The 6 Best Cozy Sleeping Socks For Cold Feet

Sleeping socks for cold feet can enhance a person’s sleep. If your feet are consistently cold at night, you will want to buy a pair for better overall health. I wear socks to sleep because of cold sweaty toes. Once the socks absorb the sweat, my feet remain warm, which promotes a faster sleep.

What Are Sleeping Socks

Sleeping socks are socks you can wear at night, which will regulate your body temperature as you sleep. They are usually made of microfiber, polyester, nylon, or elastin. The sleeping socks can go from mid-calf to thighs. These specialty socks will increase blood flow as well as prevent heat loss through the feet. The socks also have sweat-wicking properties that prevent cold sweat toes and keep your feet moisturized.

Sleeping Socks Benefits

When you sleep with socks on at night, they not only help to keep your feet warm, you will find other benefits as well:

Improved Circulation

By wearing socks to bed, you increase the blood flow, which improves circulation. Good blood flow ensure that your body works at its best. 

Prevent Hot Flushes

Women who are going through menopause will find relief when wearing socks at night. The sleeping socks will wick away moisture as well as keep your feet toasty warm. When wearing socks, a process called vasodilation is triggered; this allows blood vessels to expand, cooling you down quickly, which will help you fall asleep faster. 

Moisturize Feet To Improve Cracked Heals

Wearing socks that have moisturizing properties will prevent your heals from drying out. It’s always a good idea to add some of your moisturizers for better effect.

Decrease Raynaud’s Attack

Raynaud’s disease affects the toes and fingers, which causes them to swell or throb. By wearing socks at night, you can prevent this from happening because blood keeps circulating.

Increase Chance Of Orgasm

Good news for couples! Researchers at the University of Groningen discovered that 80% of couples who wore socks were able to achieve orgasm compared to 50% without socks. 

Sleeping Socks For Cold Feet Review

1.     Women’s Fuzzy Socks

Sleeping Socks For Cold Feet - womens bright non skid socksThese socks are made from 98% polyester and 2% elastin and come in 6 in a pack. The material is plush and breathable, so your feet will never feel like they are constricted. If you are looking to keep your feet fuzzy, cozy warm at night while you sleep, you do not need to look further.

They are non-slip and will keep their grip on the floor. You can easily pull them on or off; they will not compress your calves; instead, they will cover your foot in warmth, which is excellent for people who experience cold toes at night. Wearing regular socks can cause sweat like coldness in the toes, but these socks will absorb moisture to keep your feet dry and cozy.

The stitch is done in such a manner that the socks will not slide down, even when you change sleeping positions. Nor will the socks stretch, sag, or become loose. You have a variety of colors to choose from, making it more fun to buy them. They are one size fits all.

You can machine wash them in cold water, which will give you the best results, but to keep them retaining their shape, you will need to tumble dry them. If you are unsatisfied with the socks for any reason, you can contact the seller, and they will work their hardest to make sure you go away happy.

2.     Zando Warm Super Soft Plush Socks

Sleeping Socks For Cold Feet - zando microfiber sleeping socksThese socks are made from ultra-soft material, which will have your feet covered in warmth all night long. They are made of high-quality material yet are lightweight. The material is breathable, so no need to worry about cold sweaty toes.

The socks are fluffy on the inside as well as the outside. You have a variety of patterns to choose from as well; they come 5 in a pack. You can even wear them when going out to keep your feet warm on cold days. 

The best way to wash them is by adding them to a delicates bag; this way, you keep the socks all in one place, and they retain their shape and fuzziness. If you prefer more height, these socks will not fill that need, but if you like socks mid-calf, you will be sleeping comfortably without cold feet.

Now that many people work from home, the socks will keep your feet warm during your home working hours. With over 4000+ reviews, they are hit with many.

3.     Doctor’s Choice Women’s Sleeping Socks

Sleeping Socks For Cold Feet - Doctor choice for womenNeed some relaxation at night without your socks traveling down your legs while you sleep? These socks will deliver that and much more. The socks will aid with blood circulation, yet they are light on compression. The soft material will have you sleeping cozily.

They will have your feet and legs feeling as though they are covered in a warm blanket, which is excellent for cold toes. Not only but they will remove moisture to stop your feet from sweating when wearing them. The socks insulation is top grade and made to be worn at night.

People who have restless leg syndrome or anxiety will benefit from these socks. They are an excellent choice for when working from home. Because blood circulation is encouraged by the socks, there is less chance of clots forming in the legs.

4.     Doctor’s Choice Men’s Sleeping Socks

Sleeping Socks For Cold Feet - Doctors choice for menMen can use sleeping socks as well, and these socks are an excellent choice for them. The fabric is amazingly soft and will aid with relaxation to lull into a gentle sleep. Because they go over the calf, it will get the blood flow moving through the legs, reducing swelling.

It will feel like you have a mini weighted blanket over your legs, which can help reduce the legs’ jerky movements as well; they have a calming effect that leads to a night of better sleep. You will wake up feeling refreshed with no leg pain. You can wear them all year round.

The yarn is soft and super spun, which makes these socks easier to pull on and off. The smooth toes seam and non-binding top make these socks one of the most comfortable socks to wear any time of the day.

5.     Men’s Thick Fuzzy Socks

Sleeping Socks For Cold Feet - Fuzzy Microfiber for menThese socks are super soft and look great on men. The socks are breathable, warm, and have the long-lasting ability. You can wash them in cold water and tumble dry to add to their longevity. Non-skid bottom adds to the benefits of wearing them, as you know, they will grip the floor well, which prevents slips and falls.

They are made from premium microfiber, which adds to their coziness during nighttime sleep. You will not worry about feet getting cold or these socks slipping off.

There may come a time where they may make your feet extra warm, which means you may have to take them off, but that is a plus for people who have extra cold feet at night. You will receive four pairs of different colors.

6.     Heated Thermal Socks for Men

Sleeping Socks For Cold Feet - Hot feet pair for menKeeping your feet warm at night means getting a night of better sleep. These socks come in a plush soft material which men will enjoy as they sleep or even during daily wear. The socks are designed to trap heat and keep it in while wicking away moisture to prevent cold sweaty toes.

You can wear them all winter long with or without shoes. But since they are worn sleeping, keep them clean by washing in cold water and tumble drying will help them last longer.

The buyers of the socks have commented that they are super comfortable and worth the investment. The socks also great for hiking, running, or just general winter wear.

Some Tips When Wearing Socks To Sleep

If you want to wear sleeping socks at night, here are some tips which will have your sleep time last longer while being phenomenally comfortable.

  1. Never wear the socks worn during the day to bed. Save your sleeping socks for bedtime only. This way, you prevent tracking dirt or allergy-inducing allergens into bed. 
  2. If you are a person who takes a shower before going to bed, then completely dry your feet before putting on your socks. This will prevent your socks from feeling wet while you sleep, and it will prevent fungal infections. 
  3. Give your feet a massage before bed, as this will help improve blood circulation.
  4. Warm your socks by placing them over a heater or using a blow dryer; this will improve your feet’ instant warmth.

Guide To Buying Sleeping Socks For Cold Feet

Sleeping socks for cold feet can become a boon to those who cannot sleep because of cold toes. These socks will provide warmth and coziness all night long. In the hospital, before surgery, most are given socks to wear to promote quick healing. They are worn to promote blood circulation and even out body temperature to prepare for sleep at home. When buying socks for nighttime, you must consider the following features:


Sleep socks are usually made of fuzzy, cozy material, which creates a soft feeling when worn over feet. The combination could be polyester and elastin. Most often, the feel should be like microfiber as they offer the best protection against the nighttime cold. It will also depend on who you are buying these socks for; you will know what you want. But if you are buying them as a gift for someone else, keep a view of their style to ensure it goes with what they want.


Since sleeping socks are most often worn by some people who have cold feet with ongoing foot pain, having a grip on the socks can stop them from slipping. But on the other hand, the grip can also press underneath the feet when walking, which can cause discomfort. Maintaining balance at night is essential for some; they may prefer to have anti-skid socks.


Socks are something you are going to be wearing over and over. Unlike your other wardrobe, which can get a break, socks do not have that. When wearing socks, you will obviously be walking in them, which can cause the bottom of the socks to wear away. You want to focus on how well the socks wash and how they retain their shape after washing. The brands we reviewed have great reviews at Amazon and are meant for long term wear and tear. If you are planning on wearing these socks strictly at night, then you are good to go for buying any of the sleeping socks for cold feet we have reviewed. Focus on the fabric weave, socks, weight, and washing instructions.  


Sleep socks are priced at reasonably moderate prices, but usually, they come less expensive than the dress or athletic socks. Some of these socks come in sets of two, while others come in sets of six. Most people prefer buying them in bulk, which means wearing them out becomes less of a concern. This is a product you may invest in a few times a year; ensure that you are paying a fair price rather than going for the cheaper socks, which can fall apart quite quickly. 

Conclusion ON Sleeping Socks For Cold Feet

Having warm feet can make all difference in how you sleep and wake up. They will shorten the time in how fast you fall asleep as well keep your toes toasty warm. Increasing the quality of your sleep will have you waking up with fewer aches and pains. Ensure that your socks are comfortable and not bulky. Having a weighted blanket will add warmth to your feet.

Share in the comments below how you feel about sleeping with socks on at night.

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