4 Best Microbead Pillows For Sleeping

Microbead pillows for sleeping are an excellent and inexpensive choice when trying to get a pillow that contours to your body.

Have you ever thought about what you need to get a good quality of sleep at night? Most likely, you’ll need an excellent comforter or blanket, a decent mattress, as well you need the right pillow too.

Pillows are an essential part of our sleeping time. Why? Because they provide a need that other essential bedding can’t. Such as helping us to relax when we’re reading in bed, providing a place for our body parts to rest. Many people who go through surgery need to stay in a particular position; pillows make that happen.

Memory foam pillows are excellent, but have you ever thought about giving a microbead pillow a try? Remember when we were children, and we had beanbag chairs that were so relaxing. Microbead pillows for sleeping are very similar to beanbag chairs, except the microbead pillows are meant to last longer than beanbag chairs.

What Are Microbead Pillows

A microbead pillow is moldable yet supportive, you can move the microbeads in the pillow around to provide proper support to your head and neck. The pillows are breathable but will retain no heat. Because the beads move around, they have good airflow which will help you sleep cool at night.

Usually, microbead pillows are inexpensive; this makes them more affordable to get quality sleep at night. The microbeads are ultra-quiet, which is another reason why they are a preferred pillow at this time.


Microbead Pillows For Sleeping We Recommend

1.     Yogibo Microbead Pillow

This microbead pillow is made for both adults and kids. It’s a multipurpose pillow not only for sleeping on your back, stomach, but you can also relax on your side.

It’s a large versatile total body pillow which will allow you to rest on your bed, on the floor, you can even bring it on your couch. It is lightweight and is easy to take from room to room.

Women who are pregnant will especially enjoy this pillow. It covers pressure points which will ensure total relaxation. What I really like about this pillow is that it will adjust to any sleeping form and keep the user comfortable at all times.

It comes with an outer cover that is made of cotton and spandex blend, and it is easy to wash. There’s a zipper on the side which you can easily open to remove the cover to clean it.

If you share a bed with your partner, this pillow can be used by both of you. Because of the structure of the cover, it is made to last long term. Also, your pillow will not get damaged, because you cover will be protecting.

Your children will enjoy it while playing video games or just resting on their bed. Because it’s not like the traditional pillow, you can put your arms around the whole thing and feel like you are snuggling up with someone.

2.     Squishy Microbead Pillow 

This silky smooth covered pillow is huggable, releases, and is odorless and is hypoallergenic. It’s great for people who suffer allergies at night and want to wake up without a stuffed nose.

It is soft and provides full-body support. The microbeads that are used in this are premium grade and are firm enough to retain the shape yet mouldable so that the user can receive pain point pressure relief.

The cover is made of nylon and spandex and is luxuriously soft. Sleeping on the cover like that will have you feeling like your sleeping on a cloud. The cover is removable and easy to wash.

All of the scenes in this pillow are double reinforced to make sure the microbeads stay in place. It is a breathable pillow, which means you will be able to sleep cool all night long.

What’s really nice is that if you’re washing the cover, then you could use one of your twin bed sheets to wrap around the pillow and tie each end with cotton string so that you’re not without a pillow at night.

You can use the pillow night after night, no matter what position you sleep. A customer shared her thoughts on this pillow and said that when she got the pillow, she was looking for one that would keep her on her side to prevent hip or back pain, this pillow provided that to her.

3.     Deluxe Microbead Pillow 

Do you need a pillow that will last you a long time? Then this squishy soft pillow is what you need. The craftsmanship is excellent. It offers ultimate luxurious support and will hold to the contours of your body. It is an ideal pillow for neck and cervical support.

Can you imagine a quiet pillow so that your sleep is disturbed at night? That’s right, this pillow is whisper soft and will provide a gentle touch as you sleep. It has a therapeutic property which is contained within the microbeads. This pillow is excellent for post-surgery therapy.

It provides excellent support and will mold to your legs or lumbar if you are a side sleeper. It’s a super soft pillow and will conform to any shape or sleep position.

The pillow is hypoallergenic and dust mite resistant. This means people who have allergy issues at night will not be disturbed and will be able to get full sleep to wake up refreshed and rejuvenated.

It is lightweight, meaning you can move it from room to room. Not only that, but if you’re going on a trip whether by playing, automobile, or other forms of travel, you can take this pillow with you.

The cover is removable and washable. It’s long, thick, and malleable. Having the cover on it is essential as it will keep it from flattening. The microbead filling is breathable, and it will never get hard. Meaning the person using the pillow at night will stay cool.

4.     Mushy Microbead Pillow 

This pillow is made for small bodies and has a silky smooth removable cover. The pillow is exceptionally huggable and has hypoallergenic qualities. It’s a soft full body support pillow for adults. Although children have been known to use it as well.

The cover is made of spandex and nylon blend, it is silky to the touch, and you can remove it to wash to extend the life of your microbead pillow.

It provides perfect body support to people of all sleeping positions and even doubles up as a nursing pillow for new moms. It is hypoallergenic and is excellent for people of all ages. It’s odor-free and antibacterial as well as dust mite resistant.

You can use it between your legs for more support for behind your back as well as for your hips. Some people have even been known to use this pillow after surgery. It is a little firmer than the other pillows, which fills that need to stay in a sleeping position.

Because it is lightweight, you can take the pillow anywhere you want. Even when you’re resting on your sofa, you can put it behind your back to get better support.

One customer shared that she bought two of these pillows to use as bumpers for her toddler’s bed. This helped her child to stay safe without bumping her head on the side of the bed.

Benefits Of Microbead Pillow

In comparison to the other pillow out there that are available, microbead pillows offer some health benefits for people who use them. In terms of comfort and helping maintain their sleeping position, the pillows may surpass memory foam pillows. The microbead pillow even has hypoallergenic properties. Great for people who suffer from allergies that may exist in their room.

Microbead pillows also offer excellent head and neck support. Similar to the memory foam pillow, a microbead pillow will conform to the shape of the person’s head and the position that they are sleeping. They are not bulky, but rather are lightweight and are easy to maneuver if the person were to change their sleeping position.

Another thing that you may appreciate about these pillows is that they are soft and offer excellent cushioning for the user. The pillow will help to keep a person’s neck aligned with the rest of their body. Many people who have used microbead pillows for sleeping have commented that they have seen quite an improvement with their sleeping habits.

Because each pillow has millions of tiny polystyrene microbeads spread evenly throughout the pillow, all your pain pressure points will receive relief. The microbead pillow itself provides a slight massage for whichever part of the body you are using the pillow for.

The microbead pillows are breathable, so they are excellent for hot sleepers or for people who sweat. One thing that I do want to mention is that if you have a sensitivity to synthetic polymer materials, then this pillow may not be what you want. But there are several types of pillows available, we did a review on memory foam pillows, and they provide very similar in comfort and relaxation.

Who Should Use Microbead Pillows For Sleeping

  • Pregnant women
  • People recovering from surgery
  • Nursing mom
  • Individuals who need neck or cervical support
  • People who change sleeping positions often
  • Those who want an easy to care for pillow
  • Individuals looking for allergy relief

Microbead Pillow Buying Guide

Since microbead pillows are filled with polystyrene beads, some people think that they should go out and buy any microbead pillow as it will take care of their sleeping needs.

That is not the case. Each microbead pillow has its own personal quality, as each manufacturer wants to make sure that the person buying their pillow has their needs met.

If you are looking to get the best microbead pillow that is available to you right now, it’s important to keep some essential aspects in mind:

·       Cover

All microbead pillows come with a cover that is designed to make sure the beads stay together nice and firm. Another thing you might want to take into consideration about the cover is how easy is it to remove to wash.

Will the cover provide a soft space for you to sleep on all night long? The microbead pillows that we’ve reviewed all have a soft luxurious cover on them. The fabric needs to be breathable so that you don’t sweat or overheat at night.

·       Microbead Filling

Here you need to pay essential attention. Why? Microbead pillows for sleeping are usually filled with polystyrene beads. There are some manufacturers out there who don’t do that. They might not expect you to read the full description of the pillow; their expectation is you’ll see that it’s the microbead pillow, and you’ll buy it.

What they might use it Styrofoam pellets. Remember the beanbag chairs; those are where Styrofoam pellets are used, and the pellets will often go flat, thus losing their form. Each of the pillows that we’ve reviewed has microbead filling.

·       How Thick Is Your Pillow

Pillows, which have too much filling in them, can be too thick to use. Why? Because they may provide too much elevation, which is unnatural to our sleeping position.

Not only do you want to take notice of overfilling, but you also want to make sure it has enough to be so that it doesn’t fall flat or provide improper support. Ensure that the thickness of the pillow will match your needs.

·       Shape

Microbead pillows come in many different shapes. The proper microbead pillows for sleeping are the ones that are long and round. Types of microbead pillows available are:

When purchasing a pillow that is filled with microbeads, you’re going to need to buy based on your specific needs. Because you are going to be spending money, you’ll need to choose a pillow that is going to last you a long time while providing quality.

Final Words About Microbead Pillows For Sleeping

Due to their luxurious support for hips and back, comfort, and massaging effect, microbead pillows for sleeping are an excellent option for people who need relief at night. With this in mind, many people are choosing microbead pillows now more than ever.

Let me know in the comments below if microbead pillows would be an option for you to get the proper sleep at.

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  1. Hi Eric! I came to your post with a need and I think I have found exactly what suits me best and it’s the Mushy Microbead Pillow.

    But I came to purchase on pillow and now I can’t go away with just that one. I really, really liked Yogibo Microbead Pillow and that it can be taken around all over the house due to it’s light weight.

    Thank you!

    • All of the pillows are very versatile. Anyone you pick will meet your needs. 

  2. Hello,

    To be honest I tried all kinds of pillows to maintain my corect posture during the sleep, which is very important not only to have a restful sleep, but especially to keep us from waking up with back or cervical pain. How it happens in my case.

    Your article has attracted my attention besides the fact that until now I have not used this kind of product, but especially for the benefits it brings.

    I have read every product you provide in your article and I found two models that will be a solution for my problem. And would be great.

    Thank you very much for sharing, I appreciate your effort in putting all the information in a great article. Great job!.I will bookmarked it.

    • I hope you find much relief and thanks for stopping by. 

  3. As a healthworker we often use Microbead pillows for patients who lay a lot in bed to relieve pressure, for support and for better comfort while sleeping. I used Microbead pillows when pregnant as well. I have never thought about what is inside the pillows and I think you give some good advice here to read the description. I will do that next time I buy a microbead pillow. I think the yogibo microbead pillow looks great to have. It is an affordable price as well. I would definitely consider a Yogibo Microbead pillow for better sleep. 

    • Thank you for sharing words about microbead pillows. Yogibo is a great choice as is it is very malleable and contouring to body angles. 

  4. Thank you for your review on microbes pillows. I hurt my neck the other day because of a bad pillow and that was a wake up call for me. It took me 4 days for the pain to went away and I couldn’t even turn my neck! The squishy microbes pillow looks comfortable. I sleep on my side and I love hugging the pillow when I sleep. Will try one out and take it from there. 

    • That is a great choice, I hope your neck heals up quickly.

  5. Getting a good night sleep has always been a challenge for us. We have tried several mattresses and pillows, including those memory foam ones.

    When you mentioned that microbead pillows are very much similar to beanbag chairs, that triggered a memory of our earlier years when we used to enjoy the beanbag chairs at our grandma’s place. Indeed, if microbead pillows provide excellent support, massaging effect and overall comfort, it would be worth trying them out.

    • Yes, I agree they do bring back memories. Overall they are very relaxing is a common theme among purchasers. 

  6. Hi, thanks for sharing this article on microbead pillows for sleep. Am not really good at using pillow to sleep because it do give me neck ache but reading this your article about the microbead pillow, I will love to get the microbead pillow to see how it works for me and if it can give me a good sleep. Thanks for sharing this article once again.

    • A microbead pillow will help with neck pain. They are multipurpose and can be used anywhere, anytime. 


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