7 Best Comforters That Keep You Cool On Hot Sweaty Nights

Finding comforters that keep you cool on hot sweaty nights can be like searching for a needle in a haystack.


Well, for one thing, you want to make sure that your blanket or comforter is cozy. Yet you also want the duvet to be temperature regulated to keep you cool so you can sleep on hot summer nights.

Good thing, there are some comforters that can keep you cool if you know where to look. We recently had a request from one of our readers for our recommendations on cooling comforters.

What you will find in this guide are comforters that will keep you cool and will stop you from sweltering while having a cozy deep sleep.

Although there are weighted blankets that are meant to ease heat, allergy symptoms as well as help with restless leg syndrome. Depending on their fill type, they can be heavy at times. Luckily through our research, we found comforters can also regulate body temperature as well be hypoallergenic.

That mild drop in body temperature induces sleep. Generally, Heller says, “if you are in a cooler [rather than too-warm] room, it is easier for that to happen.”

Source: Web MD

These comforters, combined with sheets that keep you cool, create an excellent sleeping environment for hot sleepers.

Comforters That Keep You Cool

1.     Codi AIR All-Season Cool Comforter

cool comforter for hot nights

This fluffy pure white comforter is soft and breathable. It is 100% Tencel and has a eucalyptus exterior. Because it’s made with organic fiber, it’s eco-friendly. Great for those people who are looking to buy an eco-friendly product.

You can use this comforter all year round. In the hot months, this comforter will wick away sweat; in the cold months, it will keep you cozy and warm.

No matter how you use the comforter, it will always stay aerated and fluffy. It will feel luxuriously soft next to your skin, providing a soothing sleeping experience.

100% new interior fibers are used; at no time will you have to worry about being exposed to any chemicals. It is safe for your entire family.

What’s unique is that the comforter is temperature regulated, it has 360° heat release technology which makes it a preferred comforter to use on hot summer nights.

Another thing that we really like is that it prevents organism growth and is bacteria/odor resistance. You can spot clean minor stains, but to retain longevity, dry cleaning is recommended.

You will get a five-year warranty and 30 days after purchase return policy with no questions asked.

2.     EDILLY Luxury Down Alternative Quilted Cool Comforter

comforter that is cool for hot nights

This luxurious alternative quilted comforter is hypoallergenic. Great for those who suffer from nighttime allergies. It is a 100% micro fiberfill and brushed polyester shell.

Next to your skin, it will feel super soft; even if you have sensitive skin, you’ll still be able to sleep all night long. It is a reversible comforter and features breathable, lightweight, dust mite resisting qualities.

No matter how many times you wash the blanket, it will not shrink, as well, if you find that it collects dog or cat hair, you can quickly shake it, and the hair will fall right off. You can also use a wet paper towel to wipe away pet hair.

You’ll be happy to know that you can use this comforter for all four seasons. With the warm months coming up, you’ll be glad you have this blanket as it will keep you cool.

It’s not a heavy comforter; you can even take it to your living room and watch Netflix yet stay cozy. You have a 30-day satisfaction guarantee if you are unsatisfied you can return the blanket for a full refund with no questions asked.

3.     TEKAMON All Season Cool Comforter

comforters that keep you cool

Who doesn’t desire a sound and cozy sleep? Considering that we spend one-third of our life in bed, this blanket will create a comfortable environment.

It is exceptionally soft and fluffy, due to it being double brushed fabric will feel ultra-soft next to your skin. You will find it is breathable. It won’t tear or emit odor. 

It is also hypoallergenic due to the polyfill of shredded Bamboo. This is great for people who have allergies, which affect their sleep at night. The stitching is very durable due to its diamond-stitched technology; this helps the filling to stay in place.

You can machine wash in cold water, which will save on the consumption of hot water energy. It won’t shrink or fade. It comes with a cover that has eight loops to keep it in place.

It’s a light comforter and strikes an excellent balance between warmth and comfort, which means that its temperature regulating and will provide the necessary heat or cooling environment so you can sleep at night.

It’s great for adults and children. You get a 30-day return policy. If you are not satisfied you can return ti without questions asked. 

4.     INGALIK All-Season Cool Comforter

comforters that keep you cool at night

This is an alternative down-filled soft and fluffy comforter. The comforter is ultra-quiet and hypoallergenic with good breathable qualities. It is crafted with box stitching technology to keep the filling secured into place.

You will not have to worry about filling leaking out or any loose threads due to the durable stitching quality. It has excellent thermal regulating properties. It will keep you warm on cold nights but cool on those hot summer nights.

Because BM20+ technology is used, it optimizes the permeability of the comforter; this prevents heat from getting trapped in the cover, which then helps it to remain odor-free.

This is a lightweight comforter, so it’s an excellent choice for the whole family to enjoy. You can wash it in cold water but will need to hang dry or tumble dry it on low settings.

The manufacturer offers you a 120-day satisfaction guarantee. If for any reason you’re not happy with the comforter, you can simply return it or get it replaced.

5.     LINENSPA All-Season White Down Cool Comforter

This comforter is filled with a microfibre which is great for all seasons. It has built-in corners inside loops to make sure the comforter cover stays in place.

You will not have to worry about any odors, feathers, or sharp quills because the alternative fill has 300 GSM fill weight. It is beautiful, and the diamond stitching is pretty exquisite. This comforter will blend itself into any bedroom décor.

It has a reversible color design to match your desired mood. You can machine wash it in cold water and then dry it in the dryer on low or let it hang dry.

It’s an excellent alternative to the traditional down comforter due to its hypoallergenic properties. Because of its versatility, it can be used all year round; even little children will feel secure in this blanket.

Once you put it on your bed, it lays pretty flat so that it won’t look puffy or thick. It will definitely help to save on energy costs in both the cold and hot seasons.

6.     KingLinen® White Down Alternative Cool Comforter

If you are looking for a comforter that provides a silky soft feeling, then this is the one you want to have on your bed. It provides year-round comfort.

It’s another blanket that has hypoallergenic properties. The poly fabric fills down alternative is allergy-friendly. You will not have to worry about any of the fill leaking out as it is stitched for durability.

Another thing that buyers really appreciate about this blanket is that it’s fluffy, but stays put and lays flat. For the amount you’re going to be spending on this comforter, you’re getting a pretty good deal.

It isn’t very light; it almost feels like a weighted blanket, which can help with anxiety or restless leg syndrome. You can pop it into the dryer for about 10 minutes, and it will fluff up to its full size.

It’s incredibly easy to clean, even when it wicks away moisture from your body, you can lay it flat and have a fan running, and the comforter will dry itself out.

7.     EASELAND All Season Alternative Cool Comforter

This is a warm, fluffy, hypoallergenic reversible comforter. It is a soft brushed fabric so that it will feel luxuriously soft next to your skin.

Once again it’s a breathable fabric that’s been used to construct the blanket, you can use it all year round. But you will especially appreciate it during the hot nights, where it will quickly wick away sweat from your body.

The design is elegant and straightforward, will go with any décor in your room. It’s not too heavy so you can even bring the comforter to your couch while watching TV or reading a book, it will keep you nice and cozy.

The box stitching technology helps to keep and secure the filling in place; you will not have to worry about any leakage of filling or loose threads. It will not shrink or fade.

You can wash it in cold water and tumble dry it on low heat. It is a little bit on the light side, excellent for young children.

How To Choose The Right Comforters That Keep You Cool

The first thing you want to focus on finding the right comforter is the quality of the fill. Synthetic fill will never be able to compete with natural fill. Most time, natural fill has properties to prevent allergies, dust mite collection, prevent mildew growth, and are temperature regulating.

You’ll need to match the comforter to the environment that you live in. Many times people will choose a comforter which is not meant for hot or cold climates, that comforter becomes useless to them. Each of the comforters that we’ve reviewed is meant for year-round use.

You will also need to focus on the details of the stitching so that there is no leakage of fill or any loose threads. This can make or break a comforter; the better the stitching is, the better durability and longevity of the blanket will be.

With comforters that keep you cool, the luxury comes from how light and fluffy they are. Sleeping at night while being cocooned in a luxurious feeling starts your night off right.

Each of the blankets in this review come in different sizes, make sure that you get the size that will ensure a proper fit on your bed.

Let me know in the comments below which of these cool comforters you will be choosing.

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  1. Many thanks to you for sharing such an excellent article with us .If you go to bed at night after a busy day at work, if there is no place to sleep and no comforts, then there is no focus at work.You mentioned the 7 best comforters here that help keep them cool on a hot and hot night, and they look great.And this is where I personally used the Codi AIR All-Season Cool Comforter.It is so soft and comfortable it is very convenient for breathing.And it will adapt to any environmentally friendly environment.Keeps a cozy and warm in winter just as comfortable sweat wipes on a hot day.And using it I can sleep very well.After you read this article, you will find out about the 7 best comforters, and they will collect and share new experiences with you.

    • That comforter is great, you will enjoy it. Thanks for stopping by. 

  2. All these comforters have their own desirable qualities. It is reassuring that they keep you cool. What about on cold winter nights? How well do these comforters keep you warm? I imagine they do.But it would be nice to know how. 

    My favorite comforter is LINENSPA All-Season White Down Cool Comforter. The reason being it lays flat. Deep puffy comforters do not give me a comfortable feeling. 

    You have provided a wide choice that gives most people to find one they like. 


    • They are thermal regulated and are great all year round. Great choice you have made. 

  3. Wow never heard of these before how exciting!

    I have been sleeping on top of the bedclothes for literally years, and all year round.  I am just a radiator when trying to sleep under bedclothes.  But I do get quite cold in the middle of the night, or early hours of the morning. This makes me then pull the covers over and before I know it I am waking up again because I am uncomfortably warm!  So my sleep is permanently disrupted and it becomes really wearing.  I can be a wreck come the weekend!

    I definitely need to try this comforter.  Thanks so much for getting it out there.  maybe I will come back here and tell you it goes.

    Thanks again


    • Please do share you experience, thanks for the comment.

  4. Hi Eric, I must really say that you have done a good job by keeping us updated on the materials that can be used to keep us cool on hot sweaty nights.
    Nature cannot be totally predictable at times, you know when we study the weather for a particular period of time, there are often times when we just get what we never expected, this makes us aware of the fact that we need to be prepared for a switch in the weather and climate at some particular periods.
    All this materials you have here, the blankets and the duvets I think are of good quality and are relatively affordable, so I think they are good options for a lot of people including myself.

    • Great, hope you find the right one. 


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