5 Best GERD Pillows Side Sleepers Will Benefit From In 2021

GERD pillows side sleepers will appreciate are the ones that will allow them to sleep symptom-free without interfering with their nighttime rest. By staying symptom-free could also mean preventing damage to your esophagus.

What Is GERD

GERD stands for gastroesophageal reflux disease. It’s quite a common disorder. GERD is usually characterized by symptoms that can cause tissue damage. This damage takes place because the esophagus lining gets reoccurring exposure to acidic contents from the stomach.

It is very similar to acid reflux disease. GERD is often synonymous with heartburn and regurgitation of acid. Usually, there aren’t too many symptoms, which will indicate that you have GERD. It only reveals itself when complications become evident.

Why Use Side Sleeper Pillows

Let’s be serious here, who doesn’t like to scroll on their phone or watch a movie on their laptop or tablet.

But did you know that people who experience GERD also benefit from sleeping on their side, especially on their left side as this helps digestion move through. This means content sitting in your stomach will not pop back up into your esophagus.

Nearly 70% of the world population are side sleepers. Having a great pillow, in particular, the wedge pillow will have you sleeping throughout the night while the pillow supports your body to keep stomach acids out of your throat.

Although there are tons of GERD pillows side sleepers will like, the top five that we at Zenful Sleep recommend have great reviews as well offer an excellent refund policy. Most of these pillows are bought over hundreds of times.

GERD Pillows Side Sleepers Need

1.     LUXELIFT Support Therapy Bed Wedge Pillow

Zenesse Health LUXELIFT support therapy bed wedge pillow is not only good for GERD, but it is also a tremendous therapeutic gel-infused pillow. It has memory foam comfort on the top.

The LUXELIFT is an adjustable pillow, meaning you can remove or fill in more foam as you desire. Its intention is for optimal support when experiencing GERD symptoms. Many doctors recommend this pillow for neck and shoulder pain as well as sports injuries.

The pillow can is great for nasal congestion sufferers. But if you’re looking for other types of nasal congestion relief, you might want to take a look at some of the recommendations we have here a Zenful Sleep.

Anyway, going back to this awesome pillow, because it’s a gel-infused, it will remain cool all night long. Sleeping in a cool environment is optimal when going to bed.

Many people who experience GERD have a hard time finding a pillow that they can use when trying to sleep on their side. The pillow cover is quilted, meaning that it will be silky smooth next to your skin when sleeping on it.

The adjustable loft of the pillow can go from 8 inches to 12 inches in height. The gel infusion in the pillow itself is 2 inches, and the topper is memory foam. There is a four-way airflow technology in the pillow, which will keep you cool, sweat-free, and comfortable while you sleep.

It comes with a carry handle, making it easy to move from room to room. But it also comes with a convenient pocket on the side where you can store your cell phone, TV remote or reading material.

Although this pillow is meant for side sleepers who have GERD, many people have been known to use it for:

  • Inclined sleeping
  • Knee support
  • Leg elevation
  • Support in a sitting position

You can buy this pillow with confidence. Why? Because the manufacturer gives you a five-year warranty. If at any time, you have any issues, you can simply return the pillow for a full refund or replacement.

2.     Cushy Form Memory Foam Bed Wedge Pillow

Cushy Form memory foam bed wedge pillow is a 5-in-1 folding pillow. This pillow even promotes a healthy posture. But what’s really great is it’s GERD symptoms controlling ability. This is an angled bed pillow that you can use at a 30° or 60° angle to provide the exact elevation to support your upper/lower back and hips.

The multipurpose pillow has a 1.5-inch layer of high-density memory foam, which contours to the shape of your body to provide ultimate comfort during use. What I really like is that once you stop using the pillow, it goes back into its fluffy but firm shape.

This pillow comes with a handle that gives you the convenience of moving it around. You’ll no longer find yourself having to deal with GERD symptoms when using this pillow. Plus, it will keep your shoulder and neck pain-free. Some people even use it to stop snoring. It has a slanted edge that will enhance the quality of your sleep.

It is even known to help improve blood circulation as well as promote a healthy posture. One reviewer states that she purchased it for her kid, who experiences GERD issues. She also wrote that it helps her child’s sleep throughout the night without experiencing any symptoms. She even tried the pillow herself and found it very comfortable while the multiple angles were suited to her different needs during sleep.

This would be a 100% risk-free purchase. Cushy Form has a lot of faith in their product. If at any time you find that you’re not happy with the purchase, you can return it for a full refund.

3.     AllSett Health Bed Wedge Pillow

AllSett Health bed wedge pillow is a creation that has been made for the purpose of GERD disease. But people have also been known to use it for anti-snoring as well as sitting up to read. This 7-in-1 design is another foldable pillow that can be used for head and back support.

The pillow measures at 22 inches wide and 12 inches deep, it will easily fit on any bed. It has a gentle slope, which can provide significant support even when you were sleeping on your side. This is an adjustable pillow; this means that you can remove the phone or put in more to make it perfect for your sleeping needs.

The cover of the pillow is made with breathable plush polyester material. This means that any time you are using the wedge pillow, it will help to keep you cool, the preferable environment to easily fall asleep.

The pillow is firm; you will not find yourself sinking into the pillow; instead, it will contour itself around your body shape to help you get the best sleep possible.

People who have had torn rotator cuff surgery have also been known to use this pillow when healing. The outer layer of the pillow is made of premium memory foam, which is super comfortable when going into healing mode.

One reviewer shared that she bought it for problems she experienced due to GERD disease. She stated that she puts another pillow over this pillow, which works really well for her. The pillow is soft yet retains its shape well. She can easily wash the cover, which doesn’t get damaged but will retain its softness after each wash.

4.     Sleepnitez 8″ Wedge Pillow

Sleepnitez 8″ wedge pillow comes with a viscose bamboo cover. This cover ensures that your pillow will remain cool all night long. Most pillows offer a 1 inch of memory foam layer; with this pillow, you will get 3.25 inches of the softest, resilient memory foam layer.

The foam will easily contour around your body, yet it will smoothly go back into place once you stop using the pillow. This is a great quality of one of GERD pillows side sleepers will definitely appreciate. You’ll find that you get the most support due to its high elevation with extra memory foam padding.

Some bed wedge pillows drop noticeably but may end up digging into your side or back. The Sleepnitez pillow tapers down gently to 0.2 inches at its thinnest point, meaning it kind of melts right into your bed.

Another thing about this pillow is that once your spine is aligned correctly, you’ll instantly find pressure points are reduced as well as blood circulation will improve while your breathing capabilities are enhanced.

When sleeping on a regular pillow or when pillows are stacked, you can end up creating an incorrect sleeping position, which puts pressure on your airway as well as may cause damage to your spine and cervical nerves. This wedge pillow counteracts those issues.

You can use this pillow not only for sleeping or lying down, but it can be a backrest against the headboard, on the couch, or a chair while you watch TV. Some people have even been known to use it at their computer when working from home. It will prevent slouching, which is great for improving back posture.

Unlike the standard pillows where you can wake up with kinks in your neck, this pillow will have you waking up fatigue-free as well ready to meet the demands of the day.

One reviewer finally decided to buy this pillow as he was tired of experiencing GERD symptoms. Even though it did not remove his GERD disease, the symptoms have been significantly reduced, which helps him to sleep all night long. He stated the pillow does not come with a cover, but he bought one and was happy that he did.

Your satisfaction is the manufacturer’s top priority. They will give you a three-year warranty, which can be upgraded to a lifetime when you register your pillow with them. If at any time or reason, you are not happy with the pillow, you can return it for a full refund or a replacement.

5.      Bekweim Adjustable Bed Wedge

Bekweim adjustable bed wedge is an adjustable pillow while having the feature of being a 7-in-1 design. The adjustability of the pillow means that you can customize its height and incline to use for your most comfortable sleeping position. It primarily helps to relieve GERD symptoms as well as help with low backpressure.

Many people have a hard time sleeping because GERD can make it difficult to breathe as well as cause indigestion problems. This adjustable pillow is excellent for providing relief to those symptoms. You will find yourself being able to sleep all night long.

There are two covers included with this pillow. Both covers are breathable, sweat-free as well as hypoallergenic. Pretty amazing that it takes care of GERD and helps to relieve allergies. Quite a versatile pillow. The propriety memory foam is quite dense and is made from a dual-layer of visco-elastic premium memory foam.

One buyer commented that it is perfect for any position to lay or sit straight. It has Velcro tabs on it, which made it easy to remove the cover. The pillow itself has a zipper on the side to remove or fill with more memory foam.

People with spinal surgeries have also been known to use this pillow. The healing process has been quickened due to how the pillow hugs or contours around the user’s body.

Bekweim wants you to be satisfied with your purchase. They’re so sure that you will love the product that they offer you a risk-free purchase, you can get a full refund no questions asked.

Conclusion on GERD Pillows Side Sleepers Need

Considering the advantages of side sleeping, why wouldn’t a person experiencing GERD get one. Side sleeping is great for many other reasons as well, such as:

Make sure that when you buy a pillow that you’re going to be using for side sleeping is the right size. Size is significant because you want to be able to ensure that the loft of the pillow will have you resting comfortably while covering your sleeping needs. You also want to make sure that it will fit on your bed correctly.

Share in comments below how you deal with GERD issues.

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