Memory Foam Air Mattresses – 5 Best In 2021

Memory foam air mattresses may be the answer if you are looking to get a good night’s sleep for your guests, your children, or yourself.

We have one ourselves. My family and I enjoy camping; it’s convenient there, of course. But where we find our air mattress most useful is when we stay in hotels.

As you know, the cost of hotels can already be expensive, but we like to get away with our kids. We usually book a room with two beds, but then bring our air mattress along for comfortable sleeping for all involved.

Another thing to take into consideration is that regular mattresses are not always affordable for everyone, mainly if they include memory foam. You can get an air mattress for a ¼ of the price of a conventional mattress.

Not only that, but an air mattress requires no box spring, but you can still top it off with a memory foam topper if you wish.

Whatever your needs may be about sleep, these memory foam air mattresses may be what you need.

Few things you may want to note when looking to purchase an air mattress:

  • Area for air mattress should be flat with no sharp objects around
  • Always make sure dial is turned off to prevent air leakage
  • Do not tip, jump on, or roll the air mattress

Memory Foam Air Mattresses Review

1. King Koil Air Mattress with Built-in Pump 

memory foam air mattreses

The King Koil air mattress with a built-in pump is not only great for everyday home use, but you can use it when going camping as well. The air mattress was designed with extra care provided to support a good night’s sleep.

Each of the coils is air-filled, while the top layer has memory foam to help all sleepers get to sleep. The thick top layer is durable and waterproof, which will ensure that you get that extra spinal support you need.

Hot sleepers will especially appreciate this mattress, if there room is too hot, all they have to do is fill up the air bed put it in another room to get some sleep. The suede helps to prevent slippage of bedding such as quilts, bedsheets, and memory foam pillows.

The material is resistant to punctures as well as is made to prevent normal wear and tear, which can be an issue with air beds. The full bed is covered in velvety material which helps it too last, even when going camping you will notice it can make many year trips before it starts to wear away.

The high proprietary speed pump will have the mattress ready in 2 minutes. Not only that, but it will deflate in that much time so you can fold up the air mattress to get it out of the way until needing it again.

The manufacturer of the bed offers a 1-year warranty.

2. Noble Raised Air Mattress With Built-in Pump

memory foam air mattress

The Noble Raised air mattress with a built-in pump has an inbuilt pillow, which adds extra comfort for the sleeper. This bed inflates in 3 minutes. It’s great for camping and using at home when you have guests.

Constructed from durable PVC makes it puncture-resistant. The sueded top will help to keep all the bedding in place. The memory foam top mattress is firm, which will provide support to your body all night long.

You will wake up not feeling pain, which is a plus when you are camping out in the wild and are going on hikes all day long. You want a bed that will ready to remove the weariness from your body. This air bed will provide that exact need fulfillment.

It sits 18 inches off the ground, comfortable for you to get in and out of. It comes with a bag that you can pack the bed once you are done using it.

The only real complaint has been the odor that is first released when inflated, but you can easily remedy that before use. Inflate it and let it sit for a few hours to have the smell dissipate.

You can easily place up to 600 lbs of weight before the mattress starts giving away.  

The manufacturer offers a 1-year warranty on defects.

3. SoundAsleep Air Mattress With Internal High Capacity Pump 

SoundAsleep air mattress with an internal high capacity pump is made of the highest quality material. It comes with comfort coil technology, while the sure-grip bottom will ensure that your air mattress stays firm at all times.

For added durability, the mattress comes with 40 internal air coils, plus you can layout any sheets you want; there will no slippage. No worries about your sheets falling off the bed. You can even sleep on the air mattress without any sheets if you so desire.

The material used for the air mattress is a 15 gauge puncture-resistant, making this air mattress last a long time. Two people can easily share this mattress as desired, or one person has lots of room to roll around.

The EZ pump, which is included with the mattress has one-click for inflation and deflation; it is 20% quieter than most air mattress pumps. No one will be disturbed when you are prepping your bed for sleep.

You also get a bag where you can easily store your air mattress until ready for use. The cord that is attached to the pump from the mattress is stored away nicely to keep it out of the way.

This air mattress is 19 inches off the ground, you can easily swing your legs over to get up, yet will have your feet landing on the ground gently.

The air mattress can easily handle a weight of up to 500lbs. You will also receive a 1-year manufacturer warranty.

4. EnerPlex Luxury Air Mattress

EnerPlex air mattress with built-in electric pump has a firm internal structure. The air mattress offers you great spinal support due to the firmness of the memory foam used. The PV material used is puncture-resistant. Making it a great air mattress for anxiety less sleep.

The mattress is very quiet even if you are the type of sleeper who moves around, will find this mattress staying silent, which is a great benefit, especially if you are a sleeper who wakes at the sound of any noise.

You can quickly inflate or deflate your air mattress at the tap of a button. This mattress can be inflated to your desired firmness.

The high-grade flocking fabric is breathable and provides softness to your skin, meaning you don’t have to use sheets. Your choice of what type of bedding your air mattress gets is in your hands

This air mattress supports up to 600lbs. You could take this air mattress on a camping trip, and the whole family may be able to sleep on it. Due to the design of the mattress, it is excellent for all ages.

5. EZ INFLATE Luxury Air Mattress

Cumbor Luxury air mattress with a built-in pump uses eco-friendly puncture-resistant PVC material. The mattress has 40 internal structured air coils, which will provide the extra spinal support.

The material used to construct the air mattress is 21% thicker than other brands; this makes it of high quality with durability to last a long time. It also has a one-click powerful built-in pump which inflates the mattress in a matter of minutes, the beauty here is that it is extremely quiet.

Memory foam used on the mattress is firm, which will go a long way to helping you get a good night’s sleep while keeping your spine supported. You can easily pack this mattress up for portability. It can handle a weight of up to 700lbs

Velvet on top makes it very soft next to your skin. You can get bedsheets if desired, but will not need them to have a night of cozy sleep.

If by any chance you forget your pump is left on, it will automatically turn off after 10 minutes. The inner coil beam construction will ensure that your air mattress does not sink on the sides.

Although this is an air mattress, it is still elegant looking enough not to take away the décor of your home. It’s an excellent alternative for guests or children compared to purchasing an expensive bed.

You will get a 30-day refund.

How To Choose Your Air Mattress

First thing you need to decide on where you will use the air mattress. Some people using it for camping, but then need a tent big enough which will fit the mattress. Make sure the room in your home will have space to handle the air mattress without it touching anywhere it may get damaged.

Years ago, the air mattress used to lay low to the ground, but now the mattresses are high like the conventional beds we use. All you need to do is decide on the budget and space for the type of air mattress you will get.

The air mattresses I have reviewed all come with firm memory foam. But remember, you can use your own bed sheets or even a memory foam topper to provide an extra cozy and luxurious feeling.

Do you want an air mattress that has the pump built-in or an external pump? Most people nowadays prefer one with an inbuilt pump, as this makes it for easy inflation and deflation without the worry of losing the pump, which will make the air mattress useless.

Comfort is essential when picking an air mattress. Memory foam is always an added luxury to any bed, but with the memory foam mattresses reviewed up top, you will not have to worry about spinal issues or back pain. The memory foam is thin but very firm to keep your spine supported at all times.

Conclusion Of Memory Foam Air Mattresses Review

Air mattresses will not be the most costly purchase you make, but it is one you will want to make sure your choice is the best one. Sleep is vital to all. If you are hosting guests in your home, then going that extra mile by getting them the sleep they deserve, you will come out the winner.

You will be able to use the air mattress over and over. Just make sure you research before making your purchase in order to ensure your requirements are met.

Let me know in the comments below which air mattress you have your eye on.

24 thoughts on “Memory Foam Air Mattresses – 5 Best In 2021”

  1. Hi Eric, Thank you for a skillful presentation of the Memory Foam Air Mattresses that is upbeat and technologically sound! These air mattresses have come so far with the addition of memory foam* that they bear no resemblance to those I owned thirty years ago for camping!

    These, as described, are comfortable and beautiful, and puncture-resistant!
    My choice is the Cumbor Luxury with a built-in electric pump, so handy!
    God Bless and Good Luck! Janice ??

    • Great choice. Definite changes from years ago. These mattresses beat sleeping in sleeping bags on hard surfaces.

  2. Getting a good nights sleep is extra important for me & air mattresses are made for that.

    Like many folks I also seek comfort first & foremost.
    I really like that these air mattresses don’t sink on side, added stability really can be the make or break point.
    This is what I’d highlight above all else. Otherwise it would feel like sleeping on a drowning ship.

    At the same time it looks like they’re all quite sturdy since most of them support 500 up to 700 pounds.
    They handle the weight, however you say that these mattresses need some space & recommend that they don’t touch against anything. So, any kind of bruising is a big no-no?

    I’m also curious about these mattresses life expectancy.
    What do you think, how many years will one quality mattress endure?

    • Thanks for your comment. A good quality mattress can last up to 10 years.

  3. Technology is really cool and interesting. I have like for these mattresses considering the fact that air is blown into them and I think they will be very soft. Thanks for the tips and notes on choosing a mattress for purchase. We will not jump on the mattress since it is not a bouncing castle 🙂

    • Bouncing on it will deflate it real fast, they are very soft and great for sleeping on. We purchased one for our son, when his friends come over they sleep on it, when he visits friends he takes it along with him.

  4. Hi Eric. Thank you for sharing this post of your five best memory foam air mattresses. I must admit that I have not seen these kind of mattresses before now; they look exactly like bouncing castle 😊 and I love them.

    My favourite among these five is number one which is King Koil Air Mattress with Built-in Pump. I love its many features as well as its durability.

  5. Thanks for yet another wonderful information about Memory foam air mattresses, it’s a very good idea to have one of this kind of bed at home as it offers comfort, to be sincere, I kinda find it hard to believe that it’s actually cheaper than the normal mattress. Well it’s good as it is, I actually want to have a feeling of how a sleep on this bed will be like, I’ll show this to my wife so she’ll select the one we’ll buy.

    • Yes, they are quite a bit cheaper, yet your quality of sleep remains undisturbed. 

  6. This review is really great. I am thinking about buying a mattress that is easy to carry and cheap. Because my family and I go out to camp every week. It would be great if we could have such an air mattress. I am considering which of these 5 mattresses to buy. thank you.

    • Great, please get back and let us know which one you pick. 

  7. Wow! What a great article, I just learnt how I always miss real fun on my camping, personally I love camping with friends and it has always been an issue when it comes to sleeping time, we always don’t have adequate resources to make a good resting place, mostly we use mats, having gone through your post I just realized how this memory foam air mattress can be of great help, regarding to the prices and flexibility I just find it being the best, surely soon I will have to grab one mostly the sable air mattress fixed with electric pump, I really find it super nice, thank you for sharing such a wonderful article.

    • Mats can make sleep difficult, but having one of these memory foam air mattresses on hand will have ready to go in the morning. 

  8. One thing I don’t like is to have my sleep tampered with even though I don’t sleep that much, so even during times when I’m out with my family and we book an hotel room, it’ll be a very good idea to have this air mattress at the side to relief the burden of space. I’ve seen one or two that I like, my favorite is the SoundAsleep Air Mattress, I’ll make sure I get one, thanks for the help.

    • Yes, they are very handy when sleeping in hotel rooms. 

  9. This idea is revolutionary and it is only now that I saw something like this. But can we just pump the mattress up to a “not so high level” because I’m afraid that I might fall to the floor while sleeping. Unlike others who sleep with a static position, I move a lot while sleeping and that puts me at risk of falling on the floor. Do they have a mechanism wherein we can just pump it up to a certain height only?

    • You pump the mattress however high you want. 

  10. The development in technology has really being a blessing in quitre a lot of things and in bed creation too. Having an foam air is simply another breathtaking stride taking towards the development of the world and getting better sleep without having to go through the rigours of carrying a bed around. If for one thing, I like this air foam mattresses because of the convenience and ease of taking them around without calling attention. I really like the Cumbor Luxury Air Mattress with Built-in Pump.

    • Yes, technology is pretty amazing. 

  11. I had no idea that these types of air mattresses existed. I’ve slept on very basic and uncomfortable air mattresses in the past and I wish I would’ve came across some with memory foam. My choice would most likely be the Noble Raised air mattress since it’s puncture-resistant and has a built in pillow.

    Very interesting and a great read.

    • Noble Raised is a great choice.

  12. When I was married we had one of those that we used whenever people would come over to stay, and when we’d go camping.  An inverter in a car and you have the best mattress of any of your camping friends set up in no time and probably not for any more money than what their mattresses cost.

    • Great! Thanks for sharing you experience.


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