4 Best Sturdy Bed Frames For Overweight People – Top Rated In 2021

Getting into bed should be a peaceful thought for all, but not everyone has this way of thinking. People who are overweight sometimes fear bedtime due to not knowing what their comfort level is going to be. This is when sturdy bed frames for overweight people will provide peace of mind.

Since sleeping involves 1/3 of our life and knowing that we’re going to spend a lot of time in our room to rest and recharge, we must cover every one of our concerns when it comes to bedtime. The biggest concern for people who are a bit on the heavier side is back pain from sagging mattress or sometimes the bed frame collapsing, especially if it’s not sturdy enough to handle the extra weight. So hopefully, our review of the best sturdy bed frames for overweight people will save you some time, money, and emotional/physical stress.

Sturdy Bed Frames For Overweight People

1.     Sleep Master – Smartbase Elite Mattress Foundation

Sturdy Bed Frames For Overweight People - smartbase bed frame

The Smartbase Elite Mattress foundation is excellent for people who need a more substantial base to help them have a comfortable sleep. This foundation will remove the need for a box spring. That means that you can get away with just buying one good mattress.

Not only will it help you sleep as it supports your weight, but it also has under bed storage, you can store items out of view. If you have limited closet space, know that your foundation will have enough room for you to store extra items.

This mattress frame can support up to 4400 pounds. It is easy to assemble; no tools are required for you to put this foundation together. It’s designed for maximum support and is made to last long term. It’s 100% sturdy steel and has multiple excellent points of contact with the floor so that you are stable at all times.

Your floor will be protected at all times because the plastic caps will ensure that the legs of the foundation don’t dig into your floor. You also receive a five-year worry-free limited warranty. It even comes with a User Guide For Smartbase Elite Platfrom Bed.

2.     Homdock Metal Platform Bed Frame

This metal platform is an extra sturdy bed frame. It is made of robust and durable steel, which is combined with wide flat wood slats that are welded in, thus creating a robust and stable support for heavier weights. The frame can hold up to 3500 pounds.

Once again, no box spring is required. Any mattress, be it memory foam or traditional will fit on to the frame. It is easy to set up and takes about 20 minutes to put it all together.

What you might really enjoy is that there is no need for a box spring and it is designed to prevent the mattress from sagging or sliding off the frame. The gaskets do not squeak, and you will have a great sleep every night.

It is 11.6 inches off the ground, so there is lots of underneath storage available for you to put away items. The legs are protected with quality gaskets to protect your floor from scratches as well; the design is ready for headboard attachment if you feel the need to do so.

It is a well-built design that is definitely worth the money. What the common review among purchasers is, that it is a solid bed frame which is ultra-quiet.

3.     TATAGO Heavy Duty Platform Bed Frame

This heavy-duty bed frame has a maximum capacity of 3000 pounds. It is 16 inches tall and is set up for attaching a headboard as well as the footboard.

The heavy-duty steel stats will prevent your mattress from sagging or sliding. The instructions are straightforward, and no tools are required to set up your bed frame.

Underneath the bed, you get 16 inches of storage. There will be no need for you to worry about not having enough room to store items in your room; this bed frame gives you that space.

Two headboard brackets are included. There are a total of nine legs, and there’s a center bar supporting the structure to ensure that you will get a sound sleep. It is noise-free and doesn’t shake. It has a lifetime warranty so that if there are any defective parts you will be given them free of charge.

Once again, no box spring is required, you could add a box spring if you wanted to add height to your bed. But if you just want to use a memory foam or a traditional mattress, that is fine.

Because of the support that is provided by the bed frame, your mattress will give you the support that you need as you sleep.

4.     45MinST Platform Bed Frame

This heavy-duty platform bed frame can handle up to 3000 pounds. The 100% steel slats are noise-free and will support your weight as you sleep worry-free about your mattress sagging.

Once again, the steel frame is designed to prevent your mattress from sliding off. There are multiple point bed legs as well as a square steel slat, which gives you excellent support. Because it has such good support, it will extend the life of your mattress.

It also comes with headboard attachments. You can set this up within minutes. The full instructions are included. The gaskets are cushioned, and the legs are reinforced with a steel structure to make sure that your bed provides ultra comfort to you.

Because it’s a platform bed you won’t need a box spring. There are 11.5 inches of storage space underneath the bed frame.

Why Is It Important To Choose A Sturdy Bed Frame

Getting a sturdy bed frame means being able to sleep stress-free as well, alleviating any anxiety which may pop up because your mattress is sagging. A sagging mattress is often the cause of back pain as well, making it difficult to get out of bed.

Having the right bed frame means gaining long-lasting support as well as extending the life of your mattress. Overall this should save you money. A weak bed frame is in danger of collapsing, which means more injuries to you as well as costing money in the long run whenever you have to replace the frame.

The bed frames that we have reviewed all have space storage underneath them. This can go in a long way for people who have limited space in their room or closets. Since these are platform beds, there is no need to purchase a box spring. By not buying a box spring, you’re also extending the life of the sturdy bed frame. The less weight you put on the bed frame besides yourself, the sturdier it becomes. This will also save you on the cost of having to purchase a box spring.

We also did a review of the memory mattresses for heavy people, which will go well these bed frames. You deserve the best rest and having the right memory foam mattress will make that happen.

Stand Out Features In Sturdy Bed Frames For Overweight People

Before you purchase a bed frame, there are many features you should consider. Individuals who are overweight should make sure that what they are buying is going to be right for them. Following are the standout features in a sturdy bed frame for overweight people that you should consider, and they will help you make the right decision on your purchase.

Base Material

When purchasing a bed frame that will have the capacity to handle your weight, you want to ensure that it is made of sturdy steel. The bed frames that are made out of metals have a higher capability to handle higher weight than the standard bet frame. Not all bed frames are constructed the same.

The options we’ve provided today all have a steel base. Remember, this is the defining point when shopping online for a sturdy bed frame. The stronger the base, the better stress-free sleep you’re going to have. All of our reviewed bed frames are platforms. The reason this is is that you don’t have to worry about buying a box spring as that will just add more weight.

The bed frames that we have reviewed can all handle 3000 pounds and above.

Noise Free

It can get pretty annoying when we lie down to go to sleep, and all of a sudden, the bed starts to squeak. Time and time again, research has claimed that this is a problem faced by many people, and overweight people will face this more than others.

In order to avoid this, you need to make sure that that it doesn’t wobble and is durable over the long-term. This way you’ll be ensured that your bed won’t wake you up at night.

Sagging And Slide Prevention

This is another issue faced by many sleepers. Although people who are overweight may experience this little bit more than others. If a mattress starts to sag, then back problems start as well; you’ll have to purchase a new mattress. This can become pretty costly over time.

When a mattress slides off the bed frame, it can become harmful to health as well as a nuisance at night to have to pull the mattress back onto the bed frame. Having to do this repeatedly at night will prevent full relaxation or going into a deep sleep.

How Easy Is The Bed Frame To Set

Since your purchasing online, you want to make sure that you get a thorough look to see how easy it is going to be for you to set up the bed frame. Are the instructions and tools included if they are required?

When a bed frame arrives at your door, it may be a little bit heavy for just one person. You may need help bringing it in as well as setting it up. Have all of your bases covered before you order your bed.

Conclusion of Sturdy Bed Frames For Overweight People

We all deserve to sleep and wake up fully rested in the morning. Having the proper bed frame will make that happen. It really doesn’t matter what your weight is; a sturdy bed frame will ensure that you get the best sleep every night.

Share in comments below your thoughts about having a sturdy bed frame.

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