Signs Of Not Getting Enough Sleep – 7 Ways Your Body Lets You Know

Do you wonder what the signs of not getting enough sleep are?

If you do, then you’re in the right place. First of all, I want to say good for you for researching to helping repair your body and mind.

When we don’t get enough sleep, there are consequences to be had. Our body suffers most of those consequences. Not only is the body impacted, but also the mind is affected. Poor decisions are undertaken during a time when we feel fatigued. The signs are usually small at first but then get out of hand, which makes sleep impossible.

Most of us want to get a good night’s sleep, but life gets in the way. Sometimes we have to put aside the life stuff to get the rest that we need to nourish our mind the way it deserves adequately.

I’ve created the list of signs that you should look for when you lack sleep. Go through the list to see if you show any of the symptoms of not having a good night’s sleep.

Your Mind Will Act Drunk

Studies have shown that lack of sleep is almost the same thing to your brain as it would be if you are drinking alcohol.drunk mind due to lack of sleep

When you lack sleep, your neurons get exhausted, which causes them to react slower to the environment around you. Your neurons acting in this way means they take longer as well send weak signals to your response time.

What takes place when our mind is lack of sleep drunk:

  • Accident Prone
  • Bad decision-making skills
  • Saying things we regret
  • Arguing with our loved ones
  • Bouts of crying

Lack of sleep causes short-term euphoria. This can lead to bad judgment as well as addictive behavior. Most people who perform tests after lacking sleep usually end up performing poorly because their brain is not capable of recognizing the decisions it makes.

Sleep deprivation causes fatigue, which is what alcohol does to the body. Just like alcohol, sleep also causes driving impairments.

Your cognitive thinking tends to go down because thinking clearly becomes impossible. Your thought process is slowed down immensely. Similar to drinking alcohol, our ability to perform tasks that require logical reasoning or complex thoughts are hindered.

The main danger of sleepiness is that we have slowed reaction time. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration estimates that over 100,000 crashes take place due to brain fatigue.

Acne Will Let You Know

You can prep your skin as much as you want, find all the miracle ingredients that will get rid of acne. But if you don’t get enough sleep, your skin will let you know in the form of breaking out.

When a person gets enough sleep, cell division increase in order to aid the skin damage which may take place during. This comes from cortisol levels which start to decrease. 

When we are sleeping, different types of hormones are released to help to restore and repair the body. All of our hormones have the same pattern from day to night.

If you don’t get the cycle of sleep that you actually need, it disrupts our phases of sleep. One of those phases is when cells start to divide.

Disruption of sleep leads to releasing high cortisol levels. This leads to skin inflammation, improper healing, which can cause acne.

Since our skin is the largest organ in our body, the brain tends to let the repercussions of lack of sleep show up on our skin.

By cutting short your rest, you don’t let your body do the work that it should be doing to repair you from the inside out.


Some people begin to question their sanity, especially when they lack sleep. Poor judgment takes place during this time.

Hallucinations are the perception of seeing something that doesn’t really exist — an illusion created by our mind, which causes us to misinterpret something that isn’t really there.

Some people have auditory hallucinations, while others have visual hallucinations. Both types of illusions can lead a person to be scared for their life.

Most times, these hallucinations are scary, which then creates a merry-go-round of the person not going to sleep. Nearly 40% of adults experience sleep-related hallucinations.

Sleep-related hallucinations are very dreamlike, but they are so different from real dreams. During the hallucination, a person is considered being awake.

But in reality, hallucinations are taking place when a person is so tired that their body has fallen asleep, but their mind starts to play tricks on them. This leads to something called sleep paralysis.

Sleep paralysis is when a person is in a dreamlike state, but not really dreaming yet cannot come out of that dream. This causes people not to want to sleep. The irony of this is that it is caused due to lack of sleep.

Central Nervous System Malfunction

Our central nervous system is the leading information highway in our body. The only thing that keeps this highway running is proper sleep.

Do away with sleep and many roadblocks pop-up on this highway. One of those blocks is fatigue. If our brain is deprived of the rest, it starts picking up signals of stress, which thereby decreases our coordination, which can lead to the risk of accidents.

Our mental/emotional abilities can be hindered to such a state where this highway can shut down for good.

When our nervous systems malfunctions, it not only causes distress, but it also leaves us in the state of not being able to function daily.

This impacts us as:

  • Parents
  • Spouse
  • Employee
  • Driver on the Road
  • Decision-Maker
  • And many more…

Memory Loss

When we get enough sleep, it gives our brain muscle strength, which makes our memory get stronger. When we were getting the rest that our body requires our mind processes all the things we have learned throughout the day. This gets recorded into our short-term memory.

During different stages of sleep, different memories are being processed. If we don’t have those stages of sleep, there is no way for those memories to be logged into our minds for later use.

When we are tired, we sometimes misplace things, which immediately slips our mind.

I remember when I became a mother to a newborn. My newborn stayed up during the night but slept all day long. But I had other three children who I had to stay up for during the day. There were many times where I would misplace her formula.

One time sticks out the most. I remember when I went to feed her, I could not find her bottle. It wasn’t until a few weeks later that I found it in a cupboard. Then I wondered to myself what it was doing there?

It was then that my brain processed that I had placed it there and forgotten all about it. And it didn’t take me long to forget where I had put it, only five minutes earlier had I placed it into the cupboard.

Many mothers of newborns have this same issue.

Having poor or inadequate sleep makes it difficult to learn new things. Our memory is so deprived of not being stored the way that it should be, that it tends to forget whatever it is that we are trying to learn.


Not having enough sleep is the most active link to depression. As a matter of fact, not being able to sleep is the first symptom of depression. moodiness due to lack of sleep

Many of us, when we lack sleep, become moody. It makes us angry that we have a hard time functioning the way we should.

The anger leads us to say things we may regret later on. Unfortunately, anything we say cannot be taken back. Many good relationships have fallen apart because the person wasn’t able to get a good sleep to make or say the right things.

I remember a time when my husband couldn’t sleep. There were many days where he would wake up and would argue with me.

After a time I got tired of this. I would just sleep in a different room. Not only was he hindering his sleep by tossing and turning all night, but my sleep would also be disrupted.

Then this would be two people who were arguing all the time because we were always tired. Unfortunately, this led to the breakdown of our marriage.

Not sleeping isn’t the only factor, but it was making us say things to each other that were not nice. It was definitely a contributor.

Unable to Fight Illnesses

During the night, our body works hard to repair itself. This type of repair can only take place when our body is going through different phases of sleep. Each sleep cycle has a different job.

If we don’t let our bodies go through the cycles, we are the ones who are affected by it the most.

Our immune system is boosted by the type of quality of sleep we have. The less rest we have, the harder it is to fight illness.

The more tired our body is, the more the illness has an edge on us. During sleep, our immune system releases proteins called cytokines. Some of these proteins need to increase to fight infection or inflammation. By depriving ourselves of sleep, we decrease the production of these proteins.

The long-term lack of sleep leads to:

  • Obesity
  • Diabetes
  • Heart-related issues
  • Blood vessel diseases

The optimal amount of sleep for an adult is 7 to 8 hours each night. Each hour leads to a different cycle of sleep, which helps our body to repair itself.

In Conclusion

Our body, over time, will display many of these signs which let us know that we need to be able to get the proper amount of sleep to live a better quality of life.

To live a better quality of life as well as fight illnesses, it’s essential to pay attention to the signals we get.

Not paying attention to signals means being prepared for making irrational decisions as well as suffering within our body.

Let me know in the comments below what types of signals your body sends out to you when you lack sleep.

6 thoughts on “Signs Of Not Getting Enough Sleep – 7 Ways Your Body Lets You Know”

  1. Well this article couldn’t have come at a better time.  I am fighting a lack of sleep right now.  Our dog sadly is getting us up at all hours of the night every night.  After reading this I have already identified a few of these traits in me already. It really is unbelieveable how our body lets us know exactly what we are missing. Sleep clearly is such an important part of keeping us healthy and helping us fight off things that come our way.  Really excellent job!

    • Sleep is so important. Our dog likes to be heard at all times as well. But have learned not to engage with him at night, he goes right back to sleep. This helps when we need to sleep the most. 

  2. Hi jagi, it looks like I am getting enough sleep. But I’m just fascinated how our body functions and just how much sleep is important for well, being alive and still kicking. 

    It’s crazy science doesn’t know more about sleep and just the every day shut down of everyone when we sleep. I mean, how does our body repair itself during this time? Is this the time that the other, subconscious brain comes to life and does it’s magic? Our body really is so complicated and beautiful.


    • Our body is pretty amazing. When we are resting, the repairs take place. This happens without us even knowing. How phenomenal is that?

  3. Man, this brings back memories! Many years ago my sleep routine was wrecked and I was definitely feeling the effects of lack of sleep. Like you said, my mind operated as if I was drunk and I felt distressed for no apparent reason (besides lack of sleep). And I was extremely moody. Thankfully, memory loss, hallucinations and acne were things I never experienced. 

    These days I get plenty of sleep. On the rare occasions that I suffer with lack of sleep, my body let’s me know because I get a bit anxious. Other than that, I feel fine. 

    • Yes, our body is pretty adept at letting us know. I also pay attention to what my body says as well. 


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