Best Platform Bed Frame For Memory Foam Mattress – 5 Top Rated That Make Our List

Why get Platform Bed Frame For Memory Foam Mattress?

A platform bed is an excellent alternative to commonly used frames. Most platform bed frames come with slats that remove the necessity of using a  box spring. The slats are usually built-in or easy to install, making setting up these beds a breeze. The recommended memory mattresses are the ones which have some firmness to them

The platform bed frame also has extra storage underneath them, which can be easily covered by hanging bedsheets. These frames are usually sold without headboard or footboard but come with the necessary attachments if you want to make that extra purchase.

1.    Zinus Olivia Metal and Wood Platform Bed

plaftform bed frame for memory foam mattress

The Zinus SmartBase comes in a metal frame made up of two separate pieces. These pieces join together to form the frame, but separately they are two folding portable beds.

The bed is noise-free due to the foam-padded tape, which is added to the steel frame. You will not have to worry about steel noises, which some frames have, especially if they are folding portable ones.

Styling of this frame is an updated version to go with today’s times. This bed frame requires no extra tools to put together, meaning it can be assembled immediately for use. It comes with a hex key, which helps to bring the frame together.

Each item of the bed is labeled, you will not have to worry about looking for which parts match with which one. The wood slats are connected each by Velcro strip, which sticks to the rails.

It is 14 inches off the ground, which gives you a lot of space under the bed to store items. It’s a great sturdy frame and can support up to 500lbs of weight.

Reviewers comment that it is a solid structure, while the manufacture of the products offers a 5-year warranty.

2.    Baxton Studio Velvet Upholstered Faux Crystal-Buttoned Sleigh Platform Bed

The Baxton Studio Velvet Upholstered frame comes with slats, which means you do not need a box spring. This works better with memory foam mattresses, which are firm, but if you use a soft mattress, then you may need the help of a box spring.

This bed frame assembles quickly; it has a majestic look to it, making it appear grand. The structure sits higher off the floor, then shown in the picture. You can store items under the bed if needed.

It has dark rubberwood feet, meaning if you have a hardwood floor, it will not be damaged. Both the headboard and footboard are cushioned, you can sit up lean back against the headboard without a stiff feeling.

The covering of the bed frame is done with velvet upholstery. Tufting used is of high quality, the faux crystals, buttons, and padding are also of a higher quality

In appearance, the bed looks like a sleigh-style.  The cushioning helps the bed to maintain its classy appearance, which many of you would enjoy looking at.

The bed is ergonomically designed, combined with its visual attractiveness, it’s the perfect bed for those who want rest and look good doing it.

It weighs 150 lbs while having the capacity to carry up to 500lbs.

You will receive a 5-year warranty from the manufacturer.

3.    Eluxury Wood Bed Frame

The ExceptionalSheets wood bed frame is exceptionally well done; even putting it together is a breeze. All you need to do is fit the pieces into their respective places, layout the slats. Voila, you have a bed ready to put down a memory foam mattress.

When it arrives, keep in mind it will be heavy, so you may need help from someone to bring it in. It is 6.5” off the ground, so you can small items underneath the bed if required.

Each slat is 3” apart rather than the usual 6” inches, which makes a great way to hold the mattress up. It does sit low, but if you want a lift, then a box spring will add height.

It is made of 100% solid North American Pinewood. Each wood slat has 7 layers of wood pressed together to ensure the longevity of the bed. The tools and instructions to put the bed together are included. Even if you have no experience putting a bed together, this bed is non-intimidating.

The bed supports up to 900lbs and has an excellent foundation for a memory foam mattress. The wood finish is done with a protective clear coat.

It comes with a 100-night trial period and a 10-year warranty.

4.    Zinus Shawn SmartBase Platform Bed Frame

The Zinus Shawn SmartBase platform bed frame is 13″ off the ground, giving you plenty of room to add in storage. This can be easily hidden with some fantastic bedsheets. No one will be the wiser of you are store items underneath your bed.

According to reviews, the assembly for this bed frame is about 5 minutes. It’s a bit heavy, so you may need help bringing it in. The bed, when totally assembled with a memory foam mattress, is tranquil. Even when you will sleeping on the bed, you will notice it does not squeak or making annoying sounds when weight is applied to the bed.

Using the bed frame as is the most suggested by customers. Do not place any slats on the frame, or else you will feel your mattress sliding around. It has a wiring grid that prevents the mattress from sliding, but if covered with slats, it would be of no use.

The frame supports up to 500lbs. All assembly instructions and tools are included in the package. Two separate pieces merge to create one long-lasting piece, which is durable and sturdy.

If you are looking for an affordable frame with lasting qualities, then this will be the one you want to have in your bedroom. It also comes with a 5-year limited manufacturer warranty.

5.    The Frame Gold Brushed Steel Platform Bed Frame By Keetsa

The Frame Gold Brushed steel platform bed frame has steel crossbeam, which supports the weight of up to 500lbs. No matter how much movement takes place on the bed, it does not move around or squeak.

It has a simple, functional design that satisfies people of all ages. The frame is well made with the intention to last for a long time. It is 14” off the ground, creating for easy storage of items that need to be stored away.

The legs have plastic material added to them, which helps to move the bed around for easy cleaning.  It has a visually appealing finish that will help to increase the attractiveness of your room. The gentle gold brushed finish gives you the option of leaving it exposed if you so desire.

The design of the bed frame is modern, yet features a minimalist look. The slats are 3” apart for ease of laying out the memory mattress, which will stay put. It can handle weight up to 2000lbs.

Keesta’s frame is luxurious yet at the same will support your sleeping needs. It is easy to assemble; all tools and full instructions are included.

Overall the users of the bed have few complaints about the bed, making it very popular among all sleepers.

What To Look For In A Platform Bed Frame For Memory Foam Mattress

1.     Material Type

When purchasing a platform bed for a memory mattress, you want to keep two materials in mind. Wood and steel. These are two types of material that will provide the best support while being durable with long-lasting qualities.

Each material does have its downside. Wood, which is generally more pleasing to the eye, may break or fall apart. Steel, which is considered sturdier, may make creaking sounds. Each of the bed frames we have reviewed are considered of sound quality.

2.     How High Is It Off The Floor

Most people prefer to sleep on a higher off the floor bed. By having room in the bottom, it makes it easier for storing items when you don’t have enough space in your bedroom. But remember, you can get the lower platform bed if you prefer your feet closer to the ground upon waking.

3.     The Size Of The Frame

For most people, size is significant as it will decide how large your memory foam mattress will be. Always make sure to pay attention to the exact size so that when you do order your mattress, it will fit in properly. The worst thing that can happen is getting a frame which is too small or big for your mattress.

4.     Is It Functional

Although some prefer a platform bed frame to stay in place, some will need the bed frame ability to be moved around. By moving it around makes it easy for vacuuming or cleaning underneath the bed.

If you are one of those who need to keep underneath the bed clean, then getting one with mobility will be your best option.

In Conclusion

The platform bed frame for memory foam mattress is a great selection. As you only need to purchase the mattress, which leaves you not having to spend any extra money on a box spring.

But remember, you still have the option of purchasing a box spring if you so desire.

Memory foam mattresses are great for people who suffer from body pain or prefer non-movement sleep.

Let me know in the comments below if you think a platform bed frame will meet your needs.

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  1. What I like about the Zinus Olivia Metal frame bed is that I don’t have to worry about steel noises. That’s definitely a plus point! The Baxton Studio Velvet bed frame looks luxurious and I think that this is the one  would love to have in my house. (I’m still building the house) It looks indeed grand and majestic, and a 5-year warranty is pretty good. I may look into that one once the house is finished 🙂 

    The Zinus Shawn smart base is something I would use for the guest room or perhaps for extra sleepers when there is no room in the guest room.

    You have given me some great options here, very sturdy bed frames in beautiful designs. Beautiful post! Are there different kinds of memory foam mattresses that you’d recommend for these bed frames?

  2. Nice post!

    I’ve tried both wood and steel and it’s true that steel is considered sturdier but for some reason, I always felt more comfortable with the wood one. Maybe it’s just the quality of the bed itself though.

    Btw, I really like that you added what to look for in a platform bed frame. A lot of posts like this give a lot of information but forget to add a section like this which makes it easier to pick something that is suitable for you.

    • Glad you enjoyed this post. Thanks for stopping by. 

  3. Hello Eric!

    I remember having watched years ago some teleshopping program on TV, and it was right about memory mattresses – those that “keep memory” of our body shapes!

    I never got the occasion to sleep on such a mattress, but I guess the sleep on such one would be an interesting experience, at least first time :). And bed frames supporting up to 2000 lbs are naturally able to “host” a whole family in bed.

    In my opinion, memory mattresses are a “wonder” of the modern technology. They quickly get to know what is best for our sleep. Maybe I will also give a try to such a mattress in he future.

    Best regards,


    • I agree memory foams mattresses are great, especially when you can use them on platform bed frame without a box spring. Saves money for many. 


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