11 Best Mattresses For Insomniacs In 2021

 Mattresses for insomniacs can make a difference in how they get to and stay asleep. Many times people who have insomnia have a mattress that doesn’t support their sleeping need.

Insomnia is one of the most significant issues facing people today. At least 35% of the population over the world report symptoms that keep them up. When a person suffers insomnia, it can increase anxiety, depression as well as cause serious health problems over time.

I don’t know about you, but I know that if I’ve been up all night; my productivity is very limited the next day. There are times where I have a hard time thinking straight about what needs to be done.

For some people, including myself, getting to sleep can feel impossible. Especially if you are taking medication and or having health issues that you are dealing with daily.

There are some things that you can do at home to decrease the chances of insomnia, they could be such as:

  • Exercising
  • Change your diet
  • Stick to a sleep schedule
  • Use relaxation techniques
  • Improve your sleeping space

Improving your sleeping space is the one that we’re going to focus on today by providing you a list of mattresses for insomniacs.

Mattresses For Insomniacs

1. TUFT & NEEDLE Queen Mattress

This mattress is non-toxic certified. It contains propriety adaptive foam. Although it is soft, yet it will support a person in all different sleeping positions.

The mattress is 10 inches thick, perfect to use on a box spring or by itself on a platform bed. The adaptive foam is great for hot sleepers and people who need pain point pressure relief.

Why insomniacs will like this mattress – if you share a bed with someone else, no matter how they climb into the bed, you won’t be disturbed at all.

The manufacturer offers you a 100-night sleep trial plus a 10-year limited warranty. What’s not to like?

2. LINENSPA 12 Inch Gel Memory Foam Hybrid Mattress

12-inch gel memory foam hybrid mattress is encased with coils. This mattress sleeps cooler than the regular memory foam.

The hybrid mattress provides excellent edge support matching that of an innerspring mattress. The memory foam is adaptable to the curve of your body.

It contains heavy-gauge, 8-inch coils topped with an excellent transition foam, which includes a 2-inch layer of gel memory foam — making this one of the softer sleeping mattresses.

Insomniacs will love this because – once you lie down, due to the mattress ultra-plush feel, you will get an excellent sleep.

The manufacturer of this mattress offers you a 10-year warranty with a 100-night risk-free trial. If at any time, within the hundred days you are unsatisfied, you can return it for a full refund.

3. Suiforlun 12 Inch Queen Mattress

Just the fluffy pillow top alone is enough to want to get this mattress. It is a 12-inch mattress that can be used on a platform bed on its own without having to get a box spring.

This hybrid mattress comes with cool gel memory foam. It is excellent for isolating motion, especially if you share a bed with someone else.

People who experience back pain will definitely appreciate this mattress, as it helps to relieve pain pressure points. The coils in the mattress move independently to help reduce motion transfer.

Hot feature for insomniacs – This mattress is a pillow top that consists of gel memory foam. It’s made with 3-D spacer mesh fabric edges, which is coordinated with the net side panels; all this combined work together to keep you cool at night.

The mattress is CertiPUR – US certified. You will get a worry-free 10-year warranty.

4. Classic Brands Cool Gel and Ventilated Memory Foam Mattress

If you want the latest in technology when it comes to getting the right mattress, this Classic Brands mattress will be the one you want to sleep. It has excellent temperature regulation, which arises from the layers of ventilated egg crate foam.

The mattress is layered on high-density foam, which will give you the maximum comfort and support you need at night. The top of the mattress has a four-way stretch knitted fabric. This helps the memory foam to optimize its contouring properties.

Why an insomniac should buy this mattress – the memory foam is naturally contouring, and it contains hypoallergenic properties and is resistant to allergens, mold, bacteria, and dust mites.

It is a medium plush mattress, and the base is at adjustable, you will receive a 10-year warranty with this mattress.

5. Linenspa Memory Foam and Innerspring Hybrid Mattress

This is another 10-inch hybrid mattress. The mattress combined the traditional support of an innerspring mattress with that of the plush comfort of memory foam. It has excellent contouring properties. Gives you a gentle hug when you sleep that night.

Not only do you feel like you’re getting a massage, but it will also help to eliminate pressure points while increasing your comfort.

Insomniacs will appreciate this mattress because – the pocketed coils will prevent motion transfer, which means your sleep won’t be disturbed if someone were to come to bed with you. 

You will receive a 10-year limited warranty.

6. Ashley Furniture Signature Design Mattress

A 12-inch memory foam mattress, which is basically like a bed in a box. Do you get a deep sleep without activating pain pressure points? Then this is the mattress that will help you there.

It’s body-contouring memory foam capability, conforms around you to keep you cocooned into a quiet nestled position. Your sleep will be undisturbed because the core of the mattress will reduce motion transfer as well; the memory foam will keep you cool all night long.

Why insomniacs will relax when they get this mattress – it has hypoallergenic properties. Allergies are a real hindrance and can lead to insomnia. This mattress will help prevent that.

The only thing you want to do is get this mattress 72 hours to be rid of any residual odors.

7. Zinus Green Tea Mattress

Green tea extract is infused into the memory foam. This is done so that you can get a good night’s sleep without having to worry about sleeping on an unhealthy surface.

It is created for the durability, performance, and contentment of the user. It has 3 inches of memory foam, 2 inches comfort foam, while the other 7 inches forms the base consisting of high-density foam.

Insomniacs will love this because – the mattress has antioxidant properties. Due to the infusing of green tea extract, the mattress will remain fresh at all times.

It is CertiPUR- US certified, which assures that the foam has been tested appropriately. You’ll receive a 10-year warranty with this mattress.

8. Vibe 12-Inch Gel Memory Foam Mattress

An excellent gel memory foam mattress that allows you to sleep more comfortably at night. It has 2 inches of gel-infused memory foam combined with 3 inches of gel-infused foam. Both of these foams work together to draw heat away from your body.

The bottom 7 inches are a base foam, which is high density. It provides excellent support as well as the responsive relief that helps evenly distribute pressure points, no matter what position your sleeping.

It’s commendable quality – it has a luxurious stretch net quilted fiber cover, which stretches, yet provides a gentle soft sleeping surface.

What I like is that it has a natural hypoallergenic quality. It also resists allergens, mold, bacteria as well as dust mites. The mattress is made for durability.

You will get a 10-year manufacturer’s limited warranty.

9. Flash Furniture Capri Comfortable Mattress

This mattress is unique in that it is made from fabric, felt, foam, metal, and polyester. Quite the combination to create a luxurious mattress.

It is 12 inches thick, and each coil spring is individually wrapped, this is done, so that motion transfer is decreased. Excellent for those who finally get to sleep and don’t want their sleep disturbed when someone else is climbing into the bed.

What’s to appreciate about this mattress – It’s a modern-looking mattress, will go with any décor in your room. Yet provide an excellent sleeping surface.

It comes to you in a box packaging, which will make it easier to carry to your room without too much hassle.

10. Vibe Quilted Gel Memory Foam and Innerspring Hybrid Mattress

This mattress is a quilter’s dream. The gel memory foam hybrid mattress features a pillow top that is quilted for ultra comfort.

It is 12 inches thick, making it a perfect contouring mattress. Each of your pain pressure points will be relieved so you can sleep without pain.

The detailing on this mattress is so intricate, yet because it’s a knit quilt, it will feel extra soft as you sleep on it. You can use this mattress with a platform bed, saving you the cost of having to buy a box spring. But the hybrid mattress can be used on both.

Featured quality only insomniacs understand– for what you’re getting so you can sleep is well worth the price that you’re going to pay, which is under the average cost of a memory foam mattress.

The mattress is compressed and rolled into a box for the convenience of movement. You will receive a 10-year warranty.

11. Olee Sleep Gel Layer Top Memory Foam Mattress 

An excellent 10-inch gel top memory foam mattress you’ll appreciate. It will support your body weight yet maintain the shape of your body so you can get the best rest.

It consists of 1-inch soft memory foam which has excellent supporting power. And 1 inch of foam, which will prevent any defection of the memory foam in the mattress. The 1-inch gel memory foam at the top helps to regulate temperature, meaning you will be sleeping cool all night long.

What you will love about this mattress – the gel infusion will keep the mattress ventilated. This will help it to have excellent breathability to improve its performance over the long-term.

The manufacturer offers you a pain year limited warranty.

What Are Some Causes Of Insomnia

  • Ongoing health issues
  • Irregular sleep schedules
  • Pain
  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • Medications
  • Sleep disorders
  • Stress
  • Incorrect mattress

What Should You Look For In A Mattress For Insomnia

The type of mattress that you should be looking for when you have insomnia is the one that will provide you comfort regardless of how you feel.

Consider replacing your mattress if it is too hard, too soft, sags in the middle, has springs poking out, or causes you to have back or neck pain when you wake up. (Source: Psychology)

In my opinion, memory foam mattresses are probably one of the better ones to help with insomnia. They help to keep you cool as well have hypoallergenic properties, so you’re not sneezing or coughing or having breathing issues all night long.

The mattresses that we’ve reviewed are a mixture of memory foam, gel memory foam, coil, and a very unique one, which you will find at number 9. Each of these mattresses will help to cradle your hips, shoulders, and glutes, no matter what their construction.

Some Final Words On Mattresses For Insomniacs

Considering that we should spend one-third of our life in bed, which sadly doesn’t happen for people who have insomnia, the focus should be for people to get the right mattress for their bed. Sometimes weighted blankets help as well. 

Having one the best mattresses for insomniacs can make all the difference in how a person’s sleep that night. Each of the mattresses for insomniacs that we’ve reviewed cover different insomnia issues. Letting your sleep be impacted by not purchasing the proper mattress is doing yourself a disservice.

Some people who suffer from depression, which can be helped with light therapy, know that their issue is going to require some outside help. Making a mattress change, that will make all the difference in your sleeping hours, is something you can do on your own.

The ideal mattress is different for everyone, that’s why I have reviewed 11 mattresses for insomniacs, this gives you a real choice on what will work for you.

Share in the comments below how what you did to outdo insomnia.

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  1. Among your list, the Classic Brands Cool Gel and Ventilated Memory Foam Mattress is my favorite one as temperature regulation is very important to me; theAshley Furniture Signature Design Mattress was really tempting to become my favorite just because of how elegant it is.

    Some of the disadvantages of other mattresses listed in your post are how thick they are. the main fact behind the hybrid option keeps traditional materials to the top (if you’re afraid of trying something new, probably this would be your best pick; not my case).

    I already use weighted blankets and I’m 100% with you on this one (my sleeping quality has improved since I first starting using them). My current mattress has more than 10 yrs of continuous use so it’s definitely time to change it.

    Thanks a lot for a great recommendation post! 

    • You made an awesome choice. Thanks for your feedback on the weighted blankets. Glad you were able to find something useful in the post. Thank you for your comment.

  2. Being an insomniac isn’t something that is good. It has a way of affecting our performance, productivity and our health in a negative ways. While there are several ways with which we can manage this effectively, one of the ways to have a better sleeping experience which is exactly why I love this post recommending 11 of the best Mattresses for insomniacs in 2020. It’s truly amazing to see some mind blowing features that come with these mattresses individually based on what we want. They don’t only have amazing features, but they’re beautifully designed with our comfortability in mind.

    • You are right. Having insomnia is a huge derailment to our daily life. Everything suffers in our life. Glad that you liked this post. Thanks for stopping by.

  3. A great list of recommendations for those who have trouble sleeping. My parents (over the years) have trouble sleeping at night and have bought a couple of mattresses. It seems that they can’t find the perfect one that’ll address their sleep problems. 

    Out of the mattresses you listed, I like the Suiforlun 12 Inch Queen Mattress. Especially since I experience back pain myself, this mattress would be suitable for me. Maybe not now, but I’ll keep this mattress in mind.

    I’ll bookmark this post and pass it on to my folks. I think they’ll like the information listed here. Hopefully, they’ll find a mattress that fits best for them. 

    Thanks for sharing!

    • Thanks for sharing the article. Hopefully your parents find the right mattress that will suit their needs. Cheers.

  4. Hey Eric,  What an interesting read.  My hubby is an insomniac and I will draw his attention to your article.  I personally particularly like No 4 and 8 that deal with dust mites.  The Green Tea matters would also draw my attention big time.  I have never personally slept on a foam mattress.  Does it require an adjustment for the person sharing the bed with the Insomniac?  

    I find it quite extraordinary the foam is cool.  I would have thought the exact opposite.  You learn everyday eh?

    Thanks for the info,  Cheers 

    • Dust mites can be a real pain when trying to get to sleep at night, especially if a person has allergies. Sounds like you found the mattress that you like. Sleeping on the foam mattress doesn’t require an adjustment, although you have to get used to sleeping with a mattress that contours body curves.

      Memory foam is a breathable material, hence the cooling properties. Thanks for stopping by.

  5. Wow thanks for reviewing this mattresses, they are lovely and won’t be a bad idea to try. Also, I love the fact that it has hypoallergenic properties which prevent allergies.

    I immediately fell in love with the ‘Vibe 12-inch Gel Memory foam mattress”, it’s features are unique and also the fact that it’s a modern mattresses, it’s possible to see almost all colors and designs required. Thanks for reviewing this!

    • You meet a great choice, happy sleeping. Thanks for the comment.

  6. Thanks for the great info!  My wife and I are starting to look at more modern memory foam mattresses to replace our current bed.  We’ve had an older memory memory foam/coiled combination for about 12 years and we’ve been so glad that we spent a little more to get it.  I can sleep through anything, but she spends plenty of nights tossing and turning for hours.  I especially like the recommendations above for some mattresses for people that have muscle and joint pain.  They might be a win/win for us!

    • Yes, muscle pain is a huge hindrance to getting good sleep at night. Glad you found a mattress you like and thanks for stopping by.


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