5 Best Memory Foam Mattress Box Springs In 2021

When considering Memory foam mattress box springs, you will need to consider the durability as well how much weight it will be able to handle. Some memory foam memory mattresses can be cumbersome.

The foundation for bedding needs to stable; with this combined, the memory foam mattress will provide the ultimate sleeping experience. We, as humans, can comprise on almost anything, but sleep should never put to the side. It can create some unnecessary anxiety.

What Do Memory Foam Mattress Box Springs Do

Box springs are there to absorb shock. Some people prefer a thin memory foam mattress; the box spring will help to improve ventilation. Other people use the foundation to help elevate their mattresses. Proper structural support will also help to increase the lifespan of your memory foam mattress; it will also improve the support of your spine.

1. Zinus Armita 9 Inch High Profile Smart Box Spring 

memory foam mattress box springs

Zinus Armita 9 inch smart box spring is a traditional box spring which provides extra protection and care to a memory foam mattress. It is made of steel that is durable with long-lasting qualities.

It arrives in a compacted package, which will allow you to maneuver it around stairs and hallways easily. This foundation for a memory foam mattress is 9 inches off the ground. It can handle a weight of up to 1000lbs.

All necessary tools are included, it is easy to assemble. Once put together, the sturdiness of this box spring is years ahead of its counterparts.

There are no extra smells that are usually associated with packaged products. Everything which you need to assemble this mattress is neatly packaged, so no worries about looking for the item required, they are also labeled.

You may need an extra pair of hands to help put the mattress together, but this should take no longer than 2 hours to have it ready for use. Each piece will fit perfectly as the slots are already prepped; you will not need to make things fit; they will just fit as needed.

There is a zipper that fits around the box spring; you could easily replace parts if necessary. If you are prone to bumping into the corner of your box spring, the curved edges of the frame will help you remain injury-free.

The manufacturer offers you a 5-year worry-free warranty.

2. AmazonBasics Mattress Foundation 

AmazonBasics mattress foundation is made from steel, which durable and sturdy. This box spring will support any type of mattress but is especially great for memory foam mattresses.

It comes with a two-piece fabric top and bottom cover. This cover has a zipper on it, which means you can easily remove the cover for easy cleaning.

It super compacted when it arrives at your doorstep; this makes it easy to get around corners as well as up the stairs. There are four screws that you need to screw into place, other than that no additional tools are required to put this mattress together. It takes about 15 minutes to assemble the foundation to have it ready for total use.

All you have to do is snap the steel into place, and you have an excellent foundation for any type of mattress. The price for this box spring is not over the top, plus you will not have to worry about getting a truck to lug it around as you would if purchased from a traditional store.

It is super silent when in use, even if you are a person who moves around a lot. You will not have to worry about waking others.

When putting the box spring together, the only thing you may need help with is when closing the zipper.

It is backed by AmazonBasics 1-year limited warranty.

3. Classic Brands Instant Foundation Box-Spring 

Classic Brands instant foundation box-spring is easy to assemble and will fit into a budgeted plan. When it comes to your prepping your bed for sleeping, this box spring will make the grade. It will hold any type of mattress but is made for memory foam mattresses.

The box spring is noise-free and constructed to last a long time. It is handcrafted from solid spruce hailing from Pennsylvania. All instructions and tools are included make it easy to assemble once it has been delivered to your home.

Delivery will come right to your doorstep, it comes compacted, which will make it easier to go around corners, tight spaces as well as stairs.

Because the box spring is sturdy and solid, you will not have to worry about the sagging of your memory foam mattress. As a matter of fact, it will extend the life of your mattress.

Assembly of the box springs takes about 15 minutes; you may need someone to help you get your foundation to the room where you would like to use it. All you have to do is unpack, assemble the frame and place the wood slats on the foundation, and your box spring is ready for use.

You will receive a 3- year warranty on this product.

4. Best Price Mattress Low Profile Box Spring

Best Price Mattress low profile box spring can be folded for portability. The heavy-duty steel box spring will last past your mattress quite easily. Your mattress will never sag; thus, its life will also be extended.

There is no assembly required, and you will simply need to remove it from the package and unfold, your box spring is ready for use.  It comes in two different sizes being 4 inches and 7.5 inches. 

The cloth covering the box spring is strong, long-lasting polyester. The cover also has a zipper attached to it; this will close in the box spring.

The boxes that it arrives in seem large but are actually on the light side. Meaning one person easily moves the package if desired. This box spring can handle a fair amount of weight before any sagging or breakage takes place.

It is attractive and does not stick out like a sore thumb, it will go with the décor of your room. Being 4 inches off the ground, you can easily purchase a high profile memory foam mattress, which may provide more comfort.

The manufacturer offers a 5-year warranty.

5. Best Price Mattress King Box Spring

Best Price Mattress king box spring has heavy-duty slat support. It is 9 inches off the ground, which makes it for better ventilation and shock absorption.

The box spring is easy to assemble. You will need to have someone to help bring it into the house. But then could assemble it on your own in about under one hour or two people could have it ready in 30 minutes.

The slats are sturdy yet lightweight. They fit into their assigned position, respectively; you will not have any trouble as each slot for the slat is made to fit. No need to push things into place, but rather a gentle touch and they are in.

The style of the box spring is modern and has elastic straps that are easy to put on and off. The box spring can handle the weight of your mattress plus 500lbs.

It is tranquil, so if you are moving around on the bed, it won’t wake you by squeaking or creaking.  

You will receive a 5-year warranty.

What To Look For In Memory Foam Mattress Box Springs

The first thing you want to focus on is your comfort. Your bed base has to be able to support all your sleeping needs. Some people get in and out of their beds all night long. Others move around, yes some get intimate.

Types Of Box Springs

  • Steel Box Spring

These types of box springs are the most commonly used ones. They have strengths, yet are lightweight. Steel box springs will last a long time. What makes them even more attractive is that they are affordable for most.

The box springs are usually easy to assemble and will be shipped out from anywhere to your door. The modern box springs don’t even require tools to assemble and can be done by one person.

These box springs will not require rails, because they usually have legs attached to them. And are at least 4-9 inches off the ground, leaving space for storage.

  • Standard Box Spring

The standard box spring is very similar to the mattress. It will sit on the railings of the bed. It is not portable. These box springs are usually heavy. They will last a long time, most manufacturers offer a warranty for 5+ years. Their shock absorption is great. 

Profile Of Box Springs

The profile of the box spring refers to how high they are off the ground.

  • High profile

High profile box spring is usually 9 inches off the ground. If you are one of those people who prefers to have a higher than usual bed off the ground, then this box spring will be perfect for you. Just remember you may have to climb up and into bed.

  • Low profile

Low profile box spring is usually 4 inches off the ground. These are great for most sleepers as they are closer to the ground, the storage underneath might be a little less than what you want. Some people may wake up with slight pain.

Some Final Words About Memory Foam Mattress Box Springs

Once you receive your box spring, make sure to check that all the slats are in excellent shape. The reason for this is that memory foam mattresses can be quite heavy. You want to have the best box spring that will be able to handle the weight, with slats that are no more than 8 inches apart. 

Let me know in the comments below what kind of a box spring you prefer.

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  1. Great information here. I am ordering the Zinus Armita 7″ for our Sealy Cocoon foam mattress. Was going to do lower profile, but this is right in the middle.

  2. Thanks for this important information. I am looking for good mattress because I bought steel box spring last year. But it didn’t work well I don’t know why this happen to me. But after go thorough your article I think Standard box spring is suitable for me because it’s similar like mattress with have 5 years warranty. And a good sleep more important than anything I think!

    • You are right a good sleep is essential. Got to have the right bedding for it to happen. 

  3. Well, I don’t have a problem with oversize, likewise my wife cos we’re both workout and fitness freak but in respect of those who’d new this memory foam mattress box spring, it’ll be very useful for them because it’ll assist the mattress in holding the weight no matter how much it is. I should get one foe my family, it’ll be a nice idea, my favorite is Classic Brands Instant Foundation Box-Spring.

    • You are going with a really great choice.

  4. It is very good to have this interesting and helpful information, it’s really a fact that sometimes, weight always overshadow the memory foam mattress so a kind of guide is needed to make sure it can absorb as much weight as possible. Thanks for sharing this, I got my memory mattress not long ago, I’ll definitely get one of these box springs too.

    • Let me know which one you go with.

  5. Having a mattress is essential but knowing fully well that one is safe while sleeping on it is another. Hence, it becomes paramount to take proper considerations when buying a mattress box as that would ensure the sturdy and firmness of the matrresss. This is a big one and the listing is close to perfection. I like the Classic Brands instant foundation box-spring the most from this list. Thumbs up for sharing

  6. This is not a bad post at all about the importance of making use of this box springs. I first heard about them from a friend. I find it really fascinating and the importance of the spring is also very good I feel that I need to get one myself after seeing how awesome it works. This is a very nice post for you to write about. I am going to show this to my family so we can pick one of the options you reviewed.

  7. Steel box springs or high profile ones entice me the most. Out of the ones listed in this post, the Mattress king box spring seems the most durable and easy to assemble. I like the height of it as well. 

    Recently, my family was discussing replacing our existing beds with memory foam mattresses but I never thought of how also replacing the box springs would be a smart move. We want to extend the life of our mattresses as well as have a lightweight box spring. It sounds like its time to get rid of our old heavy traditional ones.

    Do you know which companies deliver for free? Thanks ahead of time.

    • You will need to pay for shipping, but they are great box springs. 

  8. It looks like you offer a wide variety of choices to pick from. I like how you go into detail on every one of them so we can make the best decision. I also like how your website points to other links in Amazon. I like to listen to my fan every night mainly for the sound, but in the winter it gets a little cool so it is helpful to have other options available of sounds to listen too.

    • Having a good selection makes it easier to find one which will work for you. 

  9. Well, I have never really thought about it before as an important part of the bedding. I like the fact that you can come up with not two but up to give of these awesome bed springs. I will like to buy the one from Amazon. The fact that it is made from steel will make it a very good buy for me. The three year warranty is an indication of it’s durability. Thanks for this.

    • Great choice, steel will last a long time.


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