5 Simple Fibromyalgia Sleep Remedies

Why do you need fibromyalgia sleep remedies?

In order to stay ahead of fibromyalgia symptoms, sleep is crucial to our well-being. If we don’t get enough sleep at night, our body gets exhausted, which then intensifies the symptoms of this condition the next day. For that reason, the simple fibromyalgia remedies will help.

I know for myself fibromyalgia symptoms can bring an otherwise good day down to a halt. There was this one time where my daughter was going to be receiving an award for doing well in school. It was a great day, celebrations all around. But sadly I was in so much pain that I was not able to watch her receive her award.

Fatigue is a common symptom of fibromyalgia. Many people have to cut back on activities as well as commitments because they are tired and in pain. I know for a fact that if our sleep was realized in its full potential, a lot of our symptoms could be cut down or even disappear.

What is Fibromyalgia

Fibromyalgia affects anywhere from 2 to 6% of the population. This condition usually affects women more than men. It starts during early adulthood or in middle-age. But it can occur at any time, even during childhood.

The common symptoms of fibromyalgia are:

  • Chronic headaches
  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • Mood swings
  • Fatigue
  • Tingling or numbness in hands and feet
  • IBS
  • Memory issues
  • Low cognitive function

There a number of people with fibromyalgia who will experience sleep issues. Because people with this condition lack sleep, it contributes to a whole range of other challenges. These challenges could come in the form of mental, physical, or daily functioning abilities.

Inadequate sleep lowers our threshold of pain, meaning we are more sensitive to feeling the pain than people who do not have fibromyalgia. When we don’t get the sleep that we should, our sensory nerves become overactive, which lead to us experiencing pain.

Another thing we might experience when we don’t have enough sleep is undermining our coping abilities. We might become more emotional than others, which affects our emotional resilience. People who have fibromyalgia spend less time in deep, slow-wave sleep.

The 5 simple fibromyalgia sleep remedies I share with you today may help you cope and develop emotional resilience to get better sleep

1.    Exercise

Regular exercise can have many rewarding benefits for people whose fibromyalgia interrupts their sleeping time.exercise to find relief from fibromyalgia

Some of the benefits of exercise are:

Exercise for fibromyalgia should be low-grade. It could be any type of movement that relates to moving around such as:

  • Yoga
  • Tai chi
  • Physical activity
  • Balance training
  • Strength training
  • Stretching
  • Aerobic exercise

When people who have fibromyalgia, if we do any aerobic activity, our physical function responds reasonably quickly.

There are times where people who suffer from this condition become very inactive due to the pain of movement; this leads to them live on their couch.

You must be active. By being active, you promote better sleeping for yourself. There are functional chemical changes which take place in the brain when someone exercises. But the only way for these chemicals to be released into the brain is when we are in a deep sleep.

Individuals who have fibromyalgia sleep very little due to the pain they suffer from, this stops their body from restoring or repairing necessary hormones. The lack of repair in the body leaves it inadequate when it comes to rest time.

The best thing to do when starting to exercise is to go slow. Don’t jump into it and think that you can go at full speed. No, that won’t work. You’ll just end up tiring yourself out, which will make the pain worse.

That will definitely not help you sleep!

Back in my personal training days, I always got my clients to start out at 15 minutes of exercise per day. 15-minute increments were made every other week until they got up to an hour.

2.    Reduce Stress

Physical and emotional stress can both affect your perception of pain. People who have fibromyalgia are more susceptible to stress than those who don’t have the condition.

In simple terms, stress will make in your body. When your body is weak, it’s hard to fight the symptoms of fibromyalgia. Many researchers believe that if you reduce stress, you also reduce the symptoms of fibromyalgia, such as:

Releasing day-to-day tension is not easy to release as it may sound. I know for myself I am the mother of four children; they all need my attention. Sometimes those of us who suffer from this condition will often overload ourselves with day-to-day activities.

As parents or caretakers of others, in terms of priorities, we tend to put ourselves at the bottom of the list. When we push ourselves back like this, our sleeping takes a big hit.

I know for myself that if I don’t get all my housework done, children off to bed, I will not be sleeping. But lately what I’ve been doing is leaving the dishes for morning time. I also have a chore list for each of my kids.

Some ways to reduce stress are:

Just so you know stress isn’t the cause of fibromyalgia, but can definitely make it a whole lot worse. By making small easy changes, you can guarantee yourself a better rest at night, which leads to better stress-free days.

3.    Make Your Bedroom Dark As Possible

Some people who have fibromyalgia end up sleeping on their coaches. Sleeping on a couch is already uncomfortable in many ways. Especially since people who have this condition need to change body positions for better sleep. Usually, our couch is in the living room, where light can stream in from many different ways.

The couch will not make good sleep possible!

According to a study done by the NCBI, there was a strong association found between low-level nighttime light exposure and depressive symptoms. The research helped to discover that sleeping in total darkness is perfect for sleep quality but also improves our mental health.

The researchers were able to measure nighttime light levels in the bedroom to see their reactions to having a complete darkroom or leaving lights on. The people who left a light on while they were sleeping showed depressive symptoms during follow-up while people who slept in total darkness had better mental health.

Sometimes it can get challenging to make your room dark at night, especially when the morning light starts to creep in in the early hours. I found that blackout curtains can actually create a nighttime atmosphere. Even when the daylight comes in, due to their curtain construction, no sunlight will get into your room.

4.    Put Down Your Gadgets

This is an important one. I know the days that I browse my iPad or phone; I find that I stay awake a lot longer than I should. The next day I pay for it by an overload of pain. Pain isn’t the only issue, though, along with it comes to stress and making bad decisions.

If you’re anything like me at all, especially when it comes to YouTube, you know it’s hard to stop at one video. At least that’s the case for me. YouTube has a fantastic marketing scheme which goes from one video to the next and so on.

Of course, our gadgets are essential to us, but they interfere heavily with our sleep.

5.    Invest In A Good Mattress

Since those of us who suffer from fibromyalgia sleep in many different positions at night. We need a mattress that provides excellent support as well as molds to our body to ensure better sleep.get a good mattress

Soft mattresses sometimes feel cozy and comfortable, but they offer less support for our spine, which can cause more aches and pains. What I have found is that mattresses that are constructed from memory foam provide a great combination of softness as well as support for fibromyalgia.

Each of our body curves is unique; memory foam will contour itself to make sure that our body curves are covered. By providing coverage, we have a more well-rounded pain-free sleep.

Some Final Words About Fibromyalgia Sleep Remedies

Sometimes you may need to visit your Dr. to find what other options you have.

Having said that, in my experience of having gone to fibromyalgia pain groups, I noticed that sleep was a considerable hindrance to day time activities of other group members. The most common discussions were around:

One of the individuals in our group decided to tackle her sleep issues, made a world of difference for the rest of us.

Share in comments below how you find fibromyalgia sleep remedies.

10 thoughts on “5 Simple Fibromyalgia Sleep Remedies”

  1. Thank you so much for informing this. My aunt has suffered similar symptoms, so there is a good chance she caught fibromyalagia too. I’m sure she has done some of the remedies you’ve mentioned above, plus she is buying a blackout curtains to reduce light in her bedroom. The only missing thing is good mattress. I’ll recommend her the memory foam mattress. Thanks.  

    • Hope your aunt feels better. Thanks for stopping by. 

  2. I didn’t realise that people with fibromyalgia experience issues with sleep, but after reading your post, it makes sense. So many of the ideas you mentioned here are also relevant to anyone. Especially not sleeping with low light levels and putting down the gadgets! It’s so easy to lie in bed catching up on social media or reading on our devices when lying in bed about to go to sleep, but it’s not good for our brains and helping us to shut down easily. Having fibromyalgia sounds like it’s such a challenge for those experiencing it. I hope anyone who experiences fibromyalgia can find value in your post. Thanks for sharing.

    • Pain points are associated with fibromyalgia, sleep can be nonexistent when pain is constant. Thanks for commenting. 

  3. Thanks for this really nice and educatung post. I really can’t tell but I have been noticing these symptoms on my son who is in his middle age. He gets really anxious and have mood swings alot. This have affected his relationship with both friends and family alot. I’m glad to have come across this post. I’ll see to him trying these remedy and hope it works. 

    • Sorry to hear about your son having issues. Hope he finds relief with one these 5 simple fibromyalgia sleep remedies.  

  4. Hi Jagi. This is a very interesting blog indeed, and its very relevant to me . I have about four family members with Fibromyalgia , including an older brother. I suffer from most of the symptoms you have mentioned but have not as yet been diagnosed. I will certainly be trying out some of your sleep Remedies. I will be returning to this blog to take down notes. Thank you. Jim

    • Fibromayalgia can be elusive to diagnose, but once you know what’s going on then you can find ways to treat it. Glad you stopped by. 

  5. Thanks for this article. My mom has gotten fibromyalgia. These are all great tips. I agree that it is good to be active. I am very physically active and I feel good. I like to do weight lifting but also stretch and go for walks mainly. Making the room dark is a big one. I also used blue-blocking glasses (orange tint) to minimize the effect of any screens past 8 or 9 PM or so. I think it helps me wind down. 

    I hope people searching for help with fibromyalgia and sleep will find your website. Thanks! 

    • That’s great that you keep yourself in moving. Thanks for stopping by. 


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