4 Powerful Inner Child Healing Exercises That Can Lead To A Better Sleep

Why do you Inner child healing exercises to have a better sleep at night?

The inner child healing exercises are meant to be practiced in the safety of your own room. Some emotions may get involved when clearing out old ways of thinking.

How is your sleep harmed with old thinking?

Inner child indestructible way of thinking leads to unhealthy living which hinders our sleep to such proportions that there are times where we lie awake going over each harm done to us. This not only hurts us, but we keep reliving the moments our inner child never wants us to forget. 

Although the inner child has experienced hurt through the feelings of a child, we as adults can learn to make peace with the thoughts that plague us when we are at our quietest, which is usually when we are going to bed. 

To be rid of a self-destructive way of living, we will need first to explore why the need to destruct exists as well as what is its purpose in our life.

Most times, when a person experiences fear, anxiety, anger, or low self-esteem, it’s usually as a protection mechanism against something that took place in their childhood. This is your inner child’s way of protecting you the adult from getting hurt.

In order to heal the inner child, we need to realize all of our beliefs are developed by the time we are seven years old. Up until this age, others do our thinking for us. After that, we do our thinking ourselves.

But our thinking will always be based on what we learned before the age of seven. The beliefs which are instilled in us by our parents, grandparents, authority figures, teachers even media become ingrained into our very being.

Most childhood traumas will leave an impact of some sort, which is how the destructive behavior patterns are formed.

Some examples of childhood trauma could include:

  • Parents being unemotionally available
  • Being bullied by parents/grandparents/others
  • Being sexually molested
  • Abandoned by parents
  • Accidents
  • Chaos or dysfunction in the house
  • The death of a loved one

These are just a few of the ways a child is traumatized. I just wanted to give you an idea of how your inner child is viewing their world, which colors your adult world. All of these situations can lead to many sleepless nights

You, as the adult, may think you’ve gotten past the issues you dealt with as a child. The inner child, however, never forgets until it is taken care of.

Have you ever noticed how children, when young, will keep repeating what they’re saying until acknowledgment or hearing has taken place?

 The same goes for the child living within us; that child will keep repeating itself until we do something about it.


Because this inner child in us wants the same value that we provide to our loved ones. 

Everything up until now, the inner child has done for us, which is usually destructive behavior, is so we as an adult don’t get hurt again.

Can you imagine?

How much our inner child does for us, yet we go about our daily living most times, not acknowledging all it has endured.

By allowing yourself to follow the 4 simple steps to healing your inner child wounds, you will permit yourself to live a free life without worry. Not only will you sleep better, but you will learn to conquer your inner critical voice

Before we get into the steps, remember your inner child is the echo of the child you once were. Listed below are the 4 inner child healing exercises which will help you become free of the past.

1.    Access Your Inner Child

You can access your inner child by asking:access your inner child

  • How are you feeling right now?
  • What would you like for me to know?
  • Where do you live in my body?
  • When is it the best time for me to make a connection with you?

What you need to do when you ask these questions is to take note of your first impression. Sometimes the answer may be ridiculous, but remember this coming from a child in you. So pay attention to the reaction.

Meet this child on its terms, not yours. As most of us know to get to know a child, we need to get down to the level of a child. That’s one of the best ways to form trust with the child. Or otherwise, you risk the loss of resolving what this child needs to be addressed.

2.    Allow Yourself to Experience Your Inner Child’s Feelings

I remember in my childhood instances of where I was told to stuff my feelings. Each time I stuffed the feeling, I reinforced the belief to my inner child that it was unacceptable for me to feel this way.

Most of us as children are told, “don’t get angry.”

What happens to that anger as we continue to stuff it down as an adult is we have to deal with the outcome of the inner child’s feelings.

Learning to develop compassion for yourself comes by way of allowing your inner child to send you the feeling it never dealt with.

These feelings could be anger, sadness, hurt, shame, or maybe even tears, which you couldn’t express when you were young.

If these feelings arise in your inner child, deal with them in the manner which would have you acknowledging their feelings as well provide comfort that you would to a little child.

3.    Make An Inner Journey of Self-Exploration

I have found that inner journeys are a successful way of connecting with your inner child to heal childhood wounds.journey of self exploration

There are two types of self-exploration journeys you can do:

  • Meditation

A meditation journey is considered a passive process. This journey requires you to simply breathe, allow yourself to relax while focusing on thoughts which flitter through your mind while asking your question.

E.g., you might ask your inner child “precious inner child when was the first time I experienced this negative feeling?”

Once you pose this question, allow yourself to experience the thoughts that drift through. There’s a chance that your inner child will not reveal the information you’re hoping for.

But that is okay; it just means you need to build trust with your inner child. As with any child, just be patient, loving as well accepting. By accepting your inner child, you’re letting it feel safe and secure.

  • Visualization

Visualization journey is an active way to connect with your inner child. What you will do here is view the traumas.

To have a successful visualization journey, you will need to develop a safe place where you and your inner child can talk.

This could be a room, garden, or any place where you feel safe, empowered as well where your whole self can be present.

Personally, when I work with clients, what I find best is a room with two chairs facing each other. In one chair you the adult would sit, in the other chair you need to invite the child to sit facing you.

Gently do this without aggression, persuasion, or force. Let the inner child determine when it will sit in that chair.

You need to make this space as safe as possible when practicing inner child healing exercises, as you may get emotional.

When you start to pose questions to your inner child, pose them as if you were talking to a very young child. Remember, children do not understand adult language. Therefore it is essential to talk in their language.

E.g., When was the first time you felt scared? What caused a scary feeling? How can I help you be braver?

To us, as an adult, these questions may seem very timid, but to the child, these questions are enormous. They will reveal to you the answers which will help you to release the emotional trauma.

4.    Love and Forgive Your Inner Child

What most children want is love. But sadly, some children during their childhood go without love. These individuals that go without love are continually searching for that.

In a search for that love, sometimes unhealthy ways are formed. It’s those unhealthy ways that affect the adult life that we live in. Restless sleep kicks in big-time during the search for love and acceptance. 

The most important thing you can do you for your inner child when you invite them into that room is to let them know you love them.

Remember, this is a part of you that may not have experienced love; this may be a new feeling. It is something that this inner part of you has been searching for. The inner child in you looks to you for that love and guidance that it needs to make the right choices.

It’s a lot easier to invite someone in with love rather than hate. As you know, love makes the world go round; hatred drives people away.

This process will make it much easier for you to make the self-exploration journey without too much heartache. Once the love has brought the inner child in, you need to ask the inner child what you can do better to make it easier for conversations to take place.

You also need to let the inner child know that you are an adult now, which means you can make adult decisions. But remember to be thankful to your inner child for protecting you all these years by sending out the feelings you were receiving.

You are the only one who can empower your mind to set it up for success. 

Inner Child Healing Exercises Lead to Better Nights/Days

Since you know the reason you are receiving the feelings is a way of protecting you from getting hurt, this will make the healing of your inner child that much easier.

By forgiving your inner child, you essentially forgive yourself. Doing this will make it easier for you to develop the self-growth you wish to build. 

When you practice these 4 inner child healing exercises, make sure you are in a space where you will not be disturbed. Most times, I help my clients to move forward, but you can also do this in the privacy of your home within the sacred space of your own room. 

Remember when your inner child sleeps better, you sleep better. The stress and anxiety of the lost childhood get left behind.

In this post, I have shared my exact techniques on how to do this, but if you feel you need more help, contact a person who is specialized in helping with this. 

Share in comments below how you have forgiven others who have hurt you.

8 thoughts on “4 Powerful Inner Child Healing Exercises That Can Lead To A Better Sleep”

  1. Hi Jagi,

    Thanks for this post. I have slept terribly for years and have used hypnosis, meditation and breathing exercises but I never thought to consider inner child work. I liked the four questions that you have posted. I think these will be really helpful!

    I will definitely be implementing your exercises into my daily routine!

    Thanks again.

    • I hope you find much success in your inner child work. Thanks for the comment. 

  2. Hi Jagi, 

    I am really uplifted with your list of 4 inner child healing exercises because it has helped me to move towards becoming free of some of my childhood trauma. 

    For me, the eye-opener in your post was your point that our beliefs are developed at the time we reach the age of seven and that we only took over from others and started thinking for ourselves after that age. I never knew that. 

    I have learnt, from your post, how to permit myself to live a free life without worry and also how to overcome inner critical voice. 

    I will share this point straight away.

    • Glad you found this post helpful. Thanks for sharing. 

  3. Thanks for the post! There are definitely many, many ways that a child can be traumatized and this trauma, even after healing, stays with a person for the rest of their life.  Even if we move past it, it always shapes the way we view the world, unfortunately.  I know you covered a few of those, but the possibilities are endless!  I do imagine if we’re stuck on some of it, it can definitely affect our sleep.  Thanks again for the read!

    • You are right the possibilities are endless, but these are the methods I used most often to help my clients most past childhood hurts. The hurt voices often haunt individuals when they are alone with no other distractions around. 

  4. Really Interesting post. To be honest, I had never heard of the term “inner child” before as an individual’s childlike aspect, let alone relate this to sleeping problems. A lot of what your writing makes sense though. 

    What are your thoughts on sleeping problems men vs women? I, for instance, sleep like a baby almost every single night but I’ve noticed many of my (ex) girlfriends have had troubles sleeping and so does my mom. 

    • In my working life, I’ve noticed many men who could not let go of thoughts that plagued them, but remember some of us grew up in the era where men were meant to be tough, and women are expected to feel things. 

      I think many men get past it because they don’t let childhood things faze them, where women go over little detail night after night. 

      But now more men are starting to express their feelings, it’s now that sleep issues are showing up more often in both men and women. 


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