7 Best Carpal Tunnel Braces For Sleeping In 2021

Carpal tunnel braces for sleeping are recommended if you want to get a full night’s sleep. As we sleep, we often toss and turn and end up sleeping on our arms as well as our wrists. When this happens, it just makes the pain in our wrist that much worse.

What Is A Carpal Tunnel Brace

A carpal tunnel wrist brace is a non-invasive way to support the wrist while keeping the joint immobilized. It is usually made of lightweight yet durable material. People who use carpal tunnel wrist support for sleep often benefit from a carpal tunnel brace. The brace is usually 8.5 inches in length. 5.5 inches cover the wrist while the other 3 cover the palm and hand. Some carpal tunnel braces also have a metal/plastic split for extra support.

A Carpal tunnel brace will improve blood circulation as well as rehabilitate the wrist. It’s a better alternative than getting cortisone injections or surgery.

How Should You Sleep With A Carpal Tunnel Brace

Since sleep plays a vital role in our day-to-day function, it is also the best time for the recovery of all our muscles and joints. Sleep helps to rejuvenate our bodies from all the wear and tear it undergoes during our daily activities. Sleep plays a unique role in helping to repair our tissues, nerves, muscles, and bones.

Unfortunately, some people have a difficult time falling asleep due to the pain they suffer in their wrists. Often time our wrists are the first place where we will feel pain, this happens because of how much our hands are used during the day.

Learning to sleep with the brace on at night can be a learning curve. But if you are made aware of how you need to sleep at night, it makes it that much easier. When wearing a brace at night, the best thing to do is to keep your wrist by your side in a neutral position. The brace, when worn at night, will help to make this happen. You can even have your wrist lay on your wedge pillow for extra support.

Never put your wrist underneath your pillow; even with the brace, this can cause further damage to your wrist.

Best Carpal Tunnel Braces For Sleeping

1.     ComfyBrace Night Wrist Sleep Support

This night wrist support brace can be used for both arms. It is cushioned to help relieve carpal tunnel syndrome. It will provide maximum support to your wrist as it’s an ergonomically designed hand splint, which will ensure your injured wrist the support it needs so you can sleep at night.

The wrist support is ideal for those who are suffering from carpal tunnel, arthritis, or tendon pain. It is also great for those who need it for post cast wrist support.

It is adjustable so that you don’t have to worry about it being too loose or tight. It’s designed to fit both men and women. It has hooks and fasteners so that you can have peace of mind that it will fit properly and provide maximum comfort and support.

It is a slip-on sleeve design and is really easy to use. No need to have to worry about bringing up from one side to the other. All you have to do is slip it on and you’re ready to go to sleep. It has cushioned beads, the material is breathable and does not hold in moisture so you will not have to worry about your wrist sweating at night.

This wrist support is Dr. recommended. It is washable, but just follow the instruction guide that it comes with.

One customer commented that her wrist pain improved 90% after using this wrist support for nighttime sleeping. She enjoys wearing it, especially at night, as it provides the relief she needs. She is amazed at what an improvement she had in her wrist movement after using the wrist support for four weeks.

2.     Futuro Night Wrist Sleep Support

Are you looking for stabilized support for your wrist when you sleep at night? Then you don’t need to look any further than the Futuro night wrist brace. This brace provides excellent support to an injured wrist, especially when you need that support going to bed.

People who deal with carpal tunnel syndrome, have found relief not only from carpal tunnel with this wrist brace, but they have also received relief from arthritis and tendonitis pain.

It has plush cushioning, which will protect your wrist as you sleep. This cushioning is extra thick, although still lightweight, to make sure that you don’t end up sleeping on your wrist at night. And if you do, your wrist will be protected.

It has cushioned beads that promote a neutral hand position as you sleep. There is also a splint in this wrist brace, which is removable so you can customize better support for your wrist. The size is adjustable and works for both men and women. You can wear it on either hand.

Because there is a cushioned ball inside on which your fingers rest, you will not clench your fingers into your palm. Your hand will remain relaxed at all times, as well it will remain moisture-free.

One customer commented that she had issues with carpal/cubital tunnel syndrome as well as a tennis elbow, which flared up during certain times of the year. She stated this is the best brace she found for keeping her hand immobile while she sleeps, which prevented her from sleeping on her hand or bending into an angle that caused pain.

3.     WYLLIELAB Night Wrist Sleep Support

This hand brace comes with a splint for wrist pain. It fits on both right and left hand. A wrist that is suffering from carpal tunnel, if treated immediately, has a good chance of recovery. The pain relief that you receive from wearing this wrist brace while sleeping will help that recovery take place that much faster.

You’ll receive the necessary protection, which will keep your wrist from becoming numb or spraining as you sleep. One thing you will find that once you wear the wrist brace is that you won’t be waking up at night with pain in your wrist. Instead, you’ll wake up rejuvenated and ready to deal with the day in the morning.

It has a soft cushioning in the palm area, which keeps your wrist and neutral position without any restrictions. There’s a metal bar inside which is made for supporting and stabilizing your wrist. Because of all the padding, the brace has, you will not feel this metal bar.

You can wear this wrist brace without fear of your wrist sweating at night. The material that the wrist brace is made from is breathable and durable.

This wrist brace can be worn at any time; it’s not only limited to nighttime sleeping.

One customer commented that she purchased the wrist brace for her mother. She stated the Velcro strap helped the brace to fit her mother’s wrist comfortably and efficiently. It also has a hackey sack style pouch where the palm goes; this is to ensure that there is comfort and curvature.

4.     Dr. Arthritis Night Wrist Sleep Support

Doctors developed this carpal tunnel wrist brace. It comes with a secure strap system, which is combined with a perfect position splint. It will keep your wrist in a neutral position as you sleep at night.

It also comes with cushioned beads as well; the material is breathable and is built to last. You can adjust straps to ensure it fits any hand size.

The use of this wrist brace is multiple. You can use it for arthritis, tendinitis ganglion cyst or strains and sprains of the wrist. People who play sports or experience wrist fatigue have also been known to use this wrist brace.

You’ll find that after using the brace, you’ll wake up in a better mood. Why? Because you’ll have slept pain-free, which means getting a full night’s sleep is what this wrist brace offers.

The sleeve is 8 ½ inches long, five of those inches cover the wrist area. It is comfortable and easy to slip on. The splint in the sleeve is made of metal, but because the material is ultra-cushioned, you won’t feel the splint when sleeping at night.

One customer commented that the extra cushioning makes her wrist very comfortable and easy to wear while sleeping.

5.     ACE Wrist Night Sleep Support

Do you want a brace that restores your wrist to its original state? The ACE night wrist sleep support brace will have that happening quite efficiently.

It is crafted from soft, brushed fabric that wraps your injured wrist in an adjustable comfort. The ergonomic design of the wrist brace will have your palm resting comfortably while you sleep at night. Not only that, but your wrist will stay in the correct position.

It will stabilize your injured wrist; carpal tunnel syndrome will become a thing of the past with this support. This easy to use sleep design is hassle-free and can be slipped on your right or left hand with ease.

One customer commented that the brace is ridiculously comfortable sleep. She said that it almost felt like she was wrapping her arm in a pillow. Suffering from severe carpal tunnel syndrome in arthritis in both wrists and hands had made it impossible for her to sleep at night. But once she bought this wrist brace, healing began immediately, and she was able to get a full night’s sleep.

6.     BROTOU Night Wrist Sleep Support

If receiving optimal support at night so you can sleep is your number one goal, then this wrist sleep support will be perfect for you. The neoprene blend will help to retain heat for warmth and comfort. It is light yet breathable. So when you’re sleeping at night, your wrist won’t become wet with moisture.

The splint is removable, and because it has a flexible ergonomic design, it will curve nicely around your wrist. The straps are adjustable and will fit any wrist size. It also comes with hook and loop for extra comfort as well as adjustability.

One customer commented that she has carpal tunnel in both of her hands. She purchased this wrist brace and noticed and enjoyed the fact that it has three small straps and one large longer one that wraps around the entire wrist for providing extra support.

7.     Copper Compression Gear Night Wrist Sleep Support

Making excellent recovery while you sleep is what a night wrist brace support should provide. This one is specially designed for nighttime. It will keep the wrist in a neutral position as you sleep. It also allows your wrist to relax by using formed metal rods to keep your wrist in the correct position.

You will not only experience less wrist pain, but you will also experience relief from injured muscles, tendinitis, wrist sprain, as well as provide rehabilitation to your wrist. The wrist brace is fully adjustable, meaning it will fit almost any wrist size.

Your aching hands will experience relief, yet be supported to make sure that you get the best sleep possible at night. You can use this wrist brace not only for nighttime sleeping, but you can wear it in the daytime as well for extra support.

Some people have even been known to wear this wrist brace 24/7. It is odor-free, temperature-regulated wrist support. Your hand will not feel wet with moisture at night as it has sweat-wicking features. It is durable yet lightweight.

One customer commented that she needed a brace that had some flex room. This wrist brace provided that, and her wrist started healing immediately. She would not go back to any other wrist brace.

Benefits of Carpal Tunnel Brace

Keeps Your Wrist In The Neutral Position – because you are wearing a brace, your wrist will not move from side to side, which can make carpal tunnel worse. But instead, it will keep the wrist straight, which will help you to recover faster.

Relieve Pain At Night – when appropriately worn at night, it will help your wrist stay pain-free as well as maintain recovery for the long-term.

Stabilize Your Wrist – by stabilizing your wrist; you encourage recovery as well; you can even use the brace during daytime activities. This will decrease the load on your wrist.

Carpal Tunnel Braces For Sleeping Buyers Guide

There are few things you need to be aware of when buying our carpal tunnel braces for sleeping. They are:


  • Neoprene – this is the material that is used most often at it is a lightweight and durable. This material is also breathable, which means it won’t retain moisture. This material is best for when sleeping at night.
  • Bamboo charcoal – this material is soft and flexible but will provide proper compression as well as mild support. It also is temperature regulated.
  • Silicone gel – the benefit of this material is that it is slim and has a lightweight feeling to it. It is excellent for wearing when typing, writing, or any other hand activity.
  • Nylon mesh – this material is also lightweight, breathable, and is made for long-term comfort. It also prevents and wicks away sweat. It’s also another excellent brace for use during the day or at night.


You want to get the one that is best suited to your wrist size. Although most braces are adjustable, you still will need to ensure that it will fit your wrist correctly, otherwise returning it can become a hassle for you.

The sizes that the carpal tunnel braces come in our small, medium, large, and extra-large.

Support Type

  • Mild – these carpal tunnel braces provide an excellent option for minor injuries. They are usually of a slim design and offer limited compression.
  • Moderate – these are wrap style braces that offer medium support. They usually come with metal or plastic splint, which can be removed to adjust the level of support. They are excellent for nighttime.
  • Maximum – for fractures or surgical recoveries, this is the type of support you want from your carpal tunnel brace. They’re a very rigid and limit movement of the joint, which makes recovery that much faster.

Overall Conclusion Of Carpal Tunnel Braces For Sleeping

Gaining a pain-free sleep at night makes a recovery take place quickly. The carpal tunnel braces for sleeping that I reviewed up top will make this happen.

Don’t let carpal tunnel stop you from getting your full sleep as well as living your day-to-day life. Even limited daytime activities can interrupt your nighttime sleep due to the anxiety of not being able to perform at your full best.

Treating carpal tunnel, tendinitis, arthritis, or other such wrist injuries with cushioned padding can make for an excellent comfortable night’s rest.

Share in comments below how you sleep when you’re suffering from a sore wrist.

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  1. Hi Eric. I have been working at an office for more than 7 years and as i worked daily with the mouse I was diagnosed carpal tunnel affectation. I then when to buy a brace. But to my surprise, I started experimenting blood circulation problems in my hand. I through away that brace and have bee researching for a good one. I have made up my mind for WYLLIELAB Night Wrist Sleep Support.

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  2. My doctor recommended I look into getting a carpal tunnel brace in general but, I never thought of wearing it while I sleep!  It’s rather brilliant.  I can get through a day of working at the computer but, in the evening, even after a hot bath and some stretches I still have shooting pains up to my elbows at times.

    I tried a few carpal tunnel braces years ago but, they weren’t very useful.  I can see now the technology has come a long way.  I’m thinking my best bet might be the ComfyBrace Night Wrist Sleep Support.  I am a huge fan of getting a good nights’ rest and, anything I can do to give myself great healing support and adequate rest makes it easier for me to help others through my work. 

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