Somnox The Sleep Robot Pillow – Will It Help You Fall Asleep

So you are looking at buying Somnox, the sleep robot pillow. You are in luck, today we are going to review this pillow to see if it is worth spending your money or not.

What Is Somnox The Sleep Robot Pillow 

Somnox The Sleep Robot PillowSomnox, the sleep robot pillow, helps a user fall asleep faster than a regular pillow by providing the experience of a physical sensation of deep breathing. The technology used to create this pillow will lead to a more relaxed, anxiety-free sleep. Your subconscious will follow the robot pillow’s breathing and guide your breathing to adjust to a more meditative state.

How Does Somnox, The Sleep Pillow work

When you first look at it seems a future-based product that has now come back to the past to help sleep. But Somnox, the sleep robot pillow, is more like a digitized stuffed animal. It is inbuilt with a carbon dioxide sensor, which will track your breathing and detect movement. It also includes an audio speaker, which will play soothing and has the ability to light up.

The primary function of the sleep robot pillow is its stimulated breathing ability. It is this ability that will correlate with your subconscious to develop breathing rhythm for you. The more you use the pillow, the more synchronization will take place to help you breathe deeply in and out as you sleep. The synchronization occurs via the microphone and motion sensor, which work together to detect the sound of your breathing and the rise and fall of your chest. Once it detects both of these, it’ll calculate your breath per minute to breathe in tune with you.

Its kidney-shaped design is meant to be spooned, so you can snuggle it and feel it breathing to help you fall into a deeper sleep. It’s a modernized sleeping aid, with mild contractions with the combing with them, your own breathing will begin to mirror the Somnox.

The system comes with preloaded heartbeat sounds, lullaby, and guided meditations. But you can also upload your own playlist for a more comfortable sleep.

It is made from soft polyurethane mattress foam, comes with a nylon shell and a washable outer cover. The total weight of the song boxes 4.2 pounds, and it measures that 14 x 8 x 5”. So as you can tell, it doesn’t take up too much room, but the benefit you’ll gain out of this pillow is fantastic.

Somnox Pillow Back Story

The founder of Somnox, Julian Jagtenberg, created the pillow for his mother. He noticed that his mother was often tired and had little energy, which threw off her immune system; this is all due to lack of sleep.

He noticed that his mother tried everything she could in the market to try and get some decent sleep. After seeing his mother’s frustration, he used his background as an engineer to start researching what he could do better to help his mother get the sleep she needed at night.

Speaking with many people who specialized in the sleep industry, he learned something interesting. Deep breathing calms down the body and mind, which often leads to better sleep. Based on his research, the ultimate proof was that babies will often subconsciously mimic their mothers breathing when sleeping with their mothers.

He gathered a team of three other engineers, including him, and started to develop a sleep robot pillow. He almost gave up, but luckily he didn’t. What I like is that they have good core values.

  • The whole team has one goal in mind, sleep
  • They want to make sure you get the best customer service
  • Their claims are always backed up with data and evidence
  • They are always stepping out of their comfort zone to evolve the pillow

Once the pillow was created, 85 individuals were asked to test the pillow. They learned that the pillow was especially useful in helping individuals with high levels of stress or anxiety. Since its inception in 2015, the pillow has evolved to gather data when a person is having breathing issues.

Setting Up Somnox The Sleep Robot Pillow

Now that you’ve decided that you want to purchase the pillow to get the sleep you deserve, you must know how to set it up to achieve the best results.

Somnox is very easy to set up; the only thing you have to do is make sure it stays charged and downloading the Somnox app to your smart device.

  • Charging– when you first receive the pillow, you’ll need to charge it for at least 3 ½ hours.
  • Somnox App– that app is compatible with any android or iOS device. It’s a good idea to get the app downloaded to start using your pillow as soon as it is charged.

It cannot get any more fundamental than that. Simple, easy, and straightforward.

What Does the Pillow Have To Offer

Although sleep is one of the main benefits, the pillow also has other great features that people who have a hard time falling asleep will enjoy.

  • Cradling Comfort– due to the pillow’s unique kidney shape, it will help you fall asleep faster, sleep longer, and wake up feeling fresh and ready to take on your day.
  • Reinforced REM Sleep– by getting deeper sleep means going into dreamland faster.
  • Healing – once our body goes into a nice deep sleep, it strengthens our immune system and repairs any damage that may have taken place during the day.
  • Wi-Fi and Bluetooth Capabilities – although the Somnox sleep robot pillow requires both of these, it will not use either of them while active at night.
  • Pillow Is Travel Friendly – You will never have to worry about not being able to fall asleep in a different place, the pillow can right there for your comfort. 

Who Will Find The Pillow Useful

  • Individuals who want to fall asleep faster
  • People who experience stress or anxiety at night
  • Those who want to learn to meditate
  • Side sleepers
  • People like to listen to soft gentle music at night
  • Individuals who need to be comforted by a gentle hug
  • Those who want to overcome insomnia
  • People who don’t like to sleep alone

Few Somnox Complaints

Now that we’ve talked of the benefits, there have been a few complaints about Somnox, the sleep robot pillow. One of the major complaints is that it takes too long to charge because people who buy the pillow want to use it right away.

Others have complained about sleeping with AI. So if you share a bed with a partner, it is a good idea to discuss it with them before buying the pillow. Price also throws people off, but in my opinion, it’s a pretty reasonable price if you want to get a good sleep.

Final Thoughts About Somnox The Sleep Robot Pillow

Now that you know all there is about the sleep robot pillow, the only way to find out if the device will genuinely get you the sleep you deserve is for you to test it out for yourself.  To help alleviate your concerns Somnox comes with a free 30-night trial and a money-back guarantee.

Just remember never to get the pillow wet, and you’re good to go.

Share in the comments below your thoughts about sleeping with a robot pillow.

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  1. Hello there! Thank you very much for sharing this article on the sleep robot pillow. I’ve gone through the article and it’s a really interesting and educative one. I had no idea that robot pillow existed, it’s new to me. For someone like me that finds it very difficult to sleep, somnox sleep robot pillow would be very helpful. Since I know of it now, I’m going to try it now and come back with feedback very soon. Thank you 

    • Please do get back to share your feedback. 

  2. I bet that I knew this was coming,just that I never expected it coning so fast. This somnox the sleep robot pillow has defiled it all and offer something elifinf to all others. Being able to actually aid sleeping without the use of any supplements or pills. I personally like the feel of that. Thanks

    • Yes, many do want to fall asleep naturally. 

  3. I have literally never heard of a sleep pillow before but this is really awesome and I now begin to feel the impact that science and tech has with out sleep. I think this is innovate and more people should try to make use of this somnox robot pillow. The work of the pillow is really dynamic and because I have sleep disorder, I would bou one.

    • This is a new and innovative way to fall asleep. 


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