Clear Your Mind So You Can Sleep – 5 Reason Brain Dumps Can Help

How can you clear your mind so you can sleep?

By practicing brain dumps. They help to clear out the brain, which can be full of clutter. By de-cluttering the mind, you free yourself up for fresh new ways of thinking.

With fresh thinking, you can help yourself to achieve a calm state of mind, as well as get rid of any negative criticism which may exist.

Rather than use your brain as a place of storage for random thoughts and ideas flowing through, it’s better to keep it open.

By keeping it open, you let the ideas flow in, but if they don’t work for what you want out of your life, it’s easy to let them go.

You also allow yourself to be rid of all worries which may pop-up right before going to bed. Need to learn how to deal with worries, read my post on how to conquer your inner critical voice for sleep

Why do you need to do daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly brain dumps?

If you own a computer or any gadget where you store information, you know information overload can take place.

 The same thing happens with our brains!brain overload

Most times, when my computer is overloaded, I usually call my son down to clear out all temporary or old files which are taking up space.

But thankfully brain dumps are something you can do yourself.

What happens during brain dumps is that you start knocking things off the list that are no longer supporting what you are doing in life right at the moment. 

These could be temporary or old files which have become obsolete in your life but still floating around in there somewhere. These types of files hold up precious space in your brain.

Brain dumps are peaceful, inspiring, and leave us feeling full of strength. You’re able to capture your intellectual thoughts to help them materialize effectively.

The primary purpose of our brain is to move around our environment in an impactful way. Many would say that our mind is dedicated to creating action.

But when the brain gets filled with toxic thoughts which are no longer promoting wellness, that’s when the brain dump needs to happen.

Without regular brain dumps, our brain becomes inactive, which leads to the anxiety of the highest order.

By clearing your brain, you can set yourself up for more significant accomplishments in life – both personal and professional.

You remove clutter which removes disorder. What this does is promote harmony leading to greater focus. You will be able to soothe your emotions, release any negativity, and even heal the adverse effects of stress.

Stress is a significant factor that leads to a lack of sleep.

By releasing the thoughts which are always running in your brain, you can break down the subconscious mental barriers which sabotage your goals and dreams. This allows you to replace them with new empowered thought processes.

Once you’ve cleared your brain, you can determine where you’re going to redirect your thoughts.

Of course, there are other benefits, as stated below:

1. De-stress Without Impacting Your Sleep

Don’t you hate it when there are too many ideas in your head? This can get pretty confusing as to which approach is useful or which is not.

Most times, ideas which are not useful create a mess in our mind. It gets hard to stay focused. Due to the lack of focus, -frustration can rear its ugly head. Frustration leads to stress.

When our body feels stressed, there are some pretty weird things we as humans do. I know I did some of these during times of stress or when I would let thoughts rule my brain.

  • Oversleeping
  • Lack of Sleep
  • Overeating
  • Obsessing over the tiniest of details
  • Feeling uncoordinated
  • Lack of judgment
  • Interruption of bowel movements
  • Easily tired
  • Random energy leading to a fast crash
  • Irritable

By de-stressing your brain, you will stop bouncing between things you have to do versus things you think you should be doing.

You’ll be able to get better sleep at night knowing your brain is on the off switch because you released your thoughts.

Because you’re sleeping well, you will notice that you will be able to overcome the above effects of stress.

2. Stop Overwhelming Yourself

Sometimes I end up overwhelming myself so much that I freeze up. This helps me accomplish nothing. It just slows me down for what I need to get done for the day.

When a person feels overwhelmed, it stops them from being active. Instead, they become reactive to their thoughts that are running in their minds. These thoughts are caught in a loop.

The more they spin, the more a person becomes overwhelmed. It’s not like we want to be overwhelmed; it’s just the thought or the feeling of being caught in the moment of not knowing what to do.

There was a time when I started counseling. I wanted to know everything. Every day I would wake up thinking I’m going to read a book on counseling or watch such and such a video.

But honestly, I never even got down to any of this. Not because I didn’t want to, but because it was so overwhelming with all the other things I thought I had to do.

3. Improve Mental Clarity

Mental clarity is so essential in our daily living. By having mental clarity, we make ourselves aware of what’s going on around us. By making ourselves aware, we make the right decisions.

By improving our mental clarity, we also have better focus as well as concentration. You’ll find that when you’re clarity is improved your attention will go longer and more in-depth.

Check out my post on 7 Super Sleep Tricks That Work which will help to improve your clarity in no time.

Why have cloudy thoughts?

These cloudy thoughts are hazy, lead nowhere as well stop you from seeing what’s happening. Having a clearer vision of what is happening around you will help you to look at things more positively.

Due to the clutter which keeps us from thinking straight, it makes it challenging to capture our thoughts because they are buried under mountains of brain fog.

4. Simplify Your Life

Brain dumps will help you to simplify your life by knowing you don’t have to focus on everything right now.

By simplifying life, you can find yourself looking at living life more vigorously. As well you will apply the thoughts which need to be used at the right moment.

When people try to manage their life, especially when it comes to their personal experience, it can be challenging to do in today’s times. There is so much to do, yet so little time.

There is no better time than right now to start thinking about how you want your life to be as simple as possible, especially for the future that is coming at you right now.

 Learning to live a simple life will lead to greater happiness plus a much better-relaxed sleep.

5. Free Up Mental Energy

I remember, at one time, my thoughts were so overrun; my mental energy was at an extreme time low. If you are it anything like me at all, you would know that mental energy causes more exertion than physical energy does.

With the loss of mental energy, it can take days for it to be replenished, where physical used energy returns within hours.

Being mentally tired can knock us back. The thoughts floating around in our head take on or exceed our capacity to handle the stress of it all comfortably.

The more mental exhaustion sets in, the less capable we are of being able to keep up with our day. This makes it difficult to regulate our emotions, over time, it will lead to a full-blown burnout.

Signs of clogged mental energy are:

  • Inability to concentrate

Because of the thoughts that are swirling around, our brain gets tired. This tiredness leads to a lack of completing what needs to be done. Even our decision-making is inhibited.

  • Physical fatigue

Our body feels so tired that we would rather stay in bed. This affects the motivation we need to get going on our day.signs of clogged mental energy

  • Irritability

The thoughts we have can consume us to the point where we snap at others for no reason.

How to do Regular Brain Dumps to Clear Your Mind So You Can Sleep

Firstly, you need to figure out are you going to be doing daily, weekly, monthly, or yearly brain dumps.

For most people doing brain dumps monthly or yearly can be too long. You don’t want to have your thoughts accumulating to that extent.

When they’ve accumulated even over a week, they can start to affect our bodies in negative ways.

What you need when doing brain dumps are:

  • Journal or Notebook
  • Colored Gel Pens

Once you have these three items, you’re ready to begin doing your brain dumps.

Open your brain dump journal and using your Gel Pen to write down all the thoughts that are floating around in your head. By doing this, you are releasing them from your brain.

Just by this simple release, you’re already giving your brain the relaxation that it deserves. As well you’re permitting yourself to let go of the ideas.

Most thoughts will float around in our heads until they are dealt with. Once the view is dealt with, it no longer needs to float around. You’ve already cleared up space in your brain.

Now that you’ve written down all your thoughts, I want you to use your Color Pen to start color-coding the ideas or thoughts.

Using the color that’s most important to you, go through the thoughts to highlight the ones that mean the most to you in this color.

Next using the second most crucial color to you, go through the thoughts to highlight the ones that have second priority.

Keep doing this until you have used at least six colors in the list of priorities.

Complete this process until all thoughts are highlighted.

As you notice the last four colors that you used may not be essential thoughts at all. Out of those which ones would you most likely see of having some value? If you found any thoughts that you would like to keep, checkmark them with one of your first two colors.

By doing this, you’re allowing yourself to come back to those thoughts later.

If you are doing this daily, you can come back to those thoughts a week later and see if they still hold any importance in your life. If you are doing this weekly, then you can come back to those thoughts monthly. You will know if those thoughts are worth keeping or not. 

It’s almost like clearing a garage full of junk, if you haven’t felt the need for the item for six months, you throw it away.

You might be pretty amazed at how many thoughts you were able to eradicate out of your mind. It will also give you some idea of what goes on in your head at any given time.

I remember when I started doing this. It would take me hours to get the thoughts out of my head. The more I started doing it, the less time it required.


Because I wasn’t letting those thoughts have priority anymore. By not giving them the priority they weren’t running my day or my brain. 

Now that you know brain dumps can clear your mind so you can sleep, make to practice them with regularity. See my post on how to sleep better when you have anxiety which often accompanies a decluttered mind to improve your sleep even more. 

As long as you’re focused on clearing out your brain, you can make it happen. But remember to do it in the order suggested above; otherwise, you risk the clogging of your mind, which can lead to unwanted sleep issues.

How do you declutter your mind when trying to go to sleep?

24 thoughts on “Clear Your Mind So You Can Sleep – 5 Reason Brain Dumps Can Help”

  1. These are some excellent brain dump ideas and the reasons we need to practice them. I know when I get overwhelmed or stressed I lose focus and end up not being productive at all.

    It causes me to not be able to sleep well because I am constantly thinking of all of the things I did not get done. I truly will work harder at simplifying my life and doing everything I can to keep myself from being overwhelmed and taking on too much.

    Thanks for sharing some excellent ideas.

    • Wishing you much success with some great brain dumps. Thanks for stopping by.

  2. Great post Jagi, as someone who is having trouble sleeping for as long as I can remember I need to give this a try. My wife said to me only the other day you have too many stupid things going through your head. She reckons that the reason I wake up at 3 or 4 in the morning all the time and can’t get back to sleep.
    I think it is time for a brain dump. I will let you know how it goes.

    Thanks again for the information,

    • Please do let me know how it goes. I have the same issues sometimes when a problem is really bothering me, I instantly dump my thought for the morning. Thanks for your comment.

  3. Thanx – I am Going to Do Daily Mind Dumps to Clear alot of Negative Thoughts

    • Wishing you much success. Clearing out negative thoughts creates space for better thinking.

  4. Sleeping is what regenerates our vibrations, sometimes when i find it hard to sleep the previous night, my day tends to be not so funky. thank you for the information and it’s going to help me improve on my sleeping.

    • Glad my article was helpful. Tired nights create not so great days. Thanks for stopping by.

  5. Thanks for writing about this, am one of those that struggle to sleep when I have a lot on my mind. I wll try your techniques.

  6. I have never heard of brain dump before. I will look into this, I really enjoyed your site. You have given me insight into trying some of these techniques I have a brain that never stops drives me mad at night.

    • Wishing you much success with the brain dumps. Thanks for stopping by.

  7. This is fascinating. I have had nights to where my head was spinning when my head hit the pillow. The list of things that can happen when not releasing the thoughts is surprising.The brain dumping sounds simple enough.It looks like we have to be consistent with the brain dumping as well. I’m going to try this out. Great article. Thanks

    • Please let me know how it goes. 

  8. tbia is a really fabulous post. I think it is really important that we try to release ourselves of stress. Stress and thoughts are really inevitable. For me, I take long walks when I feel stressed but sometimes it doesn’t work so I don’t get to sleep well at night. I will try out this brain dump and see how it can help me de-clutter and remove the bad thoughts from my head and help me have the correct sleep I desir

    • Wishing you much success. Thanks for stopping by.

  9. I have never tried brain dump before and from what I have gotten from this post it sure seems like something I would definitely need as I have a lot of jargon flowing in my brain that I am not making use of and is just occupying space.

    For the items needed for this activity does it always have to be a colored gel pen? Because it is not easy to find this where I live. Maybe there can be a substitute item that I can make use of.

    • No, you can use any pen. That was just a suggestion.

  10. I have been having some trouble sleeping during the last couple of weeks… In fact, now I am actually in bed trying to sleep by reading articles on how to actually sleep 😛

    The only thing that I can really do right now to alleviate my stressful thoughts is to write them down in a journal so I’ll get cranking…

    I’ll try the rest of your advice as well but most of them are more long-term.

    Thanks a lot for the tips!

  11. Okay, I will note all the strategies you have shared in this article. My mind needs de-clogging, too, as the stress that’s inside it is now beginning to manifest in my outside appearance with white hair or gray hair now increasing in number and pimples are now beginning to pop up. It seems no matter how much vitamins or food supplements I take, they seem unable to teem my hard working mind into winding down and relax.

    Do you have other strategies that are quicker to implement other than using those colored gel pens?

    • You can use whatever type of pen you want, that was just a suggestion.

  12. This is definitely something I need to start doing.  Have you ever thought about something embarrassing or stressful that happened years ago and it affected your sleep in that moment?  I worry about everything and unintentionally stress myself out in the process.  Brain dumping might be a good technique to use moving forward.  Never thought to write the stuff down that was bothering me, seems like an interesting experiment to explore 

    • Brains dumps are great to get a good night sleep. Wishing you all the best in clearing out old thoughts. Thanks for your comment.


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