How To Relieve Anxiety Before Bed With The Bubble Burst Technique

Can you really relieve anxiety before bed?

Yes, you can relieve anxiety before bed. The bubble bursting technique, you will be sure to find relief so you can sleep better at night.

 Some of you may find this a bit on the funny side; others may question as to how can this possibly happen.

First off, let us review what anxiety is?

Anxiety is our body’s way of responding to any mental/physical/emotional demand it may be undergoing. Anxiety is not only caused by bad experiences. Sometimes good experiences can also bring it on. But mostly it’s the critical inner voice that casts judgment on our every move that leads to us experiencing distress.

Some Causes Of Anxiety Are:

  • The death of a loved one
  • Lack of work
  • Lack of money
  • Moving
  • Illness or injury
  • Emotional problems
  • Traumatic events
  • Providing care for an ill family member
  • Getting married
  • Welcoming the new baby into the home
  • Starting a new job
  • You name it! It probably has caused someone anxiety

What do all the above reasons have in common?


Most people, at one time or another, will experience anxiety due to fear. Fear is a perception of danger, which then gets the body to react in a certain way. When the body is in reaction to any perceived fear, it places pressure on organs, tissues, muscles, and bones. It also causes our body to start overheating which then is released in the form of worry. 

When there is undue pressure placed on the body, the body begins to experience anxiety. Some people experience fear as nervousness, concern, or apprehension. It can be felt mildly or moderately. Mild fear will lead to short bursts of anxiety while moderate can lead to being frightened or being terrified, which intensifies the anxiety to monumental epic proportions.

For some people, it can lead to OCD behavior which then disrupts our sleep cycle. 

Fear produces an associated anxiety response. This means each time we perceive some fear; our body reacts to it by firing off an anxiety response. To relieve anxiety before bed we really do have to focus on the how.

How Anxiety Can Pop-Up Anytime

I remember when my first child was born. Being in the hospital where there were nurses and doctors all around me, I was calm as a cucumber.

But then came the day to bring him home. My anxiety was up so high that I was trembling, wondering what I was going to do with this tiny baby.

I was excited to be a parent. This was probably one of the happiest times of my life at that moment. But the fear of bringing him home was great. My insides were hurting because I was stepping into new territory.

Another time anxiety came upon me when I received my diagnosis of cancer. At this time, I was a single parent of four kids. Leaving them behind caused undue anxiety on all parts of my body. This is when I purchased a weighted blanket to get some extra relief. 

A day did not go by when I did not think about what was going to happen to my children if I pass away. Here I perceived something in the future which most likely will not come to pass. The anxiety of this fearful thought ground into me every day.

That’s when I decided it was time to return to my old training of counseling as well as use the techniques I had taught many clients to overcome anxiety.

What Will You Learn Today

Today I’m going to be showing you how to use the anxiety bubble bursting technique to release anxiety as soon as it pops up. This technique can be used for almost any type of anxiety which you feel you need to deal with right away.

This is a technique I continuously use to stay on top of anxiety. As most of you know, anxiety is one of the leading causes of illnesses, pains, and a whole host of other problems.

Before you do the anxiety bubble bursting technique, please make sure to read all the way through before enacting the process. You need to go through this in exquisite detail. This will ensure that you will not interrupt yourself during the process of reading on what to do next.

This is very important especially if you want to relieve anxiety before bed!

Our brain is fascinating. The reason I say fascinating is once our mind has experienced any negative emotion so high, it will eventually let go of that emotion.

The thinking is the brain eventually reaches its limits of how much more it can take on before realizing, “Hey, I’m still here!”

This helps your body to respond differently because your brain has gotten tired of providing the same response time and time again. Once you give your mind enough of the negative emotions, it becomes obsolete.

Time To Start The Bubble Pop Technique To Stop Anxiety

What you will need to do now is find a comfortable place where you can be completely relaxed. You can either sit or lie down during the process of this technique.

Now that you are in your comfortable position, what I would like you to do is take in a deep breath counting to five, releasing the breath counting to five. Repeat this two more times. With the last exhale of your breath, close your eyes.

Now comes the time for you to start gathering your anxiety. What I would like you to do is imagine that you are holding the anxiety in your right hand. Keep on collecting it from wherever it resides in your body. Just imagine plucking it from the parts of your body with your right hand while storing it in your left hand.

You’ve gathered all your anxiety up for now. What I would like you to do now is imagine, feel, or see that there is a bubble in front of you. And into this bubble, using both your hands, put in all the anxiety you have collected so far. Remember, this is a self-sealing bubble, so as soon as you put your anxiety in there, it seals off.

Okay, all your anxiety is now in that bubble. Now you are going to begin growing that bubble with more anxiety. Keep feeling around mentally or visually for more anxiety. As soon as you feel it, pop it into the bubble.

As you keep filling the bubble, imagine it starting to grow. The more the bubble grows, the higher it begins to float. Keep filling the bubble, but keep letting it float up. Eventually, the bubble will pop, or your brain will realize, “This is boring, and I’ve had enough!” Or you can even burst the bubble yourself.

This will help to improve your sleep to a satisfying level.

Why Can You Burst It Yourself?

Because you are getting tired of piling in anxiety or you have no more left. Hmm.. tired of finding anxiety or no more left. Either way, you are exhausting your brain of this negative emotion.

Whatever happens here, anxiety bubble bursting on its own or your brain getting bored where you will burst the bubble yourself is precisely what you want to happen.

So that’s all there is to this anxiety bubble bursting technique!

Overall Conclusion On How To Relieve Anxiety Before Bed

You can use this technique for any anxious situation that pops up in your life. I’ve used it many times to diffuse a situation that could have escalated into something else. Depression is something I’ve seen take place in many clients’ lives. 

Many of my clients have used it when they felt like they were going to have anxiety/panic attacks. Once you use the process a few times, it starts to become a more natural part of you. The first few times, I suggest using it in a safe spot. After this, you could probably use it anywhere except when operating machinery.

I have seen some clients who use this technique without even having to close their eyes; it’s just so natural to them.

The bubble burst technique works does not matter if you believe it will or not. It’s a  connection with the mind, which helps to make this technique so effective.

Most of us have trouble sleeping at night, mainly due to stress and negative thoughts. Once these are dealt with, anxiety no longer has any reason to exist.

Share in comments your tips on how you stop anxiety before going to bed.

32 thoughts on “How To Relieve Anxiety Before Bed With The Bubble Burst Technique”

  1. I love this post because I struggle with worries when I try to sleep and this blog post helps me.
    Your specific point about how you can gather the anxiety into your left hand enables me to see the stress and allows me to overcome it.
    I will continue to use this bubble burst technique for the following restless nights.
    Thank you for this post, I will recommend this post to those of my friends who need it.

    • Great that enjoyed the post. Thanks for the share. 

  2. Hello Jagi, Personally I don’t suffer with anxiety but as you rightfully point out with your examples we can all get anxious from time to time due to things every day life can throw at us, I have of cause had my fair share of stressful situations during my own lifetime and I wish I had your recommendations that you have added here back then because I know this would have helped me, however, I do have a friend who suffers from anxiety all of the time, he often has panic attacks due to anxiety, so i have forwarded your post here to him, I feel sure he will find help from this, thank you for sharing.  

    • Thanks for sharing this technique with others. 

  3. I suffer from anxiety from time to time and I’ll try the bubble bursting technique  next time that it’s a problem. There are a lot of meditation and subliminal videos on YouTube that I’ve found helpful for anxiety and panic attacks. The scent of lavender oil is also good for treating it. 

    • Thanks for sharing your method of lavender oil. 

  4. Hello Jagi, anxiety is one thing that is inevitable in the life of an individual and as it, we all just need to look for ways to deal with it. Personally, I have had serious problems dealing with anxiety and sadly I get anxious most times when I still have work to do the next day at work  then I find it teally hard to sleep. I have tried so many techniques ranging from blowing balloons to using mask while sleeping and its not been really effective. I’ll love to try this technique you have given here.

    • You are right it is inevitable, but we can still deal with it to have it out of our life. 

  5. It has been an interesting topic because I have had fun from the start to the end. Amazingly about the bubble burst technique is that one needs to concentrate his or her mind so as to get rid of stress and negative thoughts since are some of the major causes of anxiety,  thanks a lot for this information am gonna try this technique before bed

    • You can do this technique anytime you need it. 

  6. Wow! this is surely a unique technique. Using our imagination heavily to build our anxiety an then bursting it all in our mind would surely be a new task that would be worth trying out for me. Though this seems very good to know of but I am not too sure this would work for me but then, a trial would not hurt and if it works for me, I will surely be back here to share my experience.

    • Please do share your experience. 

      • Hello Jagi, I tried it last night. Though it was very difficult using my imagination at first. To be honest, It was very difficult achieving it. It took me almost 30minutes before I could finally use my imagination to summon all my anxiety and pains. The more I tried it is the more I feel restless because it seemed I was upsetting a lot of things within me. But when I was able to hold the thoughts together, I started to feel very elevated until I was able to burst it.
        After that, it was like something left me and I felt so relieved and exhausted. I didn’t even know how and when I slept. I just woke right now and I decided to quickly share what my experience was like. I feel very light and happy right now. Thanks for sharing this because I will surely try this out often.

        • Wow! Thanks for sharing your experience. Glad you were able to work through to accomplish your goal. The first time takes a while, but after that it gets easier because so much has been released already. Now it just to keeping maintenance.

  7. It is totally awesome to read all about the bubble burst technique. I have seen some techniques that ask one to write all the problems in a paper but in that, i will not be feeling my problem. I will give this a try myself and see how it helps me get better sleep and lose all the anxiety i have. Thank you for that added information bout anxiety.

    • Great! Give a try to see how it goes for you. 

  8. Wow, this is a very nice technique. I think i need to try this out because, from the work that i do, i do get very stressed and find it somewhat hard to sleep. This is a very good post and this technique doesn’t really need me to get anything except to try to do everything at home. Collecting all my stress in a single bubble and bursting it sounds pretty good. I am going to give this a try. Thank you.

    • Please do try and let me know how it goes. 

  9. Hi Jagi,

    I really enjoyed reading your article about the bubble burst technique.

    I often struggle to get to sleep as I seem to have so many thoughts buzzing around in my head. Writing them down can help – sort of like a brain dump, but I will definitely try this technique in future. Thanks again for the great article, Regards, Andrew

    • I hope you much success in dumping anxiety. Thanks for stopping by. 

  10. This is rather an unconventional approach to treating anxiety and I can only say that it should be worth giving a trial to. I am a person who intentionally get anxiety build up in me because i worry too much about things and as such, I end up weakening myself and having bad night rests. Hence, getting to know of this and most especially, the fact that it deals with our imaginations to do this. it is just perfect to know of. Thanks

    • It’s a different approach but works really well. 

  11. Thank you a lot for sharing this great technique with us. I lost my job 1 week ago and that is the reason why am I anxious and can’t sleep well. I did not hear about this technique so far but I will definitely give it a try. I will also come back to share my experiences, this will benefit many folks who have similar problems.

    • It’s a technique that is based on NLP concepts. As a mental health coach, my thoughts are always on how to improve my clients’ lives. This is one technique that has helped many of my clients.

  12. Hi!  This is a different approach to any other type of coping mechanism for anxiety.  I have anxiety.  It’s mostly genetic, I think since the social phobia (labeled extreme shyness when I was really young) has been there my entire life, before I even HAD traumatic experiences.  But I hadn’t actually heard or tried this one.  I’ll have to do it the next time that I feel anxious or trying to sleep.  Thanks for the suggestion.

    • I was a timid person when I was younger, but after working with different techniques created by myself or others, I have become a much more outgoing person. Nowadays if I have to give a talk on mental or other such things, I can do it without a hitch 

  13. Thanks for this :). Sleep has often been a problem for me at different times in my life. When I am becoming anxious or even overly focused, it is the first things that goes. My doctor has prescribed me pills but I resist taking them unless I absolutely have to because I know how addictive they can be and that’s the last thing I want, to become addicted to sleeping pills. I will definitely try this bubble bursting technique if I can’t sleep because I can lie in bed and not disturb my husband while I do it. I have another technique for de-stressing during the day. It’s a yoga double breathing exercise but it feels quite invasive and I often have a lot of resistance to it so I might try your exercise and see how that goes as well. It’s great to have a number of anti-anxiety tools in our kitbag that aren’t unhealthy like alcohol or too much chocolate. 

    • This technique is very non-intrusive because it all takes place in your mind. Let me know how it goes. 

  14. Amazing, As a person who suffers form anxiety and depression, it is critical that I decompress before going to sleep or I will not sleep well at all.  I have tried all kinds of remedies that aid in the relaxation process, One I really love is Sleepy Time Tea.  I swear that stuff puts me out fast.  I look forward to talking more with you about this subject.  Maybe we can colaborate on a post together soon. 



    • My children use sleepy time tea and I agree, it does work really well. But sometimes anxious thoughts can outride the sleep. That’s when we need to get a handle on such thoughts. Looking forward to your thoughts on collaboration. 

  15. Hi Jagi. Well, that was one anxiety ridding technique that I’ve never heard of before. It sounds fascinating and easy to do. I will definitely be giving a trial today. I will let my granddaughter know as well, she suffers terribly from anxiety and anything that might help her with this issue has got to be good. Thank you for your fantastic and interesting article. Jim 

    • This is an NLP technique that I have used with many clients, as well as my daughter’s basketball team and my son’s hockey team. It works by taking away the fear of anxious thoughts. Hope your granddaughter finds it helpful.


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