3 Best CPAP Nasal Masks Side Sleepers Need For An Improved Sleep

CPAP nasal masks side sleepers need are an essential piece of equipment for people who are living with sleep apnea as well as other sleeping disorders. Most of us toss and turn at night, myself I prefer sleeping on my side, as well I know many others do too. This comprehensive review/guide will help you pick the best CPAP nasal masks for side sleepers.

Benefits Of CPAP Nasal Masks For Side Sleepers

Sleep apnea may be overwhelming, especially people who are new to using CPAP machines. There are certain types of issues that can be created by a full face mask, such as claustrophobia or limited movement.

Nasal pillow masks are a type of a CPAP mask which consists of plastic inserts for the nostril and have tubing which doesn’t get tangled. They have small cushions that rest at the end of the nose, which prevent air leakage as well as preventing a person from feeling like they are suffocating, which be an issue with the full mask.

If you are one of those people who enjoys watching a little bit of TV before bedtime or like to read before turning in, then you will love the nasal masks for side sleepers. Another thing is that men with facial hair such as large mustaches or beards will have a hard time tucking in their beard into a full mask; hence the nasal mask pillow will work really well for them.

One benefit that you will really enjoy when wearing a nasal pillows mask is not having any lines left on your skin that a full mask might leave behind.

People who have sleep apnea are usually not recommended to sleep on their backs. The reason is that sleeping on the back may interfere with breathing. It narrows the airway, which can cause an obstruction.

Realistically, if you think about it, sleep is pretty hard to control. Most of us toss and turn at night. When getting a nasal mask, the focus should be on its comfort as well as how good of a seal it will maintain. Nasal pillows mask will help to keep that comfort even if you sleep on your side.

Many people, when they put on a full mask, have anxiety issues, nasal pillow masks help to remove that anxiety. CPAP nasal masks for side sleepers are lightweight, and the design is minimal and which is ideal for people who feel uncomfortable with too much material touching their skin.

1.     ResMed AirFit P30i

CPAP Nasal Masks Side Sleepers - ResMed

The ResMed features a tube connector that swivels 360°, this is what allows you the freedom to sleep in any sleeping position you wish. The tubes will not get tangled no matter how much you toss and turn at night.

The tube connector will make it easy for you to disconnect the machine at night, and you don’t even have to take off your mask. This means that there is no need to fumble around or to reposition the mask in the dark. The frame is created to be flexible and contour to your face as well as allow field vision.

This is ideal for people who like to watch TV while falling asleep or feel claustrophobic when a full face mask is being used. It comes with a soft sleeve, which helps to reduce mask lines. The headgear can be adjusted with the Velcro, and this will help keep the mask in place.

The nasal mask also has cushions that come in small, medium, and large. You can remove these cushions as per your preference. The pillow cushions are equipped with quiet air vent technology; this helps to break up exhaled air. By breaking up this exhaled air, it spreads out lightly and quietly. You’ll be able to sleep on your side without worrying about loud breathing waking you up.

The mask is available in the standard starter fit pack and includes a standard size frame, which is usually suitable for most people. The headgear and all three pillow sizes are the small fit pack and are available as well and will include a small frame and medium pillow.

What you will really enjoy is the versatility of this nasal mask to be compatible with other CPAP and BiPAP machines. Because this is designed for active sleepers, it promotes more usage. You’ll definitely find that you’ll be able to sleep without worrying about your breathing quality.

2.     Pillow Mask Headgear 

The pillow mask headgear is ultra-light and consists of flexible soft bending tubes. Because of the versatility and the flexibility of the tubes, means it won’t deform easily. You can easily clean the tubes by removing them.

They will fit comfortably around your head and leaves no creases. Even when wearing it around your head, you will feel it being there, but it non-intrusive. It has a 360° rotating elbow, which is for added comfort and allows for maximum freedom for you not to have to sleep one sleeping position, yet wake up in the morning refreshed and ready for the day.

There is also noise-reducing technology used in this nasal mask; this will allow you to get the proper sleep you need without having to wake up to your own breathing sound.

There are three designs for different groups of people. It will easily attach to your CPAP and is compatible with the Air Sense 10. What is included in the package will be a tube retainer, strap, frame, elbow, short to, swivel, cushion, and headgear. Pretty nice package overall.

Because it has a swivel included, site sleepers are pretty well covered. It doesn’t matter if you toss or turn, or change sleeping positions, the swivel will help the nasal mask stay in place.

This nasal mask is a little bit less expensive than the other one above. But the nice thing is that it works really well. There’s not too much work involved when setting it up; the straps are easy to adjust, and the pillow kit comes with a foot long hose.

You’ll have no issues when reading, watching TV, or browsing the Internet with this nasal mask. Another great thing about the swivel joint is that he keeps air leakage to a minimum.

It’s actually very relaxing and leaves no lines on the face. Even people with sensitive skin will be okay with this nasal pillows mask.

3.     DreamWear Fitpack 

The DreamWear Fitpack is a hybrid CPAP mask. The mask is designed to combine both benefits of the nasal mask and the nasal pillows. It’s a new innovative design that will help the user have more significant movement at night. Side sleepers will appreciate this mask because it’s more comfortable and less cumbersome than a full face mask.

It remains in a fixed position once you put it on. It creates minimal contact due to the cushions, which help to prevent discomfort, irritation as well as reduce red marks, which many experience with conventional CPAP masks.

The hosing tube will not extend in front of the face, which makes it easier for the user to watch TV, read, or go on their laptop. The air is pressurized from the nostril through the breathing tube, which sits on the patient cheekbones.

You’ll be able to turn on your back, stomach, and side without having to worry about getting tangled up in the tubes. It’s unrestricted around your face and neck, so this means less claustrophobic.

What you’ll receive is the DreamWear frame, three sizes of cushions being small, medium, and large. As well you get the headgear, which has adjustable Velcro straps to fit most people.

It comes with the nose bridge, which will help to prevent irritation of the nostrils. The silicone frame and wraps will give a soft feel on your cheeks. The 360° swivel will make it more flexible so you can find the best or favorite spot on your bed without having to feel trapped by the hose.

The best thing is that you never have to compromise with your sleep to get the best breath each time.

How To Select The Proper CPAP Mask

There are five different things to consider when choosing a nasal mask, and they are:

  • Are You Claustrophobic

If you are a person who has claustrophobia, then the full nasal mask may not be what you want. Another thing you might want to pay attention to in regards to claustrophobia is that your face feels itchy or gets irritated. All these combined make the claustrophobia worse.

  • Size

If the nasal mask doesn’t fit comfortably, then it might not meet your breathing needs. Most likely, it will not be agreeable with CPAP therapy. Make sure you take the time to get the right one.

  • Do You Have Facial Hair

You don’t want one, which will create an uneven surface area. If you have a beard or mustache, you will have more compatibility with nasal pillow masks. If there is an area that not appropriately sealed, air will leak out.

  • Are You An Active Sleeper

Active sleepers often have issues with movement and getting tangled. You will need your mask to be most secure as possible so that there is a good seal between your nostrils and the mask to help maintain proper breathing all night long.

  • Do You Read Or Watch TV Before Bed

A full nasal will make it hard to watch TV or read a book, especially if you wear glasses. You need to find a mask that will allow you the best field of vision to ensure your nightly routine is not disrupted.

Types Of CPAP Masks Available

There are three types of sleep apnea masks available. To find the right one, you need to make sure it has a good seal, and this will help you to succeed with CPAP therapy.

The types of masks available are:

Nasal Mask – this mask is mostly meant for nose breathers. Although most users can use it with the chinstrap, which goes over their head and under their chin to keep their mouth closed, so their nose does all the work of breathing. People who have a lot of facial hair would not find benefit with this type as it would prevent the seal from taking place.

Nasal Pillows Mask – nasal pillows masks are cushions that seal to the nostrils and are held with a stretchy strap that goes around the back of the head. These masks are the least invasive. People who sleep on their side or toss and turn are going to like these. Nose breathers, claustrophobic, or people who want to watch TV or read in bed will find these the most beneficial.

Full Face Mask – a full face mask will sit on the face and cover the entire mouth and nose. When people think about sleep apnea and CPAP therapy, this is the type of mask that most often comes to mind. This mask is most beneficial to people who are mouth breathers or people who suffer from nasal congestion. These masks may have leakage, which could cause dry eyes.

Overall Thoughts About CPAP Nasal Masks For Side Sleepers

Considering that having the right CPAP mask is a vital piece of equipment for people who have sleep apnea or other sleeping respiratory issues, finding the right one becomes significant.

While a CPAP mask user doesn’t have to understand how the mask works, it is of vital importance to have good knowledge to use the nasal masks while reaping the best health benefits.

Hopefully, this review I have done, as well as the guide, includes all the information that you need to make a smart decision on your breathing issues.

Please share in the comments below which CPAP nasal mask you would prefer.

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