’t have to worry about overheating at night at the blanket will quickly wick away moisture and sweat.

The wool blanket is easy to clean, so it will last you years to come. Plus, with each wash, it will get softer and softer. For those dark, chilly nights when you get really cold, you’ll be glad to have this blanket by your side.

You can snuggle up on your couch comfortably with the blanket while watching TV or reading a book, or use it on top of your bedding for extra insulation in the winter months. Because it comes in different colors, you can match it to the décor of your room.

It is excellent for outdoor and indoor use. It’s made in Peru, shipped from Florida.

6.     Down Under Wool Blanket

 best wool blankets - down under wool blanketThe Down Under wool blanket comes all the way from Australia. It is filled with Australian washable sheep wool. The cover for this blanket is 100%  cotton. Made by one of the world’s leading producer of the finest wool, you are guaranteed luxury and comfort.

The blanket is excellent for those people who sweat a lot as well overheat. It is tightly woven so that it is breathable to wick away moisture as well as regulate your body temperature. But the blanket not only helps people who overheat, but it also helps to keep the person who likes to stay cozy and warm all night long.

The Queen size wool blanket is 90″ x 90″. Plenty of room for it to overhang on your bed for you to cozy up in and snuggle down for the night. You can easily wash this blanket in the machine hence saving you the cost of dry cleaning. Once it’s washed, all you have to do is tumble dry, and the blanket is ready to be used again.

7.     Woolly Mammoth Wool Blanket 

 best wool blankets - woolly mammoth wool blanketWoolly Mammoth blankets are made with virgin merino wool. It is a woven blanket, and no recycled materials are used to create this blanket. It is stitched and enhanced for durability. The twill weaving ensures that the blanket you’re using it will last you a long time.

The blanket has a mill to finish, meaning that the inter-fiberfill team and fabric are used to create a beautiful dense blanket. It is double stitched by using polyester thread, which will have the blanket not fall apart over the years of use you’re going to get out of it. Many people take this blanket when they go camping; it is lightweight and will not weigh a person down.

The blanket is 66 x 90″ and weighs 4 pounds. It also works as an extra insulation layer to keep you warm at night. It has self-cleaning properties and does not need to be machine washed. It would be better if you get it dry cleaned, or you can spot clean it and give it a good shake.

Different Types Of Wool Blankets Available

Wool blankets come from sheep, lambs, alpaca, goats, camels, and rabbits. These Blankets are known for their moisture-wicking properties as well as their tight weave, which allows them to breathe so that the user of the blanket has body temperature regulation all night long.

These blankets aren’t as soft as other blankets, but when they are washed, they get considerably softer as time goes on. They feel luxurious as well as offer comfort, and material is usually hand made.

  • Angora wool – this fabric comes from rabbit hair. These blankets are usually warmer than the other wool blankets. But because of their softness, they have a delicate feel to them. Angora wool can get really hot and is often used as an accessory or to accent a piece of furniture.
  • Boiled wool – this fabric is commonly known for its weight of being heavy. It is produced by shrinking woven wool fabric to create dense material. The material is usually warm, waterproof, and is used for cardigans and other clothing.
  • Cashmere wool – this will is often used for sweaters. Cashmere blankets are usually thin and very appealing, but they are more expensive than the other wool blankets.
  • Merino wool – this is one of the more common types of wool in the world. Merino wool blankets are woven tightly to have breathability as well; they are known for their softness.
  • Alpaca wool – alpaca wool blankets are of medium weight. They are exceptionally soft but have a loose weave. Alpaca wool and sheep wool are often mixed to create a blanket that offers moisture-wicking properties.
  • Virgin wool – Virgin wool blankets are made from fabric that has never been used before. They are strong and soft and yet eco-friendly.

How To Care For Wool Blankets

Since wool blankets are gaining in popularity and have become desired bedding for many, you will want to ensure that you know how to care for your blanket correctly so that it will last you a long time. You’re going to have to be very careful when you’re washing stains out of the blanket so that you don’t ruin the wool.

Items required to clean your wool blanket:

  • Detergent
  • Brush
  • Chair
  • Flat drying rack
  • Bathtub

The first thing you want to do is use a soft bristle brush to brush it down. The best way to do this would be to lie flat on the chair; this will ensure that all the fibers are in the same direction.

That detergent you use to clean your wool blanket should be mild or gentle. Do not use anything with bleach or alkaline only nature as it will damage the fibers of the blanket.

The best way to clean your blanket is by hand washing, as a machine can cause damage to it. Make sure the water is lukewarm. You’ll need to fill your bathtub halfway. Pour in the mild detergent, mix that well before putting your blanket.

Let the blanket sit in the top for a few hours so that it soaks really well. This will help the wool become completely saturated. Don’t rub or wring the blanket because this could cause the fibers to felt. Once your blanket has soaked enough, drain the water out and then gently press down on your blanket to squeeze the water.

To rinse out the detergent, fill the tub with clean lukewarm water once again and let your blanket soak in it for a few minutes until the detergent washes off. Once again, let the water run out and squeeze the water out of your wool blanket gently. Now let the water run over the blanket until the water runs clear. Gently squeeze the water out.

When transferring the wool blanket to a drying rack, cover the rack with thick towels. This will help to absorb moisture as well; your blanket will lay flat to prevent shape distortion. You will need to let it completely dry before using it. But if wool blankets are not your thing, you can always get a weighted blanket which also helps to regulate body temperature.

Final Words About Best Wool Blankets

Since wool is durable and soft, the blankets made from wool are trendy. You can use them in emergency kits or have them accent your furniture. Wool is excellent for outdoor and indoor use. The blankets are very stylish and will last you a long time.

We hope that this best wool blankets guide will have you purchasing the blanket which will be most suited to your needs.

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