Best Recliner For Sleep Apnea – Our Top 5 Picks (2021 Comprehensive Guide)

Why get a recliner for sleep apnea? Because recent research suggests that elevating your head will help to improve sleep apnea symptoms.

Is It Safe to Sleep In A Recliner All Night Long

Sleeping in a recliner has no adverse side effects; most people who use a recliner to sleep find it comfortable. My wife has used a recliner for many different issues for months at a time which has quickened her recovery time. 

Once you find your comfortable position, sleeping in a recliner has little risk. Individuals who have sleep apnea, GERD, or back pain find that sleeping in a recliner lets them get the proper sleep.

The only thing you want to make sure of is having a comfortable recliner pillow and a blanket that stays put rather than slide off.

Will A Recliner For Sleep Apnea Help You Get Sleep

A sleeping recliner can move into different positions, from sitting to lying back flat. Another thing is sleeping in a recliner will help to remove the pressure from your diaphragm, which will aid with breathing. By breathing more comfortably while you sleep, your guaranteed a good quality of sleep.

The recliner will help to calm your nerves because the elevation of the seat helps to improve circulation. This has a positive effect on your nervous system. Sleeping in an upright position has also shown benefit to people who snore, have heartburn, acid reflux, or GERD.

Our Recommended Recliner(s) for Sleep Apnea

1.     Signature Design by Ashley Yandel Power Lift Oversized Recliner

The Signature Design by Ashley Yandle is a contemporary power lift recliner. It has excellent style and functionality and merged with a dual motor mechanism. All you have to do is touch the button, and the power lift will ease you back while elevating your legs for an ultimate luxurious lounging experience.

Not only can you lounge on this recliner, but you can also sleep on it. The recliner is designed to support a high back. It has overstuffed cushioning and the upholstery is luxuriously comfortable for anyone using the recliner to sleep at night.

The saddle bound upholstery which resembles leather, but is actually thick poly fiber material—the recliner measures 35 inches wide by 40 inches deep. The back of the recliner is 42.5 inches in height with 20-inch seat height. In a fully reclined position, the recliner stretches out to 69 inches.

It is easy to assemble, and all the tools are included. People with sleep apnea will find this recliner helpful in falling asleep, without experiencing too much airway obstruction.

2.     Esright Power Lift Chair Electric Recliner

The Esright recliner uses non-toxic material. All the wood boards that they’ve used in this product are formaldehyde-free. The engine is powerful but silent. You can even press the button and lift the chair into a standing position. This won’t add stress to your knees or back.

It will adjust to any custom sleeping positions, great for people who have sleep apnea. The chair itself supports up to 320 pounds. The recliner comes with four areas of massage, which is shin, thigh, lumber, and head. There are five modes to this massage technique, which are pulse, press, weight, auto, and normal.

It also comes with a USB port, which is excellent for people who need to charge their iPad, phone while reclining in their recliner. It’s an overstuffed recliner with a very comfortable backrest. It is amazingly soft while maintaining comfort for the user.

The sitting dimensions of this chair are 35 inches in length by 30.8 inches wide. The seat dimension is 19.5 inches wide by 20.5 inches deep. The back dimension is 35 inches wide by 28 inches in height. The seat height is 19 inches off the ground.

Many customers have commented they have found great value for their money. One customer commented that his dad, who was having a hard time getting up and sitting down, has an easier time with this chair.

It comes with instructions, no tools are required to put this chair together. And you can quickly assemble it within 10 to 15 minutes from start to finish.

3.     Esright Massage Recliner 

The Esright massage recliner is durable. The chair has a rocking and vibrating motion. It swivels 360°. If you are one of those people who have an issue with lying on the bed and experience breathing problems, then this recliner will take care of that for you.

Relaxing your body while relieving your stiff muscles is easy with this recliner. It is overstuffed, yet you will feel like you’re sitting in a soft, luxuriously covered warmth; the supporting back and padded armrests are meant for ultimate comfort.

It has pockets on both sides for convenient storage. You can pop a remote control or magazines in there. The breathable PU leather surface is water-resistant. It has eight vibrating massage modes for back, lumbar, thigh, and legs.

At night you won’t have to worry about getting cold because it has heating activation for lumbar support. It comes with a remote control, which can help you to set it up for a massage and use the heating features.

In a fully reclined position, it is 65 inches long. The reclining angle can go to 140°. The maximum support capacity is 300 pounds. The seat size is 22.8 inches wide by 20.5 inches deep by 18.9 inches in height.

It even has convenient cup holders to place your drinks. This is especially handy if your throat goes dry at night, never be without your water.

4.     Signature Design by Ashley Ludden Rocker

The signature Design by Actually Rocker recliner is excellent for people who are looking for a plush fabric that will surround them with luxury as they sleep on the recliner. It’s an affordable hundred percent genuine leather that touches your body. While the other surrounding areas are skillfully matched faux leather.

This recliner is excellent for those people who can get out of a reclined position on their own. You’ll be comforted knowing that you’re going to be in total comfort and style. It has a deep-cushioned rest. You can sit back and relax, the foam cushions are wrapped in ultra polyester upholstery. All you do is pull into one reclining motion, which will ease you onto your back.

It has a puckered stitching design on it, which creates an elegant way to fit into your décor. It is generously sized and overstuffed, so you’ll never feel suffocated while sitting in this recliner.

The recliner ways total of 94 pounds and is 40 inches wide by 43 inches deep by 43 inches in height. Assembly of this recliner is easy; all you have to do is follow the instructions, and you will need a screwdriver.

It is designed for budget-minded people.

5.     Mcombo Electric Power Lift Recliner

The Mcombo electric power lift has an easy, effortless power lift function. You can go straight from standing up to lying down.

It has a TUV motor that is quiet and has an extended lifespan. The frame of this recliner is sturdy, and the seat structure is made of durable metal to support body weight. It also has an anti-back tipping mechanism to increase its safety features.

To increase your comfort in the chair, there are pockets on both sides of the chair. It is counterbalanced for seniors so that they will not have to be stressed about moving from their back to knees when they are going to a standing position. The overstuffed padding provides a luxurious feeling while sleeping. The armrests are like overstuffed pillow tops.

It has a USB charging port and a cup holder for those who get a dry throat due to not being able to breathe at night. It reclines up 140°.

The overall dimensions of the chair are 37 inches in length by 33.5 inches in width by 40 inches in height. It is 19.3 inches off the ground. The seating area is 17.7 inches wide by 22.5 inches deep.

The weight capacity for this chair is 320 pounds. The maximum length in a full reclined position is 62 inches.

Who Should Get A Recliner

Although recliners are made for anyone who wants to use them, they are beneficial to some more than others:

  • People who need to sleep in an upright position to help with breathing issues
  • Individuals who are looking to ease their back pain
  • Someone who has undergone surgery
  • Overweight people who have a hard time breathing while lying in bed
  • People who have snoring issues
  • Individuals who suffer from GERD

What To Look For In Sleep Apnea Recliner

When looking for a sleeping recliner that will help with sleep apnea, purchasing the first one you see because that looks good may not be the most beneficial way to search for a recliner online.

There are numerous things that you may want to look at before purchasing your recliner. Such as the amount of space you have available where you live, also what form of sleep apnea do you have. What kind of functions do you want your chair to have?

Some of the factors to keep in mind are:

Reclining capability – most of us prefer to sleep in a lying down position, the recliners we have reviewed here all offer that functionality. If you’re one of those people who need to be in that position to sleep, then make sure you pick a recliner that offers that.

Feet elevation – if you have a medical condition where you need to elevate your feet, make sure that you look for that as well.

Dimensions of the chair – we have done our best to provide all the dimensions, but just check to make sure that the dimensions are a fit for you.

Assembly – although all the recliners reviewed have been partially assembled. Decide how much work you want to put into assembling the recliner, or do you have the tools required. Check to make sure instructions are provided.

How easy is it to clean and maintain – when buying a recliner you want to make sure that it will be easy to maintain. Some people simply want to wipe and clean, while others like to vacuum their recliners. This is all based on personal preference of how you want to maintain your recliner.

Type Of Recliners Available

There are many different types of recliners available. Almost everyone’s preference is covered. Here are the four most common:

Pushback recliner – this recliner will require you to use your upper body strength to push the recliner back into a reclining position.

Power lift recliner – this will be a little bit more expensive, but it will be easy to move into many different positions. This recliner is excellent for people who have had surgery and need a sleeping recliner, or the elderly as well as people who have sleep apnea.

Power recliner – a power recliner is operated by using a remote. It also comes with a USB outlet, as well as features massage and heating options—another excellent recliner for people who have sleep apnea.

Rocker/glider recliner – this is an affordable recliner and is excellent for those people who have insomnia and need to rock themselves to sleep. It has several reclining angles and can be placed close to the wall, especially if you have a smaller space to use.

Final Words On Recliner For Sleep Apnea

As you can tell, we have done our best to make sure all types of sleepers are covered in our recliner for sleep apnea review. Hopefully, with this information on hand, you will be able to pick out the right recliner for yourself.

Share in the comments below how you sleep when dealing with sleep apnea.

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  1. These are some really wonderful ideas of recliners to help with sleep apnea and for the fact that I have a grandmother who needs a recliner, I tend to understand better the importance of a good recliner. Amongst the list, I feel drawn to the Esright Massage Recliner for its massage feature and that is really cool if you ask me. However, the Mcombo electric power lift is nice, but can’t weight play as an issue?

    • All of these recliners can handle a weight of up to 300lbs. Hope that answers your question.

  2. Thanks for sharing this informative article with us. My father is an aged man and he can’t move very often. So for him, we were looking for a sleeping recliner for a long time. From all of the models you have suggested, I liked The Signature Design by Ashley Yandle and you also mentioned that It is easy to assemble and all the tools are included. Looking forward to buying it very soon so that my father can sleep comfortably.

    • The Ashley Yandle seems to be a favored one, a great selection. 

  3. Hi Eric. I like that all these recliners you reviewed here are assembled. Hubby will have to be operated and the doctor suggested us to buy a recliner for his recovery. So, purchasing a recliner that is already assembled is a must because my husband won’t be able to work after the operation. Of all these options I feel in love with Ashley Yandel Power Lift Oversized Recliner. But I’ll have to wait to see what hubby says. He’s the one that will use it after all.

    Thanks for this post with all these recliners.

    • Great choice, but like you said your hubby will decide. Thanks for stopping by. 


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