5 Best Platform Beds With Storage In 2021

Why use platform beds with storage?

Platform storage beds not only offer storage in the drawers that they come with, but you can also store products underneath the drawers where the platform rises up. The stress of sleeping in a room which is cluttered can lead a person to keep waking up.

By using storage beds, you will learn to make use of space that could otherwise be wasted as well it helps to keep clutter out of your room so you can sleep easy. No one really will store anything under their bed unless the bed was made for that purpose. Underneath the bed, especially one that doesn’t have a platform in it, dust mites and spiders collect easily. So really nobody wants to make use of that space.

There are two different types of storage beds:

Drawers – this type of storage bed is probably one of the more common ones. The drawers pull out and have a safety lock so that they don’t fall out. You can store your clothes or bed sheets in the drawers. The only thing you would need to make sure with a drawer bed is that you have ample space to open the drawers.

Box storage – box storage beds are great for those who don’t have the space for drawers, but still, need room to store away extra knickknacks in their room. Many people buy box storage beds to store away seasonal clothing. In my opinion, to have a box storage bed, upper body strength is required.

One of the top benefits of having a platform bed with storage is that they can efficiently work in a small room where space doesn’t allow for dressers or armoires. You can also use these beds for guests, as they would need to put away whatever they bring along with them. This would afford them privacy for their belongings.

My mother-in-law uses a storage bed. So far she’s been using it for about seven years now, we’ve moved three times, yet the bed itself is still intact. She’s been storing things in their ever since she bought it. At no time have I ever seen mold, bugs, or any other types of clothing damaging insects which can also cause allergies

Things To Look For When Buying A Platform Storage Bed

  • Design – the design you want to look at is the one that will provide room even when the bed taking up space in your bedroom. You want to make sure that the drawers have easy access.
  • Durability – since your bed is where you are going to be putting yourself down to sleep every night, you want to ensure that it is built to last.
  • Finish – your bed is the main attraction in your room, make sure it has a smooth finish. And there are no jagged edges which may cause you injury.
  • Budget – whenever we are ordering something online, we always want to get the best item for the money we’re paying — especially when it comes to expensive or cumbersome products which can be a bit of a pain to return.

If you are one of those individuals who have limited closet space or you’re a parent of a child who has a small room, then this review is for you.

1.    Memomad Bali Storage Platform Bed  With Storage

Memomad  Bali platform storage bed has a unique design that is elegant yet provides the storage space for your gadgets as well as drawers for your clothing. It has rounded edges that are there for your safety.

In this storage bed, you will get six drawers and two-foot compartments which makes it a convenient bed to store away whatever you use before going to bed. This helps to make your nighttime ritual that much easier, as you do not have to go anywhere to find what you need before bedtime.

The bed is MDF CARB Certified. It has synthetic leather handles which makes it easier to move around. This bed comes in 3 different sizes being king, queen, and twin something for all family members to choose from.

Depending upon the size you order, you will still find the bed does not take up too much space, yet offers as much room as a two-door closet would. There is a slatted base underneath where you can store boxes or suitcases. It will make your room look tidy and clean.

You will get thorough directions on how to put this bed together. It may take a day or two to put together, but according to reviews, it’s well worth the effort.

It comes with a 30-day manufacturer’s warranty.

2.    Coaster – Phoenix Contemporary Bed With Storage

Coaster – Phoenix Contemporary bed with storage, will add sophistication and elegance to your room. It looks plush and is comfortable enough for the whole family to enjoy sleep time. It comes with a headboard with storage space underneath. Each side has two full drawers as well as four full drawers at the footboard.

It helps to save space, especially if you are living in tight space, but have don’t have enough room for your belongings. The drawers are sturdy enough to handle heavier loads, yet they will glide in with ease. Unlike some other beds where the drawers start to stick, you will not experience that issue with this bed.

Due to it being a very solid bed, you will not experience any noise or squeaking sounds. You can adjust how high you want the mattress to sit by selecting thick or thin. Some people prefer to sit a little lower on this bed.

It comes with 10 drawer space, so there is ample space for you to store away all your gadgets, clothes, and other knick-knacks you may have. There is no need to assemble the drawers as they come ready to insert, although you will have to assemble the bed frame itself.

It takes about 2 hours to put together. If you are little on the short side, you may consider purchasing the steps.

What I really like is that bed is high enough off the ground that you won’t have to worry about feeling the cold which rises up from the floor of the rooms we sleep in.

This bed comes with a one-year limited warranty from time of purchase.

3.    Baxton Studio Sarter Contemporary With Storage

Baxton Studio Sarter Contemporary with storage sits a little lower to the ground than the standard platform bed. But that is not an issue for storing your items as there is enough room left over to have one full drawer on each side.

It will add class and elegance to any room it is being used in. You will not need a box spring, just a mattress of your choosing should be great. It works really well with a memory foam mattress.

This bed is very stable and reliable. The upholstery of the bed is linen polyester. Each piece of the upholstered area is lightly padded with foam while the headboard has extra padding in it. The fit and finish are beautiful, so it brings a gentle ambiance to any bedroom.

You can easily store bed sheets or other items of clothing in the drawers. The drawers are easy to slide in and out; there is no sticking. Overall the assembly of the bed takes about 3 hours.

The bed comes with a 30-day manufacturer’s warranty.

4.    Prepac Manhattan Bed With Storage

Prepac Manhattan bed with storage has craftmanship to uphold the quality of the bed frame. Once the bed frame is all put together, at no time will you feel as though the bed is wobbly. But instead, it will stay sturdy and stable for years to come.

There is lots of storage space so you can keep the organization in your bedroom, the one place where you need to be least anxious. It would be a perfect bed for the teenager who needs the extra space for all their property.

No need to get box spring as the frame holds up a mattress, for more comfort you may want to get a memory foam or gel memory mattress. This would definitely tie in with the relaxing environment of the room.

The headboard has storage space in it as well. You can put your electronic gadgets as well as picture frames of people who are important to you or store away books that you read before bedtime. It is a free-standing designed to go with most mattresses.

Drawers are made of solid wood and glide in easily without getting stuck. The metal runners the drawers glide over have built-in safety stops to ensure your drawer doesn’t fall out.

By following the easy to follow instructions, you will be able to put this bed together in 3 hours.

It comes with a manufacturer’s limited 5-year warranty.

5.    DHP Cambridge Upholstered Faux Leather Bed With Storage

DHP Cambridge Upholstered Faux Leather platform bed with storage is perfect for people who live in small apartments, but need more space for their items. Or even if you are a person who needs to put seasonal clothing away while preventing damage, then this bed will provide that as well. 

Once you have this bed, there will no need to pack boxes upon boxes in your already overstuffed closet, lift the top part of the bed, voila you have space for your boxes.

Even if you are little on the short side, you will have no issues with lifting the bed to gain access to the storage beneath. When you assemble it with a partner, it will take about 4 hours or so.

You can use a memory foam mattress as this bed frame requires no box spring. The base of the bed is made of solid wood, so you will have no worries about the bed falling apart even if you go with a denser mattress then the memory foam.

Being that the bed is pretty practical, it makes an excellent bed for those who need practicality in their life with simple ways to keep their room clean. When you put a mattress on the bed, it’s also great for the back as the wood supporting the mattress is solid and firm — there is no lagging or sagging which can become an issue with box springs.

It is upholstered with faux leather and is padded with foam for extra protection. The bed comes with a 1-year manufacturer limited warranty.

My Final Word About Platform Beds With Storage

If you are looking to create extra space in your room, but need all your stuff to stay in your room, and the platform beds will provide that to you.

My mother-in-law has many things she’s collected over the years. Her bed is perfect as she doesn’t lose anything, yet her room remains comfortably cozy.

Let me know in the comments below what your thoughts are about platform beds with storage.

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  1. Wow the Memomad Bali Storage Platform Bed looks like a super dream bed! I’ve seen that one before in movies and I’ve always wondered what it is, I must have it! The storage space I would be saving would be well worth it too but out of curiosity, does it come with the mattress and pillows as well, or do we have to buy those separately?

    • It’s an interesting concept. The pillows and mattress are separate. 

  2. The creativity that goes with all these platform beds with storage capacities always amaze me. It is unimaginable how well these platform beds can actually take up so much more objects in the various storage places map out into it. I like this especially because it can be used in the smaller environment where there is need to save up a lot of space and to create rooms for other things so, they can be stucked up with so much other objects. I like the designs listed above but I like the  Memomad Bali Storage Platform Bed  With Storage. Thumbs up

    • I imagine the creators who create such products are the ones who want to make life simpler for others. Great choice you have made. 

  3. I really love the storage beds!

    My bedroom is small in my apartment but it looks perfect and organized because I keep all of my extra blankets, sheets and comforters in the drawers of my storage bed.  I simply do not know what I would do without that extra space!

    I will keep checking back to your website for more sleep ideas.  It is so critical to make your bedroom a lovely comfy space for perfect sleep.  I agree!

    • I agree perfect sleep is crucial to our well being. Thanks for sharing your storage bed experience. 

  4. Platform beds with storage are really cool and they really avail us the opportunity to maintain a high level of privacy  with individual belongings. I always get amazed at the various ways they are designed just to ensu4e that they can serve other functions apart from their normal function as a place to rest on. They can be used to store and collect so many things. From the list above, the one I love most is the DHP Cambridge Upholstered Faux Leather Bed With Storage. It looks rather cool and can unimaginably take up a lit more of things because of the structure. Thanks

    • I agree we sometimes need space for things which are private to us. Great selection. 

  5. I love the Coaster – Phoenix Contemporary Bed. it looks really great and the quality of it too is top notch. It is very heavy and sturdy product…. it is exactly what I was hoping it would be when I got it. The height of it is great, I am high enough off the floor that I do not feel the cold of winter. I really like all the of the storage that is built into it as well as those additional storage in it.

    Awesome write-up!`


    • I agree it’s a great height. Thanks for stopping by. 

  6. Thank you for this very thorough article about storage beds. The rounded edges on the first one look really nice. I like how it has some open storage, and some closed storage. I really like the bed that actually folds up and reveals the storage underneath. I will probably get one with drawers, but the concept of the folding bed is cool.

    I had a storage bed for a while before we moved. It was nice to have the drawers under the bed. When we moved we decided to leave the bed frame behind and now I use a bed without storage. I kind of missed the storage because it was nice to have all those drawers and it kept everything really need. Next time I will probably get a storage bed. Thanks!

    • Sounds like you are making a great choice. 

  7. This is a lovely article. I am using an old now and it is really helpful and give me more space in my room.
    I am thinking about changing it to a new one with more benefits thats how I found your article. Platforms beds with storage are really helpful to have. Maybe some people don’t prefer them but once they try it, they will love it!

    Surprisingly, when I used some of them in some stores they are super comfy and good for the body.

    Your article is great and I enjoyed reading it!

    • Great! Thanks for sharing your experience with storage beds.

  8. This is what I need – platform bed with a storage! My apartment is pretty small and having storage under the bed would make a big difference. I do have unexplained fear of DHP Cambridge Upholstered type of bed which you recommend for small apartments – I think I always feel that the lifted bed can fall on me..which I know wouldn’t happen. From a style point of view and my weird fear, I prefer Baxton bed.

    I found super useful info reading your article.

    Thank you,


    • I can see why you feel that way, but they are pretty sturdy. My mother-in- law has had one like that for years. Still the bed is as strong as ever. Thanks for sharing your thought.

  9. Wow some fantastic beds here and great reviews of each! I think we are all guilty of having clutter with no where to store it so these beds are perfect designs to help that issue out and their styles are awesome! Something I definitely need to look at soon with having kids! 🙂

    • The bed has definitely made my mother-in-law’s a whole lot easier. She’s not messy but has many mementos from the past. Great place to store them and keep them safe.

  10. All the the platform storage bed you recommended are well designed and elegant. Having this type of bed is what we need by the time we move into our new home. Our home has small spaces for bedrooms and as much as we like to put furniture, we can’t do because it will simply not fit. We were really thinking to purchase this type of bed so at least we have ample storage for foldable clothes and under garments. Our family needs to adhere with space saving methods so all our basic and important belongings would fit in the house. Among the choices you gave, I like the look and features of Coaster Phoenix because of the storage space it provides. Maybe I’ll have a thin layered matress so it won’t be too high for us. We don’t want to dangle our feet while sitting. Thanks for this nice idea that you shared today. 

    • Great that you found a storage bed that will work for you. Congrats on your new home. Thanks for the comment. 

  11. Hi, eric
    Your article 5 Best Platform Beds With Storage In 2019 is really appears timely because I just bought a house and looking for a suitable platform bed. I found that the Baxton Studio Sarter Contemporary With Storage in your article fits me very well. The style of the house bought, but unfortunately, I did not buy it on Amazon, because I live in China, it is very inconvenient to buy from Amazon, finally thank you for your advice.

    • Great that you bought that bed. It’s a great space saver. Thanks for stopping by. 


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