How To Keep Cool On A Memory Foam Mattress: 3 Simple Methods To Stop Night Sweats

How to keep cool on a memory foam mattress means getting a night of better sleep while fighting off illnesses. In the article below I have outlined the tips as well made other suggestions you can take to make sure your sleeping environment has optimum sleeping conditions.

What Is A Memory Foam Mattress and Why Does It Get Hot

A memory foam mattress is made of a combination of layers consisting of memory foam with extra support added in by firm foam. The top layer of the mattress is usually memory foam, and it conforms to the body’s shape. The mattress provides relief by removing pressure from pain points. Once a sleeper gets off the bed, the mattress goes back to its original shape.  Memory foam is a very resilient material and tends to hold onto heat, which heats the sleeper. Because it has no moisture-wicking properties, a person wakes up in a sweat.

Why Do You Need To Sleep Cooler At Night

Sleeping hot at night means not finding a comfortable position to sleep. This issue increases when you are sharing a bed with a partner. As nighttime starts its rounds, our body temperature also starts to drop, letting us know that it is time to go bed. If our sleeping area is too hot, it brings our temperature back up and jolts us out of the sleep phase.

Sleeping hot can lead to continuous wakefulness moments/hours, interrupting our circadian sleep cycle. Most times, when people wake up from a deep sleep, going back to sleep can be difficult; it’s made even more challenging when our sleeping area is too hot.

Sleeping cool improves our melatonin levels, which increase our chances of fighting off illnesses, such as cancer, and increasing brain health. Another benefit is it decreasing the chances of getting type 2 diabetes. When our body is cool at night, it increases the production of beige and brown fat cells, causing our body to burn more fat.

Insomnia can be quite disruptive, but if you sleep cool, there is a much better chance of sleeping through the night. People who have insomnia tend to have higher body temperature by sleeping on a cool surface helps to bring their body temperature down, which helps one fall asleep faster.

4 Tips On How To Keep Cool On A Memory Foam Mattress

If you live in a hot environment, then it becomes imperative that you take action to bring your sleeping area down to cooler levels. Not doing so will have you decreasing the benefits which sleep provides.

Sometimes changing a mattress is not affordable, or it may be comfortable for covering pain pressure points. Most memory foam mattresses are quite comfortable and offer reduced motion transfer, especially to those who share a bed with a partner. Meaning you don’t want to have to buy a new mattress, the tips below you will find help make your sleeping area cooler.

1.     Use a Foundation Bed With Slats How To Keep Cool On A Memory Foam Mattress - platform bed

Lately, platform beds are becoming a buyer’s preference, especially if they use a memory foam mattress. Box springs are still there, but their use is limited as the springs eventually wear out. The slats that fit into the platform beds have space in between to allow for breathability. This is what allows the bed to keep cool. Box springs don’t have the openness to allow airflow. The slats ensure that no moisture gathers, which is a necessity for memory foam mattresses.

2.     Get Good Bedding

Getting proper bedding that will keep your sleeping area is cool is essential. Each piece you use on your bed can increase or decrease the heat. Therefore finding the right products to use on your bed becomes essential. Down below are bedding products most often used to cool a memory foam mattress.

Cooling BedsheetsHow To Keep Cool On A Memory Foam Mattress - cooling bedsheets

Since sheets are the first point of contact when lying down on a bed, it’s necessary that you start your sleep with the most advantage possible. Sleeping hot means doing away with the comfort that a cool sleep would bring. As you know, upping your AC will increase your electric bill, therefore having a cooling sheet on your mattress becomes a better inexpensive option to get an excellent quantified sleep.

The most cooling sheets are the ones that trap less heat yet feel cool against the skin. Some silk sheets work well while others prefer cotton; another preference is Bamboo sheets as they are breathable and instantly release heat. Bamboo sheets are temperature regulating sheets, they will keep you cool, but your body temperature will remain even. You can use these sheets all year long.


Sleeping on a cool pillow means not having to turn it over. At least that’s what I used to do when my pillow got too hot on one side—something which would go on all night long. Now latex pillows are great for staying cool all night long; you don’t even have to flip them over. These pillows are breathable and have moisture-wicking properties.

The ideal temperature when sleeping is 60 and 67 degrees; if it gets hotter than this, you are bound to have a sleepless night. A cooling pillow will instantly lower your body temperature, creating optimized sleeping conditions.

Mattress TopperHow To Keep Cool On A Memory Foam Mattress - mattress topper

The right mattress topper will create another cool sleeping surface. Mattress topper made from gel memory foam or latex will be the best. These types of mattress toppers will help you control the temperature of your memory foam mattress. Even if you share a bed with a partner, you will still not overheat.

Another benefit of mattress toppers is that they have an allowance for breathability, making it easier for trapped heat to escape. Rather than invest in a new mattress which could run you into thousands of dollars, it would be worth investing in a mattress topper that keeps you within budget, and you get to sleep cool.

3.     Control Your Sleep Environment

Maybe you don’t want to change your sleeping area because it is too comfortable, there are other options you still have access to, such as:


If you are worried about high billing with an AC, then having a fan might be a good option. There are many available in the market. These fans are modernized and have good settings, meaning you can set them to run hourly or all night long. They also come with remotes; bonus, you can climb straight into bed and get the fan started.

Blackout Curtains

By getting the proper curtains can help your room stay cool. Blackout curtains will keep the heat out during the hot days and keep you warm on the cold days. These temperature regulating curtains are also perfect for shift workers and those who prefer to sleep in total darkness. 

Moisture Wicking Breathable Sleepwear

What you choose to wear at night can make a difference in how you sleep. Choosing sleepwear that has moisture-wicking properties can have you sleeping cool. But having so many options can make it challenging to choose.

The best ones are the ones made from linen or cotton. These materials are natural and breathable compared to synthetic fabrics. Linen is breezy and breathable, while the cotton will wick away moisture. Both are excellent choices.

Change To A Latex  Mattress

If you are in for the budget of buying a new mattress and want to skip all the different methods to keep your sleeping environment cool, the best thing is to get a latex mattress. These mattresses are made to stay cool; they are hypoallergenic and are constructed from natural organic material.


How to keep cool on a memory foam mattress does not have to be expensive, especially when you are not in the market for a new mattress. The simple suggestions above will have you sleeping more undisturbed even on hot, difficult days.

Share in the comments below how you sleep cool at night.

4 thoughts on “How To Keep Cool On A Memory Foam Mattress: 3 Simple Methods To Stop Night Sweats”

  1. I agree that sleeping and feeling hot can lead to continuous wakeful moments. When people wake from a deep sleep, going back to sleep can be a challenge really.

    My bed is not a memory foam mattress but several things contribute to keeping me cool when sleeping such as cooling cotton sheets and pillows, also curtains made from materials that help to not over heating on my sleeping area.

    I love your tips. Thanks for sharing Jagi. Do you give many of your friends and family these fabulous tips?

    • My family uses good cooling bedding to stay cool on hot days. Thanks for commenting and sharing your thoughts.

  2. Us human and other animals too I believe, spend the majority of our lifetime sleeping. I personally run really hot and always find myself sweat a lot when I sleep at night. I did not know that sweat can interrupt my sleep, I just think it is uncomfortable. I do have a fan right by me so I am covered but I always use a cooling bedsheets. Thanks for sharing this information. Do you have any suggestions for which brand is good?

    • Silk or Bamboo sheets are great for keeping cool at night. My wife gets hot at night and we use Bamboo sheets. 


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