Best Folding Rollaway Beds – 2021 Review With Buyers Guide

Folding rollaway beds are most often in use, when there is space constriction or when guests are going to pay a visit. Many college students use these beds as well; they can easily fold them to put them away for making better use of space, especially when it comes to doing college homework.

What Are Folding Rollaway Beds

Folding rollaway beds usually come with a folding foam mattress. The metal frame can fold in the middle where the caster wheels are attached, which makes it easier to store the bed away.

You can quickly move the bed around hallways, elevators, or up and down the stairs. Rollaway beds are easy to assemble for guests as well for self-use.

Benefits Of Rollaway Beds

There are three main benefits you will gain when purchasing a rollaway bed:

Price – these beds are usually inexpensive, but the support and stability they provide are almost a match to that of a conventional bed.

Portable – these beds usually don’t weigh too much, thus making it easier to move them around in your home. This is especially beneficial to college students who need to make space with studying or doing homework in their dorm.

Compacting – if you’re looking to create extra space in your home, especially when guests are visiting, then these beds will be convenient. Plus, you have the benefit of having the bed out of sight during the daytime by storing it away.

Best 7 Rollaway Folding Beds In 2019

1. Zinus Rollaway Bed

Zinus smart bed is excellent for students living in dorms or for guests who are visiting for a stayover visit. People have even been known to take the bed on camping trips.

What I really like is that if you have small space, then you can easily fold the bed up when not in use. This would be especially useful to college students who are already living in tight dorm rooms.

You will also get the highest quality foam which is CertiPUR-US certified. This foam is constructed to last for a long time.

The wheels are in the middle of the bed, where the fold takes place, you can easily move the bed to an out of way location, where it will stay until you need it again.

The bed can handle a weight of up to 250 lbs. It’s a twin size and measures 39 inches x 75 inches x 16 inches. The mattress is 4 inches thick but firm, meaning you will not feel the frame digging into your body.

Assembly of this folding rollaway bed is easy; it takes about 10 minutes to get it set up. You will get a one-year worry-free warranty.

2. Inofia Rollaway Bed

Do you need a bed that takes up minimal space? Then the Inofia rollaway bed may be your answer. When you fold up this bed, which includes the memory foam mattress, it will come to a mere 13.5 inches in total width.

When you do need it, it is easy to pull out and setup. Your guests will appreciate this bed, as it has a memory foam mattress, which is great for all sleepers. Even you will find yourself using it, just for the painless sleep you will get.

The memory foam mattress easily conforms to your body while helping to provide relief to pressure pain points. The cover which comes with the mattress has a zipper on it, which makes it easy to remove to wash.

It will take about 5 minutes to assemble the bed; you will need no tools. The wheels are in the middle, which makes it very easy for you to move this bed around to wherever you need for it.

The metal frame is strong, durable, and meant to last for many years. As a matter of fact, the manufacturer offers you a 5-year limited warranty on this bed.

3. Milliard Diplomat Rollaway Bed 

If you are looking for great support as well as stability, then this bed will provide exactly that. The intricate and unique wire lattice will ensure that the bed will not sag. It comes with a memory foam mattress.

The mattress has a 2.5 density rating. Meaning it will easily apply pressure to pain points to help you wake up pain-free. The cover on the mattress is soft, yet easily removable for washing. You can easily place a mattress topper here for extra support.

Once folded, the beds take up very little room. You could easily move it into a closet as it is 14” wide when folded.

The steel is of high quality with double reinforcement, making it suitable for up to 250 pounds. The legs are 4” long and lock into place for a sturdy hold. Assembly is easy, and all tools required are included.

Millard ensures the proper delivery of your product by double boxing the bed to ensure that it does not arrive broken.

If the bed does not meet your standards, the manufacturer offers you a 30-day no question asked full refund.

4. LUCID Rollaway Bed 

The Lucid rollaway bed is a good solution if you don’t have enough bedding available in your home. Grandparents usually order this bed so they can have grandchildren over who will have their own sleeping space.

 Mattress included with this bed has 1-inch memory foam with the support foam being 3 inches thick. Great for up to 350 lbs. You will be happy to know that the memory foam is CertiPUR-US certified. It contains no smells or harmful odors. You can even use memory foam pillows, which will have your guest raving about their visit. 

Cover on the memory foam is rayon bamboo, which provides a luxurious feel to the skin, plus it is hypoallergenic. The zipper makes the cover easy to remove for washing.

Once you set the rollaway bed up, wheels will lock into place for safety. It is just as easy to fold up for storage until you need it again.

There is 11” of clearance underneath the bed for guests to store their items or baggage. The steel frame provides excellent support without sagging.

Total assembly time to get this bed up and running is about 5 minutes.

You will receive a 10-year warranty.

5. Linon Home Dcor Folding Rollaway Bed 

Let your guest experience a night of great sleep with the Linon Home Dcor rollaway bed.  It might look a little plain, but with nice bedsheets, you can have it fit into the decor of your home, no problem.

The metal tube frame is durable and sturdy. It comes with wood slat support, meaning it will not sag when you are sleeping on it. It can handle weight up to 250lbs.

All tools to set up the bed are included. It will take you no longer than 5 minutes to have the bed ready for use. The bed compacts down to store away in a small space.

It is lightweight, yet the support it offers is heavy-duty. Many reviewers have commented that they have used the bed on an ongoing basis. For the price you pay, you will receive a product which will last a long time.

You will get a limited time 6-month warranty.

6.  Linon Verona Rollaway Folding Bed

If you want to get a rollaway bed that will go with the décor of your home, then this bed may provide. It is a black metal frame with a mattress that is 5” thick. The mesh or wire for support is strong and sturdy; This will prevent sagging of the mattress, making it easy to wake up with a pain-free back.

Your guests will appreciate the thought you put into their visit, as well as college students,  will like the extra space they have when they fold their beds away for the day. College students appreciate the thought you put into their college experience. 

It is easy to assemble, making it ready for use within 5 minutes. It takes up very little space when storing away.  

You can even add a mattress topper for aid in relieving pressure points. The bed is about 16” inches of the ground, making it for easy baggage storage for your guests.

This bed also makes a great day bed. So when you need a nap, but don’t want to go to your bedroom, you can pull the bed out for a quick snooze.

By contacting the manufacturer, you will be able to get a limited time warranty.

7. Artum Hill Rollaway Bed

Are you a hot sleeper or have guests who want to sleep in a cool environment? If so, then this bed will fill that need with the gel memory foam mattress.

Gel memory foam mattresses are cooling mattresses, which help to keep the heat away. The mattress is 4” thick, which means not only will it stay cool, but it will also provide significant support to the sleeper. The contouring of the mattress will help provide relief to pain pressure points.

The legs of the bed are covered in rubber feet to prevent any damage to your flooring. When the bed is placed on the ground, it locks in place to stop it from rolling. This is great when you are going to lie down on the bed.

It can handle a weight of up to 300lbs. You will be able to assemble it within minutes; all necessary tools are included. It has 11” of clearance underneath the bed; you can easily make use of this space.

You will get a 5-year manufacturer warranty.

Final Words About Folding Rollaway Beds

The beds that we have reviewed all offer great comfort and support. The springs/slats are unique to each bed. They all provide support to prevent sagging, which can cause pain in the back. Each bed is cozy yet comfortable enough for continuous use.

A memory foam mattress is included with each bed. This type of mattress is great for the spinal support as well it contours to the body to provide relief to pressure points. The nice thing about memory foam is that it will recover its shape immediately after a person gets out of bed; this will help it to last a long time.

Folding rollaway beds are a great solution if you’re limited in space, yet still, want to entertain overnight guests. But if you are looking for a bed that will be adjustable and supports body pains, then you may want to read our review of the best adjustable beds

Let me know in the comments below which folding rollaway bed caught your attention.

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  1. I need one of these! My bedroom in my apartment is TINY, have no space even though my bed is only a long-twin bed. The folding rollaway bed looks like a very promising answer to my problems. Hey thanks again for putting together your review of the best folding rollaway beds, I didn’t know these were a thing before.

    • It will definitely create more space for other use. 

  2. The Artum Hill Rollaway Bed is my favorite! I haven’t used one, but that is the rollaway that I want. I am a hot sleeper, but if I get cold, I can always grab a blanket. Rollaway beds have come a long way from the uncomfortable back-breaking things of the past. If I didn’t already have a bed I’d go for the Artum Hill, for sure. The price isn’t bad at all for as comfy as it must be. Thank you for enlightening us about these impressive upgrades!

    • Great choice, especially for hot sleepers. 

  3. I think that the topic of roll-away beds is a relevant topic for anyone needing a quick fix for additional or temporary sleeping arrangements.  I have slept on roll-away beds like those in your review and owned one for my own use.  As you point out in your article, these type beds serve the needs of house guests as well as those people short of space, like the college students you discuss.  Your topic niche is comfortably reached by everyone searching for bedding and mattresses.  While not everyone searching for beds and mattresses will be drawn to a roll-away bed, a sufficient number will consider such a bed as a reasonable alternative to a more traditional type bed, especially when the need driving the search is for secondary sleeping arrangements and not the primary bed.  Your review of 5 roll-away beds is sufficiently detailed to be helpful for people willing to consider this type of bed as the solution to their needs.  All in all, your topic serves to solve a problem that many people looking for the best bedding accommodations will find.

    • Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

  4. Hello Eric,
    What a good solution that always gives us a good folding rollabay beds. 

    Ideal when you don’t have much space in the house. 

    In my case, I have 2 daughters who often invite their friends to sleep. 

    I will show you your site before making the purchase so they can choose the one they like best. 

    Thank you very much!

  5. First of all thank you so much for giving us such a beautiful article. You mentioned some folding beds in your article
    One of those beds I like very much. This bed is: zinus rollaway bed. I think this bed is very important for all students who attend college. If a guest arrives at home when the guest suddenly needs a bed, we can use the bed.

  6. With holidays approaching, and family members visiting from all over the place, I appreciate your post about the best folding rollaway beds.

    Inofia Rollaway Bed seems like the best option for me – I like that it does not take a lot of space and that it has a memory foam mattress. And to get a 5-year waranty for a rollaway bed – that fact speaks for itself!

    • We have a couple here, guest can have their own sleeping space. It makes it a great visit for all involved. 


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