Best Co-Sleeping Bassinet In 2021 – 5 Made For Parent And Baby Bonding

What is a co-sleeping bassinet?

A co-sleeping bassinet is usually much smaller than a crib. It is designed for newborns up to five months of age or when they are 25 pounds. Bassinets usually have straps, while one side of the bassinet comes down, it can be placed next to the bed so that you and the baby can sleep next to each other. Co-sleeping Bassinets are usually mobile, and you can use them as a stand-alone crib.

What Is Co-sleeping

Co-sleeping is very similar to sharing a bed. Almost as if the baby is sleeping in the same bed as you. Back when my parenting days began, these types of bassinets were not available. My wife brought our babies into bed with us.

It was a stressful sleep because subconsciously, we were always on our toes to not roll over on the baby. None of us were getting the sleep that we needed. These bassinets have definitely made life easier for new parents. They don’t have anxiety or stress about losing sleep.

Co-Sleeping Bassinet Review

  1. Baby Delight Bedside Bassinet

BABY DELIGHT bedside bassinet is safe and comfortable. The stress-free sleep you will have knowing your baby is very close to you is pretty amazing. Even your baby will sleep because he/she has the comfort of knowing that mommy is close.

This bassinet has six different adjustable height positions. Perfect for any height of the bed. It has easy access. You can even nurse the baby while he/she is in the bassinet. 

It is lightweight. You can move it from your bedroom to your living room with ease. Like I said before, it is adjustable so you can bring it down to the level of your couch.

With this bassinet aligned with your bed, you will not need to worry about your baby being far away from you. This bassinet can be used as a standalone bassinet; it even has rocking capabilities.

The material is soft yet hugs your baby’s body to help her/him fall asleep. Knowing that your baby is safe beside you can induce deep healing anxiety-free sleep.

The bassinet comes with waterproof fitted sheets as well as a fiberfill mattress. It is good for a baby up to 20 pounds or five months old. It’s assembled size is 37” x 22.5” x 30.75,” and the total weight is 19 pounds.

One reviewer shared that her daughter was having a bit of acid reflux. The incline sleep surface of this bassinet helped her daughter to sleep all night long without the reflux bothering her. She stated it is easy to put up, fits great against her bed as well as her baby naps in it during the daytime.

Assembly of the bassinet is easy, the manufacturer of this bassinet provides you with the tools to put it together.

  1. Mika Micky Bedside Bassinet

Mika Micky bedside bassinet is fitted with a waterproof sheet to ensure the mattress does not get damaged as well; you can easily change your baby. It comes with two fastening straps that are used to strap it to the parents’ bed.

This bassinet comes with seven different height positions, and this is done so that any height of parents’ bed can be matched. The panel on the side is easy to open as well provides comfort to both parent and child.

It has a sleeping board with a very comfortable mattress. The bottom is stable, so you’ll not have to worry about the bassinet falling apart. It is suitable for babies from five months or 33 pounds, whichever milestone to hit first.

Once your baby starts to sit up, the bassinet is not the best thing you will need to move to get your baby a good crib. The bassinet provides the convenience of creating a close bond between the parent and child as well as co-sleeping, while the baby still has his/her sleeping area.

It is perfect for newborns as well as breastfeeding mothers. The design of this bassinet is ideal for parents who want to sleep anxiety-free of knowing how their baby is doing when sleeping separately from them. You can move the bassinet around anywhere in your home.

It comes with two side pockets where you can store the necessities for your baby. The height can go from 13 inches to 21 inches off the floor, which will accommodate a parent’s bed from 18 inches to 26 inches of height.

The two-sided mesh has excellent breathing capability as well as will allow parents to check on their baby at all times. Built-in wheels will enable you to move the bassinet around with ease, but the nice thing is they even lock so your baby is safe at all times.

One reviewer shared that she absolutely loved this for her baby. She can check on him without having to get out of bed. The quality of the bassinet is pretty amazing. The bassinet looks attractive as well is sturdy and secure. She doesn’t have to worry about the bassinet rolling away because of its locking capability. The mattress is firm, and the cover is removable and washable. Overall she states she is thrilled with this product.

  1. Milliard Bedside Bassinet

Milliard bedside bassinet has two different modes; standalone bassinet, as well as a side sleeper bassinet, which can be attached to an adult bed. This bassinet meets all the safety standards of US safety regulations for side sleeper bassinets.

What I liked here is that you don’t need any tools to put this bassinet together. As soon as it arrives at your home, you can haul it inside, put it together, and have baby start using it right away.

Having it next to your bed means you can lean over to see how your baby is doing as well the mesh is also is see-through so you can even be laying down while watching your baby. It is adjustable in height and accommodates a bed of 23 inches to 31 inches high.

It also comes with storage pockets, where you can store the essentials that you acquire for your baby, such as:

  • Diapers
  • Wipes
  • Baby lotion

The mattress is waterproof for any accidents; it is easy to clean. You will also get one washable bedsheet with this, which you can rewash and use again.

It has a slight incline to it, if your baby suffers from acid reflux, it will help the baby to manage it with this bassinet. What else is significant is that if your baby gets a cold and is congested, because of the inclination in the bassinet, your baby’s breathing won’t be interrupted.

The bassinet is designed to accommodate infants up to 20 pounds. You can move it around anywhere in your home as well; it makes for comfortable middle of the night feedings. You can even rock this bassinet gently to help your baby fall asleep.

The bassinet is easy to put together. It will help you remain stress-free while you and baby both sleep.

One customer shared although she was hesitant in purchasing this product, she is glad she did. It was easy to put together – everything just clicked into place. The sturdiness of it had her breathing a sigh of relief, knowing her baby was safe all night long. With a glance, she can see her baby sleeping as well listen to his breathing.

  1. ComfyBumpy Bedside Bassinet

ComfyBumpy bedside bassinet will ensure that you have a peace of mind when sleeping at night. It will help you keep a close eye on your baby; you will not have to worry about getting out of bed for feeding.

The bassinet aligned with your bed perfectly to breast-feed your baby with ease. It comes with a stable rocking mode so that you can help your baby fall asleep easily. It also has an inclined position to prevent acid reflux as well as help your baby with congestion during flu season.

You don’t require any tools to set up this bassinet. It comes with detailed instructions so you can set it up within minutes. The bassinet has seven different adjustable height positions, meaning it will align with any bed.

It also has a storage compartment where you can store your baby’s necessary needs. The straps will help it to secure your bed without any gaps in between.

You will receive a carry case, waterproof mattress, sheet cover, and urine pad. It is lightweight, portable, and created for traveling as well for use at home.

The look of it is stunning, which means it will probably go with any the décor of your room. It will not stand out like a sore thumb. It is ASTM approved. The bassinet can also function as a standalone crib. All you have to do is simply raise the sides you’ve got yourself a beautiful crib for your baby.

The manufacturer also offers you a 30-day moneyback, no questions guarantee. You can purchase it with confidence, knowing that you can return it without questions asked.

One user commented that she was looking for something that was co-sleeper/portable crib. Her eyes landed on this product; she ordered it. It is so easy to create as a standalone or attach it to her bed. She loves the attention to detail that had been paid to this bassinet. The mechanisms are sturdy and keep the side rails up as well the wheels locked to prevent it from rolling.

  1. Kinbor Baby Bedside Bassinet

Kinbor Baby bedside bassinet can have a baby sleeping soundly. You will also sleep knowing that your baby is safe and comfortable. It has four positions for height adjustment. Each of these positions will adjust to any bed height.

You can easily peek into the bassinet to watch your baby sleep, or because it straps to your bed, you can breast-feed your baby with ease. It comes with a large storage bag so you can fit baby essentials such as diapers, baby wipes, or other items that you require for your little one.

It is a two-mode bassinet; you can use it as a standalone or have it right next to your bed. Co-sleeping with your baby is one of the best ways to give your baby a great start in life. This type of sleeping will help your baby get used to sleeping alone, but still, know that you are close by.

All you have to do to make it into a standalone is simply raise the sides, make sure they are attached securely, and you’ve got a crib for the baby. It comes with an excellent waterproof mattress, any accident such as baby throwing up or having a leaking diaper can be easily cleaned.

The maximum weight this bassinet can handle is 19.5 pounds and the mattress size is 32” x 20” x 1.02”. The travel carry case makes it easy to carry this when you are on the road. You’ll never be without your baby’s bed.

The mattress is comfortable; your baby will sleep or nap on it without any issues.

One customer shared her delight at purchasing this bassinet. She states that it was easy to attach the bassinet to her bed; it is rock solid; she was able to sleep worry-free. The portability of the bassinet makes it a good purchase. She can take it anywhere on her travels, knowing her baby will have a place to sleep.

Will A Bassinet Benefit You

In my opinion, for your peace of mind, it will benefit you. How will it benefit you?

  • Baby is within arm’s reach
  • Your baby can be breastfed right in the bassinet
  • You can watch over your baby as he/she sleeps
  • Bassinets have storage for all your baby needs
  • Recovering new mothers have close access to the baby

A bassinet is useful for your newborn until he/she starts to move around. That usually happens within three and five months, although some bassinets do have weight restrictions. It will depend on the type of model you purchase.

Share in comments below what you think about co-sleeping with babies.

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  1. Hey Eric, I enjoy while reading your best Co-Sleeping Bassinet In 2020 – 5 Made For Parent And Baby Bonding. I found your each listing is awesome for the buyers like me. I will go with the Baby Delight Bedside Bassinet in June 2020. My lovely child is coming this world in June 2020. I hope your guide is very useful for parents like me. I am very excited to have this co-sleeping basssinet.

    • Great choice, congrats on your new upcoming arrival. 

  2. I think each one of those 5 bassinets is wonderful.  I enjoyed reading about them and can well imagine the benefit and relief of being able to see a baby is safe whilst sleeping alongside the parent’s bed.  A good night’s sleep is essential for the health of the baby and parents.  I well remember the many nights of disturbed sleep due to the need to get out of bed to see to the young baby.  In those years, there were no bassinets of similar design.

    I’ve heard of young babies sleeping with the parents, and that is scary.  Thanks for your review about these bassinets as spreading the knowledge will help young families to live a healthier life.

  3. When my sister told me about the bassinet, I didn’t know that something like that actually existed until I came here to see q number of reviews on them. Some companies have even invested in making them. That’s very good. It’s actually my sister that I want to get one for. It’ll be good that she can get her baby to sleep on the bed with her. Which do you think is the best in the list?

    • They all great, that’s why they are included in this review. 

  4. Thank you for this great article! 

    I have a baby who is 3 months old, but from his birth until now, I put him in the cradle when he has asleep. However, how do I feel? When he suddenly woke up and cried, then I had to stand up, walk to his place, and hold him. And that is so annoying.
    Imagine, you are sleepy, holding a baby, and then try to sleep again! Very difficult to fall asleep again.

    Therefore, I think this product can provide the solution to me so that I can also have good sleep quality.

    By the way, can this product be a substitute for my baby’s cradle?

    • It depends on how you use the cradle. If it’s for naptimes then yes. It has many more benefits than a cradle though. 


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