Hot Weather Weighted Blanket – 13 Best Tried And Tested To Keep You Cool!

Why should you get a hot weather weighted blanket?

First, off it will keep you cool during the hot summer nights, but not only that, it will regulate your body temperature to warm you up on chilly nights too.

What Is The Hot Weather Weighted Blanket

A hot weather weighted blanket is a blanket that has been filled with glass beads. There are diamond pockets that are usually quilted to hold the beads in place.  These glass beads help it to remain cool. The method behind the weighted blanket is that deep pressure will stimulate a relaxing effect which helps with anxiety while remaining calm

Most Recommended Hot Weather Weighted Blankets

1.  Quility Premium Adult Weighted Blanket 

With over 9000+ positive reviews, Quility premium adult weighted blanket definitely is tried and tested. It’s a 7 –layered blanket designed to bring you maximum comfort on the hottest of nights.

The blanket is made from 100% cotton, and comes with exceptional breathable qualities. It is filled with non-lead glass beads, which help to control the temperature when sleeping. Because of its unique construction, the beads will never leak out.

All the glass beads are evenly spread out to provide a balance to the full blanket. You will also receive a Minky cover that is easily removable for hot days but can be used when it gets a little chilly outside.

Once this blanket is covering you, it will feel like a gentle hug, which provides extra comfort during anxious times. Your sleep will be profoundly deep, that you will wake up refreshed and ready to deal with what the day has in store for you.

Your 100% satisfaction is guaranteed. If you are not happy with the blanket, you can return it for a full refund – no questions asked.

2.  Snuggle Pro Premium Adult Weighted Blanket

With 4.5/5 stars, the Snuggle Pro premium adult weighted blanket is a hit with many ages. The top priority of this blanket is to help you fall asleep quickly without overheating in hot weather.

It is cozy, soft, but comes with sensory compressions. These compressions soothe the areas on your body which need soothing so you can wake up refreshed.

The nanobeads are evenly distributed throughout the blanket with pockets to hold them in place. It has leak prevention safety on it; this keeps the beads from spilling out of the blanket.

You could use this blanket all year round due to its temperature regulating properties. When you purchase this blanket, you not only receive a weighted blanket, but you will also get a reversible Bamboo/Mink duvet cover, a Bamboo pillowcase, and a carry case for your blanket.

If you don’t like the blanket, you can return it within 30 days, plus you get a 1-year extended warranty.

3.  Weighted Idea For Kids And Teens

With over 242 questions answered about the Weighted Idea for kids and teens weighted blanket, everything you possibly need to know is covered. 

This blanket is 100% cotton. It has excellent breathable properties, which makes it a highly desired blanket all year round. It will warm you on chilly nights, yet cool you down when the weather his hot.

You can use this blanket anywhere you need. Some people use it on their couch as a way to relax in front of the television; others use it in their bed while reading. It’s perfect for people who need extra assistance to go to sleep.

The manufacturer wants to make sure you are impressed with what you buy; they will make it right until you are satisfied.

4.   ZZZNEST Adult Weighted Blanket

Improve your sleep substantially with ZZZNEST adult weighted blanket; it’s made for hot weather. It is 7 layered. Its breathable properties allow it to you to give you a nice snuggly hug by wrapping around your body.

The blanket will help you fall asleep quickly while getting a deeper level of sleep. Reviewer comments are, the blanket doesn’t roll or fall off when the user is sleeping. The tiny glass beads are very effective in keeping the sleeper’s temperature regulated.

Each quilted pocked is 3”x3”, it is stitched to keep the beads in place. The beads do not emit any odors and are environmentally friendly. One main benefit is that they are noiseless, so your sleep will not be disturbed.

Your satisfaction is guaranteed if you are not happy you can contact customer service who is available 24/7.

5.   ZonLi Adult Weighted Blanket

Less struggle is what the ZonLi adult weighted blanket is all about. You know how at night the standard blankets just kind of slips off? Not this blanket, due to its weight, it stays in place so you can get a deep sleep.

If you have restless leg issues, then this blanket will help to keep your legs in place, yet they will not feel confined in any way whatsoever.

It has two-layer microfibers to prevent the beads from spilling out. With the high-density sewing technology, the beads get locked into place into one of the multiple pockets in the blanket.

The 100% cotton fabric will keep you evenly tempered all year round.  A duvet cover is recommended, as this will leave your blanket soft and cozy for a long time to come.

Zonli offers a 3-month return policy.

6.   BUZIO Adult Weighted Blanket

Tired of waking up in the middle of night sweating because it’s hot outside? But don’t feel safe opening your window. The BUZIO adult weighted blanket temperature regulating properties will help you stay cool.

This blanket is registered with the Oeko-Tek standard, meaning it is free of harmful chemicals. As well it goes through a rigorous production process.

The material of the blanket is from cotton, which helps it to retain breathable qualities. This and glass beads locked into the 2-layer polyester padding help it to maintain its cooling feature. Once again, the beads are evenly distributed to keep the cooling effect going throughout the blanket.

There are 12 ties along the edge to ensure the blanket stays in place. To make the blanket last longer, it is recommended you purchase the cover.

You are guaranteed 100% satisfaction as well; you get a worry-free lifetime warranty.

7.   HomeSmart Products Adult Weighted Blanket

4.7/5 stars is a pretty good rating, according to reviews the HomeSmart Products adult weighted blanket is found to be an excellent fit for many restless sleepers. This blanket has a 400 thread count. Knowing that it has remarkable breathing capabilities makes it perfect for hot summer weather.

It is made from 100% ultrasoft cotton; this material is excellent to prevent overheating of the body. The beads also assist in remaining cool. You can purchase a duvet cover if you desire to extend the use of the blanket.

Reviewers highly recommend this blanket.

8.   Amy Garden Adult Weighted Blanket

With over 1200+ purchases of the Amy Garden adult weighted blanket, you can see that it is an in-demand product. It is hypoallergenic, non-toxic, and has odorless glass beads. A winning combination to have on your bed.

The beads are evenly distributed into each tightly sewn pocket for an overall even spread throughout the blanket. This blanket is big enough for two people to share. Both would have the temperature best suited for them.

Many people use the blanket during a family gathering or movie night. It’s versatile enough to be taken anywhere you want.

The beads are non-disruptive; your sleep will not be disturbed. It’s also a well-suited blanket for people who sweat or are generally hot sleepers.

9.   Weighted Evolution Adult Weighted Blanket

Weighted Evolution adult weighted blanket is designed to fit your mattress with little overhang; this is done so you can get the most benefit from the blanket.

One reviewer commented, she has had the blanket for five months, it’s has changed her sleeping life for the better.

You can use the blanket with the bamboo cover to keep you cool in hot weather, or it can be removed to keep you warm in cold winter months. Many state that this blanket has put an end to their tossing and turning; this has also improved their sleep efficiency.

The weight of the beads is well distributed to provide a nice, comfortable hug, and the material used to construct the blanket is 100% microfiber. Polyfill is used to protect the glass beads and prevents them from spilling out. These beads will keep you sleeping cool without sweating.

You will also receive a removable bamboo duvet cover, which you can easily cleanse as well extend the life of your hot weather weighted blanket. Its hypoallergenic properties make it a coveted blanket

Manufacturer of the blanket offers you a 100% satisfaction guarantee. You can return the blanket within 30 days with no questions asked.

10. Ourea King Weighted Blanket

Ourea adult weighted blanket will get you the natural sleep you desire. If you are skeptic about weighted blankets, then know you are not alone. One buyer commented that she was hesitant in buying the blanket, but after 4 nights of great sleep, she was sold.

This blanket is made from 100% organic cotton. Because the material used to construct the blanket, you will find your body temperature is regulated according to the weather.

Many people who buy this blanket find themselves using it for watching tv, reading, and snuggling with their children.

It’s unique 7 layer structure will prevent the beads from leaking out — no need to worry about waking up to find little beads all over the place.

If you are not happy with the blanket, you can return it for a full refund, no questions asked.

11. Kpblis Adult Weighted Blanket

The 100% cotton Kpblis adult weighted blanket will provide ultra comfort and coziness to the user. It’s another 7-layered weighted blanket with airflow capabilities.

This blanket is quilted with extra lining to ensure the beads stay in place. You will notice the spread of beads is pretty even, as well they remain cool in hot weather.

One reviewer shared that they had sleep issues that even Drs couldn’t fix, but the blanket was able to help her sleep worry-free.

The fabric feels soft and silky next to your skin. While the weight of the blanket will keep anxiety away, the gentle pressure will keep you wrapped up for a night of extended sleep.

You will receive a 1-year warranty.

12. Dr. Hart’s Adult Weighted Blanket 

Dr. Hart’s adult weighted blanket has the right idea to help people stay cool. Each blanket you buy, you will get a coupon for the cover.

This blanket was designed by neurologist Dr. Hart; he has based it on his year of experience to help his patients relax while having a healthier sleep. He has ensured that his blanket uses the premium grade material.

The contour wave design is what is unique to this blanket; the wave shapes are organic and will contour around your body to relieve anxiety as well as remove stress. It is ideal for all body types.

Beads in the blanket are manufactured from quartz micro-spheres. They are spread evenly for better pressure as well as contouring. The beads are also eco-friendly, great for those who are eco-conscious.

Because of its breathable features, it is cool in the summer, while providing heat in the winter.

One happy buyer has stated he is satisfied that the blanket has helped him with PTSD as well as anxiety. Both of these were an issue before buying the blanket, but now he sleeps all night long.

13. RelaxBlanket Adult Weighted Blanket 

The RelaxBlanket adult weighted blanket has helped one insomnia sufferer to regain their freedom by getting the sleep they need. Another stated that as soon as she received the blanket, she pulled it over her and was instantly able to relax.

The blanket creates the simulation of you getting a loving hug. Each pocket is filled with glass beads; it is also stitched tightly to make sure the beads stay in place.

Because of its cotton construction with airflow going through, it will help keep you cool all night long. This hot weather weighted blanket is exactly what you need on a hot summer night.

The Sellers Of This Blanket Will Only Be Satisfied When You Are, They Have A Great Return Policy.

Choosing Your Hot Weather Weighted Blanket

The blankets I have reviewed are meant for both adults and children. But remember when you order one, it will need to be 10% of your weight.

These blankets are not meant for infants, elderly, or anyone who may have issues with getting the blanket off.

How To Care For Your Weighted Blanket

All blankets are stitched quite tightly and can go through the wash, but usually, that is not recommended. Most times, people buy the removable cover that goes with a blanket. It is much easier to remove the cover and wash it, then to put the blanket through the wash. With the blankets, you should also consider memory foam pillows, they also have cooling properties, perfect for hotheads. 

Share in comments below how you stay cool on in hot weather.

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  1. Hello Eric, Thanks for providing tried and tested cool blanket. I think they are only cool but it will regulate your body temperature to warm you up on chilly nights too. So they are useful in both summer and winter season. Am I right ?

    I will buy Snuggle Pro Premium Adult Weighted Blanket on this Christmas.

    Thank you


    • You are making a great choice. 

  2. I have never heard of a hot weather blanket before! This is amazing as I am living in Qatar currently and the temperature gets to 50 degrees Celcius in the summer. 

    There is AC everywhere so it’s not too bad but there are a few months when I don’t want to put the AC on and it’s a bit too warm to have a big fluffy duvet on. I’m heading over to Amazon right now to get the snuggle pro!

    • Great choice! Happy sleeping.


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