Best 9 Modern Duvet Covers In 2021

Getting modern duvet covers can enhance your sleeping experience by 100%. When you need to wind down for the day, there is nothing better than snuggling up in a blanket that has a high-quality duvet cover to keep you warm and cozy.

What is really great about duvet covers is that they are not permanent. Anytime you want one for changing the look of your room, you can purchase a new one. Each season has great duvet covers which cover the need of all sleepers.

Have read through our Best 9 Modern Duvet Covers to see which one you can see, creating a new look for your bedroom and providing the necessary sleep quality.

What Is A Duvet Cover

A duvet cover is a cover that is meant to fit over and enhance the longevity of a duvet or comforter. Duvets and comforters can come at a cost that most don’t want to replace. Having a duvet cover can provide a sense of relief of knowing that your duvet or comforter is protected at all times. A duvet cover is easy to wash and maintain, whereas a duvet or comforter would need to be specially cleaned, which can also drive up expenses. Another benefit of a duvet cover is that you can get one to change your room’s look within a budget.

Why Get A Duvet Cover

During the colder months having a duvet cover can make the difference in how you sleep. For hot sleepers, some great duvet covers can wick away moisture or sweat as it collects. 

Duvet Covers Are Easy To Care For

Unlike a duvet or comforter, which you may have to get specially cleaned, a duvet cover can be easily cleaned at home. Having one will also enhance the life of your duvet or comforter. 

Can Enhance The Look Of Your Room

Many people purchase a few duvet colors in different colors and designs, so their bedroom appears visually pleasing all year round. This can make going to bed a pleasurable experience. Since some duvet covers can be used as a blanket, you can move them from room to room. 

Duvet Covers Are Affordable

Since duvet covers are affordable means not having to replace your comforter or duvet, which can get quite expensive, it’s an investment you can make for the long term.

Modern Duvet Covers

1.     MILDLY Bedding Duvet Covermodern duvet covers - egyptian quality premium collection

This is a 100% Egyptian cotton duvet cover, made for luxurious rest and more. You will find that you will not have to worry about allergies as the duvet cover is hypoallergenic. The material itself is breathable, which can help to beat the night sweats.

It has an invisible zipper cover which allows for easy removal and washing. Each of the corners is fitted with a tie to prevent the duvet from slipping. You can sleep peacefully knowing you will be snuggled down for rest.

The set comes with 3 pieces, one being the duvet cover and the other is 2 pillowcases. You will get a one-year satisfaction guarantee, so it is a no-risk purchase.

2.     Eikei Modern Duvet Covermodern duvet covers - Eikei Egyptian botanical

How about you decide you want to have a modern look, but a bit Boho chic. If so, then this duvet cover will provide that. It’s 100% cotton, and the design is a modern botanical print. The duvet cover is a 400 thread count, a nice weave, yet with breathing capabilities.

There is a nice sheen on it which creates a soft feeling of being covered in a gentle hug. The density woven duvet cover is smooth to the touch. It comes with ties and buttons to ensure the comforter stays in place. The duvet cover is machine washable. It is a 3-piece set that includes the duvet cover and 2 pillowcases.

3.     Mixinni Floral Duvet Cover modern duvet covers - 3 piece flowers pattern

This floral print duvet cover is modern yet will fit into any décor in a bedroom. The material is soft enough for the whole family to use. For ease of use, the duvet cover comes with a zipper for easy removal and cleaning.

It’s a great choice for those who need a little bit of bloom in their bedroom. You will be surrounded by warmth which ensures a high-quality sleep. Currently, it has over 1100 positive reviews, and you can get it in a variety of different colors.

The stitching is of the highest quality, and there no snags. Even when you put it in the wash, you will see no pills collect on the duvet or duvet cover.

4.     MKXI Jersey Duvet Covermodern duvet covers - mxxi bedding

This Jersey Knit duvet cover is excellent for those who get hot at night. It is comfortable for a complete night rest. The pattern on the duvet cover is beautiful and fade-resistant. If sleeping in style is your thing, then this cover will make that happen.

Having a good sleep starts in your bedroom under comfortable bedding. Having this Jersey knit cover providing relaxation will ensure your night starts off right. It is easy to clean and then is ready for reuse.

The manufacturer offers a 30-day return policy, so it is a purchase you can make without worrying about any unforeseen risks. With the duvet cover, you will also get 2 pillowcases.

5.     BESTOUCH Jersey Knit Duvet Covermodern duvet covers - bestouch comfortable bedding

This jersey knitted cotton cover will become your favorite as it offers a velvety soft luxurious sleep. It comes with 2 pillowcases that will have your head resting comfortably. You can snuggle up for the night without worrying about losing any sleep.

It does come with a zipper and ties, which are out the way, so you will not have to experience any pokes or uncomfortable bumps from your cover. It will hold up even when washed multiple times; it’s a lightweight cover and excellent for those who need a gentle hug at night.

There is no need to take it to the dry cleaners; you can easily keep this cover clean at home.

6.     VM VOUGEMARKET Triangle Bedding Duvet Cover Queen modern duvet covers - vm vougemarket

With over 800 positive reviews, you know you are getting a good cover. The look and feel of the material are luxurious. Each side of the duvet cover has a different design. You can flip over for a different look each day.

The color will not fade with washes. You can easily dry in your dryer at home without the hassle of taking it elsewhere for cleaning. It is 100% cotton which means it is pet dander resistant.

Satisfied customers rave about the cost and how soft the material feels next to the skin. It is made for durability, meaning you can enjoy this duvet cover for years to come. This comes in a set of three, one being the duvet cover, the other is two pillowcases.

7.     Todd Linens Duvet Covermodern duvet covers - todd linens sheets

This silk-like bedding is great for those looking for a good deal where the whole bed is covered. You will get one duvet cover, a fitted sheet, and 4 pillowcases. The fitted sheet has deep pockets, which will prevent slippage.

Overheating at night can be uncomfortable, but because this set of sheets and duvet cover is breathable, that will not be an issue. The sheets have excellent stitching and are constructed to last for many years. Moisture collection is wicked away to ensure you wake up with a dry face.

Each piece is made of 100% polyester and is stain and shrinkage-resistant. You can easily wash them at home.

8.     Best Bohemian Duvet Covermodern duvet covers - bohemian pieces exotic

This luxurious duvet cover will have you sleeping peacefully. It is made of 100% cotton. It’s soft and has a unique design that can take you back in time. Cotton fabric is excellent to use all year round but is especially helpful in the hot summer days.

It is easy to clean, and you hang it out to dry or put it into the dryer for tumble dry. You will get a duvet cover plus two pillowcases. The cover has a zipper on the side; it’s there but not noticeable. The material looks great and has a soft feel to it.

Colors are vivid and will stand out on your bed. You will feel like you are covered in a cloud of gentleness. Enjoy the new look of your room by adding this duvet cover and pillowcases.

9.     FOSSA Washed Duvet Cover modern duvet covers - fossa washed bedding

Are you searching for material that will provide softness and keep you snuggled up? If so, then this duvet cover will be what you should have in your bedroom. It’s breathable, which means sweat will not collect, keeping you moisture-free.

If you are looking to buy a duvet cover that fits within your budget, you will find it a great buy. Getting the two pillowcases is a bonus. It is elegant and comes with a zipper and corner ties to keep it in place. The stitching quality is built to last; you can expect this duvet cover to last a long time.

The fabric is soft yet has a crispiness to it which some sleepers prefer. This duvet cover is stain-resistant and looks expensive for half the price.

What To Look For In A Duvet Cover

Choosing the right duvet cover does not have to be a daunting experience. Once you have your options laid out before you, it’s all a matter of finding one which will suit your sleeping needs. To find one which will fit your sleeping style, you will need to focus on four different aspects of a duvet cover. 


This is the most important aspect as you will need to ensure that it fits your cover or duvet. A cover should fit around your duvet without too much maneuver. Having a properly fitted cover will ensure your duvet or comforter does not curl or bunch up. 


Most covers are made of excellent material due to keeping your duvet or comforter longevity in mind—the material you want to focus on is breathable to remove moisture. Also, getting one that prevents allergens from collecting can have you sleeping without having a stuffy nose or sore throat. 


One thing you want to focus on is the stitching. This can make all the difference in the quality of the duvet cover. The ones we have reviewed have been constructed to last. Top-rated covers usually come with ties, buttons, or a zipper that is out of the way. 


Since getting a duvet cover can change and enhance your room’s look, you will want to focus on one that fits into the décor of your bedroom. Solids will add a standout color that will increase your whole bedroom’s visual, where floral will mainly focus on your sleeping space. 

Final Words About Modern Duvet Covers

Getting a modern duvet cover that blends in with your bedroom décor can be easy so long as you are provided with great options. Hopefully, our review provides the options you need to make a choice.

Please share in the comments below how you feel about modern duvet covers.

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  1. Is the number #9 duvet cover soft…because man it looks soft? I just love grey blankets or sheets. How do you think this would wear with a small dog in the house. Would this protect our expensive comforter, I think my wife paid six hundred for ours and I don’t think you can even dry clean it. Our dog’s name is Georgie, BTW and he is a Yorkshire Terrier.

    • This is a good duvet cover, but it’s not meant for pets to tread on. 


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