How To Turn Off Your Brain For Sleep

How to turn off your brain for sleep does not have to be complicated. So as long as you can empower yourself before bedtime, then your mind is not left wondering of all that happened during the day.

Well, let’s see, it’s our thinking which determines how we live our life and sleep. 24/7, we are always thinking about our day, life, family, or whatever else is important to us. The list is endless and inexhaustible and our racing thoughts have a lot do with that.


Because our mind is fashioned to receive, store as well as process different kinds of information daily. Such knowledge comes from our life experiences of fear, anxiety, anger, joy, happiness.

Why Should You Turn Your Mind Off For Sleep

If you don’t turn your mind off for sleep, most likely, stress will build-up, and this can lead to stress-induced nightmares. I know for myself, as soon as I feel it’s getting near bedtime, my brain starts to develop a checklist of what needs to discussed within my inner-self. Usually, the list isn’t that great. It’s all that went wrong during the day.

Our racing thoughts start to nag us until we get up; this can turn into a cycle of insomnia of not wanting to sleep because our brain is overloaded. Another worry that creeps in is the anxiety of what will happen the next day because our lack of sleep starts clouding our judgment. This becomes an ongoing hurtful way of living life.

Our thinking affects many different areas of our lives.

  • Self-esteem
  • Moral standard
  • Peace
  • Success or failure
  • Our impact on others
  • But mostly when we need to rest most

Now the question is, what kind of a mind do you want to live with so you can get some good sleep?

If you want an empowered mind that leads to sound sleep, then practice how to shut off your brain for sleep by implementing the techniques below.

Discipline Your Thoughts

Thoughts are where our world begins, as we all know, our thoughts shape us.

But thoughts can run awry, especially if we have a wild imagination which inspires thoughts upon thoughts of how things could go wrong.

How can you discipline your thoughts?

One of the most effective ways I found how to discipline my thoughts is by having conscious thinking. We all have a beautiful subconscious mind that loves to send us what it’s thinking.

But at bedtime, we must rein in our thinking consciously, rather than let the subconscious take over.

By thinking consciously, we can discipline our thoughts in the way we want them to flow. To think consciously, we need to focus on how our thoughts take shape in our minds.

Every single thought we have is charged up with energy. You are the one who has to make the decision; will these thoughts be charged with positivity or negativity.

By learning to discipline your thoughts, you will not be paralyzed by any unforeseen circumstances. The way you think does not mean that you will avoid your emotions. Instead, you will learn to control your emotions.

One second of sanity during insanity can save your sleeping time.

 Master Meditation

Meditation can empower your mind by learning to tune in to sense an experience to be present with yourself.

It can also help to evolve your mind while helping you stay calm during stressful situations. Meditating is a form of mental exercise where you are focused on the object of your meditation. This could be a word or an image, maybe even a sound.

Most of us meditate for different reasons. Some meditate due to their health, others meditate for self-awareness, and some meditate for inner peace. But your focus is on getting good sleep.

Make sure that if you start this, you have to follow through with it every day. Even if it’s only for five minutes, just make sure you do it. It doesn’t matter if you’re tired, bored, busy, confused, depressed, or angry.

You are solely responsible for keeping enthusiasm alive for when you are going into a meditative state. There are times where you will want to get up and leave. Those are the times where you will have to bring in some conscious disciplined thinking.

Reframe Old Beliefs

Limiting beliefs keep us stuck.

  • The person who says, I just can’t do it loses the opportunity of being able to do it.
  • The person who says, I’m not good with my follow-through stops reaching for their goals.
  • The person who says, I don’t know who I am stops looking for a purpose.

Belief in our head will either limit or expand what is possible.

  • If you don’t believe your worth it, you will never discover your self-worth.
  • If you believe yourself to be a procrastinator, you will never get there.
  • If you believe you’re not capable, you will never start.

The terrifying thing about limiting beliefs is that they tend to end up as self-fulfilling prophecies. This doesn’t happen because they are true; it happens because you believe them to be true.

By believing in them to be true, you allow your actions or inactions to follow the belief in fulfilling the prophecy.

To reframe old beliefs, you will need to embrace that your thoughts are not facts. Remember, your thoughts are just thoughts. It’s how you act upon those thoughts that matters.

Get clear on how your limiting beliefs are holding you back when going to bed. What is the consequence of these limiting beliefs? How are you affected by them? What would be an empowering belief which would bring more value into your life?

It takes time as well as repetition to replace an old limiting belief. You will have to practice your new way of reframing negative beliefs.

Recognize That You Are Not Others Opinion

Don’t ever let others opinion form or shape you in any way. Take note that their opinions are just opinions. Not an accurate description of who you really are or know yourself to be.

Easier said than done!

As we all know, people will have opinions on our way of living as well as how we do things. I have opinions about people in my life, but usually, keep them to myself. 

Everyone has an opinion about us whether we like to believe it or not!

It’s all a matter of perspective as well as how we let others’ thoughts reflect on us. Sadly, there are many out there who are allowing other people to determine their way of living, and this follows them into the night.

Some people who let others opinions affect them to walk around as if they have a constant finger pointing at them. These people value themselves less because they’re letting others into space, which is their own. Most likely, that space gets filled up at night.

Now, why would you want someone who is judging in bed with you?

Two people cannot stand in a single space. The one who wins the space is the one who’s going to be handing out judgments. If we let someone hold our space, we are giving them free rein to hand down whatever words they want.

Now think about it, do you want to share your space or own your own space?

Some Final Thoughts

Now that you how to turn off your brain for sleep, are you ready to empower your life to get the rest you deserve?

Hopefully, I have given something to think about and how you can change things for yourself, especially when it comes to getting decent sleep where you wake up refreshed every morning.

Share in the comments how you shut off your brain for sleep.

4 thoughts on “How To Turn Off Your Brain For Sleep”

  1. Helloo there,  thank you for this very detailed and informative post,  I must say this is a post in due season for me as I have really be finding some difficulty in getting some good sleep, I really don’t know how it all started but I presume it’s maybe I have reallh been too anxious on some things however I’ll put the tips you’ve shared in this post and I really hope they work. 

    • Wishing you a better sleep. Thanks for stopping by. 

  2. I love sleeping but from before i can remember, i’ve always had an internal clock that would ensure that i was up and running at a certain time; On average, my body used to require at the most 5 hours of sleep per night. When I was in college, my sleep patterns were very sporadic. Now as I am getting older, the lack of sleep is finally catching up to me. 

    Your articles has great practical advices that helps me think about way that I can slowly shut off my mind before plunging into a deep good night sleep.

    When I look at my children, they seem to not like to sleep. From your research, what makes our body resist the urge to go to bed?

    • From my research I would say social media, but also the thought of missing out on something great can interfere with sleep time. 

      Some children are afraid they will go to sleep and never wake-up again, others think sleeping is a waste of time. 

      Thanks for stopping by and sharing your sleeping experience. 


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