Best Affordable LUXOME Weighted Blanket – 3 Top Rated For 2019

LUXOME weighted blanket

Why should you get a LUXOME weighted blanket?

LUXOME weighted blankets are refined for luxurious use. Even though they are meant for luxury use; they are still affordable to help with anxiety, stress, autism, and restless movements of the body at night. Each blanket is constructed with care toward retaining hypoallergenic properties as well as regulating body temperature.

The thread count for each blanket reviewed is above 233, which helps the blanket to breathe as well as wick away sweat. The density of the thread count helps to keep the beads locked into each square, which makes it for easy washing and drying of the blanket.

Top 5 Benefits Of The Weighted Blanket

Fights Off Stress – all of us experience stress somehow. It could be due to having a bad day at work, fighting with a loved one, or undue bills making an announcement. Stress can seriously harm our health, both mentally and physically.

The weighted blanket helps to fight stress off. Research has shown that when we are stimulated by deep touch pressure therapy, it actually works. You don’t have to purchase any expensive equipment to get stress relief; a weighted blanket will do just fine.

Eases Fibromyalgia Pain – Fibromyalgia is known as a silent disease. The reason it gets this name is that people suffer for years, not knowing what is ailing them. This disease mainly affects women. Fibromyalgia can be debilitating, and although some drugs can help with fibromyalgia, there is no cure.

Once again, when firm pressure is applied to specific pain points, it can help prevent fibromyalgia from flaring up. The weighted blanket will provide pressure therapy as you sleep at night. So you wake up pain-free in the morning.

Improves Mood – sometimes, when we feel down, it feels like our happiness has been snatched from us. It is normal for people to feel grouchy sometimes. But when it takes over our life, then it can be pretty debilitating, leading us to wonder if happiness will ever find us again. This can happen due to not producing enough serotonin.

Thanks to a weighted blanket, we can now wrap it around us, which is equivalent to receiving a gentle pressure hug. Because of the pressure stimulation we receive, this reduces the cortisol levels in us, increasing serotonin to release the happiness factor.

Lifts Anxiety – when we’re anxious, it leads to troubling thoughts at night. On the other hand, disturbing thoughts lead to anxiety. So you’re caught in a catch 22 where one leads to the other. Some people have a hard time getting out of the circle.

The weighted blanket can help to bring comfort for your body to produce feel-good chemicals. These feel-good chemicals can help to alleviate anxiety by removing negative thoughts from the mind. The calming modality of the blanket helps a person stay free of anxiety.

Will Help With OCD – the obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD) affects about 1 in 50 adults. This disorder is usually characterized by obsessing over thoughts and behaviors with compulsiveness to enact the action. Such as someone washing their hands at least 25 times.

Many people think that OCD is an active aversion people have to germs – somewhat true– the truth is people have obsessive thoughts over anything. Such as checking their door locks before going to bed, then checking them once again when they’re in bed, which can go on all night long.

By boosting feel-good chemicals, people who have OCD will have less compulsion to act on their thoughts.

Now let’s look at the weighted blankets LUXOME has to offer.

1.    LUXOME Weighted Blankets for Adults | Includes Removable Minky Cover

LUXOME weighted blanket for adults comes with a removable Minky cover. The blanket has great breathing qualities and is 100% cotton with 233 thread count. By using high-quality layers, the blanket has great breathing properties.

This blanket is optimized to an ideal weight per square foot; it’s all ready to go according to your weight. You will receive the exact amount of weight you need in your blanket to have a night of great sleep.

You can remove the Minky cover fabric that is similar to fleece and flannel, which stays cool even on hot days. Yet it still retains its warmth when needed on cold winter nights.

Included with the blanket, you will also receive an oxford carrying tote. If you want to take your blanket on your travels, you can do so without worrying about your blanket getting ruined.

It has over 1 million undetectable 1mm glass beads. The blanket is ultra-soft as well as comfortable, kind of like getting a gentle hug while you are sleeping. Once you use the blanket, your nightly sleep will go undisturbed.

The blanket is constructed to last a long time. If you don’t want to use the cover, you don’t’ have to. The beads in the blanket are hypoallergenic; they are so tiny that they go unnoticeable unless you were to go looking or feeling for them.

It has a zipper to keep the cover in place but is undetectable. The cover comes with two cover ties; not only do they keep the cover secure, but the ties enforce the blanket to stop from bunching up. The ties are already done up, so you will not have to worry about them.

It optimized per square foot to ensure the beads stay separate yet provide the temperature regulating pattern. The blanket is machine washable, as well as dryer safe. It helps insomniacs get the sleep they need. 

LUXOME has a 30-day return policy on this blanket. You will usually receive the blanket within two weeks.

2.    LUXOME Cooling Weighted Blanket With Integrated Bamboo Cover

LUXOME cooling weighted blanket with integrated bamboo cover has a 300 thread count 100%. Bamboo is very well known for its cooling properties as well; it is hypoallergenic, meaning it is excellent for people who have allergies.

The Bamboo used in the blanket is organic and eco-friendly. The blanket has small sewn squares, and each square is filled with 1mm glass beads. This prevents the blanket from bunching up. 

Because of the weight in the blanket, it will not slip off, no matter how many times you change your sleeping position. This blanket is optimized for ideal weight per square foot. LUXOME has done its own testing to ensure that the blanket you order according to your weight is perfect for you.

Due to the integrated Bamboo cover, this blanket has the sweat-wicking capability. If you are experiencing menopause or have night sweats due to an illness, then you will appreciate this blanket for removing sweat as soon as it arises.

You can expect this blanket to last a long time. It’s not bulky and works really well underneath a bedspread. It is well stitched as well; the two-toned color will go with any décor in your room.

No flame retardants or any unnatural chemicals are used to make the blanket. You can use this blanket in hot or cold weather; It will temperature regulate according to your room temperature. You can wash the blanket at home without worrying about taking for professional cleaning.

You are guaranteed satisfaction, if for you any reason you are not satisfied you can return the blanket within 30 days with no questions asked.

3.    LUXOME Weighted Blanket With Integrated Minky Cover

LUXOME weighted blanket with integrated Minky cover is ultra-plush. It has a beautiful finish to it, which prevents any bunching from taking place in the blanket. It also has heat prevention, which will help to stop hot sleepers from overheating.

This blanket also also contains squares, and into each square are 1mm glass beads tightly sewn in; this prevents them from leaking out when you wash or dry the blanket. You are freed from worry of ruining your blanket when you clean it yourself.

The blanket has a 300 thread count, which allows it to be breathable as well. It is hypoallergenic. It wicks away sweat at rapid speed.  Because the beads are evenly dispersed, you retain the same temperature throughout your whole body.

This blanket is excellent for people who have stress, anxiety, or autism. It provides a very gentle soft touch to the skin, which is precisely what some people prefer. Many people have restless leg syndrome, which this blanket helps to reduce.

You can sleep in any sleeping position, yet the blanket will keep you covered at all times, even if you toss and turn.

LUXOME stands behind this blanket and gives you a guarantee of satisfaction. You can return the product within 30 without any questions asked.

Overall Conclusion Of LUXOME Weighted Blankets

Deep pressure stimulation provides a calming sensation. When this sensation is attained, a person is more inclined to get a night of better sleep.

You don’t have a lot of selection of colors, but the colors you do get are great for any décor. Each of the LUXOME weighted blankets has been carefully constructed to ensure the beads stay in place. Stitching is tight with thread count higher than 233, which will help the blanket to last a long time.

Share in comments below which of these blankets you would prefer.


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    Great article. I never knew there was such a thing. I do have a few health challenges and was searching on Google and came across your article. I have a lot of stress in my life and work hard to keep it under control and also I have lots of restless movements of the body at night so definitely going to look into buying a weighted blanket. Also I do get very anxious so hopefully I can kill multiple birds with one stone by investing in a weighted blanket. Thanks for sharing.

    1. Weighted blankets are great for anxiety and other health challenges. Hope you find the right one. Thanks for stopping by. 

  2. Thank you for informing me of LUXOME weighted blankets. These seem really nice. It’s great that it comes with a tote so you can bring it around safely. Also, the 1,000,000+ 1mm glass beads sounds like a really cool design. They are so fine that you wouldn’t feel the bumps. 

    I’d probably get the cooling blanket for use even in the warmer months. Thanks for your expertise on sleep and weighted blankets. After reading so much about them, I’m starting to think of getting one myself. Have a great day. 

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