Is Sleeping Too Much Unhealthy? 5 Shocking Ways It Shows Up In Your Body

Why is sleeping too much unhealthy for you?

Most times, when people sleep too much, they can’t even see straight. At least that’s what happens with me. I’m not a drinker, yet I imagine that’s how people who are hungover must feel.

Sleeping too much is when a person sleeps longer than what their natural body requirements are. Prolonged nighttime sleeping is usually associated with hypersomnia. People afflicted with hypersomnia never feel refreshed after sleep and often wake up feeling disoriented.

The amount of sleep we need depends on our age, activity level, general health, and lifestyle habits.

Recommended Sleep

  • Adult seven hours
  • Teens eight hours
  • Young children 9 to 10 hours

Not only do adults suffer from oversleeping symptoms, but it affects people of all ages, including young children.

Why should you not go past your natural sleeping time?

Oversleeping upsets our body rhythms, as well as daytime fatigue,  is increased. It can lead to anxiety, read my last post on how to beat nighttime anxiety to get good sleep.

Our internal body has a natural rhythm in it, which was set by nature. If we go against that nature, we are going against what our body needs to function in an orderly fashion.

  1. Depression

One thing is for sure; sleep plays an essential role in our brain development. By having the right amount of sleep, our brain clears out waste byproducts as well as balances the neurotransmitters, which help reprocess our memory when we’re resting.depression due to oversleeping

Most people who oversleep have a tendency of waking up, which then disturbs their sleep, which is a known contributor to depression. Oversleeping causes excessive tiredness in people. This tiredness causes hypersomnia.

Hypersomnia, also known as excessive daytime sleepiness, is prevalent among people who oversleep. It’s a neurological disorder that causes distress as well as problems with functioning.  

What causes hypersomnia?

  • Narcolepsy – this is due to not being able to regulate the sleep and wake cycles. These types of people often experience excessive daytime sleepiness that can go from several seconds to several minutes. They can also experience a sudden loss of muscle strength, which is triggered by strong emotions, depression being one of them.
  • Klein – Levin Syndrome – this is known as sleeping beauty syndrome. It’s a rare sleep disorder but is persistent among those who suffer hypersomnia. It causes mood changes as well as cognitive changes. This can significantly affect the person socially, personally as well as professionally. This type of syndrome is often experienced by those people who sleep 12+ hours.

Oversleeping not only leads to minor depression, but it can also lead to clinical depression. Clinical depression happens as a result of depression due to sleeping too much. Which further gets disturbed by the monoamine activity.

Monoamine oxidase activity helps to maintain appropriate firing rates of neurons throughout the body within the homeostatic limits. But due to a person oversleeping, where they experience many disturbances of this activity not taking place leads to depression, panic attack, and even post-traumatic syndrome.

Oversleepers may suffer from both insomnia and hypersomnia. When a person is sleeping too much, higher rates of suicide attempts are made.

Another thing to note is people who suffer both from insomnia, as well as hypersomnia, are at 2 to 3 times greater to suffer from bipolar.

2. Diabetes

Researchers did a study that found that women who increased their sleep by two or more hours were more likely to suffer from type II diabetes compared to those who had regular sleep hours.

When people are feeling tired, which is one of the symptoms of oversleeping, they tend to make rash decisions about their eating habits.

These eating habits can lead to diabetes being developed. Most times, I know that when I have slept too much, I have no desire to cook. That’s the time when I grab processed food.

3. Obesity

Although we know that sleeping too little makes us irritable, how does sleeping too much affect our weight?

Research done by the University of Glasgow discovered that too much sleep could actually make you gain weight – probably more – then sleeping too little.

One of the reasons identified causes gain weight when oversleeping is that people who oversleep tend to be overtired. Being overtired may lead to an emotional eating pattern.

4. Headaches

Because of disturbed sleeping cycles, headaches are one of the ways it shows up in your body.

During sleep, the cerebrospinal fluid gets pressed out into our spine and brain to flush out all the toxins from the day. Later on, when we’re supposed to naturally rise as our body wants us to the toxins which have been recessing against our spine should get released.

But because we don’t get up the toxins go back into our cerebrospinal fluid which is all the excess caffeine, fluoride and etc., we may have had. These trigger the headaches because they’re f flowing backward.

Once we wake up after our regular hours of sleep, our lymphatic system starts pumping to take over the toxins to release them as sweat or urine.

Something else that happens when we’re sleeping is that we tend to over-breathe. When we over-breathe, it causes us to exhale our carbon dioxide reserves. These are necessary for our cellular oxygen absorption.

The less carbon dioxide we have, the lesser the tissues can absorb the oxygen from our bloodstream. Over breathing can cause us to receive much less oxygen. This leads to headaches. And when people oversleep, they tend to over breathe.

5. Constant Brain Fog

Even though brain fog isn’t a medical condition, most of us know the signs that it’s there. Our brain shifts many gears throughout the day, but any disruption can throw it out of gear. This includes oversleeping.brain fog due to oversleeping

By going to bed and waking up at the same time, we teach our brain discipline. When we’re teaching our brain discipline were also strengthening our brain muscle. Oversleeping can prevent this muscle from staying in good form.

Many people find that after they sleep too long, they drag their feet. It’s hard to get moving when the body is still feeling tired from the previous night. It can also increase your perception of fatigue.

Getting just the right amount of sleep for your body can make a big difference in how you feel the next day.

Final words on is sleeping too much unhealthy

All of us enjoy getting our sleep. Granted, there are days where we may go over our sleep time. I know I do many times – especially on weekends – then I pay for it.

My payment comes in the form of severe headache not too mention the inner critical thoughts I have when trying to get a decent sleep at night.

It took me a long time to understand how my sleep was connected to my headaches. Once I set a schedule of getting up at a specific time, my headaches went away.

Sleeping too much can be unhealthy for you; it doesn’t do show up in the symptoms described above. It also manifests itself in many little changes in our lifestyle.

I made up my mind that I was not going to live a lifestyle where I was going to be missing out on many things life has to offer, especially after my cancer diagnosis.

My time now is to get up at 7 am, and my bedtime is 10. This way, I give myself about an hour to read. Because I know I’m ill I need more sleep, so I give myself an extra hour.

Do you want to sleep better at night with remedies from home which will help you fall asleep at night? Read my last post on home remedies to help you sleep.

When I’ve had just the right amount of sleep, I wake up with a lot of energy, ready to get started on my day.

My advice is to get your sleep for sure, but don’t oversleep to experience unhealthy problems with your living.

Let me know in the comments below if you experience any of the above symptoms due to oversleeping.

8 thoughts on “Is Sleeping Too Much Unhealthy? 5 Shocking Ways It Shows Up In Your Body”

  1. Sleeping too much, I have never heard of getting too much sleep until I read your article, for how long did you get too much sleep before you discovered why you were having problems? Were you taking sleeping tablets at the time or a supplement? The side effects of oversleeping are quite serious depression being one of those according to your article, I also note another side effect being putting on weight which can cause diabetes. Hyperinsomnia  is the exact opposite of insomnia, I think the side effects of insomnia may be worse too little sleep makes life very difficult. I would normally sleep between 6-7 hours so I don’t think I need to worry.

    Thank you for bringing hyperinsomnia to my attention.



    • No, I don’t take sleeping tablets. Chemo doesn’t really work well with some meds. Awesome that you are getting the right amount of sleep. 

  2. I am glad that I read your article.  I was a bit concerned that I have been sleeping too much on some days.   Yet, it sounds like I am blessed to get a very normal amount of sleep on most nights.   Too little on others.  

    I did not realize that over sleeping could have such negative impacts on a person’s health.  I am very sorry that you have had your health challenges, to include oversleeping.  

     I hope that your health continues to improve and that you can continue to use your experiences to help others.   

    • That’s great that you are getting the right amount of sleep! Yes, oversleeping can cause many health issues. Thanks for stopping by.

  3. Hello there. I recently found your page on google as I was looking up information about oversleeping and the effects it can have on the body. I really enjoyed reading this article and you put in in a way that was easy to understand. I can relate to some of these symptoms for sure especially brain fog when I oversleep and your article proves I was not mistaking in my symptoms. Now I have a better understanding of how much sleep I should be getting and why developing good sleep habits are so important at any age. I will share this article with my friends because I found it helpful. Thanks again!

    • Glad you found this article helpful, thank you for the share.

  4. I read all articles about sleep because I am working through my issues. Mine is the opposite. I wake at 3.30am. Wide awake for a long and sometimes I drift off back between 5 and 6. Based on your discussion, if someone doesn’t get the right amount of sleep, too little or too much, they suffer in many ways and feel ‘out of it’ all day. Can too much sleep be related to a vitamin deficiency ?

    • Yes, it can be related to vitamin deficiencies. 


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