3 Best Noise Cancelling Sleep Headphones For 2021

What are noise cancelling sleep headphones?

Noise cancelling sleep headphones reduce unwanted outside noises while using active noise control. By cancelling out the noise, it makes it possible for you to listen to low-frequency sounds without having to raise the volume, which may disturb your sleep.

These types of headphones can come in either active or passive noise reduction. The material used in headphones themselves is what blocks out the noise which can come from your bed partner who snores, or loud noisy neighbors, even planes flying overhead.

Noise Cancelling Sleep Headphones

1. AcousticSheep SleepPhones Wireless

acoustic sheepFeatures:

  • Blocks out snoring and out night noises
  • Excellent for travel
  • Use for meditation, insomnia, and relaxation
  • Two fabric options
  • Bluetooth connectivity
  • Over 1500 reviews
  • One year limited warranty

These sleep headphones come in headband shape and are padded with soft padding to help your ears remain comfortable at all times. They are wireless with flat speakers designed to be worn while you are sleeping.

Because of their design, they are not uncomfortable, nor will they cause aching in the ear. They come with tiny speakers inside the band that sits over and above your ears, this means nothing is being stuck into your ears.

Inside the headband is a Bluetooth module that connects to your phone, tablet, or any device of your preference.

Because they are wireless, there is no need for you to worry about getting tangled with wires of any sort. The easy touch buttons allow you to control the sound as well as power off your headphones when you want to take them off.

You will be able to easily pair them with any device as well as skip tracks to one of your choosing. They come with a MicroUSB cable to allow for easy charging when not in use.

Earbuds that sit above your ears are tiny and thin.  They are wrapped in felt for your utmost comfort.

The sleep headphones can be used for both night/daytime sleeping. They take about 3 hours to charge and the charge lasts for 13 hours.

The red light will go out when they are fully charged, so you will never overcharge or burn them out. You will need to make sure you hold the push for at least six seconds to enter pairing mode. At this time a three-tone sound beeps which tells they are ready for pairing.

By navigating to your phone’s Bluetooth menu, you can select any acoustic sound which will help you fall asleep.

The sleep headphones are color-coded to ensure that you put the headband on the right away.

Comes in three different sizes:

  • Large
  • Medium
  • Small

Six different colors to choose from:

  • Pitch black
  • Royal blue
  • Galaxy blue
  • Midnight black
  • Quiet Lavender
  • Sunset Pink

My Final Opinion

 Headphone audio quality has been given a high rating as being clear, sharp, and great for travel by car or airplane. Combine them with a travel pillow, and you are set for your journey.

2. Bose Noise Masking Sleepbuds


  • Conforms to different ear shapes
  • Cancels noise successfully
  • Low-frequency sounds
  • Over 300 positive reviews
  • One year limited warranty with 5-year passive warranty

If you sleep beside a person, who snores than these earbuds are exactly what you need to get a perfect sleep.

These earbuds offer many different audio sounds to cancel out any outside noises which may be disturbing your sleep.

They are incredibly tiny and fit right in your ear comfortably, yet will not bother your sleep even when you turn over to your side.

Unlike earplugs, the earbuds provide relief without jamming into your ears; they sit comfortably above the ear canal. The plus side here is the flange is easily conformed to your ear type.

They will not fall out when switching from front to side sleeping.

The charge time for Bose earbuds is 16 hours; it takes about them 2-3 to be fully charged up again. You can charge them and run them for two nights of 7-8  hours of sleep. Meaning you will not need to charge them daily.

The carrying case provides one full recharge, a benefit when traveling. Of course, the carrying case will also need to be recharged. So if you are going hiking or camping then make sure to recharge your carrying case.

The sleep buds will not allow you to upload your own music; these buds are genuinely made for sleeping. Bose has created one of its best products to cover all noises cancelling technology.

The low-frequency sounds help to keep outside noises filtered so you can take advantage of getting a good day or night rest.

My Final Opinion

The earbuds come with an in-built alarm which will not disturb or wake your partner, it seems Bose has covered both wearer and the person who isn’t using the earbuds.

3. Wireless Sleep Headband Headphones


  • You can use them for sleep or working out
  • Wick away sweat
  • Great sound quality
  • Can be used to generate white noise
  • Over 300 positive reviews
  • 60 Day return warranty

These headphones come with a Bluetooth control module which is centered in the middle of the speakers. This allows you to get a good sleep without waking up where your ears experience any type of discomfort.

You will be able to sleep in any position you wish!

The ultra-thin flat headphone speakers block out all noises which may prevent you from sleeping.

You will have complete control of your headphones at all times. The easy to use buttons on the headphones will allow you to play, pause music as you wish.

You’re also able to adjust the music as well as skip tracks and activate the voice control of your phone with the simple touch of the button on headphones.

These headphones are excellent sweat absorbers. They are breathable with a great design which allows for quick evaporation. If you are a hot sleeper or persons who sweat, then these headphones will be perfect for you.

But using them with a blanket which wicks sweat away from you with the noise-cancelling headphones, imagine the sleep you will get.

One charge can allow you to experience their ambient sound for up to 8 to 10 hours. Charging them usually takes about three hours. A suggestion would be to charge them when you are going to be there. Otherwise, you might end up overcharging or burning them out.

These headphones are not only good for sleeping, but they are also fabulous workout headphones. The charge for working out may last at least a week.

The headband is super stretchy which allows it to fit almost every head size. It’s a comfortable fit without being too tight or too loose. Some customers have purchased these for the young children who have a hard time sleeping at night.

My Final Opinion

Considering these headphones can be used both for both sleep and working out, they are a great buy for 2 for 1.

Why Should You Use Noise Cancelling Sleep Headphones?

Most of us who want to sleep at night are pretty serious about our nighttime rest. Unfortunately, that doesn’t happen for everyone.

When going to sleep, you must isolate yourself from outside noises.

Not only because they are annoying– but they can also wreck your sleep that you so desperately require.

What will happen to the noise when wearing noise cancelling headphones will be that they will delete outside noises while providing gentle ambient sounds. The sounds could come from your phone, tablet, or any device of your choosing.

Some of these headphones come with their own sounds, which are used to lull you into a gentle sleep.

When you’re trying to go to sleep, background noises can be massive disruptions. By masking out sounds with sleep headphones, you’re giving yourself the best chance to get a good night’s sleep.

Sleeping headphones create a gentle white noise which induces relaxation. It’s been known that listening to relaxation music for about 45 minutes before going to bed will help you get to sleep with ease.

They can also help to get rid of anxiety-inducing thoughts before bedtime.

Can You Sleep With Headphones In Place

The headphones that I reviewed all allow you to sleep in any position you wish without them falling off or out of your ears.

Although the concept of sleeping with headphones or earbuds may sound like an unusual way to sleep, it works for many who are trying to mask noises coming from outside.

They can actually be a benefit to you when they are used correctly. The only thing you have to be aware of is to make sure the sound frequency is always kept to low.

The only thing you have to make sure of is that you choose the right in-ear headphones. Don’t  compromise on either of these; otherwise, you may experience undue hardships such as:

  • Wax development in your ear
  • Tinnitus
  • Hearing problems
  • Sweaty ears

Below I have reviewed three different headphones that will provide the security you need of not damaging your ears as well as helping you get one of the best sleep possible.

My Overall Conclusion Of Noise Cancelling Sleep Headphones

Getting the right headphones can be crucial to sleep, but they are also great for other purposes as well. As long as you purchase the ones which will effectively help you get the best sleep, then you’ve made the right choice for yourself.

Looking at the risks, which are minimal with the headphones I have reviewed – benefits may be many.

I would say without a doubt that using these types of headphones are worth a try. As long as you stay at 60db, most risks can be averted.

The ergonomics of the headphones will allow you to sleep on your side, back, or stomach. They are so comfortable you may even forget you have them on.

Share in comments below how you block out noise to sleep at night.

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  1. I am not one to purchase a product on a whim but I live next to a busy road and I think that some noise cancelling headphones can do some good for me. I feel like noise cancelling headphones are a good product for those that have a noisy road near them but the issues are if they are worth the value and if you are getting some good headphones.

    • They definitely help when outside noise is a problem.

  2. This is great Eric! 

    I’m a light sleeper and very sensitive to noise while I sleep. It doesn’t help that my partner snores occasionally next to me too. I use conventional noise-cancelling headphones but they are rather uncomfortable as you have rightly pointed out. I just tried to make do with it.

    I never knew headband headphones existed and these look like they can solve my problem. 

    • Glad this article is helpful. Thanks for stopping by.

  3. Thanks, Eric, for me, I didn’t know that there is such a device that could cancel sleep time noise. great Idea. And I started to think of conduciveness but seeing the pictures here shows that they are built with comfort in mind. Now, finally, something that can solve the problem of a snoring partner. Also very useful in a spiritual community for those of us who have a flair for that.

    • Great that you were able to find some help with this post. Thanks for your comment. 

  4. Hi Eric. I really need a set of these noise reducing headphones. What a fantastic idea to help you to sleep at night.I was a bit worried when I saw the first model because I toss and turn a fair bit at night. But then again, that might simply be because of the heavy traffic going past our place. Why wife snores a lot as well, and it gets very loud at night (please don’t tell her I mentioned it), so a pair of the head phones would help to block that out as well. Unfortunately I also suffer from the third issue you mentioned, I get a lot on anxious thoughts at night, I think about all the problems I’m facing in my life and it prevents me from falling asleep.

    So, as you can see, I need a pair desperately. I really like the  ‘Wireless Sleep Headband Headphones’, These seem the most comfortable to me and impede my sleep by waking me up when I turn at night. I’ll definitely be taking a look at these. Thanks Jim

    • Glad I could help.Thanks for stopping by. 

  5. The Wireless Sleep Headband Headphones seem pretty cool, and I like that they can be worn working out or even while out walking, for those who live in cities with a ton of noise; Like NYC, Chicago, London and so forth. And I like that they can generate white noise. And for only $20, that’s a great price.

    • Yes, I agree, It is a great price to pay to shut out loud noises. 

  6. Amazing article for me. For some time now, I have been thinking of isolating the noises at night as I have been here for a few months in a busy neighborhood of my city where cars are constantly passing. Sleep is difficult and the solution you propose seems ideal to me. Your topic is very interesting and informative.

    • These headphones will definitely help with city noise. Thanks for stopping by. 

  7. Okay, so I have some really weird sleeping disorders and I feel like using this will help me. I don’t have so much noise going around when I sleep except some occasional cricket sounds which I find really annoying but then I like that this headphones have a melodic sound that will keep coming and will make me fall deeply into my sleep. Awesome stuff. Thank you for bringing this to my bed. Lol

    • Hope you find the ones which will work best. Thanks for stopping by. 

  8. I have had sleep issues for a long time and a friend put me on to sleep headphones. The trouble has always been the comfort factor when I sleep and then having them fall out. You have done a great review and the headband style appeal to me. Do you know how you can wash the Wireless Headband Headphones? I sweat when I sleep so it would be good to know if you can wash them and how easy they are to remove the speakers etc and restore them.

    • You cannot wash the headphones, but you can clean them with a bit of sanitizer. Appy sanitizer to tissue and gently cleanse your speakers, you can do the same thing for the headband as well. You can easily remove the speaker and replace them. Thanks for stopping by. 

  9. I have been looking for noise cancelling sleep headphones for a few months now. I then came across your review post which is really helpful.

    I think that the Wireless Sleep Headband Headphones is great choice for me and it might works better than any other stuff in the market. like you have explained on your review,it is great to use both sleeping and workout as well. The charging time is about three hours which not bad. As I am a not deep sleeper and I usually get sweat so glad to see that by using them with a blanket it would wicks sweat away. I guess this is not bad to check it out and might be great to purchase it with the reasonable price.

    Thank You

    • I like their function to change from sleeping to work out as well. Thanks for stopping by. 

  10. Hi, your post just met my challenges with my snoring wife I don’t know what to do about it but your post have really solve the problem that am facing for years, I am.going to buy the Bose Noise Masking Sleepbuds because I love the review and can this device be used for waking from sleep like alarm?

    • Great choice! Yes, they can be used as an alarm to wake up in the morning. It will not disturb anyone around you either. 

  11. Wow! Several times when i woke up from sleep I always damage my headphone why because i love listening to music before i go to bed. I think I will go for acoustics heep sleep phones Wireless because of the features especially for meditation and relaxation. Also i will prefer the midnight black colour. You’ve done a good job, thanks.

    • Thanks for stopping by. Those ones seem to be the preferred ones. 

  12. Great article, Thank you, Eric I look forward to learning from you, love the content, wishing you good luck.

    Best regards,

  13. These are all great ideas. I was researching sleep headphones last year and ended up with the bluetooth ones. They made it super easy to listen to subliminal programming with the added benefit of being a sleep mask. The headband is soft material with velcro straps but the headband was too large and I had the velcro maxxed for tightness. At the time I purchased there was only one size, which I think was large. Overall it was a pretty good product. Great post because it reminds me to get another one.

    • Yes, I agree the Bluetooth ones make more sense, as they help avoid unnecessary entanglement. Sounds like you enjoyed the product, technology is always improving. Thanks for stopping by.

  14. This is a wonderful article for those who cant get that peaceful rest,this is a great solution.It is clear and well written.Thanks Eric.

  15. Noise cancelling headphones are perfect for those who are wanting to block outside noise so they can achieve a good night sleep.
    I have always been one to sleep with in-ear headphones at night but it is because I need to hear the talking. I will listen to Headline News and it puts me to sleep lol
    I dont know what it is but I have always needed to hear talking in order to be able to go to sleep.
    Your article is quite interesting though on the noise cancelling headphones. 🙂

    • Amazing that you can listen to tv and fall asleep. Lots of people like white noise as they fall asleep. Thanks for sharing your technique.

      • Eric. I need to cancel out noise when I go out especially in the stores when they have music playing , for some reason all of a sudden I can’t handle music .. I need a good cancellation ear phones. Would one of these be good to go out in public?

  16. Most of us are sleep deprived people that’s why these sleep headphones are now necessary than it was before. I too sometimes suffer that I had to endure my husband’s snoring at night. Eventhough I use aromatherapy and anti snoring blended oils, there are times when it really doesn’t work for him and yes my sleep gets interrupted. The problem also with me is that I’m a very light sleeper so any noise can easily wake me up. It’s just bad because there are times when you feel sudden headache or you can’t go back to sleep when it happens.

    All your recommendation has great features.I think the wireless headband headphone is a versatile product and it looks good too. Thanks for sharing this with all the thorough explanation for each amazing product!   

    • Yes, you are right. My wife sometimes has to deal with my snoring issues as well. Headaches are a misfortune of too little sleep or too much sleep. Hope you can make use good use of headphones for sleep. 

  17. Great article,I have been a victim of this before,a friend of mine snoring beside me, I could not sleep at all.I believe this Wireless Sleep Headband Headphones,the features of this product are excellent, headphones come with a Bluetooth control module which is centered in the middle of the speakers,your website is noted.I appreciate your effort in writing this write-up.Rock higher in online business.Thank you

    • Thanks for your comment. I find that the wireless would be best as you can enjoy sleeping without getting tangled up. I also like Bluetooth control.

  18. Timely article Eric!

    It’s just what I needed, I’m sensitive to sound and I can’t do anything if there’s sound because I get distracted easily. I can’t work when there’s sound as I’ll lose focus and I can’t sleep when there’s sound as I’ll wake up feeling like there’s work to do. How long can the noise-cancellation headphones last when fully charged though?

    • The lasting depends on the type, but from what I’ve seen most offer 10-12 hours. I find they would be great not only for sleep but also for work or exercising. 

  19. I’ve been looking for something like this for a while now. I fly a lot, usually around 2-3 times a month and when I want to go to sleep, I’ll just put my regular headphones in to block out other noises, but that doesn’t really work and they’re uncomfortable on the ears when trying to sleep. I like the idea of the AcousticSheep SleepPhones – seems so comfortable! I am going to give those a try!

    • The AcousticShee sleep headphones come in two different fabric, both offer gentle ear softness. Happy picking the one for you. 

  20. Great article! I used to live in the country, now I’m in the city so sleeping at night can be difficult if there’s a lot going on. I wondered about noise cancelling headphones, and have tried mine but they’re too bulky to get comfortable. I had no idea you can get decent in-ear noise cancelling earbuds and the headband! I’ll look into these, thanks for a well written and informative article.

    • Thanks for stopping by. Hope you find the right headphones to cancel out outside noises. 


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