Best Knee Pillow For Back Pain – Top 5 For Sciatica, Pregnancy And Arthritis (Reviewed In 2021)

Why get a knee pillow for back pain? Most times, when people get knee pillows for their back pain is because they are tired of waking up in pain due to sciatica, pregnancy, arthritis, or just general lower back pain.

What Is A Knee Pillow

A knee pillow is a specialized pillow that can be put between the knees for a person to sleep on their side. It usually is about 3 ½ to 4 inches wide. The side is edged while the middle is contoured. This helps a person using the pillow to have better spinal alignment. Although any type of pillow can be used between the knees, knee pillows are specially designed to help a person sleep on their side while keeping a separation between the legs. This helps to improve posture as well as alleviate back pain due to sciatica, arthritis, pregnancy, or other back pain, causing problems.

Recommended Knee Pillow For Back Pain

1.     Tularis Knee Pillow

knee pillow for back pain- Tularis Knee Pillow

If you want to pillow for your needs, which helps with sciatica lower back pain, stays in place, then this pillow is the one that you want to get. This orthopedic knee pillow will support and relieve pressure to the point that you wake up completely rested in the morning.

It’s a pillow that is being recommended by doctors. The strap that comes with the pillow ensures that the pillow will stay between your knees. It will help to align your legs, hips, and spine. It’s a perfect pillow that will support your lower back, as well as your hips even during pregnancy.

Since it’s a memory foam pillow, it will mold to your knee shape and will not flatten out. It’s been ergonomically designed to relieve pressure off your back and spine. Some buyers of the pillow have even tried the pillow for neck support and found that it cradles their head correctly.

The pillow is breathable and allows airflow, which means you will not get hot between your knees, and you will sleep cool all night long. Side sleepers will appreciate this pillow. You can remove the cover for washing, which will extend the life of your pillow.

One customer was actually surprised that a knee pillow would change how her back feels when she wakes up in the morning. She said that there’s a definite improvement.

2.     NATUMAX Knee Pillow

knee pillow for back pain - NATUMAX Knee Pillow

Do you need an ergonomically designed knee pillow that will provide relief while you sleep? If so, then this is the pillow that you need to have between your knees. You’ll not only get the pillow, but you also get a free sleep mask as well as earplugs. This will help to elevate your sleeping experience pain-free as well as create an environment for a luxurious sleep.

It is ergonomically designed, which means it will fit nicely between your legs to provide excellent alignment for your hips, back, and knees. You can place this pillow under both your leg means to elevate your legs or place it between your knees to give your legs a bit of separation room.

By placing it under both your knees, you’ll improve blood circulation as well as prevent aches and pains, which are typical for side sleepers when not using a knee pillow. Pregnant women will especially appreciate this pillow because it will help to relieve swollen ankles due to the elevation.

It has a zippered cover which is easily removable so you can wash it. The leg strap will help the pillow to stay in place even if you roll from one side to the other. With this pillow, you can kiss goodbye to me, enjoying pain as well as back pain and find sciatica relief.

Although the pillow is recommended for between the knee use, you can use it between the thighs, calves, or ankles. Because it’s made of memory foam, it is a temperature regulating pillow. It will keep cool all night long and is breathable, which means there’s excellent airflow running through the pillow.

One customer commented that he purchased the pillow for his wife. Not only has it helped his wife back pain, but she’s also snoring less.

3.     Cushy Form Knee Pillow

knee pillow back pain - Cushy Form Knee Pillow

The Cushy Form knee pillow for side sleepers is contoured. This pillow actually encourages the correct posture for the user. Would you really appreciate about this pillow is that it relieves back, knee, leg, ankle, and hip joint pain. Another great thing about this pillow is that it promotes spinal alignment as well as reducing pressure when sleeping.

This pillow has been used after surgery recovery. It not only helps with pain, but you’ll also find relief from restless leg syndrome. It’s a temperature-regulated pillow and works for all seasons all year round. At no time will you feel uncomfortable using this pillow. The pillow will promote healing from sciatica as well as pregnancy pains.

It’s a trusted pillow and has been recommended by physical therapists, Drs., chiropractors as well as sports trainers. You’ll also find that it will help with hip bursitis relief as well.

This is an innovative pillow that provides the ultimate solution for a wide range of different aches and pains. You’ll wake up feeling rested and ready for the day. You are no longer waking up in pain because you couldn’t sleep at night.

If you are looking for spinal alignment or postural improvement, this pillow will make that happen. Many people have even been known to use this under their head to relieve headaches and migraines. The pillow will always maintain its firmness due to the visco-elastic memory foam.

The cover is removable and washable; this will extend the life of your knee pillow. It even comes with a travel case for when you are traveling but need your knee pillow with you. Pregnant women have been known to use this pillow between their thighs, which prevents uncomfortable bone and joint compression.

One customer commented that she is amazed. Although she was skeptical that it would help with sciatic nerve pain, she’s happy to report that she was wrong. Being on her feet all day long makes her tired, but the pillow she uses for the sciatic nerve pain helps her wake up in the morning, ready to start her day again.

4.     Everlasting Comfort Knee Pillow 

knee pillow for back pain - Everlasting Comfort Knee Pillow 

The Everlasting Comfort memory foam knee pillow comes with an adjustable, removable strap. Also included are earplugs. Everything will help you fall asleep comfortably at night.

Made with 100% pure memory foam, you are guaranteed a temperature-regulated pillow with excellent airflow. The orthopedic contour of the pillow will keep your knees separated with unique spacing in between, which will help to support and align your legs, hips, and spine.

Many people who use this pillow have also found relief from hip bursitis, arthritis as well as joint and sciatic nerve pain. It can be used between the thighs, knees, ankles, and even under the head. It’s perfect for side sleepers.

Women who are expecting find this pillow to be beneficial as it helps them to elevate their legs to keep excellent blood circulation moving through. It also helps swollen ankles to decrease in pain. This strap on the pillow is removable and adjustable. You won’t have to worry about having the hassle of trying to keep the pillow in place, with the strap it will stay in place.

The cover is easily unzipped, and you can toss it into the washing machine as well dry it on a low tumble dry. The pillow will retain its shape perfectly after every use.

One customer commented that she is 70 years old and is the side sleeper. She has osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis plus no cartilage in her right knee. At one time, she could not walk without a cane due to the pain in her back. By using this pillow, it helped to realign her hips and knees that she can actually get up in the morning and walk without pain. It has changed her life dramatically.

5.     Cushion Lab Knee Pillow

knee pillow for back pain - Cushion Lab Knee Pillow

Doctors and chiropractors highly recommend this 100% extra dense premium memory foam knee pillow. It helps to provide comfortable support as well as lower back pain relief. The pillow promotes blood circulation.

It is a hypoallergenic pillow and comes with a two-tone white grey soft cover that is resistant to picking up dirt but is also easily removable to wash.

Because the pillow has extra density and it, unlike other pillows, it won’t flatten out. It will provide excellent support night after night. You can use it between your knees, thighs, or ankles. It is excellent for elevating your legs to keep the blood moving.

The cover is made out of polyester with micro-quilted air layer technology. It’s altered soft as well as breathable. This will help the pillow to maintain a decent temperature so that you can sleep without your legs overheating.

The thickness of the pillow between your knees is 3 ½ inches. Perfect for spinal alignment as well as improving posture.

One customer commented that her back had been in misalignment for many years, which caused chronic back and hip pain. She had tried several pillows, but none worked quite as well as the Cushion Lab knee pillow. It provided perfect support for her knees, and more importantly, it aligned her spine just the way she needed to be aligned.

Top Knee Pillow Benefits

Although there are plenty of benefits of using the knee pillow, here are the ones that we feel are the most important ones:

Relieve Back Pain – sleeping on the side is made easier because the pillow fits nicely between the legs to keep the spine in alignment as well as improve posture, which helps to relieve back pain.

Excellent For Women Who Are Expecting – laying on the back can be hard for women who are pregnant. Sleeping on their side is one of the recommended ways by doctors. Although any pillow will work, the knee pillow, when used by pregnant women, will help to relieve swollen ankle syndrome as well keep blood circulation moving. Not only can a pregnant woman use it between her knees, but they can also use it between their thighs, ankles or put it underneath their ankles to elevate their legs.

Reduce Leg Tension – many times, when we sleep on our side, the tension on our legs increases to maintain the sleeping position. By using the knee pillow for back pain, we release the stress on our legs, which then alleviates the pain in the back as well as keeps us in that sleeping position.

Better Blood Circulation – the knee pillow will improve but circulation by providing proper elevation for your legs. This will improve your overall health by reducing aches and discomforts in muscles else as well as relieving sore spots.

How To Pick The Perfect Knee Pillow

When you’re looking for a right knee pillow for back pain, you will need to be aware of some useful features. These features will ensure that the pillow you’re getting for you will provide the proper support that you need so that you don’t suffer from back pain.

The first feature you’ll need to focus on is the shape. Knee pillows come in two different shapes; they are:

  • Bolster
  • Contoured

Each of these shapes has its unique benefits. The bolster shaped knee pillow is excellent for back sleepers as it slides under the knees due to its already flat base. The contoured shaped knee pillow is a good option for people who want to sleep on their side but need a spacer between their legs to keep their back and hips in alignment. The ones that we’ve reviewed in this post are the contoured shape, as they are the most beneficial to people who want to alleviate back pain.

The next feature you want to focus on is the type of material that is used in constructing the pillow. Most pillows that are used between the knees for back pain are made of memory foam. Memory foam is the best type of material because they can shape and contour to the sleepers body angles.

The nice thing about memory foam is that it will not lose its shape, unlike other pillows. Another benefit of memory foam is that it has temperature regulating properties, meaning it will not overheat due to the airflow moving throughout the pillow.

Another feature that we think is important is that the knee pillow comes with a cover that is easily removable so you can wash it. This will extend the longevity of your pillow as well; you want to be aware of the type of feeling you want to have next to your skin.

Some Final Thoughts About The Knee Pillow For Back Pain

Knee pillows offer much more than just pain relief. They also are great for posture alignment as well as relaxing muscles and other parts of our body.

One of the most shared thoughts of the customers who have bought a knee pillow for back pain was that it improves their sleep significantly. By just having sleep improvement helped them with clear thinking as well as waking up pain-free.

We hope that you have found all the information you’re looking for about knee pillows to alleviate back pain.

But if you have any thoughts about knee pillows, please share them below.

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